Thursday 19 February 2015

Cute Baby Boy Card

 Good Morning Ladies,
I finished this card yesterday, it is a commission from the same lady that had a similar one a few years back!  She wanted something similar in design, so I change the dies I used and the baby bear image is from a Kanban kit I bought years ago.
I used some Blue Dotty card from Anna Marie Designs and I embossed some coconut white card with the Rows Of Bows Die designed by Sue Wilson. I matted the white embossed card over the dotty card and made a little border strip with some Lace and blue satin ribbon, I glued this across the join of the two pieces of card. I think printed out the Baby details and die cut it and the blue teddy with Spellbinders Detailed Scallop Die set. I mounted them both on to foam tape, I recently bought 5 A4 sheets of double sided 3mm thick double sided foam tape, its fabulous quality, although it was £9.99. it was from .
I tore the back of the foam tape and stuck them both at an angle on the card.I added an Itty Bitty Bow cut from the same Dotty Card as the base, and placed it at the top of the matt with the birth details on, I then cut the Classic Bow (both from Sue Wilson Die Range) in the same card and I Popped it on the bottom of the card, I added a button to the centre of the bow, with a bit of matching ribbon tied through it.
To finish the card I added some baby blue pearl embellishments to the corners of the card and at the bottom of the birth details, with a blue beaded heart in the centre!
I hope you like the card, I am hoping my friend will, I just need to finish the insert tomorrow!
Let me know your thoughts.
Cheryl kindly offered yesterday afternoon to put a Cygnus die up for grabs for the sweepstake on how many posts on S
ue's blog yesterday (with it being a give away)! So we will count how many blogs there were up to 6am this morning when the new post was added!
check back later for results. Thank you for your kindness Cheryl.
Love and Hugs


  1. Good morning Sandra, I hope you are feeling a bit better today, again we can just help our selves. Love your baby card and how you have designed your layout. I have to say I think I will be buying some of the Anna-Maria papers, the more I see them the more I like. In to take Beth to school this morning as daddy and Anna are off skiing for the day, this having the two of them off for half term on different weeks is so silly. Well I'd better make a more, thankfully it's been raining over night so I don't have to defrost the car. I be back later to see who has won Cheryl's generously donated gift, what a generous lady. Hazel x

  2. Morning Sandra and friends. Love your baby boy card, I've never come across Anna-Maria papers but I'm going to start having a look for some. You've blended every element perfectly on this card, your friend will be delighted I'm sure.
    Busy day today so can't linger in the coffee shop. It's my daughter's birthday today (17 - so we know what that means - out with the "L" plates), so I'll need a visit to the hairdresser tomorrow to get the grey covered!!! I'm also taking my Mam for her Consultant appointment to see when she can have her gallbladder out.
    Cheryl, you are very generous to offer a gift, I'd love to see some of your cards. I'm relatively new to this blogging business so haven't discovered too many yet and I don't do Facebook either.
    I think the friendship offered on this blog is second to none and it would be a shame if trolls spoiled what we have, but I understand that we perhaps should be more careful about naming and shaming. I find it brilliant that we can express opinions on products which might save someone from making an expensive mistake (I was seriously considering an electronic cutting machine until I read that it doesn't cut like it does on tv) so thank you. I don't know how you check how many "views" your blog has had, but I know that I pop in to look at comments several times but generally only comment once. Well better get on, cake to finish (Disney Frozen!!!) and breakfast to make. At least I don't have a party to do as well. We did a couple when she was younger but I couldn't get over the rudeness of some kids - complaints about contents of party bags, didn't like the food (traditional sandwiches, buns, jelly, mini sausages) ! After that I said I'd take her and three friends out for an activity instead. Take care outside anyone who has this awful weather. Sue xxx

    1. Sue, sorry, I forgot to wish your daughter happy birthday in my earlier post. Hope she has a lovely day, and wish your mum good luck at the hospital.
      Xxx Saba

    2. Happy birthday to your daughter, I remember those days of taking our three out with the L plates on, but it's worth it in a way, they can get themselves about, but on the other hand your worry till they get home. Have fun sitting in the passenger seat. Hazel x

