Friday, 4 December 2015

Festive Friday

 Good Morning Ladies,

Today's card is another in my Navy, Silver and White themed Christmas card, I really do like this combination of colours.
First I took a white 8 x 8 card and matted it with navy card and then white card embossed with
Creative Expressions Frosty Swirls Embossing Folder.
I used Spellbinders Heirloom Reflections Dies, I cut the backgrounds in Navy and the decorative inside in Silver glitter card, I tied tiny bows out of silver ribbon to top the baubles.
I cut the Memory Box Woodland Branch Die, cut in silver glitter card (twice) and arranged them across the top of the card to hang the baubles from. I used some Pinflair flexi peel offs to hang the baubles with.  I finished the card by adding a piece of silver ribbon, topping it with a navy blue narrow ribbon and then topping that with a Die cut Navy Oval with 'Christmas Greetings' stamped and embossed with silver embossing powder, the sentiment is from the Inkyliscious Flourish Christmas Tree set.
I do hope you like my card.
Hazel I do hope you get to rest after your busy day.
Patricia, are you enjoying your machine?
Saba, I hope you are still sane, you must have the patience of a saint, did you ring the chickens neck? your day did make me laugh though.
Janet I am so pleased you had a lovely time entertaining Lily-Mae, it sounded like you have a wonderful time and that Lily-Mae was beautifully behaved, I bet you needed to put your feet up and the end of the day!
Brenda, I do hope that John is feeling well enough to go for his treatment today, Labyrinthitis is a horrible thing to suffer, give John a hug from me.
Michele I do hope your thumb is a little better, it must be so frustrating, particularly as its stopping you from crafting!
Lynda your trip to the dentist sounded hellish to me, you are so brave, but the thought of spending all of that money at the dentist is frightening, think of the dies you could buy, could you not die cut yourself some new pearly whites????
Diane, how did you get on at the chiropractor ?  I must thank you for your fabulous recipe for the Viennese Biscuits, I made a few biscuits and used the rest for mince pie tops, they were heavenly Diane, they just melted in our mouths, I am going to make a double batch tomorrow.
( I have made a batch for the cafe too, so help yourself)!
I will catch up with the rest of you later
Love and hugs


  1. Good morning Sandra and the Cafe Crew, hope you are all TicketyBoo and looking forward to the day ahead.
    SANDRA: your card is absolutely stunning, so elegant, love it.
    I decided to pop in early! get things ready for the day especially the Soup. I hope Margaret gets back on line soon, we are missing her and her HomeMade Breads. Mind you has maybe gone into hiding knowing Hazel and I are planning to pop down her way to have a meet up with her Spring next year!!!
    Don't know about you guys but it's to be real miserable here over the next few days. Well whats new there??
    I have lots on today. I've made a start, fire all cleaned out and re-set for later, washing on, bathroom cleaned. Can't get the shower room done, John still snoring away happily. Of to get something ready for the Dinner this evening.
    Did not get much playing done yesterday, hopefully I might be able to get a couple of hours later today.
    Right eating into my "play" time sitting here.
    (((((hugs))))) in the basket by the door, please help yourselves. xxx

  2. Good Morning All
    Thought a continental breakfast would make a nice change today with warm bread rolls and some lovely fresh EGGS. Ooh Patricia you made me jump didn't know you were already here. Nudge up a bit and let's have a chat.
    I am just having a few minutes peace and quiet, Peter has gone and MIL is now settled with her newspaper - which was late- "we" were extremely worried that he might be ill, he is never late with his delivery. Well after walking across the farm yard twice in my pyjamas "we" are much relieved that he hasn't suffered some terrible ailment.
    right off to get in the shower, see you later.
    Maria if you pop in have a lovely few days away.
    Sandra your card is lovely, love your tree branch and again such a traditional feel to it.
    Love and hugs especially for our ladies who haven't popped in for a few days, hope all is well.
    Saba xxxx

    1. SABA:- got you!!! ... out in your Pajamas to get the paper. I knew you would succumb one day!!
      Enjoyed our chat but I really must get going or I won't have time to play with my Platinum ... oh! sorry I am naughty !!! I should not taunt you like that should I ??? xxx

    2. Good morning Saba , I'm not in any competition with you but I've been out chasing two sheep out the garden but I had my dressing gown on as the wind would cut you in half its sooo cold , damn sheep!
      Certainly wakes you up lol! Xo

