Monday, 25 May 2015

Another Succesful Blind Date! & Janets Card

Maria & Karen

Good Morning Ladies,
I wanted to share with you today this lovely photograph of our lovely friends Maria (sitting) and Karen, taken during their 'blind date' on Saturday!
I must say it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when you are all getting to meet up for 'real' !
I hope that you can all find the amazing friendship that Sue, Pat and I have found from meeting up for that first coffee, in the local Co-op café 9 months ago, we now meet up every week and still talk for hours every week!
Now Maria Milton Keynes isn't that far from here, so maybe if Karen drives, you two could meet up with the three of us midway between you and here sometime soon? !!

I also would like to share Janet's gorgeous card, I love the unusual shape card that you have used Janet, It looks like you have used the embossing folder that I have had problems with, but your card shape looks fine, so you must not have the problems I have been having.  I also spot a lovely Gemini Die and one of the New York Squares, altogether a fabulous card, I love the colour too!
Can I please ask Janet, where you bought the Happy Birthday Die from, it looks so ornate and pretty!
Thank you so much for sending me your photos Janet, they were well timed too as I just couldn't concentrate to get one finished!
Well I am off for breakfast with the family, Paul makes a good breakfast!
Love and Hugs to you all,


  1. Morning Sandra and all who call in. Well no long lie for me this morning! One of those nights where things going round and round in my head, you know what I mean? Have I packed? This, have I taken enough of that? Sort of thing. Now that's even Charlie awake, maybe we are getting like the children use to be like, and it's excitement!!! I don't think I am excited about going, just pleased.
    Once we get to Calgary and are in the car with all our luggage then I will be happy.
    A lovely photo of Maria and Karen of their " Blind Date"
    Janet, I love your card, it's stunning, the colours are gorgeous and I love the unusual design, I like different and unusual.
    Brenda, ( little lamb) I hope you are feeling a bit better this morning, (((((( hugs))))). Yes it's ok being out all day and enjoying doing things with the family, but it's the going home to an emtpy house. Radio on or music and craft today, or knowing you? You will have something on the cards for today.
    Tell me how many went to bed nursing one or more of Margaret's heat bags??
    I wasn't sore but as I knew I wasn't going to get a great sleep I warmed one up and took it up to bed with me and just had it laid down at my feet.
    Well I am not going to be busy, busy but the beds need doing, then I have to give the kitchen and bathroom a good clean, fridge and oven are Charlies jobs, place given a good Hoover,then once Harris goes of on his holiday tomorrow I will go round with Mr Dyson quickly. The house won't be prefect, but will be fine till we get back, maybe the magic fairy will come in and dust before I get back. Any way every thing is looking good in here, I will take my tea and toast and sit and see who pops in. Hazel x

    1. Hazel I forgot to say .....'Have a wonderful holiday' must be getting so excited by now although if your anything like me I used worry if I've packed enough or forgotten anything! Have fun and enjoy yourselves, see you when you get back.

      Love and hugs Sheila xxx

    2. Hi Hazel
      I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  2. Good morning Sandra and the Coffee Shop Gang. I can see 2 happy folk from the Cafe that's for sure. Glad it all went so well.
    JANET:- your card is a "work of art" everything just so perfectly beautiful, I love it. You know something ...... the talent on here is absolutely out of this world. You are all totally amazing.
    Everything set up ready for the day. Have made myself some Tea & Toast. Have taken it over to the corner to sit and reflect on my day yesterday. Great meet up with friends, plenty of amazing food, loads of chat to the extent I have croaky throat this morning. Does not take much todo that actually, it will be fine as the day goes on.
    At the moment looks like it could be a lazy day. Once John is out of the shower, had his breakfast ... then and only then does his head go imto gear!!! No point asking any questions before that.
    That's me finished, will definitely manage back later today so be good till then.
    I love catching up with all that guys get up to.
    (((((Hugs))))) in the basket by the door, please help yourselves xxx