    3. Hi Sue wishing your daughter a Happy 17 th birthday hope she enjoys her day. Hope your mum got on ok at hospital.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  3. Morning Sandra
    Stunning very Beautiful Card, I got your message, so I'm emailing today with photographs.
    Can I please have my usual Large Latte and Toasted Teacake,
    I'm pulling my hair out this morning Id typed out my message as normal but it wouldn't let me send it so I'm trying again but first of all the Boys need there Toast.
    I'll be back very soon
    Take Great Care All
    Love and Huge Hugs
    To All
    From Sam xxx

  4. Good morning everyone, hope you are all "tickety Boo!! if not here are few (((hugs)))
    Sandra, hope you are well today and ready for all your customers.
    Your card is stunning, love everything about it. Your customer will be delighted as will the people receiving it.
    Won't have time to stay I will leave some money behind the counter I promised a few people coffees today. They kindly visited my Blog and left lovely comments. Please give them a cuppa and a piece of cake.
    Busy, busy here nothing in particular just busy.
    Hopefully will pop back later, everyone have a wonderful day.

    Patricia xxx

    1. Hi Patricia, I have tired to leave a comment on your blog but I can't seem to be able to sign in. Anyway your boxes and cards are delightful, I love them. Thank you for paying for my coffee today, I really enjoyed it, catch up tomorrow. Jess x

  5. Janet Ecco of Sheffield19 February 2015 at 08:32

    Morning All - this has to be a quickie as I have to take himself to the surgery for his INR check at 09.30 and I'm still having to drive. Sandra I love love your baby blue gift. It's just beautiful and definitely one that will be cherished for ever. Right off to sort a few things and prepare myself to drive. It's so awkward these days and so I very rarely drive but as Jim has to take it steady until the week-end it's me. Will definitely want/need my usual when I call in later.
    Hugs to everyone.
    Janet x

    1. Oh bless you Janet, take it easy my lovely, it's stressful when you don't feral comfortable doing something anymore, specially driving, I hope you get there and back super fast so that you can relax!
      Hope all goes well with Jim's INR, so that you can return to normal ASAP, thinking of you my love,
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Janet, I hope things with the drive went ok and that Jims INR is going the right way. Hazel x

    3. Hi Janet. I hope that all went well with Jim's INR and that the drive wasn't too stressful. Sue xxx

  6. Hello Sandra,
    What a lovely card and the parents will be delighted (as well as the lady who commissioned it) as it commemorates a wonderful event. All the details are there, it's lovely.
    My, we are all busy bees this morning. I'm away up to my daughters to look after the girls while she takes her car to the garage with her dad following to bring her back.
    Patricia, thanks for the coffee and cake but I'll have it later if that's OK.
    Cheryl, how kind of you to offer a die, good luck ladies.
    Norah, hope you are feeling more like your old self today.
    Sandra, you must be so proud to have such a lovely, kind, welcoming blog.
    Will pop back later today xx

  7. Hi Sandra
    Another stunning card today. I'll have to have a lesson on writing verses as yours are always lovely. I love Anna Marie cardstock, and I know it's one of your favourites as well. Off to Caligraphy today and I'll see you later for a cup of tea. Myra how generous are you giving away a die. Good luck everyone but I don't think it will be me, as I was quite high.
    I do hope that everyone has a fantastic day today, and lots of hugs to all those in pain today.

  8. Hi Sandra and all my dear Friends,
    Boys had toast, they've now had there play, running up and down and chasing each other, until I said that's enough!!!
    Well Sandra your Card is Truly Remarkable, I Love The Soft Blue Colour, and The Fabulous Card You Have Used From Anna Marie, I Buy The Beautiful Insert Papers from her it's got a sheen on both sides I think it's about 120gsm, and I buy all my Cards and Envelopes from her I know you pay Postage and Packaging but then you get a Free a Gift which normally cost the same.
    I Love The Fabulous Rows Of Bows Embossing Folder It gives such a fantastic impression.
    It is so very kind of Cheryl to give The Fabulous Gift maybe I could do this next time as I have many Spellbinder Dies that I no longer use since I started buying our Sue's which is such a great shame.
    Also Sandra I think I'm going to buy The Foam Tape from Affix as I find it difficult to find this Product, my Craft Leader has the product but not all the time and she gets it from Woodware and there is not a great deal on each roll, I don't use those little one's.
    Well only 235 comments on our Sue's Blog yesterday so I was way out, each day the numbers are dropping.
    Well while typing this I'm watching the daily news and I was shocked to see a News report where Boys were playing I think they call it Chicken when they run out in front of Cars etc well these Boys decided to run out in Front of a Huge Lorry the first Boy got across alright the second Boy the Lorry hit him you actually saw the young Boy rolling over, and believe it or not he got up and all he had was a Bruised Ankle, I felt so sorry for The Lorry Driver as if anything had happened to the young Boy God Forbid the poor man would have to live with that for the rest of his life and it wasn't even his fault it was the young Boys fault, on the News they were saying that they have even heard of Children playing this same thing with Trains can you believe It!!!
    Sorry to go on but I couldn't believe it and what I was seeing.
    Well My Very Dear Friends I really hope your well I'm sending you all
    Huge Hugs
    Please Take Great Care Where I Live Its Been Raining!!!
    Love and Hugs To All Of You
    From Sam xxx