    3. My my ! I do lead a boring life compared to you Saba and Anne!
      Sheep chasing, hen catching! Whatever next! At least Patricia was only cleaning th fire out! Xxx

    4. Life is very dull sometimes! I've read a couple of chapters of my book, had a shower and got dressed! Not a hen or sheep in sight! Xxxx

    5. Dainty, I'm here, do I count as an old goat!!! xxx

    6. Saba! Chickens escaping couldn't have anything to do with seeing you in PJ's could it?
      May have been a cry for help!
      May need to make one myself later! Tin Hat!! Xxx

    7. Muriel you are definately not an old goat! Xxxxx

    8. She will be when I get hold of her! XXXX

    9. Does that mean you are getting a bit slow in your old age!!
      I'm running already! Xxxx

  3. Good morning Sandra & Friends, I think our Country ( Cornwall ) must have moved farther north, it was dark all day yesterday and very dark again today, gales forecast for the weekend.
    Sandra love your card, you are a very clever crafter , don't know how you keep your stamping so clean and crisp. Did you get my email yesterday.?
    Hazel hope the craft goodies are flying off the table, I'm sure people will love them you are such a cleaver lady.
    Saba I admire your patience, hope the rest of the day goes well and the hens behave.
    Michele hope the thumb improves soon .
    Well I'd better pinch one of those wiggles , oops that sounds bad, but you know what I mean, O /H away for the night to go to meeting in Kent tomorrow, and as he is taking friends with him said I'd vacume the car.
    Hope you all have a lovely day, crafty hugs. Lilian

    1. Lilian I know what you mean about the weather, isn't it horrible, although the sun is shining here at the minute. I hope you are ok whilst hubby is away, I hate being on my own when there are high winds and a storm. Take care xxxxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    Well I've had the best night's sleep for ages. Must have Lily-Mae again visit if that is the result!
    Thank you Patricia and Saba for setting all up and of course our Fearless Leader says there's 'melt in the mouth' biscuits somewhere so where has she hidden them!!

    SANDRA your card is just so beautiful and yes as Saba says has a real traditional feel about it. Hope you had another good crafting day yesterday and got loads done / or not as the case may be. Enjoyment always comes first I think.

    SABA - Hope you've recovered from your 'chicken' hunt. I have scenes of that film 'Chicken Run' going around in my head so please let me know if all is well in yours.
    PATRICIA - hoping you get a little 'play time' today. You know the old saying of 'all work makes a .............' sorry cannot remember rest so I just know one of our lovely Friends will tell me.
    HAZEL - I hope today will be calmer for you and that you haven't any after effects of chasing around yesterday.
    SHEILA - It was lovely to have you back where you belong yesterday. You have been missed but I'm so pleased you enjoyed Belgium and that you survived the choppy channel back.

    So today I Friday housework and then I have to write some Christmas Cards and send one or two emails and then hopefully make a start on December birthday cards. I'm beginning to panic a little as I still have one or two presents to buy and then start on the horrible job of wrapping. I used to love that part but these days I tend to use bags more and more. I really must advertise for a 'Parcel Wrapping Dobby'. Does anyone know of one ready for employment please!
    I'll just finish this lovely latte and then I'm off to start.
    Hugs are in the basket just waiting for those gorgeous Huggles from Norah.

    1. Hi Janet, isn't it great when you enjoy a good nights sleep, I tried to reply to you yesterday but I couldn't get the reply box to pop up, really just to say Lilly -Mae sounds a little sweetheart, I bet she had as much fun as you did xo

    2. Janet is it dull boy? That seems to ring a bell! Xxxx

    3. Janet, Lily-Mae sounds an absolute tonic. It's so refreshing to hear a child with good manners, especially as young as she is.xx

    4. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! - think that may be the one! Xxx

    5. You guys trying to say I am dull?? Well I never, now I know who my friends are!! xxx

    6. Oh no no no! You play a lot! You're just Tickety boo , to coin your phrase!! Xxx

    7. That's ok! then off to "play" xxx

    8. Oh Patricia I couldn't possibly say that you are 'dull' not at all. I picture you venturing out in your PJs and having the time of your life in your wonderful village (tin hat is fixed firmly) hehehe.
      Please stay my Friend (Myra knows I don't have many!!!!)
      OK I'll stop now and throw the shovel away before I get in too deep.
      Hugs xxxx

