Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas Eve, Maria's festive Decor

 Good Christmas Eve Ladies,

Not so good this end though, been struggling with my ears and hearing for a couple of weeks, its been a real pain, every time it's quiet all I can here is what sounds like a swarm of bees in my head or it sounds like there is a lot of talking in the next room (which there isn't), anyway it has reduced my hearing too, I have been using the steroid nasal spray I was given earlier this year as it feels like my ears are blocked, today while Paul and I were shopping I looked up a something Paul was showing me and it must have triggered something as I had the worst dizzy spell and nausea, it just wouldn't stop, I managed to get an out of hours emergency appointment and I have apparently got Labyrinthitis, which I could do without as we still have loads to do, its a miserable thing to have, she prescribed more Nasal Spray, Pseudoephedrine , (sudafed) and some Cinnarizine for the dizzyness and nausea, I think that if I took that lot I would sleep through Christmas, so I took some of the sudafed when I went to bed last night, lets hope that it will decongest me enough to get me through today.  I usally cook my Turkey and boil them roast my big ham on Christmas Eve, along with lots of baking, so I don't have time to be unwell.
Paul and I did venture to get some food shopping yesterday, well what a mistake, Aldi's had completely sold out of all their milk, eggs, anything festive, cream,salad of any description and won't be restocking until after boxing day, Morrissons were pretty much the same, all we wanted was some salad, Five counties Cheese and La Roule, but all three including our new Asda had completely sold out, now crackers either, on Tuesday the Biscuits for cheese were piled ceiling high, but not now!! You would think that the shops were closed for a week when you see what people were buying, Morrissons and Asda are both open on Boxing day (which I happen to think is ridiculous)!  I hope your last minute bits were easier to purchase!
Pat had pretty much the same experience in Sainsburys yesterday too!

How amazing is Maria's huge Santa?? just look at the detail on him, his fabulous Christmas 'Reindeer' jumper, his fantastic Furry boots, that look so warm, down to the detail in his face and his lantern and sack of goodies, it is a fabulous work of art, It looks very expensive, I love him!!
In the next photo you have Maria's cute little tree, I didn't know you could get baubles that small! I love those cute little figurines too, thank you so much for allowing us to peak into your decorated home Maria xxx

I am off to dose myself up and try to get some baking done, the girls are very excited though, so I can harness some of their energy and rope them in to helping me, they love baking!
I will stop by later,
Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Maria-great Santa!!

    Quick visit as I'm off to Tesco via the butchers with hubby before I go into work!

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year.

    I'll try to pop back in this evening.


    1. Hope you managed to get your shopping Michele, and didn't work too hard today xxx

  2. Good morning Ladies, hope your medication helps soon Sandra as its horrible not to be feeling well when so much is expected of you and you want to be able to enjoy all the fun xo
    Maria, your Santa has the most loving kind face , just as we imagined he should look and your Christmas display is gorgeous, hope you have a wonderful time!
    Well the family arrived up from Edinburgh , Archie hadn't been sick again and was able to have some mince and tatties( his favourite) ! They don't have red meat at home so he loves when he has it here, so the excitement between all five of the grandchildren was High ! I can tell you , they absolutely love all getting together so they were a lot later in getting to bed than normal.
    Norah , I was thinking about you yesterday ( with your 4 sweaters) I was finishing ( only one) for Marsaili's birthday ( Boxing Day ) it had been on the go for months and then the panic trying to finish it ( I hate the sewing up bit and then picking up all the stitches to do the bands) but managed to finish about an hour before they came , no way could I do four of them!
    I picture the Huggles to look like little cheeky elves, we got a Christmas card when Mandy was a year old ( so it's now 46 yrs old) of three push out elves you could hang as a decoration , it still goes up every year and makes me smile, I should send a photo to Sandra to show you.( mind you they are a bit yellow with age) .
    Looking forward to hearing about the wedding Patricia?
    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and try and remember to have a few minutes to yourselves, love and hugs to you all xoxo

    1. Anne, sounds as though they had a great time, and as to your elves decoration. I'm a bit yellow with age but I pop out now and again!!! xxx

  3. Good Morning Sandra, so sorry to hear you are unwell , hate dizziness and sickness, so I hope you soon feel better.
    Gosh fancy the shops running out, don't they know it's Christmas.
    Feeling a bit rough to day but hope to make it to London later.
    O/H feeling a bit better, so will go as don't want to let the little down.
    Bad weather here, hope the flooding isn't going to happen again for those poor people who were flooded before.
    Will try and pop in later.
    Love and hugs to all especially those who are not well or feeling a bit sad, we're here for you.

