Saturday 30 March 2024

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Today won't be our usual Saturday blog as I spent 80% of yesterday asleep,  I have had a few really rough nights this past couple weeks, yesterday I woke with a headache that developed into what Can only be described as a Migraine, I sat down at the dining table and just felt nauseous,  the bright light from windows felt like stabbing pains in my head, so I ended up in the recliner on the lounge,  all curtains closed, Paul got me my pillow and soft fluffy throw, I just sat and tried to stop my head from hurting,  took paracetamol and I must have nodded off, when I woke I couldn't believe it when told me it 3.50pm !! I must have slept for almost 6 hours, as a result I hadn't prepared today's blog post!  I am sorry about that.  

I wanted to share this lovely photo of Adam & Becca, they were ready to go out for a Fancy dinner with Adam's twin brother Ross and his partner!  
They had a lovely day spending their 30th Birthday  on a Safari,  I can't wait to see those photos!! 

Thats all for me today my lovelies,   I am struggling to think clearly enough to wtite a sentence! 

Sending my love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I admire you for getting the blog up at all I hope the headache has eased Sleep is a great healer - don’t fight it!
    Beautiful photo of Becca and Adam
    I hope to craft today especially after OH goes to Chelsea I need to make a card for Charlie
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Really hope that you are feeling better and the journey won't be too much. Lovely photo of Adam and Rebecca.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend ladies whatever you are doing.
    Going out this morning and then after our little Easter brunch I might do some crafting while OH is watching football on Tv.
    Take care everyone and many hugs to you all xx

  3. Hi everyone
    I hope you’re feeling better today, and the journey to Brixham isn’t too bad. I hope you’re having a nice time, and the weather
    is as nice there as it is here 🥰
    A beautiful photograph of Becca and Adam ☺️ Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Adam and Ross 🥳 It sounds like they celebrated in style ☺️
    Love the quote 🥰
    Hope you’re all having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello my lovely, I am hoping you are starting to feel a little bit better and that your migraine has gone, it’s surprising just how debilitating they are and hard for anyone who hasn’t experienced one just how awful they they leave you feeling. You are going to feel washed out for a day or so. (I used to and couldn’t look at bright lights or colours) you have my sympathy 100%. Don’t push yourself, I’m sure Paul is making sure you don’t. XXX
    Lovely picture of Becca and Adam they are a beautiful couple and look so happy. I hope Adam and Ross had a great birthday, it was certainly a memorable one.
    Sending caring hugs to everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  5. Evening everyone, it’s been dry all day, but unfortunately it’s been raining most of the evening, still managed to get the washing dry outside, which I love.
    Lovely photo of Adam and Becca, they certainly make a glamorous couple.
    Hope your day at Brixham was pleasant, and that your mother in law is well . I’m sure she was pleased to see you.
    I’m feeling rather stuffed, we had chicken thighs, which I roasted in the oven with a mix of herbs and spices. They were very juicy.

    Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow R is playing at church in the morning, have to remember the clocks go forward tonight. Lilian