    1. Good morning Sam,
      Any news of your hospital appointments yet? You must be anxious to get them over and fine with bless you!
      You are very kind offering to give away a prize, I am so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity on this blog!
      I too agree with you regarding those silly children playing chiicken, I gave seen some doing it around here too, you are right though, wether it's a lorry driver, train driver or someone in a car, 5 minutes stupidity from a child would undoubtedly cause a lifetime of pain and misery for them, what is the matter with these children!?
      I was really impressed with the sticky foam sheets Sam, top quality, probably not the cheapest out there, but you do get what you pay for, if you just type Affixit adhesives into your search thingy it will come up! The beauty of these sheets us that you can cut them to whatever size you need, so no wastage!
      Have a good day my lovely, don't let those boys fun you ragged now, be a strict mum!
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  9. Morning Sandra your card is stunning, I love it. I know it will be well received.
    How kind of Cheryl to give a die as a prize.
    Coffee and scone for me today, thanks Patricia.
    Sandra hope you a feeling better today, take care it is very wild and wet.
    Will pop back later, Jess x

  10. Good morning Sandra and ladies , if any of you are here lol. you all so busy today. Happy 17 to your daughter Sue, think to be so young again. sight. Even if I by then had a fulltime job, looking after two boys in the evening or helping out in a pizzeria when needed and still managed to go out about twice a week. lol I'm glad if I can get out of bed these days in not to much pain!
    How are you feeling Sandra ? Your baby boy card is lovely,so sweet teddy die and the colour blue you have used is really nice. It's such a lovely thing to keep with the baby's name, birth date and weight. They will love your card !
    Hope all goes well for Jim, Janet and Sam you take it easy. Pat and Pete the same goes for you ! OH ,down to Tottenham for football tonight and son is working so a quiet household in the Alder house, only the cranking of my cuttlebug handle for an hour or so lol Many hugs to all Maria xx

  11. Good morning Sandra and ladies,
    A large tea and a double choc muffin please.
    Rather late today, I have enjoyed a lovely nights sleep resulting in my not waking up til 8.30. I think all that fresh air and exercise whilst gardening did me some good. Not a good idea today as we have lashes of rain. Methinks crafting and the eternal decluttering are on today's work list. How come the cupboards are always full no matter how much I remove to be recycled?
    Your card today Sandra is superb and I am sure the recipients will be delighted with it. SB scalloped rectangles is a very great favourite of mine, I find it adds a touch of elegance without being too OTT especially for baby/sympathy/get well cards.
    I have now submitted my email to subscribe as I don't have any of the icons on the drop down list for post or comments. Hope this works. Like craftysuetoo Sue I am new to blogging and Lynda has given me some wonderful instructions on how to set up my page which I will do in due course. How do I email you with my men pics? Do I send them to your blogspot?
    I think I'm now ready for a hot spa shower and a body scrub so I will pop back later for another cuppa.
    I hope everyone's day is kind to you.
    Hugs Cheryl xxx

      That's the email address, than j's for the lovely comments about my card, you are very kind xx
      I look forward to receiving your man card pics! Glad you had a decent sleep at last!
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. Cheryl ,
      Do you want to adjudicate your prize drawer, I took part so don't want to work out who has won, I think as you have been do generous you should have the pleasure of announcing the winner!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    3. Ok Sandra,
      I'll pop back at 6 cos my halogen oven and microwave have both just pinged to let me know tea is ready, but could you check with me in case I miss a number please? And I believe you said by 6 o'clock last night? I've checked Sue's comments and quite a few were made after 6, some of our ladies too. Does that make sense?
      hugs Cheryl xxx