    1. Lilian, I hope you are much better now and managed to get to London xxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    MARIA - your Santa is just gorgeous and your tree is so cute I love them all. From his position in the window Santa can survey everything so you will just have to watch out as he can SEE ALL AND HEAR ALL and there's still time for presents to be removed hehehe.

    Sandra - I'm so sorry you're not too well. It's horrible when there's something wrong with ears. It affects everything about you so just make sure you take your medicine like a good girl and get everyone roped in to help. I know I said I would ring you before Christmas but like the idiot I am I have put my list of Cafe contacts in my craft box which is now at the back of the boot of the car and so it will have to be when I get to Marigny. I hope you don't mind.

    We still do not have a baby but if nothing happens before Boxing Day the Midwife is visiting Pippa and so we have to wait and see what she decides. I've now got my fingers crossed that she will wait until then as the thought of her having to leave Lily-Mae either tonight or tomorrow well you all know what I mean as it is the first Christmas Lily-Mae is more aware of Santa and everything that goes with him.

    I'm still smiling from yesterday and Norah's Huggles. They seem to have had their Christmas Party last night as I've found more than a few crumbs behind the counter and under the tables this morning. They of course are no where to be found so they must have found themselves a really good hiding place. It cannot be outside as there's a gale force wind at the moment and we cannot have them being blown everywhere causing havoc today of all days they might even get in the way of the big red sleigh which has started it's long journey or do you think they have managed to hitch a ride!!!!!! Norah please let us know if you see them.

    Off now to do last minute hoovering/dusting etc.
    I want to say again a very big THANK YOU for all your beautiful cards. The postie delivered a couple more yesterday. They are all just gorgeous.

    1. Janet, that baby just is not ready to be born, which is a pity as I can see you and Jim will just get to the ferry port or the hotel at the other side when you get news! These things can't be hurried. How long are you away for this time? Is it just 6 weeks?
      Now as for Norah's " Huggles" I had it on good words that they were up to mischief last night and ate a lot of the food that was there for us ladies! I have been told they didn't want to go into the cafe this morning ( they should be ashamed of themselves and I know Norah will have given them a good talking to for the mess) they had helped themselves to some of the bubbles off the tree to and and been juggling and seeing how many they come balance on their noses. Little monkeys. I can't see Santa bringing them gifts can you???
      I take it Jim has the car packed? Everything in the correct place! I have to say I am chief car packer in this house. Have a lovely day with the family. xxx

    2. Janet, I hope the baby comes before you set off, and tht you have a safe journey. xxx

  5. Morning ladies,

    What a morning to start with, horrendous gales and driving rain, it's coming so fast and furious I swear it wants to come inside!!! Certainly will not be delivering the rest of my local Christmas cards today and so glad all the shopping is done, whatever I have forgotten can stay forgotten.
    Oh Maria, what a gorgeous Santa you have, I just love those large figures. I have one that is only 2ft tall but he is loved by all the grandchildren. And your dinky little tree, is so cute. I have a box full of small baubles that Mum gave me some years ago.

    Thank you all for the lovely comments on Fiona's new job and she is chuffed that you mentioned her. Merry Christmas from her and Joseph.
    Last night Mum rang to say she and dad won't be coming for Christmas after all, I don't know if Dad knows that yet or if he is happy about it. I bet he'll be cross with her. She is blaming a previous kidney/water infection that she had some time ago and doesn't want to pass it onto me? I didn't know that could ever happen and I always keep a stock of antiseptic toilet seat wipes for such upsets. I believe she is throwing a strop as she cannot have her own way regarding a bedroom to herself. Aaargh! Do parents turn into the child the older they get? Cos that is the impression I am getting. It is very frustrating that she is so unhelpful and cuts her own nose off for no reason at all. Poor Dad has to put up with so much.