  5. Good morning everyone
    Sandra I really love this colour combination, so much so I have made my larger family cards in the navy, bottle green and dark red combined with white after you showed one the other day although the designs are different I'm really pleased with them.
    I was so busy yesterday I didn't get chance to pop in until late, so I just read the comments, Saba you did make me laugh about the chickens.
    Hazel I hope your table does very well after all the hard work from you and Patricia.
    It's really dark here at the moment, and it was dark at 3-15 yesterday roll on the shortest day then we can have slightly longer days.
    Had our Christmas dinner yesterday at craft class complete with secret Santa, oh we did some laughing, really enjoyed it.
    Sheila so glad you enjoyed your trip, lovely to see you back, is Nikki home this weekend. We are going to decorate Nics room on Sunday and then taking her out for tea, she does like the colours.
    Hope everyone is well but there are hugs in abundance by the door, please help yourselves, will pop back later,
    Jean xxx

  6. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-stunning card, I love the colour combination, the embossing & just everything about it.

    Another very windy day here but at least it's fine. I'm going to pop out to the newsagents very soon as I've already had a text off Royal Mail to say my parcel from Glasgow Anglibg Centre is going to be delivered today- it's s fishing line for my brother!! It's what he wants for Christmas.

    Will pop back later..


    1. Michele I hope your thumb is feeling more comfortable, take care when you are out and about. I've tracked my parcel to Emma and it arrived at the Aberdeen depot last Friday but hasn't moved since. So frustrating! I must ring and chase it. Xxxx

    2. See you tomorrow, Michele! Xxx

  7. Good morning Ladies , windy and freezing cold!
    Sandra your card is so elegant and beautifully designed! Your Viennese fingers have put me in the mood to try them again , I haven't made them for years! I love the sound of topping mince pies with some mixture, great idea!
    Well I got 23 cards put together yesterday ( I had prepped them the day before) is that the right word? Still have a little finishing to do.i must get the stamps on the ones I've already addressed and pop them in the post .
    The house is mid decoration at the moment so is quite messy , tree is up but no lights on it yet ( Iain job) then I decorate it, I like when it's all done!
    Time for tea and something nice ?
    See you later, love and hugs to you all xoxo

    1. All if done so far Anne is clan the windows and move a few things in readiness for tree! Alastair going out tonight so it may be the night to make a mess! Xxx

    2. Clan the Windows!! Clan McClean! Ha ha xxx

    3. Ha ha! That made me laugh!

  8. Morning Sandra and all the lovely ladies, oh yes and the chicken and sheep! At least that cows not back again!
    Sandra your card is lovely, silver and blue is my favourite alongside red and gold at Christmas. I love those stamps, they are pretty aren't they. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you got the recipe ok and have tried them, they are rather yummy aren't they. I'm only allowed to make those mince pies now and have got 3 orders for them for the week before Christmas !. Xxxx
    Hazel I hope your table top sale goes well and you have a sell out xxxx
    Patricia I hope there's some play time today xxxx
    Brenda I hope John feeling brighter today xxxx
    Pat how was London? Xxxx
    I noticed Cheryl left a comment on sues blog to say she's been poorly so Cheryl look after yourself xxx
    Oh I must get a wiggle on, we had a proper meal last night instead of diet day - Julian was in serious need of food - the sleep bit should come eventually and for the first time he ate without his phone ringing. As a result I've no veggies left for tonight's dinner or the weekend so I'm off to the shops again! I was struggling last night with card colours, I've got two lots of red card, slightly different shades and by the time I finished last night I had muddled them up so I need to see which ones are which in the daylight today. Oh dear what joy.
    See you all later, hugs all round, hope everyone is ok - Saba I'm looking forward to Chicken run 2! Xxxxxx

    1. Doesn't daylight make a difference to shades and colours Diane. Glad Julian managed to have dinner in peace last night! Xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Where have my last ytwo days comments gone? Cyber space must be getting rather fill with them all, don't you think!
    I will say again, Wednesdays tutorial was brilliant Sandra, lots of clear pics and also easy to follow words, so will suit everyone as we all need instructions in different ways. Please can we have some more?
    Today's card is gorgeous Sandra. I love navy and silver, it looks so elegant : )
    I had a lovely day with Sandra yesterday but missed seeing Pat. I didn't know you were going to London, I hope you had a lovely day.
    Mum/Margaret P, I was delighted to see your beautiful cards here yesterday, they are all lovely but the snowman is my favourite. Yes, I know I have fixation with snoen : ) See you in a while.
    Its great to see Shelia back home safe and sound.
    Must go now or I will be even later than usual leaving to go to Mum and Pops. Have got some new drugs and they are causing me to feel really groggy in the morning at the moment!
    Have a good day ebetyone. Take care xx

