Friday, 23 January 2015

Stressful Day!

Good morning Ladies,
As you can see there is no card today, I am truly sorry for not posting a card.  My day kind of went down hill yesterday.
As most of you are aware one of my youngest daughters Lucy had repeat surgery on her eye last year.
Well the results were ok but not perfect and the appointments dragged on and on, anyway back in November they signed her off from the hospital saying that her sight should improve with the exercises she was given, we then had a further opticians appointment saying similar apart from that she may need glasses for long sight, but that would not happen until she had fully strengthened her muscle in her eye after her operation (as glasses would make the muscle weaker) so once again we were told to continue the various exercises that were given and Lucy would be seen at her 6 month scheduled check up!
Well, Lucy went back to school and she has some exams coming up that count towards her final GCSE exams,  from here I am at a loss as far as knowing what happened at school, but I am guessing Lucy must have told them that she is still struggling to see ( which we weren't aware of at home).
I have received two phone calls in the last two days, one from our Opticians who said that they would try and contact Lucy's own Optometrist as requested but make take a few days and then I get a phone call from the John Ratcliffe Hospital stating that they had made Lucy an emergency Orthoptic appointment as requested to assess the level of her problems.  Now I am sat thinking WHAT,!!?..
Who has made these appointments and what is going on, just bear in mind ladies that I am here in this house for my children to talk yo 24/7, they aren't 'latch key' kids who never see their parents, this has been the ONE benefit of being disabled, I am always here!
Anyway to cut to the point, the School Nurse and SEN were so concerned that MY daughters sight problems weren't being addresses proactively enough that they decided to take the matter on themselves, ringing the hospital to discuss Lucy's case with her consultant, after the optician gave them the name and contact details off Lucy's consultant!  How can they be allowed to do that without
my permission ? I just don't get it, they clearly as Lucy informed me last night , think that I am not 'bothered' that she is struggling! Can you actually believe this?  I am absolutely devastated I can tell you. Both Paul and I live for our children, we give them everything we can afford to give them!
Please tell me that you would feel the same, I can honestly say that I knew nothing about the fact that she needed this much intervention, she manages to sit and look at her little Ipod for hours at a time and sit on the computer, but it was her ICT teacher that was one of those concerned, Lucy must gave forgotten to tell them she spent 3/4 hours on the lap top some days over Christmas playing games!
So sorry ladies for the rant and lack of card, we came back from hospital at about 6.30 last night and I had to one straight to bed. By the way, the hospital found nothing new and told her as before to continue with her excersises, funny that, just as I thought!
Please comment as usual, I need your wonderful comments to make me smile more than ever today,
If you are stopping by for the first time this really is a one off blip of a day, normal postings will resume tomorrow !
Apologies once again,
Warm Hugs too,
Sandra xxxxxxxx
Could either Theresa, Tina or Margaret, please email me Steph's email address, she gave permission
yesterday please email it to
I have some information for her xx
Thanks my lovelies xxxx


  1. Hi Sandra. I'm sorry that I haven't felt able to comment for a couple of days but I have popped in each day to have a quick look at your beautiful creations.
    I am disgusted at Lucy's school as well as the hospital. Is it not the case that they are not allowed to discuss anyone's condition without parental permission - BarbiePink Fairy might know! The usual procedure for schools is that they should contact parents in the first instance and invite you in to school for a meeting.We know that you and Paul would do anything for your children and that they are very lucky to have you. I agree that if kids can manage ipods and computer games for hours then they can certainly manage computers at school, they can also make the font bigger if they need it. I know that exams are a stressful time, my daughter has just taken AS mocks and she was not pleasant to live with, Lucy isn't worried about exams is she? Schools can provide readers and scribes for students with difficulties as well if she is concerned that she may have trouble seeing the paper. Never feel the need to apologise to us, we are here to listen and offer our support, albeit from a distance. Sending big hugs. Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue,
      thank you for stopping by today despite not feeling 100%,
      your lovely comments and thoughts have kept me going today, I think before I would have crawled back under the duvet and stayed there!
      I think that there has been several breech's of confidence here the school and hospital have some explaining to do!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and brightening my day!
      Sandra xxxxx