    Some good news my friends' son and wife celebrated the birth of their first baby daughter Scarlet on Tuesday, all are fine and she should be coming home today so I am off now to make some baby cards.
    Whatever you are planning to do today, I hope you have a good day.
    Gurt big ((((hugs)))) to everyone who is under the weather, I hope your day is kinder to you.
    Special thoughts go to Saba, Val and their families also to Sheila and Nikki, I have said a little prayer or two for you. xxx
    love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Cheryl, it's your mums loss, yes your dad is missing out, but he could sort that out if he wanted too! Have a lovely family time.
      Hazel xxx

    2. Cheryl have a lovely time with all your family sorry your Mum & Dad won't be with you.& congratulates to Fiona on her new job & Congratlations to your friends son & wife on the birth of baby Scarlet
      A very Happy Christmas Cheryl & New year. Love Lynda xx xx

    3. Hello Cheryl, congratulations to Fiona, have a lovely time with the family, and - as you say - your mam is cutting off her own nose and depriving your dad into the bargain. Congratulations to your friends on the birth of Scarlet. xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Still running behind so haven't stopped yet but had to to say a great big THANK YOU for all of the gorgeous cards that I have received from you all. They are all gorgeous, so beautifully made, I love each one, thank you again.
    I had left a comment yesterday but it had got lost in the Christmas post it seems!
    Sandra,so sorry to hear you are suffering with Labyrinthitis my lovely. It is awful at any time let alone now. Please take all of the meds and try and sit still as much as you possibly can. Not easy but pleaes try x
    Maria, what a fantastic sight to greet you at your door, he is brilliant, and what a gorgeous tree with such cute little decorations, thank you so much for sharing x
    I want to wish all of you the very best Christmas
    To those of you that for various reasons are suffering I send my love and gentle hugs. You are in my thoughts and prayers x
    Off to Witney for our annual visit to get the last few bits today and have a bite to eat some where. Chris was in Tescos at 6am and got round easily as it was really quite. He finds it easy to get up and out for that time of day luckily, thank goodness.
    Have a good a day as possible everyone. Take care xx

    1. Hello Sue, I hope you've stopped running by now and that you are all sorted xxx

  7. Morning Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    I'll be quiet as I think I can hear the huggles snoring away in the corner - the Baileys bottle is empty so I think they might have sore heads too! Sandra what a shame you are feeling poorly but at least the doctor has given you something to help it. Thank goodness Paul and the girls are around to help. Hope you feel better soon. Xxxx
    Maria I love your Santa, isn't he gorgeous and so big. He's going to be fun to store when the decorations go away! I know you said you couldn't have the tree up because of your step son staying and sleeping in the lounge so I can see this as your substitute tree! I hope step son doesn't have nightmares when he wakes up to find Santa looking at him! Thank you for sharing your decorations with us. Xxxx
    I was going to be up at the rack of dawn today to collect the meat from the butchers and drop Julian at work but the butcher phoned last night to see if we could collect our order straight away as it was ready which we did and Julian isn't sure of timings so has driven himself after all. He's on call tonight so I will drive later. I've got a list as long as my arm to do today but haven't got to go to the shops which is a blessing. I can well believe they are running out of stuff, people go mad at Christmas don't they. I tend to use my little shops as the day gets nearer, co op had bread and milk stacked high yesterday as everyone uses the huge supermarkets to get stuff but the local shops have it too. Our local veggie shop has salad Sandra, shall I get you some? Mad isn't it as the shops are barely closed one day! I forgot to buy washing powder but do you know, it can wait as I don't think I will be washing much on Christmas Day do you! Well I'm going to wish everyone a very happy Christmas just in case I don't get in again. I hope everyone has a lovely time and everyone has fun and peace and happiness. I'm also sending special hugs to Saba and Val and our lovely Sheila, I'm thinking of you all.
    Take care everyone xxxxxxxxxx. X.

