Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Sketch Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I finally got to use my newly decluttering , reorganised craft room last night to make my challenge card, I wasn't sure that the new layout would work but it seems to flow nicely.  I put my Platinum on a trolley so that i can have it behind my chair or beside if, so that I can. Just turn to use it rather than struggling to get up and down.

My newly cleared desk

The area to the right of my desk with
My Ikea trolley in forground

The area to the left of my desk 
(All sorts stored there)

This table was moved back to cupboard door
(It's full of stuff i don't use)
Lots more storage of paper etc.

My 12x12 paper rack and ikea draws
That contains top - large dies
Middle - ink pads
Bottom - bit box 

My Platinum on its trolley, 
It works quite well, so far!

Let's see how long it stays tidy, I did put everything away after crafting last night.
It makes me smile every time i walk in there!  Boy am I paying for it though, I can barely move! 

My challenge card was made using 'Special Reason'  Stamp and Die bundle from Stampin Up, I also used Pear Pizzaz, Peekaboo Peach and Daffodil Delight Ink pads to stamp the small Strip of decorative paper, I them stamped and die cut the large and small flowers then I did something different, I love the effect - I popped the detail die over my stamped flower and Embossed it instead of cutting, now every petal of the flower stands out proud !  I love the effect, it has given so much dimension to the die cut flowers and leaves, I think the colours shout 'Spring' don't you??
I hope you like  it too!
Just to prove I tidied up after making my Challenge card last night. I took a quick photo !! I hope it lasts ! I just want to sit and craft now I have space! 

Sending out love and hugs to each and every one of you lovely ladies,



  1. Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Sandra just LOVE your card. It definitely shouts Spring. All the different views of your Craft room look great. Plenty of space and everything in easy reach. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Hope you've had a good rest and will be fighting fit for AP.

    Up extra early today as Wendy and I are off on a coach trip to a place called ELDA. Never been there beforecsobdefinitelyvseeingvdifferentvparts of Spain on these monthly trips

    Will call in later.
    Bye for now. Valxxx

    1. Think my tablet is acting up. It sure didn't look like that above when I typed it. Ha ha.xx

    2. Hi Val. I hope you and Wendy have a lovely trip. I thought you had started to type in a different language for a moment on the second to last line of your comment 😉 Take care x

    3. Hi Val
      I hope you had a great trip. We have a programme on the tv I watch about selling places in Alicante and Almeria. The other week they were showing a couple around Algafora. They didn't buy the flat though.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card is really lovely, nice spring colours .

    Your craft room looks amazing-it's so interesting to see inside someone's craft space. I think I'm just nosy!!

    Well-the day has arrived when we're meant to be handed the Aseptic Unit back. There were a few problems yesterday (main one was the plumber sitting on the edge of a new roof access & putting his backside through the ceiling)!!!!


    1. Hi Michele. I hope that you get the Aseptic unit back today with no more delays. You are going to be even more busy than usual, I hope the move goes as well as it can. I bet the builder who left his "impression" on the ceiling yesterday will never live it down with the well used term of "builders bum" taking on a whole (no pun intended 😊) new meaning! Take care x

    2. Hi Michele
      Clever plumber then. I bet he wasn't very popular.

  3. Morning Everyone from a sunny but cool Marigny
    SANDRA - I love your CC for this week and yes it definitely meets your brief of 'Spring'.

    I'll do my best to try and get a card done for Sunday.

    BOY oh BOY what a tidy and full craft room you have. Are you sure it's your craft room and not a 'Craft Shop' you have so much craftiness in there you really do not need to buy anything for years and years hehehe.
    I can just see when you have to start looking for a new house your first priority will have to be enough storage for all your crafty

    Seriously though it looks fantastic and all to hand now so you can craft without getting up and down which I know causes you so much extra pain my Dear Friend.

    We arrived late afternoon yesterday after a reasonable journey down from Calais. The sun was shining and it was WARM. The garden is looking quite lovely though there are one or two jobs needed in and around the flower boarders. They will be done as we go along. Daniel has the veggie patch all sorted so that is looking very well.
    After emptying the car and putting everything away we just collapsed in front of the log burner which Sylvie has lit for us to air the house and bed called very early. Jim is now down at the bread shop collecting this morning's breakfast and then we're off to get some food shopping in so we can take things easy after today.