  2. Hi Sandra.
    No apologises needed at all. Making one of your gorgeous cards after all this going on is the last thing on your mind.
    You are right to be furious, and everyone reading this will be for you too. I am sure the school / opticians etc. aren't allowed to discuss a minor's medical details without the parents permission. That issue needs to be dealt with officially I think, no messing around but straight to the head teacher and also to whoever is in charge of the opticians (sorry, can't think of the word) and further. This is not the time to be fobbed off, as they will try to do.
    I can vouch for the fact that you are the sort of parents that go without so that your children can have the best of things, AND you are ALWAYS there for them. I can't even start to list all of the things that you willingly and lovingly do for them all.
    There is no way the school can say that Lucy's eye problem has been treated lightly by you both. I have seen just how worried you are about it, Shame the school couldn't be a fly on the wall when Lucy is at home, so they can see exactly what she manages to see, and for how long, when she is at home. And they would also hear you asking her if she has done her eye exercises (with the special little stick that YOU made to help her)!
    Of course school should talk to Lucy to get her side but they should also talk directly to you too. They (should) know what children/teenagers are like about stretching the truth when it comes to school work etc. I just can't believe they have gone straight over your head. They simply have no excuse.
    This has made me so angry for you but also so upset as I know just how much you care for your family and how much their actions will have hurt you.
    Paul is going to have to take time off work so that you can both get to the school to give them hell. That is, of course, MORE time off work as he has already taken many many hours off so that you can BOTH take Lucy to all of the various tests etc, which is not an issue as his children always come first.
    We are all behind you my lovely lovely friend. Rant and rave as much as you want.
    Take care my lovely. Big hugs xxx

    1. oh you started my blubbering again, I feel so emotionally drained, empty, dumb struck!
      I hate the thought that all the teachers can answer what information they like! what happened to the good old days!
      You are such a supportive friend my lovely and I will be forever grateful for it!
      Huge Hugs
      Sandra xxxx

  3. Sandra you rant all that you want, for one its your blog and two you have ever reason to rant. The interfering goodie two shoes of a teacher etc. should be black affronted at what she has done. If she /they had a concern WHY did they not contact you and Paul first??? No they took it unto themselves to play "I am right". I can bet there are children in that school that are in much need of some one finding they have a problem ie they can't read or under stand maths, that's what they are paid for. It's taken my daughter to pay to get Calum seen to find out Calum has spaceal awareness and sensory process problems plus low muscle tone. But because he is very bright they just kept complaining to her that he would do much better if he learned to sit still and not get in other children's space. It's taken Tammy years to get to the help he needed to help him to address things, plus a lot of money, where she has now got someone on her side that has got her the same people to work with him but not charge her the earth. No Sandra you need to get the school to see that they have poked their nose in to something that you have had seen to and have done everything you were told to do. You are so right you are so for your family, we can all tell that just from your daily chat. Gosh even the kittens get your 100% attention. As for not showing a card, Sandra that is the last thing you think about till you get this sorted we will all be telling you the same. Hazel x. P.S. You are right their are parents that don't see their children as they are to busy working, I know I know more about what the girls like, dislike, are unhappy about etc. than their parents who are not bad parents they are just so wrapped up in being good caring doctors. My rant over too.

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I think that you are the best nanny going as you clearly know your grandchildren better than most! and how to entertainment
      My son had similar symptoms to Calum, he had an amazing imagination, from which he told the most amazing stories, he was a very quiet lad too.
      Crafty hugs,
      Sandra xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra,
    First of all please don't apologise for the lack of a Card, your Family comes first and they are far more important than anything else.
    I can't believe the Teachers woul be allowed to discuss with Opticians without going through yourselves first, it's truly disgusting I'm Appalled they've done this!
    You have every right to be so Cross and Very Angry and if I was you I wouldn't let it drop I'd want answers from the School and the Opticians.
    I'm totally shocked that this has happened!
    You must have been so upset I'd Demand a Personal Apology from the people concerned, not a letter they need to face you and Apologise, for there action, The Headmaster should also be involved.
    Take Great Care Sandra, Everyone is here for you
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thank you for your kind caring comments today, it is very kind of you to think of me today, it means a lot that I have such fabulous friends!
      Sending hugs your way
      crafty Hugs