    1. Hello Dainty, I bet you are enjoying having Emma home. I bet the shops are full on Boxing Day as well!! xxx

  8. hi Cheryl
    Congratulations to Fiona on her new job. Congratulations to your friends son and wife on the birth of baby Scarlett. I'm sorry to hear that your parents won't be coming now for Christrmas. Pete gas these infections quite frequently and I haven't caught one yet. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

    1. Thank you Pat, we shall enjoy Christmas, means we get the remote control! haha xxx

    2. Oh a new baby how lovely especially at this time. xxx

  9. Hi Sanda
    Maria I just love your Santa and your Christmas display. I bought a Santa from Wyvale and I from the Christmas shop at the Christmas draft fair at the NEC a few tears ago. I just love them. I hope your feeling better today.
    I'm sorry to hear your feeling unwell Sandra and that you didn't make it to me. But I came to you to make sure you were ok. But at least you have Paul to help you as he's off. Hopefully as you say the girls will help as well. Mind you Paul's a treasure anyway. Once again my reply to Cheryl didn't go under her post. I'm sure it's Norah's hug goes pinching them and moving them about just to confuse me. As if I need any help in that department. Like Sandra said I tried to get some bits and pieces yesterday as well as Doreen's shopping. You would have though the shops were shutting for two weeks. Some people had two trollies full of shopping. Not to sure how big there house is to be able to feed that many people for a couple of days. Horrendous queues to park in Sainsburys car park as well. I sent post to Australia three weeks before Christmas. A calendar and her Christmas card which hasn't arrived. I hope Saba and my cousin in Ireland received their cards which were posted at the same time.
    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.

  10. Sorry he again. He ant to say stay safe everyone, especially those up North with fake force winds and flooding. Mind you we gave torrential rain here today as well.

    1. Fake force winds Pat? I can assure you they are real. hahahahaha Love this predictive text, whoever invented certainly has a great sense of humour. xxx

    2. Hello Pat, I don't know why people have to go mad buying food. Unless they are feeding the whole street, they will probably end up throwing it half out. Mind you, I bought long life milk "just in case". George went mad and said what on earth was I thinking of!!!!

  11. Good morning Sandra and ladies,
    Wow Maria your Santa is gorgeous, I want one!!, thank you for sharing your lovely little tree and decor with us.
    Sandra sorry to hear you are not well, my hubby suffers from labrynthitis, and he gets pills from the doc to stop the doc feeling, if it is bad he goes and lies down for a little while which seems to help, not had a recurrance for some time fingers crossed.
    I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, it is a busy time for all of us, so take care and have some time out. xxx

  12. Hello everyone,
    Well I just couldn't let the festive season pass without saying the most huge THANK YOU to all my lovelies in the cafe for ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT during the most horrendous year of my life, for All YOUR CARING AND KINDNESS but most of all for YOUR FRIENDSHIP...12 months ago you were just names on Sue Wilson's blog and now you have become such WONDERFUL FRIENDS TO ME. I would also like to THANK YOU for ALL THE BEAUTIFUL CARDS and EMAILS you have sent me and last but not least to SANDRA....THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME INTO YOUR WONDERFUL CAFE OF FRIENDSHIP AND LONG MAY IT CONTINUE. Sandra you should feel so proud of yourself for bring such a wonderful group of people together.
    One last thing I know I've forgotten to send 2 or 3 of you cards and I send my sincere appologies and will get something off to you in the New Year, Please forgive me for doing this.
    It only leaves me to say I wish all of you, my special friends Joy, Peace and Happiness through Christmas and all through the New Year.
    Lots of love and hugs Sheila......gentle hugs go out to dear Saba and her sister Val. See you all soon xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sheila, I am so pleased you have called in. Thank you for your beauitful card, I think I speak for us all to say your are more than welcome to all the friendship and love that we have given you! If you can't do that even if it's virtual ( if only we could have given it in real face to face chat) one day we will. We wouldn't be worth knowing, no these things don't cost anything but time. Enjoy your day. Hazel xxx

    2. Sheila - it's so lovely to see you today. Thank you for your beautiful and My wish for you is that you have a lovely Christmas, a Healthy and Peaceful New Year.
      My hugs are on their way to you. xxxx

    3. Lovely of you to drop in, can I just echo your words about the blog and Sandra for setting it up.

    4. Hi Sheila,
      Lovely to see you in this is a very special café I agree with everything you said. Hope you and Nik have as good as possible Christmas & Healthy New Year, hugs on way to you love Margaret xx