    1. Patricia - I can't believe you were talking! Seriously, so pleased you had a lovely day. Xx

    2. Did you not know you can get a "croaky throat" just by "nodding" your head in agreement?? xxx

    3. Ooh ! No I didn't - the things you learn on this blog! Not all of them are true mind you! Lol xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today.
    Aaagh! Having issues getting my comments to post today, and guess who didn't save it! Fingers crossed this one appears!
    It is lovely to see Maria and Karen on their "Blind Date". It is rather odd at that first face to face meeting. You know the person well but don't always know what they look like! Sounds daft doesn't it? I am glad that you had comfy chairs though ladies : )
    Four hours seems to be the norm for the first meeting, Sandra, Pat and I had all thought maybe an hour or so for our first one....little did we know! It still doesn't seem possible that we haven't known each other for even a year yet we all feel as if we have been in each others lives for ever. I am forever grateful that we did meet as I now have two very special friends that I get to spend time crafting and laughing with every week, how lucky I am : ))
    I do hope that you all have the same bright and sunny weather we have here, at the moment anyway, and that you enjoy the day. Some of you have been very busy over the weekend, not all doing what they wanted though, Maureen clearing gravy powder springs to mind, bless you!
    Sandra, did you enjoy your breakfast, was it in bed or a relaxing family one that are so nice when you don't all have to be rushing round getting ready for work and school? What ever it was I hope that you have a good day my lovely.
    Take care xx

    Are you getting the e-mails I sent you??
    Nothing important just wondering if they getting to you or are they floating about "cyber space"!!! xxx

    1. No Patricia, I've never had an e-mail from you, only from Hazel. If I'd had one I'd have told you to never bother me again!!!!!!!!! (only kidding, honest). xxxx

    2. I really wondered why you never got back to me!!!
      I was getting REALLY worried. xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra,
    I'll help myself to a latte and join Sue at the corner table, money's in the pot.
    What a lovely picture to see first thing in the morning. Two sisters on a "blind date" and awash with coffee and numb bums!!! It's great.
    Then Janet's lovely card. It's a beauty and unique, just gorgeous Janet.
    Sandra, I don't know how you can name all the components every time. I look and recognise them, but couldn't actually name them. Clever you. I hope you are happier today.
    Hazel, I'm always the same when I go away, even for the day. I'll be so excited and worried when I'm meeting you and Patricia, I'll probably be awake half the night, isn't it silly.
    Patricia, you were in early after your day out yesterday. Did you have a good time?
    Sue, it wasn't gravy powder that spilt, it was the actual meat dish full of gravy, and when I say full, I mean full. George always makes loads because he has it on his pie and peas and other meals during the week!!! Doesn't look too bad this morning, but may have to do the passage carpet again!!
    Nothing in mind to do today other than finish Lena's ironing. Would have had it done but he's still in bed, and I iron in our bedroom, which would have woken him up. Still house downstairs is all dusted and done, but can't put the vacuum on yet.
    Right, latte finished - and very nice it was too - so going to make a bit of noise, well actually a lot of noise otherwise he won't hear it lol. He might get the message and rouse himself, although I suppose to be fair he doesn't get much sleep because of his legs.
    See you all later,
    Love Muriel xxx

    1. Oh my goodness, that is even worse than just the powder, you had the fat etc. to get rid of too! Dooh, silly me, thinking about it the powder wouldn't have got on the door frames etc. would it! I hope you have a better day today. Take care x

    2. What a waste of good gravy !!!!! Seriously though I hope you are alright and have got everywhere ship shape again, as they say, a little goes a long way (especially if it not where it should be). What is poor George going to do??? SORRY No gravy this week George. xxx

    3. Brenda, don't send George kisses it'll land you in trouble! Xx

  6. Patricia, in case you have a quick look and don't see my reply to your query.
    NO I haven't received any e-mails from you. xx

  7. Morning Ladies

    Lovely to see a picture of Maria & Karen enjoying their coffee & chat.

    Janet-your card is amazing. So pretty & so much detail on it.

    Sandra-your ability to name the dies used leaves me speechless. I can't even name my own dies-probably because I have far too many.

    I'm off to Tesco as we seem to have run out of items needed to make tonight's tea & as hubby is cooking, I need to make sure theres no reason for him to change his mind! To be fair-he does most of the cooking when he's home and I do the dishes etc which suits us both.

    Baby boy card made yesterday, just need to start the wedding card later. Think we may be doing some gardening today-I know it needs doing but I still have all the ironing to do.


