Thursday, 2 February 2017

A Michele day today!

Good Morning Ladies,

Two cards from Our Michele today, a fantastic 'Under the weather ' card and a very cute 'Horsey ' Birthday card. Now, knowing Michele I am guessing that both of these cards were made using CD roms, Michele is the master of CD crafting , her cards are always so perfectly matt and layered and beautifully finished.

The last image is of the Prize Michele has won by commenting on the 'Papercraft Inspiration' Facebook page,  how fantastic to win a complete set, having everything matching, I can't wait to see what you will make with this lot!
Congratulations Michele, it's so lovely when somebody you know wins something fab!
What did you all think of Sue's latest launch? Did you buy any?
I liked the 'Lucy' die and the Atlantic background, it always amazes me how your opinion of the dies change once Sue has ,' bought them to life' on her blog!

I am hoping for a productive day in the craft room today, I must try and get my 3 projects done for the DT stamp set I got, wish me luck!

Have a lovely day ladies.

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Everyone

    MICHELE- Ohhhhhh I do love your cards this morning. They're both so cute and so perfectly aligned and finished off. Your hands must be so steady to get your matting land layering so straight or do you have a tip for us. Many congratulations on your prize. It's fantastic. Those stamps look beautiful and I cannot wait to see some of your wonderful creations when you have used them. How's the sorting out of your new craft room coming along?

    MARIA- I hope all went well yesterday and that you're and that you weren't too long at the hospital. Did the 'radiator' man come and sort things out? It reminds me of the old song 'Twas on a Monday morning the Gas Man came to call'.

    LILIAN- How did your CC go yesterday. I just know that whatever you use your card will be beautiful.

    CHERYL- Hope you had a good day yesterday and now feel rested.

    I had a good day crafting so all I've got to do is take some pictures for SANDRA and get them sent off.

    I also have to book the overnight stop in Calais and the Ferry for Monday. I only hope that 'storm Doris' stays well away from the South Coast of the UK and the North Coast of France so that we can have a comfortable crossing.

    I see the CAFE lights are on and gleaming inviting everyone to pop in for a chat and a cuppa so Dobbie is working well. He'll be taking a rest after Monday for a little while.

    HUGE HUGS to everyone. Have a good day. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Hope you manage to book your crossing and stopover today and I also hope that Storm Doris stays away.

  2. Morning Ladies

    My first card was made using an Ella's Design CD-ROM, the second is one of her latest digital downloads off Etsy. They always print & payer up beautifully.

    I'm really pleased with my freebies-they're not something I would ever have bought but sometimes that's s good thing.

    I did a little more sorting but to be honest, I was too tired so I watched another episode of Law & Order then Location,Location,Location as it's easy viewing! I hope to tidy up a bit more tonight as hubby is away but as I'm doing the Tesco shopping & phoning my Dad-not sure how much time I'll have.


    1. Hi Michele
      Just chill with a glass of wine after shopping and while talking to your Dad. Hugs on there way.

    2. Michele I love both your cards my favourite is the first one, Your prize is fabulous. Congratlations xx

  3. Morning everyone.

    It's very windy and noisy here, it sounds as though there are hundreds of airplanes all in the same space. Some of my larger shrubs are blowing this way and that and the upper branches of the willow tree are whipping themselves in a frenzy.

    My surprize visitor was my sister's youngest son's (Eddie) eldest daughter (Oh, try saying that after a few glasses of wine lol). So lovely to have seen her. It's the first visit she has made on her own and she is staying at Fiona's. I shall see her again before she goes home this weekend.
    The bags were half way finished when I found out I had only cut out half the pieces to another one Doh! And I do not have enough fabric to finish it so I will be doing a patchwork type one with other colours to match/contrast. Nothing craftwise is wasted in my house if it can be utilised for something else.
    I will almost be able to buy a whole meal with my pension increase this year. Considering how much I paid in ever increasing premiums each month before retirement, the increase is only ever 0.5 -1% each year. At least it is better than last year's when I could only buy a loaf of baker's shop bread.

