Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mixed Up Saturday.....

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome to another ' mixed up Saturday'  where we share all sorts
Of crafty goodness!

Karen's Crafts....

Karen, I love the Pop up Box card, it looks so different to any others 
I've seen, so perfect, the images are fantastic.

The Minion Hat is just, the most adorable hat I have ever seen, 
I love everything from his wonky eyes to the little personal 'Hand made by' 
Charm, a brilliant finishing touch.
I will add in you description as you  explain things so clearly.,...

"Hello Sandra

My photos - the pop up box was cut from a free svg file on ScanNCut All I had to do was score the lines. It was embarrassingly easy. The photos I "borrowed" from Google and cut with a Spellbinders deckle edged die. I decided to keep it "clean" and not put frilly flourishes etc Next time I will really go to town

The hat is from a child's pattern I adapted to fit a man. I bought the yarn at Sandown and crocheted it on the Sunday evening to give as a birthday present to my boss on the Monday. I added a little brass charm that reads "Handmade With Love" He was thrilled with it and has bought a Minion T-shirt with the leftover cash we'd collected to go with it!  His main presents being a Red Letter day experience and a model of a Minion riding a motorbike

Lots of Love
Thank you Karen xxx
Michele's Craft Room

The plan!!



As you can see most of Michele's  Crafty goodies have made their way back Into her new craft room , I think I'm most impressed by the 'post it notes' explaining what's in each draw, it must have taken you ages! ? It. Looks like you pretty much have it sorted Michele, although (the room)
If any of you have any ideas for creating a better craft room for Michele please leave your comments below,
Thank you Michele for sharing your craft room with all of us xx

Now onto some craft shopping......


Some lovely Dies from China, I saw this one the other day and thought it looked like
A shadow box frame, I love that 'Retail' Therapy' too Lynda, Sue made a lovely card with the shoes etc on,
It looked like a real 'designer shoe' card.  The little bits and pieces of dies are really fab too, headphones great for Male cards and we all know what a pain they can be!  
Thanks for sharing your shopping with us l

My shoppjng

My shopping was a little bit boring, I got some essentials, white 300gsm paper, this brand of white 
Paper is absolutely fantastic, I got some A4 and the same stall did white Centura  Pearl A3 so I grabbed some of that too, I had and anti-static bag, but the house fairy stole mine so that was on my shopping too, I got a flourescent pink one so I shouldn't lose it!  Scissors were on my list too, so I got those, I got a pretty stamp and die set I wanted too, plus's many more sundries, oh and the Sue Wilson Tree die, just for the leaves mainly, it's a lovely die though, so never mind! I also bought some lovely embossing folders from Creative Expressions,  some superfine glitter card , some pretty flowers, two die sets from. Last but not least I bought a pretty stamp and matching die from. Honey Doo crafts, the samples on the stand were stunning!

Thank you all for stopping by, 

Love and hugs


  1. Good morning everyone,

    Lovely haul you have Sandra, I bought the tree earlier this year from the Range and at a bargain price too. Each of my memory books will have one or two in when I start them next month.

    I love the Minions Karen, I have a board on Pinterest just for them. They have the aaaah cute factor. Your hat for your boss is an absolutely marvellous idea. Glad he loved it.
    And your pop-up box, well what can I say? Very retro, ticks my boxes. The twenties onwards were so very elegant eras, it's such a shame elegance is not celebrated by the young women of today. Their idea is the less on, the better to flash the flesh. And when you see some of it straining to stay inside their dresses.... ugh!

    I have a whole day with No.1 grandson Jamie today, he says after he has cleaned both our cars, we will do whatever I would like so I think a lunch out would be ideal for us both to relax and natter. He has been so very busy with work the last few months it will do him good.

    More cards to do before he awakes, onwards and upwards.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl hope you have a lovely day with your grandson.

    2. Sounds like the perfect day to me

    3. Hi Cheryl
      Have a lovely day with your Grandson. Sounds my idea of heaven, lunch out, no cooking and best of all no washing up.