  8. Argh! Thank you for putting up the photo. We did have fun and the lady's face was a real treat when I said it was a blind date! When I explained what that meant, another lady was in awe and thought it was a lovely idea to have a virtual cafe. You never know she might take a sneak peek, well done you. If my daughter sees it, she'll say "What's with the Mr Majika hair?" to say I was disappointed with my last hair cut is an understatement. I always seem to have disasters and bad hair days.
    JANET - your card is stunning. I love all of it, the colours, the design - everything.
    MARGARET - heat bags? Would you post the instructions? Would I be allowed to have a go at making one? I used to have a wheatie one at work and someone "borrowed" it! If I could make one I wouldn't be so annoyed if it disappeared
    I have to make four cards today, one of them isfor a work colleague. that's one of the reasons why I started card making because it was muggins that bought them for the team to sign and never got reimbursed. There's 17 of us!

    1. Karen I have left you a note on your blog xx

  9. Janet Ecco of Sheffield25 May 2015 at 09:25

    Morning Everyone and all who pop in today.
    Sandra I hope breakfast was yummy and that you're going to have a fantastic family day or are your beautiful twins revising for the dreaded exams.

    It's fantastic to be able to put faces to names as I don't know about any of you but I'm hopeful imagining how people look. I try to fit a voice to a face etc but never ever do I get it right so thank you for the picture as now I have another two faces 'I know'.

    For my card - this is to be my next offering for my turn in two weeks time for Knit and Natter - I'm just hoping that it fits the bill for everyone.

    I started as always with 8x8 300gsm pre-folded cards. I used the 8x8 Efolder for the Scored Lines and did 2 cards. One of these I cut the front piece in half so that it matched up with the main card making sure that the scallops on the half bit were on the outside edge and that the scored marks faced the same way. I then used a piece of card from a pack of CE which has 'blush, periwinkle, buttermilk and the colour I used (I would call it turquoise). I embossed it using the Quilted Flower CE folder (A4 size card is just too big in width for the folder so when embossed the sides are crinkly but the patterned piece is flat. This was cut to 6x6 ins sq (to sit on the main card) then scored a piece 2x6ins for the hangin piece leaving the rest to sit on the half scored piece so that when this is folded back it just sits to make a full 8x8ins card. (I hope all that makes sense). I then cut a square frame from the Tonic squares, a Happy Birthday -Tattered Lace, the inner square from Sue's Union Square set. These were glued to the main card. A piece cut from the Delphinus gemini set was glued onto the 'floating half'. I finish it off with a triple bow of seam binding and adding a small heart in the middle and the final final touch of flat backed pearls dotted around.

    I hope you all like my offering.

    Now I need my latte and a quiet sit in a corner to see who pops in next and perhaps have a small chat. Hazel have a really good holiday and safe journey. I'm saying this now just in case I don't get back or I forget.
    Hugs are in their usual place.

    1. Janet, your card really is gorgeous, I am now getting another coffee to sit and read your instructions again, my brain is mush this morning!!
      Maureen xx

    2. Hi Janet. Thanks for the instructions. However, I'm also rubbish at following instructions. You might get it when your brain comes back Maureen. But my brain left awhile ago and it never came back. I expect Sandra will understand them so she can tell me. She seems to remember everything. Hence knowing what the dies are we use.

  10. Morning Sandra and the cafe ladies,
    What a great photo of Maria and Karen and I'm so pleased your 'blind date' went wonderful that Sandra has brought people together and made friends in 'real life'....I'm sure I would be too shy to meet up as I do lack in self confidence even more so now that I am on my own. Sandra you should feel really proud about the 'cafe' the way it's worked out so well and such a lovely place to be.! what a stunning card! I love the colour and the unusual design of it...well done and thank you for sending it to Sandra and allowing her to show it.
    I sat and cut so many flowers out yesterday.....still got heaps to put together..I made easy ones .....the foldover flowers with Sue's die but I made them out of several colours in the Foundation card....daisies and roll up roses. 17 up to now. I decided to do them in preparation for when I do my cards as when I'm making a card and almost come to the end I realise I still have to make flowers and it takes time and can be a bit fiddly so for once I thought I would have them ready prepared. I chose Blush, Peach and the Coconut white card but I have so many colours I'd love to try in them. Well I must make a move and get out of my PJ' for a latte in the pot and extra hugs in the basket so help yourself.