    5. Sheila, how lovely of you to say these nice things. Have the most wonderful time with Nikki and just remember the good times. xxxxx

    6. Hello Sheila, it's lovely to see you! You are a lovely lady, you know!
      I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Love to you and Nikki! Xxx

  13. Hello Sandra,
    I haven't read anyone's comments as yet because if I do I respond and it takes a long time. Will try to do that later if I can!
    Sorry you aren't well but as with Brenda's husband I'm sure it will die back quite quickly. I remember Brenda commenting about it a couple of weeks ago.
    Maria - Santa is just lovely! However unlike Maureen's Santa I don't think yours can make gravy!
    Your table looks really lovely. A real Christmas welcome! I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    House looking strangely tidy - for now! Children and present unwrapping will soon put paid to that! Going to make a sandwich lunch and then get myself washed and dressed before Kenneth and Victoria come at 4pm!
    Sending love to you all and thanks for all your beautiful cards which have been so admired!
    Special hugs to Saba, Peter, Val , Michael and all the family.
    Special hugs to Sheila and Nikki .
    Love from Myra and Hughie!!! We used some special shower gel today and he is pristine white again! He was quite difficult about taking the hat off to begin with but a threat of no canapés with Kenneth and Victoria soon changed his mind! Xxx

    1. Hello Myra, you are getting Hughie too used to the high life. If he was with me it would be crackers and cheese or nothing!!!! I hope you are enjoying your time with the family. xxxx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop.
    Sandra John and I both send you our our Love and best wishes and hope you will soon be feeling better, as John said there is no good time to have these attacks but especially now when you got so much to do. I didn't tell you that he had an appointment with THE BIG MAN consultant last week and he has said from the tests they carried out he has Menieres Disease ( it in the middle ear) he has to go into Hospital In February for an injection into the middle ear it will be under anaesthetic and hopefully he feel better after that. At the moment he is not feeling to good, he was up very early to go for his final radiotherapy treatment and this time he did take the car because it was before he could use his freedom pass which she thinks is the greatest thing since sliced bread . Anyway back home and sorting everything out because we are on our way to our daughters to spend Christmas and he is now having dizzy/nausea spells so needs to rest before we can go, if it gets any worse will just have to go later or early in the morning. Am I panicking,? Not really, we have the ham and turkey to take with us. If you were to look in our hall at the moment it looks as if we taking half the house. think we might need a trailer for the car!
    I haven't rea any comments yet hopefully I will get to do that later at some point. I really have to say Maria your Christmas display and your Father Christmas are lovely
    I a going to wish you all a very happy Christmas now. I will try and pop in but with all the family around it's going to be a bit difficult.
    Sending you all my love and best wishes, Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda I hope John is now feeling a bit better? He won't want to be driving or even a passenger in the car if he is feeling light headed/ nauseous? As for you having the meat, well they will have to make do without it if John can't make it. I know with my chemo I had light headiness and nauseous and the least movement was horrible, lying down is the only way to feel ok. Glad that's his final radiotherpy over with. Here's hoping you have been able to set off, enjoy the time with the family. xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Sorry John is feeling poorly hope you manage to get to your daughters, at least you wont starve if you can not go. Pleased to hear that is his last radio therapy hope it has done the trick. Wishing you both lovely Christmas & Healthy New year, love Margaret xx

    3. Hello Brenda, I do hope John and you have managed to travel to your daughter's. it's good that he's had his last radiotherapy session and at least that's out of the way. xxx

    4. Hello Brenda, I do hope you managed to make the journey to your daughter's home. Have a lovely Christmas! Xxx

  15. Good afternoon. Sandra and ladies, I have been chasing my tail ( still haven't caught it yet) my own fault Tammy had given we bottles of wine etc to wrap weeks ago - yes I forgot so had that to do, all done ( I wish I could just allow her to put them in gift bags?) all wrapped in tissue and cellophane tags on and on their way to be delivered. We are along at Anna and Beths later so just put the finishing touches to their gifts. The boys went home with their bags, the girls will get their Boxing Day as we are their for lunch.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, now no over doing it, it's just another day where food and drink and concerned. Take care those of you travelling especially Janet and Jim. (((((( hugs))))) for those who will need them more than ever at this time. Hazel X