    4. Have a great day Cheryl. Lunch out sounds a lovely

    5. Hi Cheryl. What a wonderful thoughtful lad Jamie is. I hope you both had a lovely lunch together x

  2. Good Morning All, dry but dull here.
    Karen love the hat and your pop up box, we have a village called minions on Bodmin moor, they have had loads of people visit, had a minions picture on the road sign, but I think the council made them remove it.

    Michele, so tidy !!!!! Wish I could be tidy, love all the storage.

    Sandra looks as though you had a great day yesterday, have honey do stamps didn't know they did dies.

    Well I have made a challenge card ( well 3 have to pick the best of a sorry looking bunch ) ,will send later.

    Have a fabulous Saturday, I'm tidying the garage if it's not too cold, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Apparently Honey Doo have just started to do the dies. People kept asking about the Vellum they used so they've started doing that as well. Doing very well apparently in the Die department.

    2. Hi Lilian. I bet your CC's are all beautiful and I can't wait to see the one that you sent to Sandra. I hope you managed to sort the garage out x

  3. Morning Ladies

    Karen-love the hat & the pop up box looks brilliant.
    Lynda-great purchases. I have a couple of the China dies you have. Great minds eh??!!

    Sandra-brilliant haul from yesterday. I hope you all had a great day-did you leave anything for the other crafters??

    My craft room-this shows the new room I'm in now. It's approximately 14 foot by 8 foot (at its widest). I'd like to replace the plastic drawers hence the trip to Ikea. The shelving that seem the most suitable was Kallax. I think I could fit in 3 units that had 8 storage squares in them. I'd also need some of the boxes with lids-luckily they did a lovely turquoise colour. Just need to convince hubby now!

    I'm off to the hairdressers for 9.30 then I plan to spend a bit more time in my craft room as I still haven't made the birthday cards or new baby cards yet!


    1. Sorry dear heart, I forgot to mention your wonderful new craft room. I am sure you will have many happy years of crafting in it. Enjoy! xxx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Michele
      Love your craftroom. I think I must invest in some boxes to put my stash in rather than stacking everything on the shelves. Good luck convincing hubby.

    4. Your Craft room looks great Michele and so today. I really think I should get some boxes as my stash is just higgledy piggledy on shelves and just looks a mess. Your post it notes are a good idea. Might steal that one. Xxx

  4. Sorry forgot to say love your dies Lynda, did the ones from China take a long time to arrive ?

    1. Hi Lilian
      Mine took about a month to arrive.

    2. mine took about 5 weeks But well worth the wait as the one I bought was so cheap and it cut like a dream in my Platinum I will definitely buy more

  5. Good Morning Everyone
    KAREN - what can I say about your Minion Hat - I know a little girl who would love love one of those. Wonderful. Your pop up box is fantastic and like Cheryl the era is just up my street.

    MICHELE- I'm really envious of your new craft room lol. I wouldn't want to come out of it at all. You're so neat and tidy and everything in it's place and labelled. Good luck with convincing 'hubby' I'm sure it won't take long. lol.

    SHOPPING - what a fantastic array of goodies bought. I really must get a pic sent off of one or two dies I bought from china.
    It looks as though you had a good day yesterday SANDRA shopping and LYNDA love the dies you bought and cannot wait to see some results. Please.

    We are still very wet and windy here and I'm not looking forward to going out but it's our week-end to see Jim's Niece and her two little ones.

    Everything is ready for the CAFE to open so come on in out of the wind and cold and sit a while. Hugs on their way to all of you xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Enjoy your trip out even though it's raining.

    2. Enjoy your day and keep dry and

    3. If you'd like me to make a Minion hat, email me and I will willingly make one for you - just need to have a rough idea of size

    4. Hi Janet. I hope you have a lovely time seeing Jim's niece and little ones and that the weather is nicer for you today x

  6. Ooh Thank you SANDRA for showing my Minion hat and pop up card and Thankyou ladies for your kind words I know we're ladies of a certain age and know how elegant this era was Surprisingly this card was made for a 30 something
    I love your room MICHELE I wish mine was that tidy
    LYNDA and SANDRA I love all of your buys I really need to go shopping with you all You find such bargains and know of companies I have never heard of
    I've forgotten what else I needed/wanted to say So forgive if I've missed any of you out
    Take care and look after yourselves