  12. Hi Sandra,
    'Morning everyone!
    Thank you Cheryl for being so kind as to offer a die. Ont do too much today!
    I am waiting for friends to arrive and we are having coffee here and then going out for lunch! We have been friendly with this couple for over 30 years and we still have lots of fun.
    Sandra, today's card is really lovely and I love the dies you have used. They area a useful size I would imagine. I, too, love the dottie card but I've never bought papers - something to think about! I love how the card is so personal. No wonder the lady came back for another one.
    Hope everyone is feeling a bit better today.
    Yes! - It's raining cats and dogs here too!
    Will call back later for the rest of today's news.
    Lots of love,
    Myra xxx

  13. Morning everyone. Sandra your card is beautiful. I am sure the recipients will love it. Yes it is very kind of Cheryl to donate the die as a prize. Sam, children have been playing chicken on the railway was long as I can remember. My eldest is nearly 45 and the Police would come to the school before every holiday and warn them to stay away from the railways but it didn't make any difference. Very overcast day here today. Think Granddaughter and I might do some more mosaics today. Can I have a latte and buttered toast please.

  14. Beautiful Sandra,

    Love the design and love the little button you have added to the bow, nice little extra touch.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

    1. Hi Jacquie,
      Thanks for stopping by and as always for your lovely comment,
      Sandra xxxx

  15. Good morning ladies. Sandra your baby card is beautiful. Your customer will be delighted and the proud parents too. It's a work of art. I love everything about it, I am sure it will be a treasured keepsake.
    Cheryl, you are so kind, it's the sort of gesture that shows what a lovely warm person you are. Bless you.
    Janet hope Jim's INR results are good and the drive in was not too bad for you.
    Littlelamb hope your granddaughter did well, how's that wrist coming along?

    It's wet and miserable here too so I think once the blasted ironing is out of the way I am going to have some crafting time. I need to make a card for Val (my big sister) who is having her operation next week. It will probably take me days and then trying to decide what to write will be even more difficult. It's a massive operation and I am so scared - can't write more otherwise I'll be a blubbering wreck.
    Think a hot chocolate and a piece of fudge cake would go down a treat please Sandra.
    Love and hugs to you all

    1. Thanks for asking about my wrist. Two more weeks in plaster but not quite so painful I am pleased to say. Wet and miserable here as well but no crafting I am afraid.:-( but soon I hope.

    2. Saba, I think you need some ((((((hugs)))))). Please. Please think only positive thoughts, your sister will be fine, I know she is going to have that big op. It's to help her get better. Three years ago come the end of March they discovered I had Womb Cancer, I had to have a full Hysterectomy as my growth was very big. But I never once would I let my family not think positive thoughts. I had a holiday booked for the September and I was determined Patricia and I were going. We did. So I am going to be thinking of your sister with big positive thoughts. Like Cheryl I think being generous is my way of being thankful I am here today. Hazel x

    3. Hazel, bless you love, I am really starting to struggle as the day gets nearer. We were on the phone over 2 hours today (nothing unusual in that though) and she is so positive and brave. We are so grateful that she able to have treatment because initially they weren't sure, but thank goodness her chemo although vile has shown an improvement and surgery is now possible. You sound a bit like her, when she initially told me her first words were - no tears we're going to stay strong and positive and bl..dy well beat it.
      She really is amazing.
      XXX Saba

    4. Saba my heart goes out to you my lovely, you must be on the worst emotional roller coaster, let me reassure you that there will somebody here at all times to support you, whether it's a shoulder to cry on or someone to help keep your mind occupied.
      Is your sister here in the uk or out there with you?
      I know it's hard to be positive but you have to try for your own sanity!
      The first positive thought is that she is having the operation, it's the next big step to get her back to full health.
      Sending you the biggest hug, please feel free to contact me anytime day or night for support, I will promise to do all I can to help you through the coming weeks! As will your fellow coffee shoppers!
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    5. With an attitude like that I am sure your sister will beat it. You just need to be positive. I beat it nearly 8 years ago but have another 2 years before the hospital discharge me as I was on a ten year plan. I think because after I had the chemo I had a new drug called Herceptin. We will be here for you whenever you want to drop in. Will be thinking of you both.