  16. Gosh I am so rude, Maria I forgot to comment on your fantastic Santa and your cute little tree screen. Oh the Santa figure is all you really need as he says it all. Have a lovely evening as I know you will be celebrating. We use to do year about when the children were little. They loved it when we did Christmas Eve. xxx

    1. Hazel, you are just too good at wrapping, that's your trouble. Have a great time. xxx

  17. Hi Brenda
    I do hope that John us feeling better by now. Although I haven't experienced it myself Pete always was always rough after his chemo sessions. Luckily he hasn't had to have it again as yet. Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas.

  18. Good evening everyone hope you are all well and ready for the BIG DAY!!
    MARIA: I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wonderful Father Chrsitmas he is amazing. Your table is beautiful as well, the tree and little figures are stunning.
    I have not read all the comments yet, I will try to get back to read them.
    I have just managed to tick all the jobs off my "to do" list.
    Having a 5min break then off to make us a quick snack. We are meeting at J&As house then we are all off to the movies to see "Star Wars". We always have a Chrsitmas Treat evening, this is it and the choice was made by the boys.
    The Wedding was amazing, bride absolutely stunning with the most amazing dress. Her sister was bridesmaid, her dress was beautiful as well. More on the style of an Evening Dress. The girls are both so slim if they stand sideways on its hard to see them!!!
    Meal was fantastic, with big choice which is most unusual these days.
    John managed to the wedding. He was fine when he woke in the morning after a couple of bad days.
    Ok! must go.
    I hope Santa is good to you all.
    We are not giving each other big gifts, there is nothing either of us is wanting or needing. We do have lots of little parcels to open in the morning.
    (((((hugs))))) in the basket. Happy Christmas Eve everyone xxx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      I hope Star Wars blew you all away!!! Not literally ha ha. Bet the boys, big and small, thought it was great xxx

    2. Hello Patricia - may the Force be with you!! Night night xxxx

  19. Good Evening Everyone

    Before everything just gets too manic for everyone I want to


    I'm looking forward to another fantastic year in this very very special CAFE.
    I don't make new year's resolutions but my one wish for next year is that I can meet all of you in person so that I can give proper hugs not just cyber ones.

    xxxx I hope Santa visits everyone. At the moment he is setting his sleigh down in Napal. I'm following NORAD via the laptop as I always do on Christmas Eve.

  20. Home safe, from being along to see Anna and Beth. Oh the excitement levels were high, but you know what was lovely Anna and mum were playing together on the piano and Beth was singing carols when I arrive it was lovely. Then Anna went off to check on her Christmas biscuits that she had been making. The simple things that make Christmas. Their granny can't come up this year, first time in the girls lives that she hasn't come, but with the bridge meant to be closed she decided she wasn't travelling with all that extra traffic on the Glasgow side. So a very different Christmas holiday at the house. I think it will be lovely for the girls just having mum and dad!!. Anna did say we could move into the annex and join them, I declind saying I was grey enough as it was, but lovely to be asked. I left them going along to get the horses in singing carols as they went. Which was lovely. Xxx

    1. Oh Hazel, they would have loved it if you had stayed, but how long would it have taken for you to recover? xxx

    2. Hazel, it sounds as if you had a lovely evening! It makes everything worth while! Xxx

  21. Hello all, well we are at our daughters, had a really good trip up,no hold ups.
    May I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Hope Santa brings some nice crafty things for those who wished for them.
    Thank you all for your lovely cards.
    Best Wishes Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian,
      Good to hear you had a stress free journey our sn drove down from N. Yorks yesterday & it took him nearly 6hrs instead of the usual 4, have a lovely family Christmas, hope you both feel better & get some rest. Love Margaret xx

    2. Hello Lilian, glad you got there safe and sound xxx

  22. Evening Ladies

    Had a delicious takeaway for tea tonight, with some wine. Started sneezing this afternoon & now my nose is running non stop! My dear Dad had left a message at 5.45pm mumbling about his tablets-well, I wasn't home from work & certainly don't feel like ringing him now. My brother & sister-in-law should be with him by now so I'm not worried.

