Saturday 16 March 2024

Mixed Up Saturday/Fractured Card Technique


The moment you realise your craft supply 

Collection could qualify you to open a shop!!! 

My Mother's Day card from Sophie

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that the sun is shining where you are and that you are all having a relaxing weekend.  Our main job is treating the wood for our raised beds. Then working out where they will all go, I think that will a job for Paul though, I could put a hat on and a high viz vest and go out with my clipboard pretending to be overseeing things! 🤣😂               However if it's raining I will be inside!

Above you can see the hilarious but brilliant digital Mother's Day card that Sophie designed for me, she also made a copy into a card, the colours are brighter on this copy though,  I love how she has included everyone in the family, even Milo & Bella.  Your cards always make me smile Soph, thank you so much xxx

Fractured Card Technique 

I love the design of these cards, they look like you have to sit and measure all the little pieces of patterned paper so that they sit with equal amounts of border between each one, far too tedious to be fun!!  But it's much simpler than that....

I started with my usual card base:  4 1/4  X 5 1/2 inch, I added a piece of 'Flight & Harry" patterned paper 1/4 inch smaller than the card base.               To prepare for 'fractured ' part I added a 2 inch square of white card to my card base, I made sure it was in the centre and stuck it down.

Cut 4 strips of card around 5 inches long & 1/4 inch wide (I cut mine slightly less than that as I thought the looked too thick). Try it and see what you think. 

Now the magic starts 😉, take one of the strips and line it up with the corner of one side of the square,  then take the next piece and repeat on the second side.....

Work your way around the square, making sure you glue the strips enough that there adhere to the edge of the card.

Take your scissors and trim the over hanging strips and there you have your basic Fractured card, all that is needed is the focal point and sentiment...

There you go, see I told you it was much easier than you imagined!

You can use this method and have your card landscape instead of portrait.   You can even use other shapes for the focal point,  a hexagon would need 6 strips,  the basics are exactly the same though.  

Also the style of this card works with this weeks challenge too !! 

Please let me know if you need any further information, my greatest joy comes from helping you.  😊 xxx

Maria's Craft Room

Oh Maria WOW !! Your craft room looks incredible, your desk is lovely,  it has so much storage and is perfectly placed to benefit from the natural light.  Your Billy bookcases look amazing too, I bet you were surprised to discover you had enough stash to fill all of those shelves!! It looks lovely,  if you are anything like me it will take you a while to remember where you put everything 😉                    You waited a long time for your on craft space, I'm sure Christian loves the transformation of his own room, especially knowing how much happiness it brings you. 

Thank you so much for sharing your craft room with us XXX 

I hope you ladies all have a lovely weekend,  

Love and hugs to all of you  

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Love the quote, so true 😉
    Your card from Sophie is fantastic. I love how’s she included you all and the cats ☺️ Another one to treasure.
    Thank you for sharing the card tutorial, it’s fabulous, and nice and easy ☺️
    Maria, your craft room looks lovely. So much space and storage. I have to admit I’m a little jealous ☺️ Enjoy crafting in there.
    A long day at work today, so I’m hoping it goes quickly!
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Uhm! The saying is so so true! Your card from Sophie is amazing She has just captured you all perfectly
    Thank you for the card tutorial I am definitely going to have a go The simplest of ideas are usually the most effective aren’t they
    I am so jealous of your beautiful room Maria I am lucky that I do have my own room but it’s such a mish mash of furniture and very higgledy piggledy that sometimes I just don’t want to go in there
    The grandkids are staying over tonight So I need to sort out their room and clear away a few bits like hide the biscuit barrel and jelly babies which are usually in the living room for my benefit
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    I'm sure if we got together with all our crafting stuff we would have a very nice craft store. How lovely could that be with a little café in the back with Janet running it for us 😉
    Sophie's card for you is fabulous 🥰
    Definitely going to try the card you made. It looked very tricky and it's not so will give it a go 😊
    Thanks for liking my craft room. Yes it taken some years to get there but I'm now happy to sit and craft in there. You right tho Sandra, I forget where I put some things and in time I will move some around, fill the Die folders up again and build up the Inkpad Holder and the Paper storage that still in flat pack on the shelves. Haven't yet moved the stuff in from the garage so the shelves will be filled eventually 🤭😂
    Sonia, hope work wasn't too long for you. Have a nice evening.
    Karen, have a lovely day with the grandsons.
    Lilian, do you notice any difference after stopping taking the meds or is it too soon ?
    Brenda, hoping that you and John are alright.
    Janet, hope to see you in again soon. Take care.
    Sue, hoping that this weekend is good for you and no migraine. Look after yourself.
    Sending many hugs to you all, take care. Maria xxx

  4. Hello, another damp day, heavy fog this morning. Still it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

    That saying is so true, although I can still find things to buy.

    Your card from Sophie is very clever.
    Your explanation of the sample card makes it look easy, will definitely have a go.

    Maria love your fabulous craft room, my room is more of a box room, so every thing tends to get piled on top of everything thing else.
    Goodnight all Lilian