Wednesday 7 February 2024

Snippet Number 3


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

Well I am beginning to wonder in gale force winds are just part of living in this house, it seems that at least once every week I am laid in bed wondering if roof tiles are secure!  Later in day, around 5pm the torrential rain started, it does make you feel cozy and warm being tucked up inside though.  

Poor Soph is absolutely full of flu, she has the full on body aches and shivers and I listened to her coughing most of the night, I felt so sorry for her, I did go in with an extra couple of pillows to see if that helped but it didn't make much difference bless her, I have got the vick out for her for tonight, I have such vivid memories of Mum putting Vick on our chests at night when we were poorly,  O never liked to rub it on their skin so put in on their pj's, I have to say we had more success with Olbas Oil or 'Dab Dab" as it is affectionately known in our house, because we used to say 'dab dab' as we were tapping on their pj's or cot/bed sheets.  In fact Becca had to ask me what 'dab dab' was actually called so she could buy some.   Paul's parents were a bit fancier than mine, we had Vick, they had a plug in thing that created a vapour of vick or something similar, we did buy something similar when the children were small but found it ineffective,  nothing beat a little dab dab! 🤣😂

Today I am sharing another Snippet, the background of this one is a new stamp, as is the flower,  I am really enjoying making them, because you are crafting along you don't have to overthink anything, there is plenty of fussy cutting and colouring which I find so relaxing.  I started the next one yesterday afternoon and that involved getting the Gelli plate out, I haven't used that in a good year I would say, something else I love to play with as the results are a surprise every time. 

I hope that you have a calm & dry day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra xxx


  1. Ha ha I am so glad you are enjoying doing the Snippets Like you say as you are crafting along you’re not over thinking and just enjoying the time
    We had all of the above when the kids were young We used the vapouriser for croup Such a nasty sound and I lost count the number of times I sat with one of them in the bathroom with bath and basin full of hot water to create steam
    The start of your Snippet 5 is far better results than mine using a gelli plate I don’t have one and did direct to card - I’ll let you explain when you show it
    We have a ballroom lesson this evening It does make me smile because these people are totally different beasts to the Salsa crowd!
    I hope you’re OK Brenda after your hospital visit
    Take care everyone xx

    1. I mean 4 I think - getting confused now as I’m not doing them in order🤣

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your snippet, the flower is beautiful 😍
    Hope Sophie is ok and feeling better soon 🥰
    I did a bit of ink smooshing last night, but got no further than that 😕
    Have a good evening everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Love Sophs card. Perfect for her. You know what our family are like for shortened or nick name. Most start when the little ones can’t say someone’s name properly. My Gem is Aunty Jammy, Chris is Uncle Wit or Uncle Goog. I could go on 🤭
    Brenda I hope you have not had too bad a day xxxxx
    Sending love snd hugs. Take care Sue xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Sandra.
    Poor Sophie, wishing her better. Vick is a good thing to have at home, helping a bit with the breathing.
    Sending gentle hugs for you Lilian and hoping you feel better soon , take care.
    Brenda, hope everything went well at the hospital today. A long day for you so now take it easy tonight and tomorrow.
    Janet, hope you are alright.
    OH and I, we both had blood tests today. He was out in 5 minutes and I was out in 20 minutes. 🤭
    The nurse had to get a doctor to help again .
    Have a nice evening everyone. Hugs to you all xx