  5. Dearest Sandra,
    Oh how my blood would boil as well flower. Did the school just overlook the fact that they hadn't even bothered to discuss with you, her mother who is contactable AT HOME 24/7about Lucy's difficulties. I mean to say come on, they could actually even turn up at the door (all bar the 3 muskateers day) and get you in to discuss it even if they couldn't do it over the phone with you, which would be ironic since they seem capable of breaking the data protection act with everyone else to discuss their concerns. I take it you going back and forward to the doctors because you were "so unconcerned" about the bairn doesn't count either. I think after i had wiped the floor with the school about going above your head without even prior discussion to understand what you knew of Lucy's problem or even discussing it WITHOUT your permission, i would be contacting the top of the opticians as well about their lack of knowledge of the law and data laws. Does the data protection act not exist south of the border or was it just something that Parliament put in place to try out on the Scots first, because to my understanding it is nationwide in the UK and so far everyone in a position of authority has broken it. Sorry flower i am probably not helping you today but i would be absolutely jumping up and down if they had done that to me. I know the Support Service is not where anyone thinks of good and the best of teachers but for Rory i couldn't ask for more caring people and trustworthy people. I get a call every Friday about what has gone good or blipped in the week, but over and above that i get called when i need to know anything at all and that could be at 6:30pm.The children that go to the service have normally been flung out of school because of their behaviour and everyone thinks of the Secondary Support as the "bad boys school" where all the little ratbags go, but having spoken to a lot of these children that are there because their parents couldn't care less where their children are or what they are getting up to as long as they are not bothering them, the children speak politely to me and always ask how i am doing, am i feeling better? These children. that i know some are some of the biggest bullies that would normally make Rory's life hell, don't. They can and are some of the nicest children going around and dare i say that i think that they were like that because their parents couldn't care less about them, but show them some kindness and speak to them on a sort of equal footing and they are lovely boys.
    I hope you get the school sorted out for Lucy's sake but just so that she doesn't have as much trouble with her reading and writting at school, i think that Miss Ipad should go on holiday for a few days or be limited to an hour just so that Lucy is not making her eyes worse. I bet your Paul was happy at the school as well(i don't think)? You take care flower,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

    1. Hi Norah,
      Thank you so much for your amazing comments, they are so kind,
      I think that maybe some of the teachers would be better spending their time worrying about students that are really think are really in need of their help!
      Many thanks for popping over today, I am so grateful for your love and support!
      Crafty hugs,
      Sandra xxxxx

  6. Good GOD !!! Thst is disgusting Sandra and if I were YOU id certainly look further into this. Working in the NHS patient confidentiality is or should be exactly that and NO info should have been given out. I know Barbie will be dumbfound as I am that the details were given out to a 'stranger' ! Firstly Id contact the school and get that side sorted, id also contact the consultants secretary and ask why patient confidentiality was broken. Barbie may have better advice for you but I can completly understand why you hurt so much and your anger must be overwhelming. Its all been handled in the most disgusting way in my opinion. The patient confidentiality breech really worries me, what other info is this person giving out and to whom as far as other patients are concerned. The school nurse would also see the sharp side of my tongue too (but approached in an adult dignified way) the head teacher also needs to be informed of this matter also, if he/she isnt already aware.
    A card is the LAST thing we expect today, this is what needs sorting more than a card for us. Take care Sandra, you are a wonderful mom no matter what anyone may think.
    Thinking of you.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Hi Steph,
      Thank you for your kind words and amazing support, I wasn't expecting anyone to bother posting to day as I hadn't made a card, so it was such a wonderful surprise to see all of these amazingly kind, caring comments.
      You have lifted my mood from the ground today.
      I will take up my grievance with the school on Monday, I couldn't do it today as I was reeling from yesterday!
      Back to card tomorrow!
      love and hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  7. Hello Sandra,
    I really cannot believe that the school did not check their facts with you before going ahead and blundering in this way. I cannot believe that confidential information was given to them by "authorities" who should know better.
    I also know that a lot of children who are maltreated and tortured in some ways by their parents are ignored by the schools because they are maybe dirty or smell awful, and some teachers do nothing at all because they take a dislike to the children.
    It would seem, therefore, because your children are loved, well-cared for and having on-going treatment, it's ok for them to blunder in and not consult you. I would suggest writing to the Head of the Hospital Trust re data protection issues, the Optician for the same, and ask the Head of School to call when Paul is at home - and not get Paul to take extra time off work. If, after all that you are still not happy - contact your local MP.
    This has really made my blood boil!!!
    And, after all that - never apologise for not posting a card. What is a card when something as important as this is the issue. You have enough on your plate as it is and do sterling work as it is. You know how much I admire your strength of spirit.
    Much love xxxx

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Thank you for your kind, supportive comment, this has knocked me for 6 as they say, had I been aware of the problem I would have taken Lucy myself, but I wasn't aware, so couldn't!
      The lovely comments from you ladies has lifted my mood and put a bit of fire in my belly! I will not let this go by without an explanation!
      Thanks again my lovely, there wil be a card tomorrow, I promise!
      hugs my lovely,
      Sandra xxxx

  8. Oh Sandra!
    I am so very sorry to have had to suffer this totally unacceptable behaviour! It is awful on all counts. School have overstepped the mark - they should know their children well and their parents and to do this to you is just beyond the pale! As for the Hospital - I'm totally staggered! I've no experience of Hospitals except through my husband and he is appalled by this.
    Too many people have access to things nowadays. Hospital Notes are no longer as Private as they once were.
    Everyone seems to have made up their minds about Sophie without asking the people who would be able to help them. I would be furious!
    Safe to say we are all furious on your behalf!
    Your kittens get more love and care shown to them than many children!
    Please don't worry about a card! Just let us support you as friends ! There isn't too much we can do to be of practical help but we all care an awful lot about you. That is obvious from the posts.
    Take care , my dear and please don't let them make you ill over this.
    Hopefully it will be sorted out - some people should be in trouble over this.
    Sending love and hugs,
    Myra xxxxx

    1. Hi Myra,
      Thanks for your kind words and support, you have lifted my mood.
      You know years ago we lived next to these people that used to neglect their children terribly, she would just through them a bag of bread and lunch time, the baby was left all day in car seat with I terry cloth nappy tied around its neck to keep its bottle its mouth, one day the father hit the little girls so hard he knocked her across the garden, she was four years old. now both me and the neighbour on the other side went to NSPCC for help, they came out we were interviewed and so were they, the mother knocked on my door and called me all the names you can imagine and her words were "we know the routine, we take her to hospital where she will be checked over, we have a good excuse for every bruise she has" and do you know they never did anything for those children, they claimed that wherever possible the strived to keep the children in their homes!
      what is the point!
      My children aren't neglected and the school make phone calls and the Eye clinic pull appointments from thin air!
      so this has been a tough few days believe me.
      I couldn't have got through the support of you lovely ladies though!
      Huge Hugs
      Sandra xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra
    I know you explained all this to Mrs B and myself on Wed. However, it's appalling that this has been allowed to happen, and all behind your back. What on earth are the school, opticians, and hospital thinking off. I would hope that the optician and hospital would not give out information to total strangers. How on earth has this been allowed due to data protection. I know that my friends daughter was I'll, and they asked for information and they wouldn't give out any information to them stating patients confidentially, and they were her parents. Mind you she was over 40 then. But still this should be the same for everyone. STRANGERS SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN INFORMATION ABOUT ANYTHING. You rant away my lovely and make sure you give the school, opticians, and the hospital hell. Did you say anything to them yesterday, I do hope so. You and Paul are so caring, Paul even drives Becca into Witney when she wants to go in of an evening, even though she could catch the bus in. Obviously you do much to much for your children and it's not appreciated. Mr Ipad needs a holiday me thinks if Lucy is having so many problems. You sure don't need all this aggrevation because your such a lovely caring person. Go kick ass Sandra.
    On a lighter note I loved yesterday's card. Forgot to look in yesterday, and I didnt even know that I had. How sad am I. Lots of crafty hugs to you and Paul.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thank you for your love and support, it means so much, make sure you rest that hip.
      Gentle Hugs &
      Sandra xxxx