    6. Oh my dear heart, I can totally understand how you are feeling. Your sister is a very strong person, when something like this happens, deep down inside survivance kicks in and we all feel it. My first bout of cancer in 2011 was called my BOGOFF as I was already in hospital for a prolapse repair. Thank goodness I had an eagle-eyed radiography who saw something was amiss. And, like Hazel, from then on I refused to let it beat me.
      Positive thoughts will help you cope. We are all sending our positive thoughts your way and we have very comfortable shoulders. We will be with you both every step of the way.
      hugs Cheryl xxx

    7. Dear Saba I understand how worried you are so I'm sending you & your sister BIG positive thoughts & massive (((((((( Hug's ))))))) your sister sounds like she is a very strong lady.
      Your both in my thoughts & Preayers lots of love Lynda xx

    8. Saba, dear. We are all sending our thoughts and prayers to you and your sister. We are here for you both, though thick and through thin, Love and prayers to you both, Maureen xx

    9. Saba,
      I've been out all day and just sat down to catch up on the news. So sorry you are having such a stressful time . You are in my thoughts and prayers and your sister too. She sounds a positive lady and I do pray all goes well with her operation. Sending more hugs to you. Lots of love, Myra xx

    10. Dear Saba, I'm also thinking of you and your sister and are here when you need me. Try stay positive and believe that all will be ok.
      It's hard if you are living far from each other when you just want to hold them (like I would with my mum)......... Sending you and your sister lot of Hugs ! Maria xx

    11. Saba, so sorry to hear about your sister, the only thing is to stay positive, you know we are all with you at this stressful time. Stay strong, Jess x

    12. Dear Saba. I'm sorry that you are going through such a stressful time. Sending lots of hugs, prayers and positivity to you and your sister. Is she in North Yorks or nearer you? As everyone has said, we are here whenever you need us. Sue xxx

  16. Hi Sandra
    Your card is stunning you are so clever. Well I feel really lazy as I am Sat with feet up and everyone else is so busy. Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday. I have suffered with migraines since I was 18 they stopped 11 years ago then came back 2 or 3 years ago and have got steadily worse. I am a qualified aromatherapist and reflexology but nothing is helping at the moment. I am resting today on hubby orders and hopefully eat a little more today. Will try and pop back later. Love Tandy

    1. Hi Tandy,
      I am so pleased that you are resting today, good for mr T for making sure you do! Do you know what triggered their return?
      I hope you manage to eat something to day to get your strength up.
      Take it easy my live,
      Sandra xxxx

