Wednesday, 19 April 2017

HOW TO: Make a Pretty 'No Glue' Gift Box

Good Morning Ladies,
I have been really excited to share this box with all of you, it is made by making a few simple score lines and folds.
The Box size is 6 x 4 inch (20 x 20.75 cm)

You start by taking a piece of card:  11 x 8 inches (27.9 x 20.3 cm)
Put your card onto your score board with the long side along the top and score at: 1,2,6 & 7 inches  (2.5, 5, 15 & 17.5cm)

Turn the Card around and score down the card at: 1 & 7 inches (2.5 & 17.5cm)

The full instructions are on the video tutorial, I think it is easier to watch than it is to read.
If you have any questions please leave a comment below.
If you have a go please send me a photo so that I can see how you have embellished yours.

I hope that you are all well ladies, please check my video out if you have time, your feedback is hugely important to me!
I am hoping that the opticians have my glasses ready today. The lady was hopeful but the Bank Holiday may have caused a delay,
I will call this morning to see what they say, cross your fingers for me please. XX

Have a lovely day, I hope it's a little warmer today.

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Love the box Sandra. Great video & clear instructions.

    Goodness-yesterday was very busy at work. We had a surprise new patient to the already full list. We have 2 new patients today and I think I have a meeting this morning. Will have to be late attending as I have a couple of things to sort out first thing.

    I'm taking my Dad into hospital tomorrow (very early) so I doubt I'll be calling in at my usual time but I'll try to pop in during the day. I've taken the day off work so I'm going to do my Tesco shopping, visit Hobbycraft & the Range in Aintree then go and see the owners of the craft shop in Tarleton as they're retiring-might get some bargains!!!


  2. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA - what a beautiful box and it looks so easy to make.
    I've watched the video and you make so easy to follow.
    I shall definitely be trying this box out and perhaps having a go at making a little larger one say 7x7 lol.

    We have had a little ground frost overnight but at the moment the sun is shining so I'm hoping that it warms up nicely to get all the bedding dry and curtains which will be washed later today.

    I also have some pictures to take and then send off to Sandra. I still haven't managed a successful CC yet so that has to be done too.
    I did manage to get a couple of plant pots sorted and set in place yesterday afternoon (I have to say with a lot of help with lifting etc) and it really felt good being outside.

    The CAFE is looking lovely and inviting with spring flowers in the little pots on the tables so pop in and have a chat sometime today.

    Huge Hugs to all with extras for Dear Friends in need.

  3. I love the box idea but will have to watch the video later I need to get ready for work
    I will po back layter too to catch up on news etc Big hugs to everyone xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Just a quick hi for now. I love your beautiful box lid and will watch the video later.
    I hope everyone has a good day as possible and can enjoy the lovely blue sky and sunshine that we have here. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra haven't looked at video yet but I am sure will be easy to follow, will look later, thank you.
    Lovely sunny morning not soo windy should be nice playing Petanque then hairdresser's for a perm.
    Lynda hope you got some sleep & pain not too bad this morning, hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who are suffering & anybody that needs them love

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    I'm not great at doing boxes so I'll gladly take on board this tutorial lol.

    Going to cardwell garden centre today for a look for some new pots for the garden. I think graeme has forgotten that there is a craft shop within the complex that I will just have to visit whilst being there so will need to be careful with the pennies lol.

    Love to all xx

  7. Morning Sandra and ladies.

    Great idea for a box Sandra. The video is very good, so simple to follow. Thank you.

    WOW it's windy here today. Got blown along on my morning dog walk this morning.
    As well as Gracie being clipped yesterday we took one of our cats to the vets to have her claws trimmed. She's 12years old but very small and very timid so we expected trouble but I think sshe was so traumatised that she didn't move and the vet had an easy job. Anyway we mentioned she had a permanent runny eye and he suggested a blood test to rule out anything nasty. Sadly it showed uo she's got Feline Aids. I'm heartbroken poor little soul. There's no treatment and no cure. It attacks her immune system so she'll get every illness going. We just have to give her a lot of tlc. We have to take our other two cats in for blood tests as it's probable they have it as well as it's carried through them drinking out the same water bowl. Fortunately it can't be passed on to dogs or humans.well just have to wait and see what happens.

    LYNDA sorry you had a bad time yet again at the dentist. Hope you managed
    some sleep last night and not in too much pain. Hugsxxx

    PAT can't believe your appointments are being messed about. Goodness knows how you remember where and when your going each day. Take carex

    SUE good to read your BIL is slightly better. Obviously no baby news yet! Hugsx

    LILLIAN and MARIA thinking of you both. Hope all aches and pains are easier.x

    MICHELE Hope your dad gets on ok at the hospital.x

    Sorry if I've forgotten anyone. Off to crib later.Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val, I'm so sorry to hear your cat has feline aids, poor little lady.
      Hope the other two cats are alright, but how do you stop animals drinking from the same bowl? We once had a cat that drank water from the glass on my bedside table, it was the lapping sound that woke me up. Since then I have used a carafe.
      I'm sure your little lady will have plenty of TLC.
      I hadn't realised cats could get it. Sending her some virtual TLC. xx

    2. Hello Val- so sorry to hear that your little feline is so poorly. I know she'll get all the love and care in the world but they are family after all and we so worry about them. Hugs to all of you xxxx

    3. Margaret Palmer19 April 2017 at 20:52

      Hi Val,
      I am so sorry to hear about your cat, do hope the others are fine, sending hugs to you

  8. Hello Sandra and all,

    What a great little box Sandra, the instructions are very clear, I should have no difficulty making one, thank you. xx. Hope your glasses are ready today. I would br totally lost without mine.