    MARGARET - hello Dear Friend you card is going in the post today so fingers crossed it will get to you in time.

    PAT- I'm things of you and PETE as I know this week is going to be full on for you both. Huge Gentle Hugs are on their way.

    I hope Marigny Dobbie is behaving himself and that everything is up and running in the CAFE. I'll pop in later to see what's what.

    VAL- I know you'll not see this until later to day and you will have been on your trip but I hope it was a good day and that you both enjoyed it.

    Lots and lots of hugs to you all and I'll see you later. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. I'm glad to see you and Jim have safely arrived at Marigny and that all is well. Marginy Dobbie is doing you proud as usual, the Café is looking and smelling so welcoming, thank you. I love your beautiful card that Sandra shared yesterday, a proper ladies card, so pretty with the flowers matching the topper perfectly 😊 Enjoy your fresh breakfast while you sit back and relax. Take care x

    2. Thanks Janet
      Hope your settling back into your second home. Phone rings and more hospital/Dr appointments for next week as well. We're thinking of buying a parking space at the hospital but at which one we wonder.

  4. Hello Everyone, it's a beautiful (chilly) morning here, hope it's the same with you.

    Sandra your card is lovely, very Spring like, not got much idea yet what il do for the challenge.

    Wow what a lovely craft room, so wish I had all that space, I'm a true believer that a good feeling space makes you more creative, could I please ask where you bought your paper storage rack? I have mine in drawers, but hopeless trying to find a particular piece.

    Michele hope the hand over goes well, and problems soon get sorted.

    Janet glad you had a good trip to your lovely second home.

    Have a good day all, I expect that all of you that go to A P are getting excited, would love to go one year, but will have to wait until Retirement. Hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian,
      I can just picture how beautiful the views are around you as the weather brightens, unlike here, which is the most ugly town i have ever seen, although we are on the doorstep of the Cotswolds.
      The paper rack i bought about 4/5 years ago from Creative Expressions for £25 !A Bargain i thought!
      Try looking on e abay Lilian you may get lucky.

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Your first card made in your newly rearranged and tidyied craft room is a beauty. The first thing I noticed was the embossing of the petals as I was playing with this set of Mums on Friday and wondered why your embossing was so much more defined, all became clear when I read about your double embossing trick which makes a beautiful flower look stunning so I remember that. Thank you for sharing the card and yes it is a lovely fresh selection of spring colours. No doubt you are paying dearly for all of your hard work in your craft room but it will make working in there so much easier and less painful for you won't it. Sending you big soothing hugs my lovely xx
    Pat, I'm sorry we couldn't meet yesterday and to hear that your cough is still lingering but I hope that all goes as well as it can for you and Pete this week. Big hugs are on their way to you x
    Mum, your card that Sandra shared yesterday is beautiful, I love the gorgeous colours you used, such a pretty card that the recipient will have been delighted to receive. Love you xx
    Lynda, I'm delighted to hear that you and Terry will be able to come to Ally Pally on Saturday, only 3 sleeps before we can have real hugs now 😊 Take it easy for the next few days please x
    Another quite day for me but I hope you all have a good one and no matter what you do I hope you can enjoy the wonderful weather we have at the moment 😊 Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hi everyone,
    The sun is shining so brightly through the windows, Spring is definitely here.
    Your card today is so fresh and delightful.
    I looked my calendar yesterday and realized I had a couple of cards to post today and I hadn't made them so it was nose to the grindstone to get them done. Still have 2 more to do for this week, hope I get them done in time.

    Lovely to read the comments on everyone's health improvements except for Pat's lingering cough.
    Big hugs for you Pat, with my COPD I know how irritating a cough can be. Sometimes I feel as though I have swallowed too big a breath and it's gone down the wrong way.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Coughing is the pits isn't it Cheryl. It nearly went at 7 weeks then came straight back. Hope your enjoying the sunshine.