    1. Love your minion hat Karen. Those eyes are fantastic. No wonder your boss was over the moon. Your pop up card is lovely. Love that era as well. Enjoy your day. Xxx

    2. Hi Karen. Your Minion hat is fabulous, no wonder your boss loved it. I can't believe it only took you one evening. I must learn how to crochet!
      Your pop up card is wonderful, what a genius idea to use those stylish film stars pictures, and I love the deckle edges, what a great finishing touch! 😊 I think we all enjoy looking back at that era, everyone looked so smart x

  7. Hi Sandra
    Wow just love your new craftroom Michele. Now I know where I'm going wrong, I haven't a Michele to get me organised. I have everything stacked all over the place on shelves. Perhaps I need to buy some boxes to put them in and a stack of post it notes. Boxes might just have been better then my Ikea unit which was a pig to put up as it was miles to big.
    Love you goodies from China Lynda and your other dies you bought.
    Had a great day at Farnborough. Crafters Companion had a great deal on the Gemini though. I nearly succumbed to buying it. £150.00 plus the goodies you got from Hochanda with it, £30.00 of Brittania dies of your choice, plus some card.
    Hope all those under the weather are feeling better today. I'll read back on tomorrow's post later and catch up.

    1. Hi Pat, your Craft room sounds like mine. Stuff stacked on shelves. Boxes may be the answer.
      Glad you had a good day yesterday and a lovely catch up with everyone. The Gemini sounds a really good deal. I would love one but probably like everyone else I have 4 machines still going well so I really can't buy another one. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!!! Enjoy your day. Xxx

    2. Wow that was a really good buy, would love one but have 3 already, plus cricut and brother S&C, so better not.

    3. Hi Pat. I'm looking forward to seeing just what you did get at the show I'm surprised you didn't give in and get the Gemini deal though 😊x

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Sandra & al in cafe,
    Sandra hope you are not feeling too tired after yesterday & hope you can rest today. You had somelovely buys
    Michele how I envy you your craft room, it looks great hope you get time to craft this
    Karen your hat & card are brilliant, crochet is something I have never mastered. Hope you feel
    Lynda looks like you got some good buys from China well
    Well I think Chris is getting breakfast so better get up (I am still at Sue's).
    Look forward to seeing CC's tomorrow, sorry Sandra I have not managed one this week.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Mum. It was lovely to spend some quality time with you. Love to you and Pop xxx

  10. Hi Karen
    Had to delete a few comments as I'd credited Michele with your fabulous Minions hat and pop up box. Not to sure where my brain was when I wrote that. What a lucky boss you have.

  11. Hi Sandra and all,
    Sorry I was missing yesterday. It wasn't for the wan't of trying. I wrote a comment at three different times but they wouldn't publish. Technology eh.

    Loved your card yesterday Brenda. Really pretty.

    Love your dies Lynda. I have the Retail Therapy set. They're lovely dies. The Chinese ones look really good. Must look some sites up.

    Sandra, what a haul. Great dies, stamps and paper.
    So glad you all had a lovely day yesterday. Sounds like you met up with a lot of friends.

    Housework day but will get it my craft room later and send of my cc to you Sandra.

    Have a good Saturday everyone, whatever you're up to.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Lynda. Modern technology is great when it works but infuriating when it doesn't, isn't it!
      I hope you had a good time playing with your lovely new dies. I must have a look these Chinese die sellers as you seem to get great dies at bargain prices! Hugs to you both x

  12. My boss loved the hat. My team ae going bowing and he's promised to wear it together with the Minion t shirt he bought. If anyone wants a Minion hat, email me and I will make them. I just need to know approximate sizes. I'm just watching C&C and watching Mel demo this new usb stick for ScanNcut for concept cards. BUT I don't make a lot of concept cards - mine are all very basic but also very personal - pop up box being an example. I am interested in unusual boxes though and I think John Bloodworth has a set of seven boxes at £2.50 So I'm going to investigate that now and look for freebies

    1. Hi Karen
      Let us know what you find out please re the boxes.

    2. Hi Karen. Your boss sounds like he is fun to socialise with, what is he like at work? Like Pat I would like to know what you find out about the John Bloodworth boxes, please x

