Tuesday 31 October 2023

Karen's Biscuit Card


Good Morning Ladies,

We were treated to another beautiful day yesterday,  I even ate my breakfast outside in the sun, the decking seems to be a perfect sun trap, we decided to get ourselves a little 'Bistro' table and 2 chairs to go just outside the patio doors, so that we have somewhere to sit without uncovering the big patio furniture set.  We are still keeping an eye on the cats while they are out in the garden, mostly because Milo does like to adventure further than the garden,  next door have ducks as pets and I would hate for him to be stressing them out  although in reality he would be more scared of them!  I find standing very uncomfortable,  so having a chair to perch on would be a great help.  The hard part is which sort to choose.

Today I am sharing Karen's version of the Biscuit card that I shared yesterday,  like was the same as I was with this not being our 'style' of card, although I will say that Karen's lady had beautifully coloured hair, Karen made a great job with her pencils.  So Karen decided to cut her card down to a DL size card.

Karen's Description:

I cut all of the card we made at Daisy B and did this instead Not sure about it but it won’t go to waste I printed the sentiment 

So I still have the lady and biscuits that we cut separately.

I really like what you done with this card I was so unsure of the design or what sentiment to add, your sentiment is perfect.!!   Thank you for sharing your updated version,  I kind of wished that I had the foresight to chop mine up. XXX

I hope that you all have a great day, 

Love & hugs

Sandra xxx


  1. Thank you for sharing my card It is growing on me I loved the workshop and using different mediums For instance, some of the pink wafer biscuits had 3 colours of pink and stamping in brown made a change from black
    We looked after Oscar yesterday So today I will be playing at catch up Wevhave a Halloween party tonight I wonder if we’ll get any trick or treaters beforehand We don’t advertise that we are willing to let them knock We never put a pumpkin or decorations out Will that stop them I don’t know
    You patio area sounds lovely You obviously need furniture that will withstand the weather with removable cushions but one that is comfortable to sit on too - good luck
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in. I’ve caught up on the last couple of days cards, as usual I have totally lost track of time! The challenge cards were all beautiful. And although the workshop cards are a bit different to usual both you and Karen have made them look great.
    Sandra both of your challenge cards are gorgeous, those orange and reds with the gold are beautiful together.
    I can just imagine you sitting out on the deck, a wonderful way to start your day, weather permitting of course. Good luck finding a little bistro set. It’s a good time of year to buy as they are often reduced. Chris got a 4 seater set including parasols for £50 a couple of years ago in November! It’s good to hear you are starting to fold boxes, always a boost. Hope we can see each other this week🤞xx
    Karen the sentiment is great and works perfectly 😊 xx
    Sonia, I love the card fold and the dies you used work perfectly with it. One I will definitely have to try xx
    Lilian the colours in the background are gorgeous and shout autumn, just lovely xx
    I’ve been at Pops every day since Saturday, long days packing and we are putting boxes together rather than collapsing them at the moment! Have a good day. Take care. Love Sue xx

  3. 🥳💐🎂Belated Happy Birthday Karen🎂💐🥳Sorry I missed it but hope you had a great time in London xx

  4. Hi everyone
    a great card Karen. Love your version too and you now have a few bits over to make another card with.
    Your little suntrap sound so nice Sandra, Amazing to sit outside still and have a cuppa, enjoy it when you can. A lady who is walking around the lake here has this foldout seat with her so she can sit down when she need to. Will see if I can find a picture and send it to you, it might help. Hope Milo not going too far on his adventures.
    Are we still doing Autumn this week ? Not sure if I can join in but...
    Still a lot to do and on top of it SIL and her husband are coming up for the day tomorrow.
    Sue, hope Pop is alright. Hoping you are feeling ok ? take care
    Lilian, take care.
    Janet, hope you are back home and can put your feet up and relax after the long journey.
    Have a nice day everyone. Sending you all some hugs, take care. xxx

  5. Hello all, it’s the lull before the storm today, feel so sorry for who we’re flooded the other day, another storm and high tides again in the next few days.
    Karen love your card, love D/L cards, the biscuits make me want one.
    Going to try another autumn card today, so who knows what it will be like. Have to clear the stuff from last week first to make room on my table.
    Hugs to all Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Karen love your card, those biscuits look delicious good enough to eat. Thank you for sharing this lovely card with us. xx
    We had young boys the other evening doing trick or treat. When John answered the door one of the boys just pushed a dish towards him and saying have you got any money! Guess you he didn’t get anything. Some years ago I answered the door to some children and said wait a moment, I returned with some Mars Bars they responded haven’t you got any money - NO! I don’t mind giving to children if they are neighbours and have a parent with them.
    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx