Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome to our first Mixed Craft Saturday in May!
First up this week we have Brenda (littlelamb)'s latest Pottery
Collection, such a pretty set of plates and and a vase.
Such a pretty colour blue, they are gorgeous Brenda,
I just keep imagining how gorgeous your buffet table will look
with all of these gorgeous plates you have made,
Thank you Brenda for sharing your lovely creations.

Next up we have this gorgeous Baby 'letter' book by Michele it can be used for 
scrapbooking, or as a little brag book or even a Memory book, 
there are places for photographs and little bits of journalling.
 What a gorgeous gift for any baby,
 I am not sure if its a template, but I would love to make one of these!

Just look how Michele had decorated each page, in coordinating,
fabulous Blue papers, with some ribbons, and some cute little embellishments,
it looks like Michele has used some chipboard letters too!

Some more beautiful embellishments and spaces for photographs
and journalling, this would be a lovely Christening day book too,
with places for photos of the day and little messages from guests too.
Thank you Michele for sharing your gorgeous Baby Book, 
I think we will all be wanting a template for this one!

Last but not least this week we have this gorgeous Mini Patchwork Quilt.
it had been created by our very talented Margaret.
Margaret has place the Tim Holtz twelve inch ruler alongside the quilt 
to give you a sense of its tiny size, that must have been one very 
tricky pattern to cut out and put together, it has been made with the most
gorgeous colours, the hint of yellow dividing the inner and outer parts of the quilt
really tie all of the colours in the quilt together, such a work of art Margaret,
thank you so very much for sharing your masterpiece with us.

Well we have been spoilt with another selection of treats, we are truly
blessed with such an amazingly creative bunch of friends in our cafe!
Thank you all for taking the time to share and for those of you who
call in every day to give praise and support for everyone that has had
cards or crafts displayed to inspire you all.
I feel truly blessed, having such amazing friends to share my day with
every day, thank you all so much.
Enjoy your weekend ladies, we are open as usual over the Bank Holiday,
Love and Huge Hugs,


  1. Hi Sandra and all,
    I Love Selection Saturday Beautiful Pottery, Fabulous Baby Card And I Really Love The Patchwork Quilt.
    There is some extremely talented ladies that visit your wonderful Blog.
    Take Care All My Friends
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  2. Good morning Sandra and all who call in today.
    My goodness do you ladies have talent by the bucket full???
    Brenda, more beautiful pottery, I love the colours - your pieces just say " summer " to me, love them.
    Michele. This is gorgeous and what a fantastic baby gift, again I love every thing about it.
    Margaret, now as you now know due to big sister spilling the beans? I can't see the point in cut material up to put it all back together! But don't get me wrong I actually love patch work, but to me it's to much work for me! I admire people like yourself that have the patience to do it. This little masterpiece must have taken you ages? Oh I love it.
    Right I have got myself a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake. I have been up since before 6am trying to get my blog done showing my altered gift bag, now the tutorial is far from perfect, I had to do each bit then photo it, so lots of photos and oh boy that was a pain, but for those of you who have the die I hope you will understand it!!! I now must go and get myself ready to go for my day out with Tammy I have to pick her up in Dundee from the train station, oh fun as round there is a nightmare with road works etc.
    I will pop back in later to see how everyone is doing, I have put ((((( hugs)))))) in the basket for all of you who need some. Have a good day what ever you are doing. Money in the pot, Hazel x

    1. Hazel it's fab! Left comment on your blog but had to tell you here as well. Saves so much measuring and folding. Your a clever girl! Xxx
      We now have a Hazel Bag! X

    2. Left message on your blog. This is fabulous Hazel. Must try it.

    3. Glad you both like it, thank you for your comments. Hazel x

    4. The bag looks fabulous going to try "the Hazel bag"
      Wendy x

  3. Morning Ladies

    Brenda-beautiful pottery. I love the colour-it would look perfect in my house as I collect anything in Blue!

    Margaret- what a stunning piece of work your quilt is. I would never have the patience to make anything like that so I admire anyone who can.

    Sandra-thank you for showing my baby book. Its from a cd called "Plush Pals" by Ellas Design. The lady who makes the cd's is called Lisa & has her own blog where you can see her cd's for sale. They're wonderful to use (& easy). They have been a life saver for me recently.

    The initials are for baby's name & all the other shapes have been diecut using scraps of card. I'm not sure whether to send it to the USA ready for baby Liams arrival or add details of his birth then send it-any suggestions???

    I'm spending the weekend in the house-partly crafting + partly doing chores. I'm not planning anything after I've worked on Monday!


  4. On my word!! Ladies such WONDERFUL creations, love, love, love each and everyone.
    Brenda your dishes are really beautiful. I would buy some of these.
    Michelle, you brought back memories. I loved making these, have not done any in a long line.
    Margaret are you sure you would. It like to come to the retreat??? I would just LOVE to find out how to do something like that!!
    Sorry I am late today, no internet connection when I woke up, just got it on.
    Right busy day ahead I am helping my friend Anne get things organised for the "party" this evening. I am not into all this kind of "big" celebrations. However the world would be a very dull place if we were all the same.
    Be good and I will try to get back later to see how everyone is.
    Remember there is basket of hugs by the door if you need them. xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all the fantastic coffee shop ladies
    Well what a lovely start to the day. Brenda your pottery is beautiful, I love the colour you have used, really fresh and summery. Is this the collection you put in the cabinet to sell or are these pieces you bought home for you. I love the long dish ( my gran would have called it a cucumber dish), and the little vase. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and I hope they all sold if this was the cabinet collection xxx
    Michele this baby book is gorgeous what a lovely keep sake. I hope Liam's mum was delighted to receive it and has filled it with lots of pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sorry you have got to work on Monday but you are one of life's unsung heros especially making sure chemo treatments are ready. Julian's mantra when he works silly hours " think of the money!" If you do get double time ( and knowing the Nhs that may be a joke!) just think of one die you can buy and the day will pass quickly. I expect though with your husband away a lot you would rather have the day with him xxx
    Margaret your quilt is beautiful and so small to work with . I know how long it takes to make quilts as Julian's mum makes them so can appreciate all your hard work let alone the time it takes you to find and choose the matching colours. Do you have a good selection of fabric shops near you? I know Jean travels miles to find fabric shops with the right fabric in. Thank you for sharing this with us. Xxx
    Well I have woken up this morning to a dry day ( weather wise that is although note to self gin gives you a headache! Not called mothers ruin for nothing!) now what are these weather forecasters playing at they showed me a map tester day covered in rain from the word go so I've got food shopping sewing and card making planned. If it stays dry it will change to gardening! That's tomorrow's plan! It can't keep changing it's mind like this it's not fair! Oh well tantrum over, time to get up and going and get to the butchers before he closes for the day. Hazel enjoy your pamper day and afternoon tea, what a lovely treat xxx
    Hope everyone is ok and ready to enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Saba safe journey xxx
    See you all later love Diane xxx
    Ps I'm ignoring the fact that the iPad changed yesterday into other words and won't let me change it back! I think if I treat it like a child who wants attention and plays up to get it so ignore it then it will stop doing it - ha who am I kidding!!! Xxx

    1. Hi Diane. Thank you for your comments about my pottery. Much appreciated. Yes they are the items I have put in my display cabinet at the Gallery. Haven't heard if I have sold any yet. It's 100 miles from me. Long story but when I first joined the gallery I was living just around the corner so very convenient then.

  6. All such gorgeous creations.
    BRENDA - Wow! never tried pottery, you are a very clever lady
    MICHELE - Such a pretty idea. I would be in a dilemma too, leave it plain for the new parents or start them off...
    MARGARET - another thing I haven't tried, it's very pretty and so tiny! I have seen some of the ladies at my craft group working with small pieces of fabric. They look amazing but I haven't got that much patience

    I'm hopefully going to a craft centre today and look at fabric. I want to get back into dressmaking. At 5ft 10ins I struggle to find floor length dresses that are demure enough for work. Got the pattern, now need the fabric

    Have a great day everyone, weather is very dull here and a bit nippy. SO crafting me thinks..yay!

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today. Where has the last 7 days gone? Can't believe we are at Mixed Craft Saturday again so soon!
    Brenda, I love these pots and plates, what a wonderful shape the little pot at the front on the right is. And all in my favourite blue. Thank you for sharing : )
    Michele, I love your baby book. You have chosen some cute embellishments. It is going to be treasured.Thank you for sharing : )
    Margaret, goodness me, how long did this beautiful mini quilt take you to do. The pieces must have been rather fiddly to work with as they are small aren't they. I love the splash of yellow among the beautiful blues. I have a dream of one day making a full size bed quilt, but wish I could have a few(ok, lots) of extra hours in a day to make time to do it! Thank you for sharing : )
    Michele in answer to your "when to send" question. I would wait until baby Liam has arrived safely before sending it but that is just me. I have always been the same, I wouldn't give any parents-to-be anything, I would keep it all here until baby is here. It will be interesting to hear if anyone else sends things beforehand. We all have our own ways don't we.
    I hope you and everyone have a lovely long weekend Sandra. Take care xx

    1. I agree with you I never give any thing until after the baby has arrived . It is a personal thing but that's how I feel too. What a beautiful gift! Xx

    2. I don't like giving before a baby is born and I hate when I am asked to make baskets and cakes for showers. Our Tammy wouldn't have s thing in the house before Calum was born, and when Andrew was due all the things were either in the loft or at our house. Hazel x

    3. Actually you are right ladies I never give a gift until after baby has arrived. Thinking about it I don't like "baby showers" either

    4. Yes I'm the same definitely after the baby is born xxx

    5. Yes I am the same as everyone never buy or even make anything until a baby arrives.
      Margaret xx

    6. I never give anything either. I went through 2 miscarriages so its just a personal thing.

  8. Hi Sandra,
    What a beautiful picture we have today! Or rather set of pictures but they all tone with each other.
    Brenda - your pottery is beautiful and it's in my favourite blue and white! I love the tiny vase! You are very clever. Thank you for sharing your lovely work!
    Michele - your baby book is gorgeous! What a lovely memento. I've never attempted those and have only done very simple ones with children. Thank you for showing it to us! Hope you don't have to work on Monday!
    Margaret - you are a very talented needlewoman . What a beautiful little quilt. Was it made for a dolly' s bed ? I love your use of colour too. Gorgeous. Thank you.
    I love Saturdays and admiring the work of you talented ladies!
    We've got the family coming for lunch today so I'm a bit busy but the table is set and vegetables all prepared. Hopefully everything will run smoothly !
    Have a lovely day everyone,
    Barbara , safe travel my Friend! Good to hear from you.
    Maureen - have a lovely weekend whatever' you decide to do in the end.
    Patricia - enjoy preparations and party!
    Hazel - I'm off to peek at your bag . Enjoy your day too, don't get stuck in traffic!
    Everyone else - have a lovely time whatever you are planning.
    Lots of love,
    Thanks and love, Sandra!
    Myra xxx

  9. Morning Sandra and ladies, gosh what a super selection you have given us for mixed craft Saturday, Brenda just love your pottery, do you throw the pots yourself? I went to a kind of pottery class several years ago but the ower used moulds to make lots of things for us to paint, I have more Christmas ceramics than I need, plus several art deco ladies and other little things.
    Michelle your baby book is gorgeous, hang on to it till the baby is here, bit superstitious about giving things for babies until they are born.
    Margaret your patchwork quilt is devine, it must have take ages to cut up the pieces they are so small.
    Coffee finished, off to catch up on some housework then a few cards to do. Will pop back later! Take care, Jess x

  10. Good morning Ladies from a very cold Tamworth, good job I packed plenty of cardies and jumpers.

    Loving all the crafts on show today, we really are a multi-talented group aren't we?
    Brenda your pottery items are so sweet, love the blue and white. You could certainly give Emma Bridgwater a run for her money. I can see yours in a stately home on the banqueting table. Gorgeous.
    Michele, Your baby card is out of the ordinary, I would wait till baby comes and then add in the details of birth etc. before sending it. A lovely gift card for parts to treasure.
    Oh Margaret, your little quilt is absolutely delightful. I can see many little girls wanting one for their dollies prams and cots. It must have been a painstaking process on such small pieces. I am in awe of your stitching.
    Well, my brunch is almost ready, so i'll try to pop in later. Sorry it's an anonymous post but Google won't let me into my account.
    Love & hugs to all
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Enjoy your time with the family. Cheryl. Your new arrival might decide it's time to come now the Royal baby is here. Hazel x

    2. Hope you are having a lovely weekend with your family Cheryl xxx

  11. Morning Sandra and all in ,
    Littlelamb ,I love your pottery items, such a nice blue glaze.
    Michele, the baby book for Liam is wonderful. Lovely keepsake for both parents and baby. personally I would send it after he's born, maybe with weight, length and time when born written inside .
    Margaret, your little blanket is gorgeous, you must have very flink fingers and lots of patience for making such a sweet thing.
    Have problem to get going this morning, sitting now with a cup of tea and some toast and just heard the happy news about a new little princess being born, quite a few great-grand children being born lately (bad summer hihi )
    Karenlotty, enjoy your outing to the craft centre. will contact you asap.
    Have a nice day whatever you are up too and hopefully not in too much pain,
    Love and hugs Maria xx

  12. Hello Sandra,
    I hope you are well, and want to thank you for showing us these fantastic crafts.
    Brenda - Littlelamb - your pottery is great. I think if I tried to throw anything, it would hit the wall, then the floor then be a crumpled mess. Could I place my order for an complete set of dinner and tea service please. Better make it 18 pieces of each!
    Michele - the baby book is beautiful, what more can I say? I bet the parents were over the moon as it's a wonderful keepsake.
    Margaret - a woman of many talents - and all of them so very gorgeous. Your patchwork is a work of art.
    Sam, I'm sorry you are still so poorly and hope you are feeling a bit better today.
    Hazel, enjoy yourself on the road to Dundee station, love to Tammy even though she doesn't know me!!
    Michele, I think you and I will be doing the same things today, but I hope to do more crafting than housework.
    Patricia, what is the big Party "Do" tonight for. That's not good English, I'll try again - For what is the big Party "Do" tonight? I do know a dirty joke about the word for, but that will have to wait until I meet you!!! Of course, I'll have forgotten it by then.
    Diane, I hope your headache clears, mine is going out to the Bowls this afternoon so I'll be fine after that!!!
    Mrs B and Myra, I agree with you, I would never give prospective parents anything for a new baby until the baby is safely delivered.
    Jess, don't do too much housework, you'll show me up!
    Cheryl, dear, I hope you are well and happy today.
    I suppose I should tell you a bit about the funeral yesterday. Paul was 30 (I thought he was 28) and married with a 6 year old beautiful little girl called Ava. I'd known him since he was 5 and he was a page boy at Rachel and Peter's wedding.
    In all the years I've known him I've never seen him without a smile on his face and a cheery word or a joke. Only a few weeks ago he posted a photograph of Rachel on her wedding day which was nearly 22 years ago, saying how beautiful she was and what a great day he had.
    There were between 200 and 300 at the funeral, which shows how much people thought of him. We laughed, we cried and the Vicar was amazing because he actually knew him, and didn't just say things that had been told to him. (Patricia, Hazel and Myra - he was Scottish and he was brilliant).
    I want to thank you all for your lovely messages yesterday and I've told Rachel and Peter to seize the day, because this is it, life is not a rehearsal. Sorry I'm being maudlin and don't mean to be, I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" for your kind words and support.
    Have a good day everyone, and see you all later.
    Love Maureen xxx

    1. Bless you, my dear! I'm being serious for now. I know yesterday was so very hard and these days are emotionally draining! Wonderful that the vicar knew Paul . That to me is so very important and makes all the difference to the family and friends. Have a nice restful day today . I do not think you should call George a headache you know! He bowled you over some years ago anyway!
      Impressed with the correct placement of " for" !!
      Welcome to the new Royal Princess! Xxx

    2. Maureen you must be shattered after your very emotional day, Paul had a wonderful amount of people saying farewell too him just shows how much everyone loved him. Also lovely that the vicar new paul making it more personal for family & friends. Take care have a good restful weekend.Hug's for you & George xxx

    3. Hi Maureen
      A very emotional day for you yesterday. How lovely that the vicar knew Paul. He was truly loved if that many people turned up for the funeral. As you say you must live for the day in life. Try not to put anything off. Seize the day and go fir it.

    4. Maureen my lovely lady, what an emotional day for you yesterday, he sounds like he was a lovely lad and loved by many. It is much more meaningful when the vicar actually knows someone isn't it. Make sure you have a gentle weekend and yes it's good to seize the day. Poor George I'm sure he isn't a headache for you really, he's the love of your life really! I hope he had a good game of bowls. Take care. Love Diane xxx

    5. Hi Maureen,
      it must have been a mixed emotional day yesterday. so sad when they are still so young and leaving his little girl way too early
      Hugs to you,George and to the family xx.

    6. Maureen yesterday must have been a day that pulled at your heart strings, life can be so cruel, but as someone once said to me, there is a reason for everything, although, He may not let you know that reason, hang on to that thought and it will get you through, and it did.
      Take care sweetheart
      With love
      Margaret xxx

  13. Hello Sandra and all the coffee shop ladies,
    You look today Sandra is beautifully colour coordinated, was it planned or just a happy accident? It really looks impressive.

    BRENDA Your pottery is really beautiful, you really are a gifted lady.
    MiICHELE Love your baby book, what a beautiful keepsake this would make.
    MARGARET what a stunning piece of patchwork, Who is this little quilt needful for childs pram?
    Going to make lunch now. I am torn between going in the garden afterwards or tidying up my desk in my Craft room ( it wouldn't be a five minute job )
    Will be back later to see what has been going on, and have a lovely cup of tea and if there is any carrot cake left maybe a slice of that as well.
    Hope everyone is good Saturday. Sending love and hugs to everyone.
    Brenda xxx

    1. Sorry Sandra above should say YOUR BLOG is beautifully colour coordinated today. B xxx

    2. just wondered if you went out in the garden or did the craft room win ?
      We had really cold winds here so no gardening for us hugs Maria xx

  14. Janet Ecco of Sheffield2 May 2015 at 13:43

    Afternoon Everyone.
    Large latte is definitely needed. I've just done Meadowhell shopping and done Mr Tesco request for Monday so am now completely 'done in'.

    Oh Sandra how I love Saturdays mix of crafts and todays are just wonderful and in one of my favourite colours too BLUE.
    Brenda your Pottery is just wonderful and will grace any table in any home to perfection.
    Michele your Baby Book is just perfect and will definitely be kept in the Memory Box. I never never give anything to prospective parents either for themselves or their little one to arrive until their bundle is here and the family are one. I've never done it; my Mum never did and my Nan never would. It's just one of those things. It's like when someone moves house I'll not change their address until they have actually moved and are settled. Thats me.
    Margaret I'm in awe of your beautiful quilt. How on earth do you manage with such tiny pieces? This is definitely a piece of artwork to be cherished.

    That latte was just what I needed and so I'm off now to put my feet up and perhaps do a little cross stitch whilst trying to find a film to watch for the afternoon. I think I may be asking for the moon but you never know.
    Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll try and pop in later.
    Hugs are in the basket so please help yourselves

    1. Hi Janet.
      How did you manage at Meadowhall. 3 friends and myself go Christmas shopping every year. We went up to Meadowhall a couple of years ago. We stayed overnight at the travelogue just the other side of Meadowhalls station. Well I think it was a travelogue. We got lost in M & S it was so huge. Mind you we had a fabulous weekend. I do envy you living up that area.

    2. Hi Janet, I have plenty of dvd's if you like to borrow some. What is your genre ? Hope you had a good rest this afternoon, hugs xx

  15. Hello all,
    Just thought I'd let you know that I've faffed on all day and not got one thing done.
    When I have no time to spare I seem to do things at a mile a minute, when I have all the time in the World, zilch.
    Going to hoover NOW!!!
    Muriel xxx

    1. Don't worry Maureen. I have been the same and really want to try out my new Sue Wilson dies that came this morning but other things I must do first but don't really want to

    2. Maureen don't worry,,you had a emotional day yesterday, just take it easy my friend. Hazel x

    3. Its nice to have a faffed about day now and again. It does you the world of good so just relax after the day you had yesterday x

    4. I think it's the change in weather, it's been cold here today and we've been expecting rain but it's not come so I've faffed about too! I even nodded off this afternoon , funnily enough my headache went after that - I'm not touching gin again! I hope you have a better day tomorrow Maureen xxx

    5. Maureen you were meant to take it easy today, you should have seen me. I'm still in my comfies, have not got any onesies. Have sat on my big backside all day and feel now guilty as I didn't do what I wanted to do today .oh well nearly tomorrow so can do it then, hopefully feel better after the shower.
      Diane, glad you are feeling better lol
      Take care Maria xx

  16. Hello Sandra and our ladies
    Sorry I must be quick and haven't even read the comments yet.
    Brenda, Michele and Margaret, sorry I am not doing your creations justice by commenting individually, they all look amazing, each in their own way.
    About to leave for the airport and won't be home until about 11pm so I doubt I will be back in today, or if I do it will be very late.
    Loving hugs to you all
    Saba xxxx

    1. Safe journey Saba xxx

    2. Know you are back so try to have a good night and plenty of rest tomorrow............hugs Maria xx

  17. Hello everyone - not been in touch for a few days life is just busy busy at the moment, appointments for my daughter who is special needs, at the dentist, they tried to relax her with oral sedation and gave her enough for a grown man and still she didn't give in so now we gave to go for a GA which I didn't really want. She us also in the process of moving into a bungalow of her own with 24 hr support so it's a learning curve for us all. Thank heavens for crafting I say, I have been popping in to see all the lovely items, you are all very clever. And diverse. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend although it is quite cold when we went out earlier bye for now Jean x

    1. Hi Jean, It sounds like you are going through a very stressful time at the moment, when you daughter gets moved in will it give you a little more respite?
      I can understand that you don't want your daughter to have a general anaesthetic for denist, it seems a little extreme, does she need to have work done?
      We will all be here my lovely when you need to let of steam or need to have a rant, there is always someone around, you are so right about crafting, you can switch off and lose yourself for hours, which sometimes is exactly what we need.
      sending you big hugs,

    2. Jean. Sorry your daughter has to get G.A! But if that's the only way they can deal with her dental problems it might be for the best all round. You should talk to Sheila ( ginger). She was in the same place as you not so long ago when they had to put Niki in to supported living. Niki is doing really well, she might be able to put you mind at rest over things. Just a thought. Hazel x

    3. Jean I do hope all works out well for your daughter but perhaps her having a GA will be the least traumatic for her. I agree with Hazel you should take to Sheila I feel sure she will be able to reassure you.
      Margaret xx

    4. Jean what a stressful time for you at the moment, it must be quite upsetting for you and your daughter , we all take a visit to the dentist for granted don't we, we don't like it but it's a necessity so I feel for you and your daughter, it must be difficult for you to explain that although it will hurt it will help her. Sending you a big hug, you know where we are if you need us xxx

    5. Hi Jean,
      you might not see this as it is late, I just wanted to say .that we are here when you want to have a chat and your daughter will be fine. how old is she ? Big hugs to you both, Maria xx

  18. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my pottery. The glaze was a new colour I was trying and was very pleased with the effect. I hand build all my pottery. Can't master the where at all. Perhaps it's being left handed I don't know but perhaps one day I should have lessons.
    MICHELLE your card/book is gorgeous. Perhaps you should make one and send to the new Princess. I am another who doesn't give presents or send cards until the baby is born. I was caught out when my first son was born. My mother said not to buy the pram until the baby was born. Well he was 6 weeks early and I was rushed into hospital where we were for two weeks. Luckily I had already seen the one I wanted so had to ring the shop and get them to deliver it. No paying over the phone in those days so I expect OH had to go into town and pay for it.
    MARGARET. Your quilt is beautiful. Must have taken you a very long time to make. It's lovely. You are very clever.
    Well better get back to work. The quicker I get tidied up the quicker I can try my dies and probably make more mess. Will just have a lemon and ginger tea and carrot cake if Brenda didn't have the last slice.

    1. I came very quietly a little while ago, when I left there were three pieces hope they have left a piece for you. It really was delicious.
      Will pop in before bedtime. LOL Brenda xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, I reserved you a piece of carrot cake, its under the counter in a little tupperware with your name on!
      I think that the Potters Wheel would be a challenge for most people to be honest, it looks fun, but too hard to control, whatever you are doing, keep doing it, I love the new colour glaze too, its stunning!
      Have you thought anymore about coming on our weekend away?
      love and hugs

    3. Thank you Sandra. It was delicious.

    4. Hi littlelamb,
      let me say again that I just love your pottery and that blue is gorgeous. Must be tricky to make the plates....... Did a bit of pottery while in school and also had problems with the wheel, usually the clay went flying across the floor. The teacher was not emused hihi

  19. Saba. Have a safe journey home and hope to see you on here tomorrow. I expect you will be very sad to leave but also pleased to get home.

  20. Hi everyone. At last managing to sit for 5 minutes, so a large latte, please. I better not take anything sweet, too close to dinner.
    Another great Saturday collection.
    Brenda, such lovely pottery. Mum and I went to night classes a long time ago. The glazes we got to use were all browns, nothing like these. We had a collection of wobbly brown pots, but it was great fun.
    The baby book is lovely, Michelle, but I am with the others, keep it till baby is here. Then you can always add the date too.
    As another patchworker, Margaret, I LOVE your mini quilt. I know that some can't see why to cut up perfectly usable fabric to sew it back together, but we could say the same about paper, threads and so many other things. I did my first patchwork before I was married, over 40 years ago, and have amassed quite a hoard of cotton fabric since then. But I often remember where I bought the piece from, or if recycled, what it was used for, so they can be memory quilts too. It's really relaxing too.
    Hazel, just looked over to your blog, and think that's a great little bag. I don't have the die, but, perhaps some day.
    Right, better go and make dinner while I still have the energy.

    1. Janice
      I have been doing patchwork for about 20 years after my accident and not being well enough to go back to work I had to do something so went to a local cookery course and me a lovely lady that ran a patchwork class and the rest as they say is history! Yes I too have a large hoard of fabric some like Liberty fabric I take out of the cupboard look at it and put it back!
      Derek keeps saying he will have the most expensive dusters in town after I pop my clogs, to which I tell him I intend to live forever!
      Margaret xx

  21. Well here I am, I've hoovered and dusted upstairs (still got the bathroom to do) washed, ironed, shopped, gone to my BIL apartment and picked up their mail to post to their house in France, and am going now for a bite to eat.
    I decided that I'd wasted enough time this morning, and if I want a glass or ten of Baileys tonight, I'd better work up a thirst.
    Saba, I know you'll be on your way, but have a safe journey.
    Got to go, someone at door.
    Muriel xxx

    1. Had a text from Saba as she was about to board the plane 17 12 . She won't be home until around 11 pm. Family have jus left and I'm tired but we had a lovely time and the girls made some lovely cards and gift tags for teachers. Elder granddaughter has GCSE's then won't be back in school so getting organised. They have made some lovely things today.
      Just relax, Maureen - but don't overdo it on the Baileys!
      Love Myra xxx

    2. Maureen SIT DOWN please, before you collapse!
      goodness me you are like a whirlwind, are you expecting royalty?
      I thought maybe you were hosting the Wet the new Princess's head Party???
      I have ordered some extra drinks and nibbles in for tonight just in case any of you are up for wetting the babies head!
      I wonder of our other Princess is any nearer her arrival into the world? we will have to hope cheryl pops in to let us know, not sure she has access while up in Tamworth!
      SSSHHHHH please don't tell Paul but i am going to pop to icon to see if the have any sue dies in stock still, do you know that little bugger has hidden one of my cards, i am talking credit cards, he says he hasn't but i can't find it anywhere!
      well i will just call them and get them to sent me a new one, or i'll order my things on his!
      I will call in later to share a glass of Asti with you all, I am afraid i am not posh enought to appreciate champagne, it makes me pull a funny face, like i have sucked a lemon, i have tried several, I used to work for a wine merchant, i just didn't get the point of buying these hugely expensive wines that tasted like some one had wee'd in the bottle! Call me common but i can drink Asti very easily, I also like red wine, mostly southern hemisphere, Merlot, Shiraz etc, the more easy drinking wines, white wine gives me terrible heartburn!
      Well i am going to sneak off now, see you later!

    3. I agree with Sandra, Maureen you need to sit down! I told you to take it easy? Tomorrow is another day.
      Sandra. What are you like.?
      Saba. I hope your journey went ok and that its nice to be home? But not the fact you had to leave the family?
      Hazel x

    4. Now Maureen they have had the Great North Run for this year so what the heck are you in training for? Please don't overdo things sit your self down, put your feet up and have a Baileys!!!
      Margaret xxx

    5. Sandra you pickle! Why don't you make a big fuss about the card being stolen that way Paul will feel guilty and 'find' it again!? I am so tempted by these dies, they seem more appealing than the last collections. I'm going to wait just in case I'm a very very lucky girl and get picked as a winner (well I can dream!). I did think I might buy one for my friends birthday next week as I know she will appreciate it. I've helped myself to bubbles and nibbles before Maureen drinks it all. That was thoughtful of you and the pink iced cakes are perfect. Enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx

  22. Hello Sandra & lovely ladies. I hope this one works without freezing up again like the last twoGrrrr. Brenda your pottery is beautiful love the colours xx
    Michelle your baby card is gorgeous I'm the same would wait until baby is here.xx,
    Margaret your patchwork is beautiful such lovely colours & lots of hours work it must have taken you but so worth it. Well done your all very talented.
    Thank you Sandra for showing them all.
    Hazel enjoy your day out with Tammy hope journey isn't too bad.
    Saba have a safe journey home bet it was hard saying good Bye to your daughters & Val. Your husband will be pleased your on your way home though.
    Treasure your lovely memories you made with your family xx
    Gosh it's cold we went for walk up the park & wish I had my winter coat & hat
    on,a very windy cold day. Hope it warms up over weekend.
    Sandra hope you have some family time over the bank holiday,have you got anything nice planned.Hope everyone has a good bank holiday.
    Hope to get some crafting done sometime especially if weather doesn't warm up.
    Hug's Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda,
      nothing much planned, here, its a bit chilly to be honest, Paul and I popped up the allotment for a couple of hours!
      I popped over to your blog and OMG Lynda, what a stunner you have created! I recommend everyone clicks on Lynda's name and pops over to look at her lovely card!
      Your Stay in the warm Lynda,
      love and hugs

  23. Good evening ladies, well I had a lovely neck and head massage, the young lady took into account of my polymyalgia and was gentle, but the tops of my arms are a bit sore, but nothing to fuss about. Then Tammy and I went for an hours trip to the shops before we headed to the hotel for our afternoon tea. We we had booked early as we decided we then wouldn't need lunch, catch 22 if we had lunch would we be ready for tea, so we booked for 2.30 by the time they brought it all it was gone 3. It's was lovely and friendly staff made it enjoyable. No rush to leave and offered as much tea and coffee as we wanted. Ate to much cake and unlike in here it was full of calories!!! More cake tomorrow, again not calorie free. But it isn't evey weekend thank goodness. Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I am so pleased you enjoyed your pamper session, very much needed I think! I wouldn't worry about calories Hazel, life's too short! Just enjoy it!
      I popped over to your blog to see your Bag this afternoon, Hazel its a genius idea, well done you, I can see many variations with the change of decoration!
      Thanks for sharing your great idea!
      Love and hugs

    2. Glad you enjoyed your day Hazel. Haven't had chance to try out the bag yet but the night is still young. Even if I just cut it out I will be part way there. Have another lovely day tomorrow.

    3. Hazel delighted to know you both had a super day I am sire it will have done you the world of good, have a lovely day tomorrow, you can starve for the rest of the week!!
      Margaret xxx

    4. Glad you enjoyed your relaxing day. I spend a lot of time doing massage reflexology and indian head massage, but mostly I do remedial for sore backs joints muscles etc. I used to look after football teams but we won't go there.