    Love Sheila xxx

    1. Dear Sheila, I think we are all shy and not confident about meeting strangers, I know I tend to over compensate to hide the fact that I am nervous but really we have got to know each other so well on here that you would be fine. Having said that, I am terribly nervous about meeting Hazel and Patricia in July. I will bluff my way through it I hope!!!
      Your card colours sound lovely. I think it's a good idea to make flowers ready for cards, and I'm off now to do just that.
      Love Maureen xxx

    2. Sheila I had never done anything like that in my life before! Saba was the same but because we "got to know each other" here and on Sue's blog we weren't strangers! You would be fine I'm sure! I'm not nearly as cheeky in real life as I am on here! Xxx

    3. If it had not been for Sandra's fantastic Blog Hazel & I would never have met Jess and Norah.
      Really looking forward to meeting everyone in October. I know a few will still be strangers ..... for how long?? Five minutes maybe, not a lot more I am sure of that. xxx

    4. Sheila, I am one of the least confidant people in the world. Last October I was at Ally Pally and Sandra was sitting opposite Sue W's stand with Paul, Sue and Pat. I had said I would say "hello" if I saw her (but had never met her before) well I felt like a stalker, at one point I had convinced myself I would not say anything and just go on my way. After all it may not be her! Then I thought if you don't go up and say something you are going to regret it - and be annoyed with yourself. Well the rest is history ...... I am so pleased I didn't let my lack of confidence win. LOL xxx

    5. Sheila I am the same. No confidence but after chatting to Sandra, Sue and Pat on here I did pluck up courage to talk to them at Farnborough this year. Not something I usually do and then we all had lunch together. I am sure you would be ok.

    6. Hi Shelia. I am the same as you when it comes to meeting strangers, I was nervous at Sandra Pat and my first meet but kept telling myself that they would be feeling the same. It took about 30 seconds on saying Hi to realise that I was worrying about nothing as they both gave me a big hug and kiss! I think a lot of us feel the same way so please don't ever turn down the chance to met up.
      It was so good to meet Brenda Lello at Alley Pally and then Brenda Littlelamb at Farnborough, and of course lots of the ladies at alley Pally this time. There is always a starter question of What do you think of todays card on Sandra's and Sue's blogs? as we are all followers so that breaks the ice straight away.
      Oh listen to me, Little Miss Confident..........not, telling you how easy it is. I am fine with children just not adults, except all of you lot : )) Take care x

  11. Morning Sandra and coffee shop ladies, Janet your card is stunning, thank you for your explanation for making it.
    Karen and Maria how good is it to put faces to names, I'm sorry that when I met up with Hazel, Patricia and Norah we didn't take a photo, it would have been nice for everyone to have seen it.
    Maureen you will love meeting Hazel and Patricia they are two lovely people.
    Hazel, in case I don't get back in, have a fabulous holiday!!!, stay away from the Mounties!!!!!,
    Had my coffee, wee Henry is calling for an outing, so better get on, money in pot, will catch up later.

    1. Jess, I was thinking the same ref. The photo. Thank you I am starting to get more and more in the holiday mood. Like how you put Henry is calling for an outing. Will contact you when we get back, ref meeting up. Hazel x

    2. Hazel, my dear,
      I know I said that I didn't want anything brought back, (well I would have said that if you'd asked) but a Canadian Mounted Policeman wouldn't come amiss ha ha!!!!!
      Muriel xxx

    3. Just for you Maureen I will see what I can do!!. Hazel x

    4. Hazel! You could always get a Mountie to hang on the Christmas tree! We don't want to upset George or usurp his position! Xxx

    5. Very true, Myra. Hazel x

  12. MAUREEN:- sent a few lines in hope they get to you.
    Please let me

  13. Breaking news!!! Lidl have the card in stock starting on Thursday this week, according to their online leaflet. Get some if you can ladies as it is beautiful and only £1.99 for 25 larger than A4 size (sorry can't remember the size exactly) sheets in a mixed pack of colours! Take care x

    1. Are you sure it is this Thursday as I have had an email saying it is Monday 1 June? xx

    2. I think maybe different areas have it at different times. Hazel x

    3. Yes mine says it is Monday 1st June.

  14. Ladies it's larger than A4 the 25 sheet pad is 270gmd you can get 50 sheets pads but really thin I think it's 150gm. But yes get value and worth picking up. Hazel x

    1. Hazel as well as the plain card at £1.99 there is some other patterned packs at £3.99 is that any good as if it is wrapped up we will not be able to see it properly? Margaret xx