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Sandra you were quick off the mark to sort out and take a picture of your Farnborough stash. I did take mine out of my trolley just to get the trolley out of the way. It's only this morning I have really sorted it out - by that I mean it's on the bed in the spare room, so I can take a photo before storing It away. Love the beautiful stamp you bought from Honey Do. I'm sure you will do do something beautiful with it.
    KAREN, I love your hat, your boss will love the attention he gets when he goes out in it. The box card is really classic looking, I think this is a brilliant and different way to make this style of card. Thank you for sharing. xx
    LYNDA, You have so many dies here to play with, the possibilitys are endless, enjoy. xx
    MICHELE,Your craft room looks so organised, and what a lot of space you have to play with. Hope hubby is ok in his new office. xx

    Sandra I got mixed up (blame my age) my friends the two Brenda's make 10 Christmas cards a month.... not a week as I said!

    Sorry didn't get back in last night I was exhausted after my very busy day yesterday.
    Sending love and hugs to you all, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda. It was so good to see you on Friday. I hope you got some rest yesterday and that you get some time very soon to play with your new stash. Mine is sat in a pile at the moment. I did take pics when Mum and I unpacked it Friday Eve but must check they are ok before I send them to Sandra.
      10 Christmas cards a month is still very organised so we are still impressed 😊 x

  14. For those of you looking for storage/boxes I have seen these at Dunelm I have a couple thatt are very similar to this stacked on top of each other. I can't tell how deep the drawers are in link But mine are large and deep. The plus side is that they are drawers. so you don't have keep moving them to get to the bottom one. Plus they're semi see through like Michele's boxes
    Not being techy I don't know if this will work I'm sure you'll be able to do a search though

    1. Thanks for the link Karen. I will have a look later. Dunelm does have some bargains but I don't think to look in there enough x

  15. Hi everyone.
    I love your Craft room Michele, you are so lucky to have the space and so tidy or was it just for the photo ? Lol
    Hope you managed to get to Ikea or try Dunelm like Karen said, they have some and also Hobbycraft but find their towers a bit 'wobbly'.
    Karen- love the Minion hat and the eyes are great. Your pop up card is lovely. Hope your cough is better.
    I can see some good shopping was done Sandra and Lynda. Sandra, lovely Stamps and Dies, more card and a Neon pink
    anti-static bag, you wont be losing that on :)
    Lynda, like the headphones you bought and the other items. Have not looked to buy from China as yet, any Company you can recommend ?
    Cheryl, hope you had a nice day with Jamie and a good lunch.
    Lilian, did you do any garage clear out or did you make some crafting instead ? :) sending you some gentle hugs.
    Margaret, hope you had a restful day and wondered how the heck did you end up with doing card making ? Lol You take care, hugs to you and Pop.
    Val, how is your shoulder doing ? Hope you took care when doing the house work and had a nice afternoon crafting.
    Brenda, Hope you was not to tired today after yesterdays outing. Hope to see you again soon, only waiting to hear when the others are free so we get a date.
    Hope our missing friends are alright and soon will be back, I miss you .
    Wishing you all a good night and pleasant dreams, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria. I hope you are not so tired today and feel like crafting. Hugs to you x

  16. Hello everyone like Val my comments wouldn't publish so will keep this short incase it fails again. Val hope your shoulder is getting better Hug's xx
    Karen your Milion hat is gorgeous & love your pop up box great.
    Michele love your craftroom sooo tidy & so many full crafty stash boxes Hope you got some storage from Ikea. Cheryl hope lunch was good with Jamie.
    Sandra & all who went CS yesterday hope you all had a rest today.Sandra great items from Farmbough I want that family tree too. Been uming & aring. My craft items from China I love them & so cheap with free P&P they cut really well I have got some more coming I ordered today. They normally take 3 to 4 weeks but worth the wait. You may spot a couple on my challenge card tomorrow.
    MARIA I will let you know the China company tomorrow. How are you hope your feeling better.
    Love Lynda xxπŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. It's always good when a comment actually appears where you want it to isn't it 😊 x