    1. Have a lovely catch up with your Mum! Xxx

  10. Just popping in - I've had some exciting post from create and craft! A 10 year members anniversary badge and lifetime membership so I no longer need to pay and still get my discount! How exciting :) xxxx

    1. Wow Diane! I'm speechless - note the day! It doesn't happen often!
      That's good! I'm pleased for you! Xxx

  11. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra your card is stunning, love navy and silver quite frosty looking.
    Saba what a card you are, you and Patricia out in your pjs, tut tut.
    Anne at least you had your housecoat on, hope it was not too cold, sheep and cows in gardens make a terrible mess.
    Hazel hope you have a good day at your craft fair and sell lots.
    Just a bit of housework for me today, not covering our wee shop, OH is doing it today, so later on I must get a few more cards done.
    Take care meantime, coffee done so off to get wee Henry out of his cupboard!

  12. Oh dear oh dear, I just got back home for a few hours and my telephone is dead. Tried the Internet help line also not working. Have sent Peter an email asking him to contact Telekom and also Mum to let her know she can't get through to me but should phone Peter and he can email me if there is a problem. Since been searching the web and it seems like the whole of Germany is affected which means Peter won't be able to phone mum either. Am waiting for his email reply ( he's probably at lunch) and am now worried sick incase MIL needs me. Think I might have to drive straight back there, hate to think she can't contact anyone in an emergency.
    Will let you know.
    Stressed ++++++++

    1. Saba, I hope you have got the Internet connection back by now. It's amazing how we rely on the Internet so much now.
      Last week I had a conversation with our teenage granddaughter. We were talking about the last War. My parents lived in Coventry, and had spent the night in the air raid shelter. In the morning they came out to find the street they lived in was just a lot of rubble. The only belongings they had were what they stood up in and my sisters pram (Oh and my sister! ). My Grandmother lived in Rugby, so they walked the distance from Coventry to Rugby. Tierney then asked why didn't they telephone or take the bus to get there? Drrrrrrrr NO!
      Hasn't technology come on a long way in all those years. xx

    2. Saba I hope it gets sorted soon - what a worry for you xxxx

    3. Oh Barbara! You are having a time of it! I'm sure MIL will be fine but you do worry when telephones aren't working. I hope she isn't even aware there is a problem until you get back. Take care driving! Stress isn't good! Xxxx

    4. Hi Saba my Yorkshire Rose - hope all is well with you and MIL.
      Hugs xxxx

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    I love today's card Sandra, Navy and white is fast becoming my favourite choice at the moment. I think it's very clever the way you've hung the baubles from the little branch.

    I'm pleased to say life is back to 'normal' here (whatever normal is).
    John had a good night and no signs of labyrinthitis today. He has gone off with a spring in his step for his treatment, then is going into London to my sisters to pick up some paperwork for me. Yet 24 hours ago he was laying on the floor and couldn't move. He has pills to take when he feels an attack coming on, but yesterday they didn't really help. But as they say - Day at a time !

    Hazel, hope you do well selling all those beautiful items you've been making. XX
    Patricia, when you have time I know you will enjoy playing with your new machine. Mine still hasn't made it into the craft room, I unpacked it in my sisters bedroom the opposite end of the landing to my craft room Where it has remained. I will have to move it soon as John will be telling me I'm spreading myself all over the house - again!!!!

    Well all my lovely friends I think I will go to that little room and sort out some of those PhDs. This could be a long job. But then distraction is always a possibility (especially in my case) watch this space, ha ha.

    Right that's me, I'm going to get a wriggle on now - but will have my coffee first!