    2. It's fabulous card, really thick, I'll go Thursday early and if it's not in, I'll go on the 1st June Margaret.
      MRS B - Thanks for the tip off Sue, how did you find the online leaflet??
      Muriel xx

    3. Margaret, not sure about the patterned on as the last time I had those packets it was Christmas designs, but they were good and thick, and I am sure there was vellum patterned sheets too. Hazel x

    4. Just gone on line to look what lidl have put up, the patterned looks good, and I see they have a pad of ten sheets, they haven't had that before? It might be thicker than the 25 sheet pad, I will get Tammy to see if she will go and get some. Hazel x

  15. MRS B - well I am chuffed with myself. I've found the online leaflet, and yes it says it's in on Thursday.
    Muriel xxx

    1. It's a great way of seeing what coming in store. Hazel x

    2. I've found it too! Now don't faint but as Lidl and The Range are practically side by side in Leyland I'm going to go there on Thursday! Something else to look forward to! You learn so oo much on this blog! Xx

  16. Good mid day Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Sandra I do hope you are feeling happier today.
    Well what a wonderful photo of Karen and Maria on their 'blind date' you can almost feel the excitement of those two can't you, both of you are so lucky living within reach of meeting up.
    Janet what an adorable card so very beautiful, you really have put a lot of thought and work into your fabulous creation thank you for sharing it with us.
    Well I have a some what unusual card to make today a friend has aske me to make a birthday card for a special male friend who is very interested in budgerigars!
    Maureen what are you going to be doing today as a sequal to yesterday I wonder? I hope you got in between your toes all clean! xx
    Sheila you really have been one busy little bee with all those flowers so lovely to see you have popped in today xx
    Well my latte was lovely I have put my pennies in the pot and my hugs and cuddles in the corner so just help yourselves there are plenty more if you need them, enjoy the rest of your bank holiday everyone.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  17. Hello Sandra,

    So great to see some of you meeting up and making life long friendships. Love Janets card too, so pretty.

    Have a great day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  18. Hi Ladies, one and all,
    Well, I've decided to start at the end today! I know you are meant to Start at the Very Beginning - cos it's a Very Good Place to Start! However it will take a while so here I am and I will read afterwards!
    Janet your card is beautiful and I love how you have used the dies and embossing folder in different ways! I also love the lovely soft colour! Thank you!
    What a lovely photograph of Maria and Karen! I'm so pleased you had a lovely time.
    Well it's a bit dull here today but my husband has just suggested we go out for dinner tonight as I've had a busy few days and got visitors on Wednesday again!
    We are going to an Italian Restaurant we know so I'm looking forward to that!
    There is a brilliant Test Match going on and I keep being distracted by falling wickets!
    Have a good day everyone,
    Love Myra xxx

    1. Myra, lucky you! I love Italian, it's finding a good one here is the problem, when we lived in the south of Germany we had a great one and a fantastic Greek restaurant , which we often got the message it was time to go home when the chairs were getting put up on the tables. We were a group of about 10-12 so they never really wanted to upset us. Enjoy your meal. Hazel x

    2. Thanks Hazel! I'm looking forward to it! I'm looking forward to not cooking and clearing up afterwards too! Xx

  19. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,
    Hope you are all having a good day and not working to hard. I'm enjoying a chill out day. OH has reduced the dinning table down, extension sections all stored away until next time. He has even run Mr Dyson over the carpets. So we can now relax.
    JANET, Your card is stunning, what a clever idea you have used to create a different look, love the colours and dies you have used. Thank you for showing it to us.
    MARIA and KAREN Love the photograph, so pleased your ' Blind Date ' was a success. LOL

    Will pop back later haven't looked at all of the comments yet, I sat down to read them and nodded off!!!

    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  20. Right a nice cup of tea and a piece of that coffee and walnut cake please, no it's ok I will see to myself. I need a break. Just stood and ironed the the bedding to get to the last side of one of the duvet cover to find some darling hugh bird had left a present, so that's back in the machine. All the ironing is up to date. Just the things we take of tonight and tomorrow before we go down to Glasgow to stay over night, Tammy is going to see to ironing that. I will put a wash on and gillian said she would come and get it and dry it at hers, she doesn't like ironing. Tammy use to do it for her, now Andrew does it all. Mr Dyson has to come out, but that will be the next job. Have to still tidy the bits in the spare room so it doesn't look like a bomb has gone off in there. Then it's just things like the fridge to be sorted out. Oh that was a good cup of tea, lovely piece of cake. Hazel x