    Plan is today, finish the bags, then learn book folding. I found a really simple design after which I could add some paper and silk flowers for decoration. The pattern gave instructions for origami flowers which were lovely but I only have bright origami papers which would certainly not do for my taste.
    Well, that's the plan, let's see what today's curveball throws at me.

    Gurt squashy hugs for you all.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      How lovely to hear who your surprise visitor was. Nosy lot aren't we, well I am at least. Can we see a picture of your bags please. I bet they're as gorgeous as all the other things you make. Good luck with the book folding. I've seen it done but not tried myself.
      I hope you had a lovely day whatever was thrown at you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Cheryl
      What a lovely surprise for you hope you enjoyed your time with her.
      I would love to see your bags please.
      🤗🤗 xx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Lovely cards Michele. Your printer is obviously a good one as the images are so clear. Mine is rubbish and I really must invest in a better one. Love your Prize. Such cute stamps and everything matching. Well done on winning.

    I didn't leave a comment yesterday. Well I did but it disappeared. I bought a new tablet when I was in the UK and it's nothing like my old faithful one. Paul has shown me and shown me how it works and I don't like asking him any more. So needless to say when I pressed publish after yesterday's comment it was deleted. I feel really thick at times. Anyway I'm using my lovely old one today so hopefully it will be ok.
    Back at crib club yesterday afternoon and I won 4-1 Yeh. Meeting my friend soon for a coffee. Got on the scales this morning oh dear! Healthy eating from today.
    Have to dash. Hope everyone is ok especially Lynda, Maria and Lillian. Sorry if I've missed anyone out.
    Good luck with your projects Sandra.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val I know the feeling regards to anything technical. I'm a thickly as well. Great you won at crib, I haven't played for years.

    2. Hi Val
      Sorry your having trouble with your new tablet my friend was having trouble working hers. So she sent for a manual so that might help.
      Congratulations on winning at crib.
      Love Lynda xx

  5. Morning Sandra and ladies.

    Michele I love both ur cards. Really drawn to the umbrella one it's really cute. Well done on u winning a prize it's always nice to get a gift.

    Love to all x

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Love your two cards Michele, so many perfect layers on the one with the horse. Fantastic prize you won as well, looking forward to see what you make of it. Glad Paypal worked in the end, I was pulling my hair here hihi The dies arrived this morning, thank you !
    Janet- hope "storm Doris" is nowhere to be seen when you travelling back home. It seem like yesterday tho that you and Jim was going to Marigny. Sending you hugs.
    Cheryl- hope your fingers aren't to sore after all the sewing you have done. Love to see the bags when they are finished. Have a nice day crafting, haven't tried book folding myself yet. No brain for that.
    Tracy- have some lovely little brakes from home, it's nice to get away sometimes. Where would you like to go for a hot holiday ?
    Lynda- good to see you do the exercises, hope they help.
    Val- hope the new Tablet will work out for you. I'm a technophobic myself, don't like changes. Do not asking my son for help again, he thinks I'm a lost course Lol
    Lilian- hope you are doing alright today and starting to feel better.
    Brenda- hope your back to normal and have more strength then last week.
    I meant to come back in last night but after dinner I was so tired so fell asleep in my chair first and then dragged myself to bed around nine. Hospital with the injection was ok, I should see an improvement within 4-6 weeks. Went back to doctors reg my calf yesterday. She didn't have any personality what so ever and I felt bad coming back again but she arranging a scan for me so just have to wait for an appointment. I hate pain :-(
    Have no mojo so have not even thought about the CC but will see if this afternoon gets better. Will now have a cuppa and watch some tv so I which you all a good day and sending many warm hugs to you all, Maria Xxox

    1. Hi Maria
      I hope you don't gave to wait to long for your scan.

    2. Hi Maria
      Glad hospital went well & injections 💉didn't hurt too much
      I know pain is pants isn't it 😩 Hope you don't have to wait to long for your Scan Take care 🤗🤗xx

  7. Hello Sandra and all who call into the Coffee Shop today,

    Michele your cards are lovely perfect Matt and layering, wish I could get mine half as perfect as yours. What a fantastic prize, lovey also that it's something different for you to try. Hope your day goes well. xx

    Sandra I have been following Sue Wilsons launch, there are a few dies I would like to own, but I have some dies that are still in the original packaging that I haven't got around to using, so have sat on my hands (for now) Like you, I agree when Sue cuts them out and you realise how good they look that's when I think - I need that one!!