    I'm doing my nursemaid duty today, John has had another attack (for want of a better word) of Menieres, he has been laid up since yesterday afternoon, if he moves he gets dizzy then feels sick, after which he sleeps for several hours. So is no trouble, I just feel helpless. It maybe coincidence but he was fitted with a hearing aid yesterday morning. I just wonder if that has triggered it off again. Maybe offer him a little soup later. But usually when it occurs it's a good 48 hours before he is able to eat and move around again.

    Will look in later to see how everyone is.
    Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda.. So sorry to hear John isn't so good at the moment. In my ignorance I've not heard of Menieres so just looked it up. I would think rest and sleep is the best medicine and I do hope he's back to good health soon.

    2. Hello Brenda - so sorry to hear that John is not too well again and that you've had to don your nursing skills. I know he'll get all the sleep and rest needed. Hugs to both of you xxxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      I am sorry John is suffering again, I know from Alan having it how bad it is, as you say rest & sleep is all you can do. Hope he feels better soon & please take care of yourself lol

  9. Great turial SANDRA Sorry to hear about your cat VAL A friend of mine had two cats, one if which had feline HIV Fortunately it was never passed onto the second She did have to keep her indoors though Other than that led an ok life and what cat doesn't like a bit of TLC
    I hope you managed to get some sleep LYNDA
    I hope JOHN is on the mend BRENDA (is he a good patient, probably is if he sleeps for long periods)
    MARIA and LILIAN I hope the pain is easing
    SUE - so glad to hear your BIL I a little better and hope each day he improves
    If I've left anyone out, I apologise, you know I'm thinking of you all xx

    1. Thanks Karen for your kind words about Olive.. She's sitting here sneezing and coughing at the moment but I think I'm becoming a bit neurotic.
      Hope you're
      Having a good day. Valxxx

  10. Hello All,
    Sandra lovely box tutorial, easy to follow, probably not able to make one as I find scoring difficult with my worn out hand.

    Get well wishes to those not well, hugs for all, Lilian

  11. Hello Sandra & everyone
    I hope you have all had a good day. Sandra your box looks ��beautiful sorry i haven't seen the video yet. I have been round Margaret's today,she has given me two bags of stamps mostly all new so said the ones I don't want I will sell for her on EBay.
    VAL so sorry about you poor little cat Olive I hope your other two cats are ok I have my fingers crossed for good news. Thank you for your kind words & Hug's I'm not too bad but I have had a bad headache since I left dentists I think it's all the drilling i just hope it's not the start of a Migraine.
    SUE it's good to hear your BIL is feeling better, Hug's for you all Xx
    KAREN thank you for your Hug's xx
    LILLIAN & MARIA hope your both feeling better soon sending you both
    TRACY did you buy anything at the craft shop or did Graeme tie your hands together HaHa �� Xx
    BRENDA hope John feels better soon I felt dizzy & sick for a while when I had my two hearing aid fitted.sending you both some Hug's xx
    MICHELE hope your Dad's ok & did you get any bargains at the craft shop.xx
    JANET glad you had a good day in the garden & got your pots finished. Hope your able to make Sandra's box into a 7x7 size would like to see how it turns out as I use more of that size cards your very clever so you should master it Hug's x
    Well I have just got a cupper so I will go & drink & wish you all a good evening
    Love Lynda xx

  12. Hi Sandra and to anyone still awake in the cafe'
    Great video how to make a box Sandra, will have a go on Saturday hopefully when our guest is visiting other people she know here in Mk.
    Sorry about your cat Val, hopefully the others haven't got any of the illness , fingers crossed.
    Brenda- your poor hubby, must be so horrible for him. Wish he feel better after today. You take care.
    Lynda- really hope is no migraine on it's way. You have had so much done in your mouth so it's probably why you have a headache. Take it easy my friend.
    Lilian- how have you been today, sending you hugs and wish your pain away.
    Sending hugs to Sue, hope everything be alright.
    Sorry being so late again but have had a full day of spring clean down stairs and cupboards. Shopping and cooking dinner, then just after OH brought me a coffee I fell asleep in the chair so now I'm awake again. Got a phone call this afternoon reg. my knee MRI and they have found something, at last ! after seeing 5 doctors I now might get some help. I see a surgeon tomorrow afternoon, they had a cancellation or it could been 18 weeks before I got to see someone ! It's probably just a consultation but..... Have also been drinking more the last few days so hope the nurse can get some blood out tomorrow 11.15, great with so late time when it is a fasting one. pat- hope you and Pete are doing alright. Best try to go to bed , OH was not happy when I came in this morning just after 3am :-) Many hugs to you all, Maria Xxxx