  17. Good afternoon Sandra and the coffee shop crew,
    Awh this is a lovely card Sandra so cute but i think that baby is holding my Mopsy that some one gave to me the Christmas after Jim's accident and that i still have today. No wonder the lady wanted another similar one to what you had already made for her before.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue's daughter, learning to drive is the best thing a girl can do and it means she doesn't have to rely on a man for nothing. I hope that she has a great birthday Sue and i know what you mean about parties and children. I think there is still a finite amount of us parents that still insist on our children behaving and having manners and not having to post them to the host after the event as they seem to have forgotten where they mislaid them.
    I don't know what quality Anna Marie designs paper is but there card i will not be going anywhere else for as it is second to none if like me you like good quality stuff that stands up it doesn't matter what is on it (i like the 300gsm). They are also the most generous of retailers as well as when i order my wee stash they sent me a pack of good quality cards and envelopes with a soft gold hint about them, the first time i have ever received an extra goody that i wasn't expecting.
    Janet, i hope that Jim gets good news today at his appointment but he needs to be on his best behavior.
    Cheryl thank you for being so kind to put up a prize for our little bit of fun yesterday and to who ever is the winner i wish you enjoyment with it.
    Well that was me i went and blowdried my friends' hair for her going away on her holidays to South Africa. She used to go every 2nd year there and every other year to Australia but since her friend died she now only goes to South Africa where she lived when she first was married and had her eldest son out there. Well all was fine and dandy there and then i went to the funeral palour for my friend David's funeral, well when i came out i waited with the demister on as it was chucking it down with rain and i want to wait until his cars drove off. Well my car started, but the steering wouldn't move so i reversed back and switched off again and tried to restart it......nothing, not a dink. So i calls Honda assist to come and assist me, 45mins later the young fella from the AA came out to the car. I opened the door for him to try it and see what i meant when the bl...y thing started, whirring away as if to say what is all the fuss about. If i could have got out and kicked it, i would have. I was doing a Mutley under my breath at it, steering soft and gentle again, started like a dream every time( mutley words at it again). So i am away to lie down as i have managed to bring on a migraine that i could have done well with out.
    Might be back later for coffee Sandra but leaving my basket full of hugs of all sizes ready for the taking,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  18. Afternoon everyone, sorry i have been absent poor me has had some weird virus i camped out in the bathroom for two days, i will have to go back a couple of days to Janet's card, isn't it glorious and her French Retreat is so lovely, can i book a seat on the chara please as i don't have a scooter and can i have the furthest away spot for my tent as my hubby said i am off the reichter ( is that how you spell it) scale with my snoring.
    Sandra your valentine card was so sweet i have shown my OH and said i want one done next year, fat chance he said, today's card of yours Sandra is a masterpiece and i'm sure it will be treasured always, i have caught up with all the comments posted by everyone and laughed my head of at His Nibs blocking us, the daft thing is he never gets any comments because his cards are replica's of Sue's and i would love to know how much the charity shop that he takes them to charge for them.
    I will say it only one more time, the awards are fixed thats why Sue never won anything
    i think its decided beforehand who the winners are and although BG is a great presenter and designer she isn't a patch on Sue and it seems like the awards are the Create and Craft Awards anyway, right i will not ever mention about it again.
    I know how Janet feels about the driving thing because my hubby was diagnosed epileptic a few months ago and cannot drive for 12 months symptem free so i have to do it and i hate it, before i loved driving but not anymore as i have to take him for his INR test and hospital apptm. we havn't been to see our daughter in the Lake District as i don't fancy driving all that way but i will have to do it soon as she can only come down for the day because of her work.
    Cheryl how generous of you to donate a die but how does it work could you please explain as i am a bit thick, lol, is it our Janets 40th Wed. Annvs, will pop back later for for the answer.
    Can i please have some toast and Earl Grey tea please as i have given up cream cakes, chocolate and sweets for lent,
    On another note does anyone buy those sliced Bloomer Loaves from Aldi, well don't because its gorgeous and addictive, see you later, hugs Johanna

    1. There was a sweepstake on yesterday for how many comments would be left on Sue's posting for the Wednesday giveaway. (Indirect reference to how many post when she has a new launch). Don't know what time is drawn. lol

    2. Hi Johanna,
      Welcome back my lovely, I hope you are feeling better, seat booked, ( I wonder if Janet has realised that we are organising a mass invasion)! Thank you for your lovely comments on Paul's card, he was very embarrassed when I was reading all the comments out!
      I am with you on the whole pre-organised prize thing, I am sure that C&C wouldn't win all those awards in reality, judging on all the comments you read, nobody on this blog has a good word to say about them, so to me that says it all!
      We haven't tried those sliced bloomer loaves because I didn't think they would be anything like the real thing! I am a bit of a sucker for yummy bread and inch thick butter!
      We shop at Aldi most says now so may gave to have a try, thanks !
      The prize was for a sweepstake that was run yesterday on how many prize grabbers would comment just for the give away on Sue's blog, sorry you are too late, but there will be others xxx
      Sending you hugs,
      Stay warm,
      Sandra xxxx

    3. Cheryl, I put a post up for you earlier, I guessed on the sweepstake so I thought you ought to do the draw, if you don't want to I will do it? I smile happy either way!
      Let me know
      Sandra xxx

  19. SABA I am sending you a bucketful of (((((hugs)))))
    Your comment made me shed a tear.
    I attended an appointment at the hospital with my sister Hazel when we got the devistating news that she had "Cancer" She fought every minute through her operation, horrible Chemo and Radiotherapy. She was so positive and brave. She is well, working hard and comes here for a cuppa every day ........ hang it there,my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Patricia x

  20. Hi Sandra, what a beautiful card, so cute.
    Hang in there Saba my prayers are with you.
    I'll sit in the corner today with a cup of tea and hot buttered toast please.
    Went to physio today so in awful pain now.
    Hope everyone is ok Love and hugs Theresa (TOB) xx

    1. Oh Theresa you poor thing, it must be bloody agony,
      Is this the only treatment you are getting?
      Sending you lots of love, I so wish I could do more x
      Sandra xxx

    2. Hi Theresa,so sorry your in more pain after Physio,I hate them.
      It must be agony him moving your shoulder about.
      Sending you ((((( Hug's))))) Love Lynda xx

