Monday 15 May 2023

A Quilled card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I hope today finds you all well and hopefully rested after the weekend.   Paul was very busy in the garden yesterday,  I had said to him " I have a card to make, I'll come out in about an hour", I sat down to start the card at around 1pm, I finished at just after 6.30pm, the card had lots of fussy cutting and die cutting, to be honest my legs and particularly my right knee were really sore from the bit of gardening we did on Saturday.  So it was probably a good thing it took longer than I thought. 

Today's card is the one I made for Sue's birthday,  I knew she loves Quilling so I that's what I wanted to do, I practised a few different flowers and chose this design,  now the extra swirls aren't strictly Quilling but I thought they filled out the area around the design quite nicely.  I really enjoyed making it, it is time consuming but its worth the time you put in.  I will definitely be doing more. 

I hope that you all have a great Monday, 

Love & hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                        xxxxxx 


  1. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    I was delighted to be the recipient of your first gorgeous quilled card. I know how long it takes and it will be treasured 🥰 Thank you again my lovely. I hope that your knee isn’t so painful this morning xx
    I found out recently that using papers on their side is actually a technique called On the edge quillling. Type that into Pinterest and you get even more designs to choose from 😊
    All of your challenge cards are beauties everyone. I have so many “pinned” ideas so will be more than happy to revisit this challenge.
    Housework first today then a start on choosing a different fold is my plan. I hope you all have a good day. Sending hugs. Take care xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I absolutely love your card, it’s beautiful 😍 I’ve never tried quilling before, but you’ve inspired me to have a go 😊
    I hope your legs and knee are better today, and you can have a restful day xx
    I’m off to HobbyCraft this morning for some essentials, then will be crafting. I need to finish the Baby Shower card first and then I’ll be onto this week’s challenge.
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    What a beautiful card you made for Sue’s birthday it must’ve taken hours you put so much work into it and the colours are just perfect together.
    Went for an INR test this morning. Since then, I have been pottering on and off in the garden, I have put a few little bedding plants in pots around the garden. Hopefully they will all come into bloom.
    I’ve was thinking we haven’t seen Janet for a while, hope she and Jim are alright. Janet if you look in …. We miss you xx
    I am thinking about the next CC my first attempt has gone in the bin so it’s back to the drawing board. Hope everyone else is having better results.
    Take care and stay safe ladies, Big Hugs , Brenda xxx

  4. Hello All, another sunny day, but a very chilly wind.

    Sandra, your quilled card is beautiful, can see why it took ages.
    I’d love to have a try, but don’t think my hands are up to it.

    I’ve seen a card I think I’ll try and replicate, not to tricky but looks effective; I hope, will try tomorrow, my hands are too sore to try today. Hope you all are having a good day, Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    Oh my, this is a gorgeous card you made for our Sue.
    I have quite a lot of bits for making quilling but have not tried it yet, one day 😊
    Hope you feeling better Sue and the rest of the family are ok.
    Janet, missing you. Hoping you be with us soon.Sending you extra hugs.
    I feel like I've done a workout today with sorting out the top shelf in my wardrobe. Not much went to charity as I thought. Always thinking I will get I
    nto it again one day 😄 Tomorrow I will do the bottom part where also old photos are in a box. Love to put them into folders again but that's for another day. Now we are going to watch a film and have a coffee after dinner so I wish you a nice evening. Take care. Many hugs to you all. xxx