    1. Hazel be careful with the Mounties, you know they always get their man!!!,! Jess x

    2. Oh Jess - that's much too profound for me! Xxx

  21. Hi Sandra
    My word what time does Paul start cooking breakfast, as you posted this at 6.00.
    Janet I love your card. What an unusual shape, and I love the soft colour. Lovely photo of Maria and Karen. Nice to put a face to the name Karen. Maria I met at Ally Pally. I hope you have a lovely meal Myra. I also like Italian, not so much Pete. Well I do like Pete a bit really. I mean he's not over keen on Pasta etc. a shame really as we're off to Rome and Sorrento on Saturday hehehe.
    We will eat at a pub that's near the hospital as his appointment tomorrow is at 4.15, and God knows what time we will get out. Hopefully his new medication is starting to bring his PSA readings down. Mind you it won't reverse the Cancer in his bones, but hopefully slow it down. Anyway. A funeral at 10.45 them his hospital appointment. It's not going to be a great day tomorrow. I'll look back at the comments later. I also started backwards.

    1. Will be thinking of you both tomorrow. Hope it all goes well at the Hospital ... Positive Thoughts for Pete from us xxx

    2. Hi Pat my thoughts will be with you & Pete tomorrow,for his hospital appointment & positive thoughts for him. Hope funeral goes as well as it possible can. Hug's for you both. Lynda xx

    3. Hello Pat, Hope all goes well tomorrow, will be thinking of you, sending love and prayers.
      Praying that Pete's PSA reading have gone down, does it happen as soon as he started his meds? Or do they take a while to kick in? Anyway hope hospital will be pleased with him. LOL xxx

    4. Thanks so much Pat! It was lovely but really thinking of you both tomorrow! Hope all goes as well as it possibly can. Xxx

  22. Oh Pat, your right not the best of days for you tomorrow? I hope that Pete gets good results, I know what you mean, it won't change things re his bones, but if it helps slow it that will be good. I will be thinking only good positive thoughts for him. Hazel x

  23. Hi Sandra and all,
    something strong please ,quick tihi what are you talking about Karen ,hairstyle !? you are looking great, have you seen me ? not to bad scrubber am I You are very kind ladies and we did have a lovely time.*
    Maureen- don't worry meeting the sisters in July, you will be fine. You should heard my heart going hundred to one before me meeting Karenlotty tihi. It just like we alredy know eachother like the other saying and that's help a lot " you never walk alone" Lol !
    Dinners ready, back in mo hihi

  24. Hello everybody,
    Where is Sandra, she hasn't been back in and that's not like her.
    I've e-mailed Cheryl, but not had a reply.
    I'm beginning to think people are avoiding me lol.
    Hazel, how kind of the birds to leave you a present, they much like you very much!!
    Pat, I'll be thinking of you and Pete tomorrow and pray that his meds have kicked in and that you get good news.
    Maria, you look so lovely, it's no wonder that you and Karen had a ball. I fear Hazel and Patricia will get a shock with me!!
    Margaret, I haven't done anything as a sequel to yesterday, I don't think I could cope!! At present I am lying with a strategically placed heat bag (that a very nice young lady sent to me) just on the right part of my back to give relief. It is a God send, believe me.
    Brenda, it's lovely to have all the family visiting, but isn't it great when you can put the house to rights and get back to normal? At least that's how I feel, I usually give a big contented sigh and then relax!!!
    Myra, you said above that the Range and Lidl are near each other in Leyland. Is that where Leyland Motors used to be??
    Sheila, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't get any flowers made but I hope to do some tomorrow.
    See you all later.
    Muriel xxx

    1. MAUREEN:- remember we have seen a picture of a beautiful lady on the arm of Grorge!!! Was that NOT you???.
      It's you that will get the shock when you see us!!! Ooopps!!! if Hazel was near she would give me a slap for that. What I should have said was wait till you see ME!!! that's what you have to worry about. xxx

    2. Maureen, I see my sister is giving you a new man by the name of Grorge!!., is he as nice as George ??? Folks Maureen is a lovely looking lady, she hasn't seen us yet, oh yes she has she saw my photo and Patricia has her photo on her blog. Hazel x

    3. Sorry Maureen, I am giving George!!! other names now as well!!! xxx

    4. Hi Maureen oh I do hope the heat bag is working on your back.and you are getting some relief. I've done more flowers today but I think I'm getting a bit 'flowered' out now! Lol! xxx