    5. Hazel it sounds like you have had a lovely day, tea sounded wonderful. What's a few calories between friends I'm sure you will work them off rushing around next week! Xxx

    6. Glad you and Tammy had a super day .massage sounded wonderful (understand as I got fibromyalgia ) hope you not too sore later .
      Lovely sandwishes and cakes ,ooooh what yummy xx

  24. Hi Sandra
    Brenda I do love your pottery. It's fabulous, you are one talented lady. Michele I simply love your baby book. It could be adapted for anyone. Margaret your quilting is simply wonderful. It must have taken hours to do, and you must have so much patience to be able to do it. Thanks to all who send it for the Saturday post. What a talented bunch of ladies we have in the coffee shop. It's really cold today. I hope you have a safe journey home SABA. Naught naughty Sandra, I've ordered a couple of Sues dies, and an embossing folder today. Don't tell Pete, I have my debit card in my purse, I also have Pete's credit card in there as well. Now he doesn't even check his statement. I wonder if I could pop a couple of purchases in.

    1. Oooh Pat, you're a woman after my own heart (you naughty thing) xxx

    2. which ones did you order pat?
      can you order me some on Pete's card if he won't notice!!!!! lol x
      Did Pete get his turf down?

    3. hihi I love it,we are all the same. Hiding our purchase from the old H !

  25. Hi Sandra,
    I'm afraid all drinks taste like vinegar to me, so I know exactly what you mean about champagne. In fact I always look as though I've just sucked a lemon, it doesn't take drink to do that ha ha. About the only drink I can stomach is M & S Bucks Fizz at Christmas Dinner!! Although in the past I used to like a Baileys with loads of ice in it. We really are heavy drinkers aren't we lol !! Did you have any luck at Icon?
    Myra, glad you had a good day with your granddaughters, they love making things don't they. Mine are always so proud when they do.
    Hazel, have a piece of cake for me. I hope you gave Tammy my love (I know -she'll think I'm the mad woman - and she won't be far wrong). I left a message on your blog about the bag. It's great and I've taken a copy of the instructions. All I need now is the die!!!!
    I hope Patricia is having a wonderful time - I still don't know what she's celebrating. Is it her 50th??
    I've had a lazy time after my mad blast of work and am going to have a mooch in my craft room now to see if I can summon a bit of inspiration and make something.
    Jean, I hope everything sorts itself out for your daughter, and that her dental appointment isn't the trauma that you fear. Also that when she moves to the Bungalow and has 24 hour care, it makes life easier for you and her.
    I'll see you later
    Muriel xxx

  26. Oops Hazel, I forgot to say that you'll look gorgeous after your pamper session. I'd need a pamper month to do that to me xxx

  27. Maureen, sorry I was meant to tell you Tammy was touched that you sent her your love. She didn't mind she I think knows who everyone is, she thinks it's lovely that there is such a friendship on here. Now Patricia would be thrilled that you think she is celebrating her 50th, put it this way I won't tell you how old she will be this year, last year it was her and Johns 50th anniversary. She was young when they got married but not that young. It's was their friends 70th during the week. Hazel x

  28. Good evening Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Sorry to be so late but after taking Tomas to the vets again this morning I visited my younger daughter and spent day lovely with her and my elder daughter and grandson it is her birthday on Monday so cards and presents were delivered, as she and her husband are going away for two days.
    Brenda your pottery is so very lovely and the glaze really heighten the super colour too. An awful lot of work has gone into these pieces and the results are really stunning, well done.
    Michele really love your baby book something to be kept and treasured a real work of art and no mistake.
    Thank you all so much for all your really lovely comments on my miniature quilt, it really was quite easy believe it or not. A very lovely and gentle lady who came from South Africa on holiday to visit her friend gave a class for some friends and I, she had designed and made the pattern. Almost all the stitching was done on the machine even the quilting which made it both easy and quite quick to make. For any of you who know about patchwork and quilting it was done by the foundation pieced method. The yellow small inner border she told me to use was chosen to reflect the yellow in the floral panels unfortunately it does not show up too well on the photo (sorry my poor photography) She brought several patterns for us, some using really small scraps but they all made up into really lovely miniature quilts that I really enjoyed making. I only have one grandson who we treasure, he is our little miracle, unfortunately no granddaughters, so the little quilts are not used for dolls. When I look at the quilts they serve as a wonderful reminder of the happy time I spent with such a lovely sweet lady. The fabrics I used all came from a lovely shop in Stirling, Scotland, where I have spend many happy hours choosing fabric and attending classes too.
    Well I shall try and call in later but do hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend but some visitors have just arrived so must get the kettle on
    Love and hugs to you all
    Margaret xxx

  29. Well. I've bought the fabric I just need to be brave enough to cut it all out now! I bought it from Hertford Craft Centre and it was very reasonably priced. There was such a lot to choose from too. It's Pinflair's home and I actually met Christine. Apparently she is not usually in the shop but they are in the middle of organising a show at Hatfield House next week end. That is so close to me and I knew nothing about it! We had a nice chat. I don't buy a lot of Pinflair stuff apart from their glue gel but it was well worth a visit. Not having much of a choice for fabric around here I will definitely be going back for more!

    1. What are you going to make with your fabric? Or am I being too nosey
      Margaret xx

    2. Hi Karen sounds like you have had a lovely day and a great find for fabric. Christine seems to be one of those lovely ladies who makes time to chat and is quite humble about their success, how lovely to meet her. I know what you mean about cutting out the pattern, there's no going back when you start cutting is there. Enjoy your dress making session xxx

  30. Glad you met up with Christine. She is a very nice person. I have known her for a very long time. Glad you got some material.

