Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fabulous Day

Hello at Last,
I have been waiting weeks for this lap top to be fixed so that I could update my blog, so here goes!..
This card is very heavily Sue Wlson influenced as are most of my cards to be honest.
 have used the California Collection for the main element of the card, some felt flowers, cut out with Sue's Classic Rose Dies, and a silky crush ribbon bow, mounted on top of the Grand vinery cut out in white card, the background is embossed with the Heart Lattice Folder by Creative Expressions. The Italian Border die is used at the bottom of the card with a pearl trim
layed over the top.
I hope you like todays card, would be perfect for a wedding or anniversary, in fact my good friend Pat S has made this card in gold and cream for her friends Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Thank you for stopping by today.
I would also like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your kind words of support after the Craft Fayre disaster, you really did help me through at a time when I was both physically and mentally exhausted and just felt like giving up all together!  I will have a good few days of posts from the cards that I made for
the sale.
So please return over the coming days for more cards and maybe jewellery. With the weather the way it is at the moment there s no better place to be than in our craft rooms.  I need to start making some Christmas cards, I  just haven't got the Christmas mojo at the moment!
Crafty Hugs to you all,
Sandra xxx


  1. Hi Sandra. Ive been hoping you would show some more of your talant soon ! And WOW what a come back. What can I say ? Amazingly stunning. So beautiful. Its one lucky person that buys this from you, you must find that perfect fair or market, people will cty out for more and more. Cant wait to see tomorrows card.
    Glad to see you are so much better now.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Steph, you have no idea how much I appreciate your comments, thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by. Do you really think people would buy my cards, this one has a matching box and I was selling for £7, am I pricing too high do you think?
      Would love your feed back.
      Hope you have recovered from your trip to the Vampire, my elder two children have to go monthly because they are on Methotrexate to treat their arthritis, it's a horrible toxic drug, but it's giving them a life of sorts, so we have to put up with it!
      Huge hugs Steph x
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Your welcome Sandra. But remember Im no expert on markets, I just do the one a mth. I think its a very fair price for such a beautiful card. People have NO idea the time these cards take ! Have you considered making an envelobox to fit your card ? Im thinking if its going to be posted, the box could be ruined, but if you get someone that wants to buy it and isnt happy about risking a box to the post, you have a substantial way for them to post it. A box is perfect if a beautiful celebration card is handed over to the recipient, dont risk a sale falling through if you can offer an alternative.
      I have to inject Methotrexate every Monday to help with Arthritis, and Humera for the Crohns disease. The top of my wardrobe is taken up with sharps bins and Mtx syringes, and my fridge has one shelf for my other injection !! Lol. No room for nice bags or pretty scarfs, boohoo.
      If I can help with anything else I'll only be to happy to help.
      Steph xx

  2. Hi lovely Sandra stunning card i just love white on white cards great dicription too. so glad you never gave up on your crafting you are very talented be looking in again .& hope to put a new card on my blog too.
    Love & hugs my friend Lynda xx

    1. Hello my lovely friend,
      I hope you are well, thank you for your lovely comment, it means the world.
      Huge hugs
      Sandra xxxx

  3. Wow oh wow Sandra this is stunning. Hazel x

    1. Hazel, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment,, it truly makes my day,
      Crafty hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

  4. Wow Sandra what a come back, absolutely stunning and so very beautiful indeed. So pleased you did not give up on your wonderful talent it is too good to waste Looking forward to seeing more in the near future, pleased you got your laptop sorted, where would we be without all this technology although it does put my little grey cells to the test at times! lol
    Take care lovely lady and don't give up you really have a special gift.
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. It puts my grey cells to the test too Margaret, I think the girls download games and things for homework, with this they import little gremlins and it took Paul a good week or more to fix!
      I hope you are well, how are your little corgis?
      Thanks for stopping by, Sandra xxxxx

  5. Hi Sandra. I love this card, as I have been lucky to see it "in the flesh" I know just how beautiful it is. I am so pleased that you have got the laptop fixed so everyone get to see your gorgeous cards and jewellery. See you next week. Take care my lovely friend. Mrs B x

  6. Hello Sandra, WOW what a stunning card, I love tone on tone cards and this one is just gorgeous. Who ever receives this beautiful card I'm sure will treasure it.
    My sister often asks me to make cards for her, on one occasion it was for a past teacher of mine so I put extra effort and embellishments on it. For my own interest I worked out what it had cost me,The amount was just short of £6 how can you pass that sort of cost on, and heyhoe my sister is a charity case anyway!!!!!! I'm pleased to say that the card was appreciated.
    Please keep showcasing your work you really are an inspiration.
    Love Brenda x

  7. Hi Sandra,
    What a beautiful card! It is truly lovely. I went on holiday and forgot to take two cards with me to post. This meant I had to buy two . I paid £3 75 for each card and believe me they were really simple. Nothing as beautiful as yours. Cheap at your price my dear! Mine came with an envelope not a box! Keep up the good work!
    Will now move on to your other cards. They all , in my opinion, deserve attention.
    Hope you are less stressed than you were my dear.
    Take care,
    Love Myra xxxx