    5. Maureen - it is indeed ! We are about 8 miles away along country roads! If I were a crow - no not a crone - I'd be there a lot faster! Xxx

    6. Sheila - shall I just say Hello Flower! Xxx I do know what you mean - we get carried away sometimes! I'm like that with stick pins too! Xx

    7. Sheila,
      please put all your flowers on Pinserest I would love to see them all yay "Flower Power" love Lynda xx

    8. This is The Way to San Francisco!! Xx

    9. YES Maureen, I just love having the family here, love cooking for them all and making the special favourites dishes also trying out new ones. It is always so satisfying BUT it is also satisfying to get the house back to NORMAL!!!! We did have a lovely day. It's not so often these day to get all of the family together at the same time. xxx

  25. Good evening folks, been a rather busy day.
    John and I had a swim again, John even managed a whole length of the pool. Red Leter Day, he's NOT a swimmer. Now I will admit the pool is not that big but for a NONE swimmer it's far.
    Met a lovely couple, had lunch with them and a long chat.
    Best be off Robert wants to tell me all about his football. He's been invited to train with Dundee United and is super excited.
    Have left a few comments on my way down. Once I have chatted with Robert I will start again to see what you have been up to. xxx

  26. I'm Back, had to let the dinner go down a bit first.
    Janet- you card is stunning ! Unusual fold and such a lovely colour ,I love it !
    Sheila and Maureen -thanks to Sandra it made me take the first step and meet up with some at AP. The next one was when I saw Karenlotty lives about an hour away from me to ask if she liked to meet up and that something I would never done some month ago but very happy I did and when we can meet with you I'm sure it will be like meeting an old friend again and we will have lots of laugh's and non stop talking in between many cups of coffee's and slurps of Baileys tihi
    and Myra, not as cheeky in real life ?? hmmm not sure I believe it. Do enjoy your Italian tonight !
    Sandra- hope you are feeling better today, how's your bottom doing ?
    Pat- hope all goes well tomorrow for Pete. hugs to you both!
    Brenda- glad you managed to have a rest today. Yes, it's nice to have the house full but sooo nice when they gone again Lol Take care.
    Saba- how's your back getting along, any less pain ?
    Hazel- you nearly off on your adventure. Hope you have a fabulous time and we like to hear all about it when you are back ! (even the naughty bits)
    Congrats to Robert, hope he do well !
    Norah- if you are around just for a minute. pop in and say Hi as we miss you !
    Lynda and Margaret -good the heat bags are giving you some relief. I need some SUN !
    Coffee and gingernuts on the agenda,
    Love and Hugs to you all ! Maria Xxx

    1. Maria - whatever do you mean? You just wait until October - I'll be the quiet, gentle one sitting in the corner! Xxx

    2. Myra, I hope not, we are depending on you to lead the Conga xxx

    3. I don't speak Belgian! Oh no that's Congo! I don't think I could do that in any language! Xxx

    4. Ha ha Myra, we'll have a Congo Conga if you want!!! xx

    5. and we need a little cheeky one among us to keep us going or we will all be sitting in the corner like, no see, no hear, no speak and Muriel want you to lead the conga xx

  27. Good evening Sandra & ladies.
    Sandra hope your alright my lovely. Woohoo I have finish the extra 30 invitation I was asked too do thank god,hope they don't ask fore any more I mght have to say nooooo. This afternoon we went for a walk with the doggies,we found a beach we could take them on,as they are now band from Broadstairs beach untill end of season,it was quite chilly.
    JANET your card is amazing love the shape your very talented the colour is so pretty love the die's have you guest I love it.
    Maria & Karen a lovely picture so pleased you got on so well. Karen I new you would love Maria I had the pleasure of meeting her at AP.she is a sweetheart.
    MAUREEN you will be fine meeting our lovely Scottish sisters in July. I'm defently in the wrong part of the country too meet up with any one from the cafe.
    But I did meet a few lovely ladies including the lovely Sandra at AP. so that was lovely.
    Well off to get PJ s on & OH is making a cuppa. See you all later.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  28. Hazel sorry I forgot to wish you a very happy holiday,hope you & Charlie have a wonderfull time. Hug's Lynda xx