    Hope your day goes well and you get your three projects completed.

    I'm off to organise lunch, it's an easy one today, as we have some left over Chicken and Mushrooms in a cream sauce, I will just cook some pasta to go with it. Job done!

    Have a good day everyone, love to all, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Well we took Doreen over to see Ellis this morning. I suggested we went to Yarnton for lunch. We all had Beef & Ale and Vegtable casserole with dumplings and all the trimmings vegtable wise. So it was easier for me and absolutely delicious.

  8. Lovely cards MICHELE As well as being the cdrom queen you're the queen of mats and layers too
    Your win looks great and like you say you may not have considered buying them but you'll probably use them
    Finished my CC last night I will be emailing the photos later
    There are a few of SUE's dies I'd like especially one of the Striplets (can't remember the name) and some of the fillables But there's not one that I think "Nah Sue Really don't like that one" not like other companies out there
    Hope you soon feel the benefit of yesterday's injection Any news on a Watford meet up...

  9. PS John Lickwood on his blog is doing a give away of some new dies - the paper cut (is that the name?) ones similar to the ones that were released at Christmas

    1. Thanks for that Karen, I've been out all day and had forgotten. I to am looking forward to our meet up.

  10. Hello all, well Doris is well on her way to us, everything is blowing like mad, just opened the front door, nearly got taken of my feet. Have a extractor fan with a flap on the out side which is making a terrible racket.

    Michele love the cards, and prize looks good, my goodies arrived today thanks, hope you got the money ok, not sure how long bank transfer takes.

    Finished my work for this, didn't do any craft last night, watched chocolate baroque stamping on Hochanda last night then caught up with the ones I'd recorded during the day, very lazy.

    Definitely will be doing my challenge card tonight, not sure what yet, but I dare say there will be some stamping, oops giving the game away.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening, hugs to all, Lilian

  11. Hi Sandra
    Lovely cards by Michele today. It was lovely to see the goodies she won as well.
    Well seeing what you gad for your challenge cards, all I can say is you need all the luck you can get. Everything was so tiny that you could not make any one of them into a focal point unless your card was 2" tall.
    Hugs to all in need of one today.

  12. Hi Sandra
    Meant to say that our eldest granddaughter was on Central news at 6.30 last night. She was talking about her engineering apprenticeship with BMW. Probably asked her as not many girls go into engineering to encourage them to do so. It was a shock to see her.

    1. Hi Pat how lovely for your granddaughter to be on the news last night
      & congratulations to her for getting a apprenticeship with BMW what a great stat for her. You must be so proud.🤗🤗xx

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you are not getting blown about too much, the wind seems to be getting up
    Michele your cards are both lovely & well done on your prize. Hope today has not been so
    Maria hope your injection helps & hope you get scan soon. Hugs on
    Lynda pleased you aee enjoying your excercise class, well done hugs on
    Hope you don't get blown away Lilian &
    I hope every one keeps safe, sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Yes I went to my excercise class today & enjoyed it again next Tuesday they are going to start me onto next stage I have done stage 1,2,3,4, so onto number 5 which is in the middle of the floor so no bars to hold onto if I wobble HiHi.🏋🏃‍♀️Sending you some 🤗🤗back xx

  14. Hi Sandra & friends
    Hope you got your cards made. I have sent you my challenge card.
    Went to exercise class today enjoyed it again.Next week they are moving me to the next stage so that will be interesting. They gave me a print out of excercise to do at home 🏋🏃‍♀️ Haha. Got the electric / gas meters being changed.
    To smart meters tomorrow morning Then Tesco I can't cope with all this excitement in my life 😭😭😭😭 I have commented on way down.
    Love Lynda xx