  7. Margaret Palmer5 April 2017 at 09:10

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra your cragt room looks lovely no wonder you are shattered, please rest up as much as you can before Sat. Your card is beautiful love the
    Janet pleased you are safely in Marigny, now time to
    Muchele hope all goes well with change over, oh dear poor builder I bet he felt
    Lovely sunny morning again should be nice for Petanque this morning.
    Val enjoy your trip with
    Sending hugs to all who meed them love

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Sandra, your CC card definitely cries out spring, it's beautiful, I love how are you have embossed those flowers, I hadn't thought of doing that, thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Wow, wow I am seriously impressed with your craft room, it's lovely seeing it from every angle...... A place for everything and everything in its place. You'll be telling yourself off now if you make a mess, ha ha 😄 NOW please take it easy for the next few days, it's great that you have achieved so much, but not good when you are paying the price afterwards. Please be easy on yourself, we all want to see you on Saturday fit and well. xx

    Not a lot going on today, I booked a workshop for Ciara and a friend, it's at a local Cake Decorating Shop. They run classes there, today is one especially for children. She's never done anything like this before, well apart from when we have decorated cakes at home, she was really excited to go in fact they both were. Afterwards she is going to her friends house so we will not see the results until later.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, the Sun is shining here and washing gently blowing on the line. Silly really but it always gives me a lovely feeling to pick the washing out, when you bring it in that lovely fresh air smell. See it's the simple things that make me happy.

    Love and hugs for everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      My granddaughter Olivia 15 today would love a lesson like that. As you know all MY granddaughters love to make cakes. Wish they had something like that near us.

  9. Hello ladies, I hope you don't mind me popping back after all this time?
    I have been having a really bad spell for quite a while now so not been getting much of anything done and my concentration went out the window so internet browsing went out the window.
    I am really hoping I am starting to improve now despite feeling nauseous so trying to get back to stuff.
    Loving today's card especially the embossing as it make it look so professional :)
    Take care all

    1. Hi Lorraine, lovely to see you back, pop in when you feel able, take care of yourself, healing hugs comming your way, Lilian

    2. Hi Lorraine
      Lovely to see you back in. Gentle hugs are on the way and I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone in the cafe' today.
    Very nice work space made for you in the rearranged room ,hope you can spend many happy hours in there. Your card is lovely and so nice when you have done the extra embossing. I thought SW card yesterday would have looked even better if she had done that. Take it easy the next few days so you are fine for Ally Pally and ready for many hugs and the same to everyone else going.
    Janet- have a beautiful time in Marigny, think we will have a warm April.
    Pat and Pete- sending you both many hugs and hope this week will go alright.
    Lorraine- nice to see you back in, sad though to see you struggling so bad at the moment. Sending hugs and hope you soon feel a lot better and can do some crafting again.
    Lilian- hope your fingers aren't too sore. Glad you got some better weather down South as well.
    Michele- hope your day is alright and not too heavy.
    Val- hope you and Wendy had a lovely day on the coach trip. How far was it ?
    Cheryl- Have a nice day, enjoy the sun shine.
    Margaret- see you soon, yay hihi
    Sue- hope you be alright for Saturday and wont be in too much pain. What are we going to be like Lol x
    Tracy- hope your day is fine and you not rushed off your feet too much.
    Sonia- have the mojo come back yet or is it still
    missing ? take care.
    Lynda- so glad you both will be coming, take it easy until then. No falling over !
    Brenda- hope Ciara and her friend have a wonderful day. Learning to decorate cakes looks like a lovely hobby.
    Having a bad start to this week but will pop myself up on Sat. morning so should be okay for the day. Will try to start the cc this afternoon and also write a "little" list for AP. Loved to have your 12x12 paper holder Sandra and one A4 but that's a dream tho until Son have moved on. We have a love day here so we walked to Ikea this morning. It did take out on me so have been sitting for a while looking through e-mails, facebook and blogs. Will rummage for something lite to eat first but after I must get my big bum off the chair and do something or I will stiffen up to much.
    Have a good day everyone, and I hope we see more visitors soon when the Spring is upon us with beautiful sunshine again. Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  11. Hi Sandra
    Well what can I say about your card. Love the colours you've used. I'm in awe of your craft space being so tidy. I hope it stays like it though. It's great to have everything to hand.
    Still waiting for Prof Macauley to ring and speak to Pete. She rang on the 28th when he was in hospital and said she'd ring back on the 30 to speak to him. So no further forward. Lovely and sunny here as well, and I'm still coughing.