    3. Oh Theresa, so sorry you're in pain. I loath Physio's.
      Have a cuddle and some love from Maureen xxx

    4. Theresa, sending some gentle ((((((hugs)))))) here's hoping your extra pain from the Physio settles soon. Hazel x

  21. Hi Sandra, thank you for taking the time to visit me, your blog is so friendly, just wish I had time to join in...
    Your new baby card is gorgeous, beautiful image with pretty papers and layout, not surprised the same design was wanted..
    Keep looking at Sue`s embossing folder, have not seen anyone use this
    Did buy the last three they are gorgeous.
    Hugs Pam xxx

  22. Cheryl,
    Enjoy your dinner, you decide what time you want to do cut off as it's your prize draw, let me know whet you decide,
    Hugs the guesses are as follows!
    Littlellamb. 240
    Brenda L. 269
    Lynda. 299
    Sandra. 242
    Pat. Witney. 300
    Maureen. 217
    Norah. 287
    Maria. 315
    Steph. 220
    Myra. 277
    Sam. 297
    Jess. 300
    Saba 279
    Janet 250
    Hazel. 268
    Crafty Sue 245

    I think that's everyone!
    Good luck xxx

  23. Hi ladies,
    Well I've checked, double checked and then once more just in case I was seeing things and by 6 o'clock last night there was a total of 204 comments.
    If anyone would like to check for me, I believe the winner to be Maureen with 217. Congratulations my lovely, please email your address and I will send it off tomorrow for you.
    Hugs to everyone
    Cheryl xxx

  24. Honestly if I'd put the right head on, I'd have left my email address! Doh!

  25. Congratualions Maureen, enjoy your gift from Cheryl.

    Cheryl you are a lovely lady, there are ones out there that would haven't done this. Hazel x

    1. Thank you so much, it means so much to me. xxx

    2. Congrats Maureen !! Oh why did I press the wrong key,it was meant to be 215, Tihi Only joking ! Have fun with the dies from our Cheryl x

    3. Congratulations Maureen, enjoy your prize.
      Cheryl, you are very generous to offer the prize, your die is going to a very good home. Sue xxx

  26. Hello Sandra,you baby boy card is sooooo gorgeous,love the papers you have used such a pretty blue. Love the whole card I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled withI.
    Cheryl how very kind of you giving a die up for a prize & well done Maureen enjoy your prize. Janet hope hubbies test went ok Hug's.
    Sandra how are you feeling now. I have just ordered my ALLY PALLY TICKETS yaaay How many ladies are going.
    Sandra my lovely just helped myself to a cupper & Belgium bun money on the & Hugs Lynda xx

  27. Hello lovely ladies,
    Thank you all so very much for the love, hugs, thoughts and prayers, it means so much to me to know you are all in there for us. Didn't know when I first came to Sandra's blog/coffee shop just what wonderful friends I would find. Bless you all.
    Cheryl Val will love your Bogoff,

    Now enough said, no maudling and on to cheerier topics.
    Love Saba

  28. Hi Cheryl
    I think I must have the same head as you as I said that Myra was giving away a die. Congratulations to Maureen on winning. I have been given a date of the 3rd March for my op. So should be ok to go to Ally Pally if I go careful. Yippee. I also rang the hospital as Pete didn't have anything in the post. He has a date of 23rd March for his CT scan, so they're asking for his MRI to be done at the same time. Apparently letters aren't sent out until nearer the time. Never mind that you could be on holiday so you might need more notice so that you can arrange another time. He thinks that this is to long to wait as in his words. I could be dead by then. Everthe optimist is Pete, his cup is always half empty not half full.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Good news about the date for your op. Pleased too that you will be able to go to Ally Pally. Wish I could but maybe one day!
      Lots of love,
      Myra xx

    2. Wonderful you have your date and it's not too long to go. xxx

    3. Thats great Pat. No they are not good with contacts either by phone or letters. Always have to do it ourself. Oops Pete, bless him hihi
      Hugs to you both!xx

    4. Pat, that's great news, not long now. It's a pity Petes wasn't sooner and as you say how silly to not get those letters out. Hazel x

    5. Hi Pat,
      Good news for your op date & you must be pleased you can go A P. Shame Pete couldent get an earlier date
      Hug's to you both Lynda xx