    I think I'll be having an early night & hope I sleep!


    1. Hi Michele,
      Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly hope the early night helps. Hugs on way, Hope you manage to enjoy Christmas & your time off. Love Margaret xx

    2. Michele, don't take this wrong, but maybe making that call to your dad could have been needed, remember he is elderly and your brother could have been delayed. Hazel

    3. Hello Michele, I hope you feel much better tomorrow, and that your dad is ok. xxx

  23. Good evening Sandra & all the lovely ladies. I hope your all ready for the big day.
    SANDRA so sorry your not feeling very well I hope you feel better tomorrow.
    Well all packed ready to go to my daughters tomorrow then Darren Sam & Harry coming Boxing Day so will be lovely.
    I would like to thank each & everyone for all the lovely cards I received they are all gorgeous you really are a talented bunch of ladies. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year.
    MARIA wow your Father Chistmas is fantastic I love him & your beautiful little Tree. Hope your ok enjoy your day.
    Well I must finish wrapping the last of the presents.
    Special Hug's for Saba Val & family thinking of you all.
    So i will say good night God bless love & Hug's Lynda xx

  24. Hi Sandra& all in café,
    Sandra sorry to hear you are felling poorly hope the meds have kicked in now sending special hugs to you xx
    Maria I love your Santa want to give him a cuddle & your little tree & figures are lovely, thank you for showing us. I hope your meal goes well.xx
    I would like to wish you all a lovely Christmas & Healthy New Year, sending special thoughts prayers & hugs to Saba, Val & families, & to all who are feeling unwell or missing loved ones, hope you Brenda LL are feeling better we miss you sending special hugs love Margaret xx

  25. Hello everyone,
    Sandra, I'm sorry that you are poorly and hope you soon feel much better.
    I have answered under almost everyone's comments.
    I have said it before, but I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your beautiful cards and good wishes, and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year. I have been to Mass this evening and said prayers and lit candles for those who are poorly and their carers. For anyone who is lonely and missing their loved ones.
    It's been a pleasure to correspond with you and then meeting a group of the loveliest ladies anyone could ever know was the icing on the cake - and I love cake.
    In the words of Tiny Tim, God Bless us everyone.
    lots of love Maureen xxxx

  26. Happy Christmas eve everyone
    What a busy day, but have got all my jobs done including making breads and had five lots of visitor too!
    Maria your Father Christmas is fantastic I love him really I do.
    Hope everyone is ready for the big day and that you are all on the good list of the man in the red outfit, should you are travelling tomorrow please take care and have a wonderful day.
    Sending love and hugs to you all.
    Margaret xxx

  27. MARIA - If I had a brain I'd be dangerous!!! Your displays are fabulous and I am green with envy at your Santa Claus. I bet he's a lot tidier than mine, and stays where you put him ha ha.

    1. He has a tendency to kick in the night though, I understand! Stick with the one you know! He has never let you down! Xxx

  28. Night Night Ladies !! I've just cleared up and loaded the dishwasher. It was lovely to see Kenneth and Victoria . Hope you all had a lovely evening! Sleep well, and I hope Father Christmas is very kind to you!

  29. Helloooo Everyone, not sure if anyone still up and telling you the truth I feel pretty tired too, it's been a looong day but happy as this day went off without any hic-ups and we have leftovers for the next few days at least. Thank you all for liking my Lovely Santa and little display, did you recognise it Sandra ?
    My gentleman Santa, no gravy ,maker true but he don't kick either hihi. He stood in my living room coming back from holiday in January, a surprise from my son and I love him and yes my son too, Diane he got his own binbag to go into when it's time for his sleep and put in the garage for next time well wrapped up so no spiders can come in.
    Sandra -I wish you better and hope the meds. you got will help you. To anyone with a cold and cough please take care and hope you all feeling good enough later today to enjoy your Christmas day ! I'm sending you all a huge thank you for all the wonderful Christmas cards I received and hugs to you all, OH's, pets and family's !!
    love xxxxx Myra,so glad you didn't put me in it Lol