    Will pop in later to see how you all are, sending love and hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. Hello Brenda, So pleased John is feeling a lot better today. It's a horrid thing Labyrithitis! Hope you achieve lots today! Xxx

    2. Brenda good to know John is better today, as you say what a difference a day makes. Have fun crafting xxxxx

  14. Hello evveryone,
    Sorry, this will be short and sweet as I have so much on at the moment.
    Saba, hope you get your communications problem sorted, we don't want you stressed and worried. Save that for the chickens.
    Hazel and Patricia, take it easy, the fair is tomorrow, isn't it?
    Sheila, glad you had a good trip, and if you see Nikki tomorrow, I hope she has a lovely time.
    Lynda, oh my what a time you've had at the dentist. I'm sure I'd have passed out when they quoted the prices to me, the pain is bad enough without that on top.
    Sandra, oh I'm so sorry, but your card is beautiful. I love the blue, silver and white theme that you've been doing lately.

    1. ..... I don't know why that printed, I didn't press publish, but this laptop has a mind of it's own since it upgraded to Windows 10.
      I have to go to make myself respectable - should take a few hours! - as I have to visit another sick friend after lunch, then going back again for 6 - 8 p,m, visiting, so may not be back in today.
      love Muriel xxxx

    2. You take care too, young lady! Speak soon! Xxx

  15. Hello Sandra,
    I've made it! I started this morning before mad Friday began but I didn't get very far.
    I love your dark blue and white theme Sandra it is classy and elegant. The baubles look lovely and your silvery twigs. Very very nice indeed!
    Why aren't you going to see much of Paul in the next few weeks? I've just seen that late night comment! Actually it was something Maria said that made me look!
    Hazel - hope you have a super day at the Craft Fair and a complete sell-out!
    Margaret - my ducky friend - I miss you! Hope the Internet gets fixed soon! Tell them to " get Quacking" and get the job finished! You are decorating too - aren't you? Xxx

  16. Pressed publish too soon!
    Brenda LL , I know you are ok but we miss you. Xx
    Pat - hope you enjoyed London . Are you exhausted? Hope not!
    Decorated the church trees yesterday! I was only going to do the big one but I was on a roll so did the one in the hall as well! May do our conservatory one later. It's smaller than the main one - well narrower - not a proper Christmas Fir tree! Oh I'm making things worse. I'd better go.
    See you all later - all being well.
    Love Myra xxx

  17. Gosh everyone is busy today. I've just come back from Lidls - it was fairly quiet considering the car park was full! It's next door to the Range - Hazel I've found the bag die hurray :) it used to be a diddle going to the Range as the car park was reasonably quiet, then Lidls opened, then a gym and a bingo place opens next year! I didn't know there was that much retail space there! I've just had a message from Emma to say her parcel has arrived - it actually arrived last week but they didn't send an email to tell her it was in so it had been put on a shelf out the way. Luckily she had proof it had been signed for so Daniel Craig has been unrolled and smoothed out!! Right, I must get on with these cards - see you later xxxx

  18. Afternoon Ladies

    It's still very very windy but has stayed dry all day. Postie brought my parcel late morning with the normal post do I didn't need to have rushed out this morning but at least it got me up and about (ready for work next week- ha ha!!

    Actually made 2 cards -a colleague wanted a "large Christmas card that had to have a country cottage with roses on"! Tricky getting the roses on at Christmas so I've substituted snow instead. Also made hubby's card while he was out soon chance of him seeing it.

    Am back to faffing about now, want to make more but am concerned the repetitive work might aggravate my thumb which isn't too bad at the moment.

    Might just look through al my Christmas stash for ideas or maybe go on Pinterest-that should pass an hour or two.


  19. Cards all posted! Well, I hope they are, tree decorated and tonight's whist at the golf club is cancelled due to very stormy weather so now I can just put my feet up and r-e-l-a-x , do you get the idea I'm not disappointed ? Lol! XO

  20. Good evening SANDRA & everyone
    SANDRA your card is gorgeous I love dark blue & white very classy love it.
    MAUREEN thank you yes dentists so expensive & before Christmas too I think I will do what Sandra said & Die cut some hehe, still quit painfull today hope tablets will kick in tomorrow,haven't done much today but did finish off all the insides of the cards I had made. Now have to make some more about 8 I think.
    Hopefully will finish them & post them tomorrow. Then have a couple December birthday ones to do. Well better get a wiggle on & sort out something for dinner
    Hug's Lynda xx

  21. Well nobody about, so I'll say goodnight, sweet dreams see you in the morning

  22. Sorry everyone! Been putting trees up! Looking forward to seeing Michele and Jean tomorrow! Night Night everyone. I do hope you sleep well! Hope the toothache is better Lynda.
    Love to all, Myra xxx