  29. Hello everyone,
    OMG I am gobsmacked. I honestly hardly ever win anything, do you think you should check again Cheryl? No, on second thoughts don't, you might change your mind.
    I was sitting, reading everyone's comments, feeling so tired because we've been out all day. When we got to our daughter's house this morning she has the virus back and is really poorly again, so after George took the car to the garage, and after the girls had some exercise on the trampoline - I declined their offer to join them in case I wet my pants!! - we all went to see Big Hero 6 at the cinema. Then we went to lunch at a very nice restaurant (it wasn't dear). Finally, back home where they went on the trampoline again - they didn't want to go to the park as the "big" boys were there. Rachel was still really poorly so we stayed until Peter got in from work and we finally got home a little while ago. I came upstairs to catch up with things and was just slowly reading all the comments, feeling very tired when boing, I woke up with a start reading Cheryl's post.
    Thank you, thank you, you are so kind.
    Littlelamb, has the physio dept been in touch yet? I had to go at 5 weeks to see them, although nothing was done, just forms filled in and questions as to what I had broken. Then at 6 weeks I was given very gentle exercises on my little finger!!! The wrist and elbow started the week after. I said to her that it seemed very quick, but she said that the thinking now was "the sooner, the better".
    CraftySuetoo - happy birthday to your daughter. Oh, to be 17 again and know then what I know now.
    Love and hugs to all from a very excited Maureen xx

  30. P.S. Thanks to all those who have congratulated me, you are all so kind xx

  31. Congratulations Maureen, we'll done you.

    Patricia xx

  32. Congratulations Maureen,
    Enjoy your prize. You are so kind Cheryl to do that.
    Love, Myra xx

  33. Just a quick visit ladies 9 hour drive home - traffic horrific from Stoke onwards! So glad to see rainy Bolton!

    Love the card Sandra such a lovely keepsake!

    Saba, I feel it is good news they are prepared to do extensive surgery for your sister it indicates they feel that it is worth it and they will be successful so to me it is a positive sign. Surgery removes it in well fell swoop so stay strong!

    Congratulations Maureen well done.

    Will catch up with you all properly tomorrow!

    1. Glad you are home safely Alison. Thank you, I think you are right, it's a 10 hour op, costs a fortune and they wouldn't do it if they weren't optimistic about recovery and prognosis.

    2. Exactly honey! Surgery if possible is always the best option and belt and braces chemo or radiotherapy if needed! Be positive there are so many who wouldn't be offered surgery so I think it is a good sign!

  34. Maureen, congratulations, it's a fabulous die, I am not a bit jealous. Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit. Actually, I am positively green with envy!!! Well done love I am sure it is going to a loving home.
    My grandson has a trampoline as well, I have been there, done that, and had the wet pants to prove it.
    Enjoy your prize, Cheryl is such a sweetie, she has brought fun and excitement to us and given us the pleasure of sharing your happiness.
    Love and hugs

  35. Well done Maureen, enjoy your gift, it was so kind of Cheryl to donate the prise and good fun to guess a number.
    Catch you all later, Jess x

  36. Congrats Maureen, I forgot to guess a number .Head in shed.
    Thanks for all your hugs they are keeping me going. Luv Theresa (TOB) xx

  37. Hello Sandra, and all the friends on this blog. Honestly, you'd think I was a child I am so excited.
    Thanks again for your good wishes and I hope something unexpected and lovely happens to you all as well. xxx

  38. Good evening ladies,
    Cheryl I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and for the happiness you have spread around the blog today!
    Maureen, I am thrilled for you! I want to see a card that you make with it mind!
    Norah, your stories always bring a smile to my face, I am not surprised you have a migraine though!
    I would like to thank each and everyone of you for calling in today and for the love and support you give each other!
    You are all amazing
    Love you millions
    Sandra xxxx

  39. Sorry a bit late but would just like to say congratulations to Maureen, and to Saba my Baby Sister phoned me last night to tell me she has had her 8 years free from cancer check and is on the Moon, she is on her way to S. Africa today to see our other sister so she will be partying like mad over the next two weeks, i will never forget the day she told me though that she had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy, it was her 50th birthday. Stay strong my friend. xx hugs Johanna

  40. Hi Johanna,
    what brilliant new for your sister & you I'm so pleased for you both
    Sending you happy (((((((( Hug's))))))) love Lynda xx