  31. Well, I've just wasted a couple of hours, I've cut loads of things out and tried to make some cards but nothing seemed to go right. I think tomorrow I'll go back to basics and do some stamping. That should do the trick.
    What I should have done in the beginning was have a few Baileys, I can never make a card when I can see straight!!
    Karen, good luck with the sewing. I see you and Brenda Littlelamb are dropping names again lol. I don't know anyone, well I have done two Barbara Gray craft days when she came to County Durham, does that count? She is a lovely lady, and so helpful.
    By, it's quiet in here. Everyone seems to be away at the moment, either that or lying slightly tipsy in the corner. I hope they've left enough in the Tanker for me!! I'll just take a pint of Baileys to bed, It'll help me to sleep.
    I've cleared the benches. Loaded the dishwasher and can't see Maria anywhere, she's probably lying under the table with her Baileys, I can hear singing but I can't see her. The clock's wound up and the cat's out. I've put fresh water in the flowers ready for the morning, and I'll hang the key up.
    Have a good night everyone, sleep tight.
    Muriel xxx

    1. I have just spent two hours reading down and comment a little on the way.
      Enjoy your Bailey's , still some in the tanker but it is getting low Again !
      whoever drinking this stuff take it easy!
      Eye's are shutting so I'm going to bed . , jus oewdn........... xx

  32. Hi Sandra and lovely ladies of the café
    The crafts today are beautiful, all the blues are gorgeous, the pottery is lovely and fresh looking, the baby book is a fantastic and a lovely gift for someone and the mine quilt is a work of art.
    I have left some comments on the way down.
    I was at my step grandsons7th birthday today and came home exhausted, fell asleep 6.30 and woke up 8.30 so better just stay up with a few baileys until I am tired again.

  33. Hello everyone, I just stopped by, fancied a Bailieys, but it's so quiet in here tonight, will wait awhile don't want to drink on my own. Hope everyone has had a good day. SABA hope you are home safe and sound. Sure OH will be so pleased to have you back. Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda I'm here, I will have a Baileys alongside my Horlicks than you. I don't usually stay up to watch match of the day, I go to bed and watch something else but just had to watch Bournemouth being promoted, I remember them nearly going under a few years back and the fans bailed them out. Their ground isn't posh like some of the top clubs, in fact Julian and I went to see Elton John perform there a few years ago and had a lovely evening (although we came out the wrong exit and walked miles to the train station to get back home!). It's been such a lovely day for news with the new princess being born. It knocked all those politicians off the top slot on the news which was a relief. Very sad to hear Rio Ferdinand has lost his wife to breast cancer though, she was very young and has a young family. Well I've washed my glass up and left the bottle for Muriel to tidy up - does anyone else have visions of Muriel staggering around like Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques? Love you Muriel, you know I'm only teasing you. Night night everyone, Brenda my love make sure you don't nod off in the chair, I think it's time for bed. Look at us late night revellers in our PJs! Sleep tight everyone see you tomorrow. Love Diane xxx

    2. Diana, Thank you for your company, I am so pleased I waited for someone to come in. Have really enjoyed our chat. So pleased Saba is home safe and sound. Think I'm ready for the land of nod now, Looking forward to tomorrow hope it will be a lovely day for everyone. Sweet Dreams, goodnight to all, love Brenda xxx

  34. I'm hopefully going to make a floor length dress simulate to one I had years ago from LTS I never show my legs off these days The dresses in the shops are either boob tubes spaghetti straps ar too clingy Or not long enough And wouldn't go down well at work! Christine was lovely

    1. Karen I used to shop in LTS, their tights and swimming costumes were brilliant! We had one local to us which was useful but I used to feel dwarfed by their displays although at 5'8 I thought I was tall! I hope you manage to make the dress xxx

  35. Hello night owls
    I am home. Had two really good flights although Frankfurt airport is a bit of a nightmare to get through. It was so sad leaving Joanne and Oliver ( they took me to the airport) talk about trying to stay in control so as not to upset Oliver whilst tears are dripping off your chin. Not easy. Anyway, I am back now and have just watched the news on the i player to see our new Princess leaving the hospital. Gorgeous baby. Hubby, bless him had a bottle of wine nicely chilled for when I arrived home - he knows me well- so I have been able to toast her as well. I am a bit of a Royalist, and that is an understatement, love our royal family and even make my OH remain silent for the National Anthem. Have tried to get him to stand but he draws the line at that. He is German after all LoL.
    Thank you to all our lovely ladies who have wished me a safe journey and for putting up with my sporadic comments for the last few weeks while I have have been home in the UK.
    See you all tomorrow,
    Good night God Bless
    Saba xxx

    1. Goodnight,no pleased you home safely!
      I knew you would have a tough time leaving Oliver and Joanne.
      Cheers! It was lovely to see William so protective of his young wife today. They are a lovely young couple with two lovely children. We are well off with our Royal Family.
      I'm off to bed , everyone, just been tidying up here and putting craft stuff away! Again!
      Night Night All,
      Myra xxx

    2. Good to hear you have arrived safe and sound, it must have been so sad to say goodbye but it sounds like your hubby was very happy to have you home again. Night night sleep tight, have a lazy day tomorrow xxx

  36. Hi Saba delighted to know you had a good and safe journey home and a wonderful home coming welcome! Yes the new little princess is beautiful, even her Gt Grandmother was looking so happy today and wearing bright pink too.
    Enjoy a good nights sleep after your long day
    Sweet dreams
    Margaret xx

    1. Glad to hear you have arrived home safely and had a good welcome. Sleep tight.