Monday, 19 September 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge and Ally Pally Shopping

My Challenge Card

The Sketch

Maria's Shopping

Sue's Shopping

Margaret's Shopping

 Lynda's Shopping

Good Morning Ladies,

Here is this weeks Sketch for our weekly challenge, everyone is welcome to join in, 
I will share everyone's Challenge Cards on Sunday, you just have to email a photo of it to me by Saturday evening.
A fairly simple challenge this week, three strips of decorative papers, embellished at the top with a flower, or anything you choose to use, it could just be a bow, a rosette or anything that you like. You don't need to use lace, a paper border will be just as good, punched or die cut, or a bit of ribbon. 
I am looking forward to seeing your designs ladies!

Next up today are some of the ladies purchases from our lovely day at Ally Pally.
Mine will be featured tomorrow, hopefully with Pats & Brenda's .

Maria, you bought some lovely things, lots of lovely new dies, I love your Snowman stamp! Some other lovely stamps too, some different ink applicators, I do like the look of your Tonic alphabet dies too. Some card and pixie powders, iced snow and the black ice too, you have some lovely new things to play with Maria, I am excited to see the cards you create xxxx

Sue, some lovely Christmas dies, your Gingerbread man is so cute, so are the Reindeer, some paper pads and paper packs, glue and Tape too, good to stock up on the essentials while they are there, we forget to restock otherwise, those Sport andc Garden dies are going to be so useful, I can't quite see the centre one, it looks like sentiments. I know you will be putting this lot to great use, I look forward to crafting with you as you play with them too xxxx

Margaret, well I think you take the trophy for most shopping!!  But what we have to remember is Margaret has only been crafting a few months so she is still buying the basics and essential things. You have built up an amazing stash already Margaret, I think you have most occasions covered.  Some very useful dies in your shopping, lots of foliage, alphabets and sentiments, card blanks, the Inkyliscious Winter Bauble Kit, 
Lynda, myself and Anne have this too, its going to be fun seeing all of the different cards. You and Sue bought the bargain die storage case, you got a great deal on those ink pads, they are fab inks. A lovely range of paper pads finish your buys, thanks for sharing Margaret, looking forward to seeing your cards xxxx

Lynda, you bought some lovely die sets, your bargain Tonic die storage, some card blanks, lots of Cosmic shimmer goodies, including embossing powder, iced snow, gilding wax, some lovely wide ribbon, that lovely new chain embellishment, Gilding Polish, I love the inkyliscious Poppy stamp and sentiment too.  I can't wait to see your cards, thank you for sharing your buys xxxx

We all had a fantastic time at Ally Pally, you ladies all bought some fabulous goodies, we are going to see some lovely cards over the coming weeks, I am so excited. I am surd that like me you get home and can't wait to start playing with your new things.
I will share my buys tomorrow.

Have a lovely day ladies! 

Love and hugs


  1. Hello All, very dark here this morning,
    Your sketch are both lovely creations Sandra, will try and do better this week, although nearly everything I try these days ends up in the " bin ".

    Wow a wonderful shop was had buy all, I know envy is a sin, but .......

    Have a great day all, busy work day catching up before my next lot of visitors arrive next week. Hugs Lilian

  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Sand range, what a lovely card, some beautiful papers and lace, and that butterfly and flower are both gorgeous. The sketch is a style of card that I havent used before so will have a think about what to do.
    Karen, I'm glad you had a lovely day at Ally Pally, and managed to get what you were after, including a Christmas present! Wish I was as organised as you ☺
    Lyndhurst, I bet you and Terry are exhausted today after such a busy weekend. Having the family together is so lovely though isn't it. I'm not surprised young Harry entertains you all, he has such a cute and cheeky smile, and all of those wonderful blonde curls ☺ Please make sure you get some rest today though. Hugs to you and Terry X
    Maria, wishing you a wonderful holiday. I hope you have a safe and trouble free journey X
    Sorry, I didn't make notes so can only say that I hope everyone is ok and has a good day.
    We had a lovely dinner yesterday, all proper home cooked and at a great price, it was just as good as we had heard.
    I am going to be trying all of my new dies today, I always cut a new die a few times in copier paper first to see just what they are like.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Janet and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue glad you all enjoyed your meal yesterday.
      It was lovely seeing All the family but shattered when they all left. We both fell asleep. Not doing much today might have a play with my new toys.
      Love Lyndhurst ( my new name HaHa ) xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-lovely card & an interesting sketch. Fingers crossed I have more time to craft this week!

    WOW-what wonderful craft purchases, everything looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what you all make with your new stash, although if you're anything like me then I tend to put it away and forget about it for ages!

    Yesterday was quite a busy day-Painter arrived early but was finished by lunch time. Did my housework in the morning, left the ironing until after lunch as its too hot in the kitchen. Got part way through the ironing when the iron decided to stop working! Quick trip to the retail park fir a new iron -luckily the shops were still open. Rang my Dad in the evening and he seemed OK. I thought he had to wait 4-6 months for his injections but it's only 4-6 weeks. I did warn him the appointment will probably be when we're away.

