Thursday 15 February 2024

My Favourite Snippets

 Good Thursday Morning Ladies, 

We had another very wet and blustery day yesterday, Lucy and I had a Mumma/daughter date and went to local Hobbycraft,  it was quite a small one,  I was amazed at how many types, colours and textures of Cricut Vinyl they had in stock, I would say that the Cricut section was one third of the whole store, there is a new alternative to Cricut and Scan & Cut etc, its called 'Siser' they had different machines, tools and add ons and loads of Vinyl too. Lucy bought a couple of different colour 'Sublimation Vinyl' which is meant to be better for T-shirts as its flexible, within half an hour of us being home she had designed and created a t-shirt for Soph for 'Galentines ' day 🤣😂

This Snippet is the partner to the one I shared on Monday, using the same colours and the same technique for putting the blossom on the trees.  

This is the two of them together, I really like these ones,  they are my current favourites 😍 

I hope that you all have a great Thursday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra xxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    I love your Snippets, they’re both beautiful 😍
    Lovely that you and Lucy spent the day together yesterday. We have a Hobbycraft opening in Bagshot soon, it’s probably a little nearer than the one in Farnborough, so I’ll be checking it out once it opens ☺️
    I’m working this afternoon for a few hours - companionship for a resident who’s live-in carer is on a break. It’ll be nice and relaxing as we’ll be sitting and chatting and drinking tea 😊
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. These Snippets are really pretty I will definitely be trying a version of these - different paint - different stamps …
    I’m glad you got out with Lucy I’ll be interested to see how she gets on with this vinyl I only know it as being able to put it on “special” mugs using a “special” printer
    Enjoy you relaxing day Sonia - it will make a change
    We’re out dancing tonight Our weeks seem to be dancing every day and then rest at the weekends!
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hello, another wet and miserable day.

    Appointment with pharmacist was a complete waste of time, I have to take statins although my cholesterol no is 3.1.

    Love these snippets, love to try them but don’t have many of Tracy’s stamps.
    I have been making an envelope journal today, it’s all stuck together, have the decoration to do. Made from 7x5 envelopes as I seem to have loads of spares.
    Karen hope you enjoy your dancing.
    Have a good evening all, Lilian

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Beautiful cards and I absolutely love the colourful one you did yesterday. Right up my street especially as it’s a great one for the men/boys. Lovely to hear you and Lucy had a nice time together. Cricut is definitely taking over Hobbycraft isn’t it! And the price of vinyl is absolutely outrageous compared to what you would pay for a full roll. Only problem is that it comes in a minimum of 20mtr rolls which is rather a lot for the home hobbyist so you are stuck with having to buy small amounts for ridicules prices. Great that Lucy is enjoying her new hobby xx
    Brenda I hope your test result was good xx
    Maria I hope you are taking it easy xx
    I had a couple of bad days again. Feeling much better now so fingers crossed I am able to go a funeral of a close friends father. Sending love to you all. Take care. Love Sue xx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Beautiful cards Sandra love the colours and techniques you have used. You shopping outing with Lucy sounds lovely, giving you both Mum - Daughter time, I bet Sophie loves the special T-shirt she received for Galentines day.
    Maria hope you had a better day and night than recently. Don’t suffer in silence keep telling your doctors what you are going through.
    Sue I hope you are feeling better and continue to improve and able to go to your friends fathers funeral, your friend will realise that you have made an extra effort to be there, and will really appreciate that. But do remember your health comes first. XX
    Take care everyone. Goodnight love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi my friends
    Wonderful cards both of them. Must try this technique.. Our Hobbycraft is no fun anymore. Not much card making stuff, the knitting and crochet making has taken over. Also other crafts.
    Sorry being late, you probably already in bed. I will go soon too after taken some painkillers which is not working very much. So saying goodnight and sending many hugs to you all. Xxx