  10. Hi Sandra,
    I have read everyone's message so far and there is a lot of good advice there. we all originally met you through your blog and certainly I would vouch for you being very caring parents and certainly would never ever dream of neglecting any of your children.
    I hope you are going to demand a full apology, Go as high as you can if you can't speak to the head et cetera ask for a personal assistant tyou need answers to this don't let it rest.
    When I opened your blog this morning I just wanted to hug you it all go away. You must all be feeling bruised by this incident. I just wish there was more I could do. I am here to listen. And don't worry about a Card your interest and well-being is more important to us all LOL
    Just to distract you, I/we are having a full day had a text late last night Ciara not well so she's spending the day with us. For someone not feeling well apart from the runny nose and feeling hot occasionally she having a great time with all the goodies I got yesterday.
    Sending you Paul and all the family big big crafty hugs, I just wish I could do more, you are all in my thoughts, take care dear friend, Brenda xx (Mumma

    1. Hi Mumma,
      I could have just done with that hug believe me, why are you so far away! lol
      I have been absolutely blown away by the level of kindness and support today, It has made me feel so much better about the situation, you know that feeling where you end up convincing yourself that 'they' must be right, I have failed her! But then I read all of these lovey comments and listen to Paul who like all of you has said that we couldn't have done anymore!
      Anyway I will be glad when this day is over!
      Sounds like you and Ciara have had a lovely day together, despite her being under the weather. I bet you will be tired tonight though.
      Sleep Well
      Sandra xxxx

  11. This is terrible. It should never happen. I asked for the results of a blood test last week and was told my the receptionist that they cannot give that out and it said to see the Dr. I only wanted to know if it was better than the week before so how can the school ask for information from the opticians and the hospital. It is just not right and needs to be investigated and not stop until you get answers and apologies. Don't be fobbed off as they will try to do.

    1. Oh Littlelamb,
      Thank you so much for your supporting comment, I thought that nobody would bother commenting today as there was no card, so to have all of this support has blown me away!
      Back to a card to show tomorrow,
      Sandra xxxx

  12. Hi Sandra Please don't apologise for not putting a card on today. It definitely needs sorting out. Have sent you an e-mail.
    Warm hugs Theresa (TOB) xx

  13. Hi Sandra

    Can I firstly say I hope your dad will be OK Sandra.

    Regarding your little girl, isn't she still classed as a minor so no information should have been passed between the school and the hospital without contacting you first. Even if they thought that she wasn't getting the back up from her family, which is so not the case with you and your husband. It sounds that you were both on the ball with Lucy's needs, they had no rights to go over your head. Knowing Lucy's age if she had said she was having problems it would have been common decency from the school to make an appointment to talk things over with you and Lucy first and not go over your head. I'm angry for you. I think you need to go kick someones butt. We'll all hold them down for you.


    Tina XX

    1. Sorry Sandra, me again.

      I did contact Steph to see if was ok to pass on her email, but she said it was all sorted. X

    2. Hello Tina, Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support today, I think that without you lovely bunch of friends, I would have just had a breakdown, I kind of just feel sad and a little empty, I am waiting for the anger to kick in!
      I have a card made for tomorrow so normal business resumes!
      Big Hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  14. Hi Sandra, this is my first post to you. I have been looking at your blog for a few weeks now, I found it through Sue's wonderful blog. Your cards are amazing. You are a very talented lady and the cards you share are truly works of art. I have been meaning to leave you a comment before, but your post today has made up my mind to do it.
    I am appalled at what has been done to you.
    The optician has to my mind broken the law in disclosing confidential material or at the very least has broken the code of conduct which I am certain opticians must abide by. The Consultant, who I am sure had Lucy's best interest at heart, may not have been aware that you had not been involved in what was happening. However, he was negligent in not checking first.
    What really infuriates me though is the totally irresponsible actions of the school nurse and the SEN. How dare they instigate this course of action without first speaking to you and ascertaining all the facts. Nurses do have a very strict code of conduct and I would be very tempted to report this to a higher level. However, what ever you and Paul decide to do about it one thing you must remember is that is is BECAUSE you are wonderful caring parents that this has upset you so much, if you weren't you wouldn't be bothered. It's been apparent to me thought your postings what a lovely caring mother you are and my heart goes out to you.
    Loving hugs