  29. If I am not too late Hazel I also hope you both have a lovely holiday.x

  30. Oh I am still here till tomorrow, we will set off when we are ready, no hurry as we are booked in the hotel, we didn't do that the last time. Left here about 4am got to Glasgow booked the car in got to the air port for 6 to be told our plane hadn't left Vancouver - yes 8 hours delay. So if there is a delay we can stay in the hotel until 12, but hopefully we won't need to use it. But thank you for all your well wishes for us to have a good time. I will be calling in while away. Hazel x

  31. Now you ladies, why are you all so scared about meeting each other??? I am not over confident, but over the years, I have had to make moves with Charlie all over the place, and if I hadn't taken that first step of just saying " hello" at the school gates or at the park I would have had a terrible lonely life. I don't do going in and out of folks house having coffees like a lot of army wife's did, but over the years I made a few really good friends. At least here you do know who you are meeting up with in a way. This is why I think every meet up has gone so well, as we do know each other. I really do think that come October we will just be a group of old friends meeting up for a weekend like we have done it all before. Oh I think their will be a few mumb bums on the first night as we will be sitting their for hours, Hazel x

  32. Hi Hazel, Hope you and Charlie have a fantastic holiday in Canada, not that I'm envious of course !!!!! It is a country I would love to see. Anyway have a great time, thinking of you LOL Brenda xxx

  33. Helloooooooooooooo
    Patricia, I've warned Grorge before about taking strange women out, and there's none stranger than me!!! I think I like that name better than George, so I'll have to call him that from now on. It makes a nice change from "hey you"!! Well done John on your swimming. I had to teach myself when Rachel went for private lessons at the age of 12, but everyone always thinks I'm going to drown as I'm not very good, and I NEVER go out of my depth!! And extra big WELL DONE to Robert on being invited to train at Dundee United. How exciting for him, can I have his autograph!!!
    Myra, just realised you were going out for a meal, I hope you had a great meal and a fab night.
    Now ladies, I have to tell you that I am a little old lady and Hazel and Patricia are very kind with their comments but I really think they need to go to Specsavers.
    Right, Grorge has arrived so I'll tidy up, wind up the cat and put the clock out, dishwasher set ready to switch on when the night owls have been in.
    Janice, I hope you have an easier day tomorrow.
    Margaret, using one of your bags as I type this, thank you, thank you, thank you. It gives such relief.
    Goodnight everyone, have a good night's sleep if you can. See you in the morning.
    Love Muriel xxx

    1. Muriel, my dear! I've seen your photo too! I don't do Specsavers! That just won't wash!
      We had a lovely meal and lots of fun people watching! I have a question for anyone who has an answer! Why do people feel because it's a Bank Holiday that they have to wear SHORTS ?
      Myra xxx

  34. Thank you for all the lively comments today about our blind date
    MARIA I will email you sometime this week about the next meet up
    MARGARET Thanks for note I will go look now
    PETE Good luck for tomorrow
    HAZEL Enjoy your holiday
    Dreading work tomorrow Bank Holidays are lovely but it's catch up when we go back! Hey Ho At least I can work and it is only part time for which I am grateful

  35. Sorry I am so late in tonight. Been a busy day and I am cream crackered. Lovely photo of Maria and Karen. Maria I have met but not Karen. Glad you had a good time.
    JANET. Love your card especially the colour combination. Thanks for telling us how you made it.
    SANDRA. Hope you have had a good day. Mines been better today. Bought a nice top for a Golden Wedding Anniversary at the end of June. Dress is Smart Casual. So decided to wear black trousers and the top is cream. Have several new tops but saw this one today and thought I would wear that instead. Also bought some more plants. Don't know when I will get them put in mind.
    Another craft session this week. We are doing decopatch on a glass dish and in case they finish too early I am cutting out square of card for them to make corner bookmarks. More work!! Hazel hole you have a lovely holiday. In answer to the question about heat bags yes I did take one to bed last night as my neck was aching. Will do the same tonight as still aching. Feel like a need a neck and shoulders massage. The heat pad does help s lot though.
    PAT. Will be thinking of you and Pete tomorrow. Hope everything goes well.
    Bit late for hugs now but will leave some by the door. Will stay and make a hot chocolate but I don't suppose anyone will come in now. Night

    1. Hi Littlelamb,any hot chocolate left? I leave it nice and clean for the early birds and put the key in it's usual place
      Good night my lovelies ,xx