    Best get ready for work-another training day for me.


  4. Morning Everyone
    Very dull start to the day here but at least it's fine.
    Like the look of this week's CC will have to see what I can do.

    Lots and lots of goodies came out of AP this year. All look very interesting and I'm hoping it might not be too long before we see some wonderful creations.

    MARIA- have a good holiday and some relaxation both of you.

    Everyone is up and running in the café so just waiting for visitors now. I've despatched lots of hugs for you all. xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your cards for this weeks sketch :-)
    Wow, a fantastic selection of craft goodies purchased at AP. Looking forward to seeing all of your creations using them.
    Maria, have a lovely holiday :-)
    Hope everyone has a nice day. Sending hugs to all xxx

  6. Before I forget Have a super holiday MARIA I love all of your purchases from AP I see a few things I lusted over including SW's Onesie Didn't buy it in the end but bought most of the other ones from that range!
    Those Tonic alphabet dies was another thing I'd have like but didn't I don't stamp so I look forward to see what you all create
    I will try and send a photo of my bits later today
    The sketch looks good Thinking cap on already
    Take care ladies Busy day for me Work, try and buy some 30 confetti in better colours than the ones I have Collect another prescription for MIL ..

  7. Good morning SANDRA & all who pop in today.
    Love the sketch C card this week & your card is lovely Sandra.
    I will have a go later. First we are going for a walk as poor Bambie didn't get a walk over weekend. Then put my AP buys away sorry Sandra I should have done better photos of my goodies.
    MARIA have a lovely holiday & a trouble free journey 😎 xx
    Glad you had a good day Karen at AP hope work isn't too tiering for you.
    I rang the the heart doctor's secretary this morning & said the tablets weren't
    Making any difference & still have the symptoms so she said would tell
    Dr Konrad that I want the stent done so just got to wait for appointment now.
    I have a appointment tomorrow for a follow up with the Rhumotoid Arthritis Dr.
    MARGARET have a good week of baking your delicious cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning. Hope everyone has a good day
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Like the sketch Sandra and your card is absolutely lovely, very inspiring!
    Wow what a lovely lot of goodies you ladies got at AP Margaret you've got so much to play with there we won't have time for all that baking ha ha.

    MARIA, I hope you have a lovely holiday and a stressfree journey LOL

    KAREN, glad you enjoyed your day at AP. Hope your day at work isn't too heavy, LOL

    Sandra, I did send a picture of my goodies bought at a AP, but it was late last night so did not expect to see them on the blog today. As I told you on Saturday we were having the family here yesterday, not everyone could come, we were nine altogether. It just lovely having time with the girls. Ciara came laden down with three baking trays of sponge she had made and a pot of double cream, (it had been her idea to bake) So we set about being creative. One we sandwiched up to make a lemon drizzle she put lemon buttercream in the middle and we drizzled some lemon juice into the sponge for extra flavour, the other two trays were chocolate sponge they was sandwiched together with double cream in the middle and chocolate on the top. Fortunately When she arrived I haven't started making the deserts I had planned, which was as well really because we had cake everywhere, it was lovely though and everyone went home with a food parcel.
    I can't believe where my day has gone, I started to comment almost 2 hours ago, John was in the garden doing some deadheading and it was going to cut the grass, he called me out for an opinion and I just lost the track of time, I am going to finish of this time.
    Ladies hope you're all having a good day.
    Sending love and hugs for all, Brenda XXX

  9. Hi Sandra
    My word what a lovely selection of goodies the ladies bought. As you say it looks like Margaret bought the most followed by Lynda
    Terry as usual was in great form that's Lynda's husband in case you don't know. Margaret bought cake for us all. The Lemon Drizzle was wonderful Margaret.
    Pete had presents for his birthday today, yesterday from everyone. Amber made him a lemon drizzle cake and Livvy made him cupcakes with garden vegetables and flowers made from icing sugar. Both were scrumptious. Hugs to all who need one today.

  10. Good afternoon Ladies,
    Gorgeous card Sandra! I loved the sketch so much I went upstairs to my craft room and have made a Christmas card for the cc I'll send a photo later.
    My my girls you certainly had a wonderful buying spree! I love lots of your goodies but especially like the snowmen stamp it's really super , I think you will all enjoy playing with your new toys, I'm looking forward to going to the Hobbycrafts show in Glasgow at the end of October ( bit of a wait yet ) .
    Maria, I wish you a wonderful holiday!
    I must go and take Tollie for a walk now before dinner.
    Thanks again Sandra for your beautiful card and sketch.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

  11. Just looked at comments & for some reason my comment I posted this morning has appeared under yesterday's for some

  12. So,nice to hear that you all had a great time at the Ally Pally. Xx