    1. Hi Saba, Welcome to my blog sweetheart, Its not normally like this honestly, I have had a stressful couple of days, resulting in a bit of a meltdown last night, but the kind words and support I have received on here today has blown me away! how lucky I am to be amongst such kind, caring, genuine people!
      There will be a card tomorrow I promise.
      I do hope that you will join us regularly, for some crafting and plenty of chatting and helpful advice!
      Huge Hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  15. Hi Sandra,
    I just wanted to say night night and hope you sleep well! You have done nothing wrong - so I do hope you will have a good nights rest and not feel too tired out in the morning.
    God Bless, Sandra,
    Love Myra xxxxxx

    1. aww thank you Myra, how thoughtful of you to come back on, you ladies have made me feel a lot better about the situation today, I could never thank you enough.
      Huge Hugs,
      Sandra xxxx

  16. Hi Sandra, can't believe the numbers of breaches of confidentiality that have gone on. Why not a simple phone call by a teacher to you to discuss any concerns which you could have addressed yourself as you felt necessary? Teachers can only act in "loco parentis" in emergency situations whilst parents are being located certainly not the case here. I would be fuming too! I like you take full responsibility for my little girl having given up a good management position in order to be able to take her o school, pick her up, attend all school events and taxi to all her activities. Shame schools aren't concerned about children who don have the support isn't it? Do not doubt that you are an excellent parent and watch people squirm when you start to question issues such as onfidentiality.

    Sleep well and try not to let it wind you up xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your reassurance, I have just been sat, dumb struck really, I still can't believe it, the fact that we had to take her to an appointment the school have made through their apparent concern, what must the hospital have thought, mind you they know that lucy was signed off from them anyway (as her treatment had finished)!
      I wouldn't mind so much but when we needed lucy to be seen urgently last year we waited 2 month for an appointment! they call and get one next day!
      Sorry to rant!
      grateful hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  17. Hi my lovely,sorry for late comment.
    I'm in total shock at what's happened with the Lucy's school going over your head they know your home 24/7 so why on earth did they not call you first when Lucy said she couldn't see properly. I agree with all the comments Sandra it's appalling that they have gone over your head in this way &Contacted the opticians & consultant how dare they give out patients information without your consent surly that is against the law. I phoned the doctor for blood test results for Terry & they wouldn't give them to me said he would have to ring up himself to make an appointment for the doctor,so how have they got away with doing this. Go make complaints starting with the school first then optician & consultant don't let this go my lovely get full apologies in person from all conserned.
    Please don't apologies for not posting a card this is much more important sweethart. You & Paul are brilliant caring parents too all you gorgeous children.
    Try & get a good night's sleep you have done nothing wrong Sandra,try not to make yourself I'll.
    Good night God bless my lovely friend. Love & Hug's Lynda xxxxx

    1. oh Lynda, your sweet comment made me cry, thank you so much for caring it means the world,
      love & hugs
      Sandra xxxx

  18. After all of the comments today, which I hope you have taken some comfort from, I so want you to end the day on a happier note because we are not going to let THEM dominate every single second of today. I am saying to you the words we always used to say to our lot (and still do to Gem sometimes.... just because!)
    "Don't let the bedbugs bite , and if they do use dynomite" Sleep tight my lovely xx

    1. good night to the bestest friend ever!
      love you lots,
      you have made me smile xxxx
      Sandra xxxx

  19. I'm fuming just now after reading what have happened to you and you family.
    How dare they do this to you?? We don't know each other but I know in my guts that you and Paul are lovely parents !! I agree with everyone who have comment today (well it is a few minutes left) so I'm not going to repeat but Yes this need to be investigated so I hope by Monday you are rested and ready for some talks ! Doe's Lucy herself know why this happened,bless her.
    Thanks for the inform about the car,they are going out on Sunday to have a look... New Sissix big shot coming out, don't think I like it.
    You and your family try to have a nice weekend now after all and I'm sending you a lot of cyber bear Hugs Maria xx