Saturday 15 April 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

How are we all this cloudy Saturday morning?  What have you all got planned?  We are having a quiet day today but tomorrow we are up at 4am to take Lucy to Stansted Airport for their holiday to Madeira, bless her Lucy wants to be excited but her anxiety is tying her up in knots, once they are there she will be fine.  The weather is going to be lovely and they have done lots of research on things to do around the island, this is Lucy's first holiday without Sophie, which is a bigger 'thing ' than you might think.  However I'm sure they will be face timing each other every day.

I saw Sue's latest magazine a couple weeks ago and loved the free gifts so I treated myself and I am reviewing it for you today. 

Simply Cards & Papercraft

Issue 243

This issue has a great stamp set that features some pretty flower stamps and butterflies they have also included some little background stamps so that you can create a Mixed Media style projects. The other part of the gift is two fantastic stencils that are a great size. There are some lovely inspirational projects inside too.

Nicky Gilbert has got her inks out to create some lovely projects combining the stamps, stencils and free downloads.  I love how she runs the inked up stencils through her machine with the embossing sandwich, it adds extra texture.  I never think to emboss stencils! 

Great step by step instructions to create a custom gift box for chocolate bars!! Make a cheap chocolate bar look a bit more special. 

Mel has designed some lovely gift box ideas, made using the free stamp set.  If any of you want the link to download tue templates for the different gift boxes let me know and I will send it to you. 

I absolutely love the look of these cards, made simply by inking your die cut flowers, the instructions for these are a little confusing but the effect is lovely (you don't really need the instructions), I was reading it out to Sue to see if ut made sense to her but no!! 🤣😂

I love Tracey Rogers style, these cards are a mixture of Mixed Media and Clean & Simple,  using the stencils and stamps. That last card is lovely,  a bit more involved with texture paste and sray inks but its well worth the effort  don't you think?? 

This final article involves using floral dies to create shaped fronts for your cards, something a bit different, quite effective too. 

The stamps and stencils make the magazine a worthwhile buy as I think you would get good use out of them. 


I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. I love the saying I am always getting moaned at - lightheartedly that my room is a mess
    The magazine looks interesting I will look out for it I forget to use stencils let alone emboss with them OH is off to Chelsea later So I will use that time to craft (and not tidy up my craft room)
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning everyone
    Saying good but sadly like Lilian my room is a total mess. I just need to make the one card and it looks like a hurricane have gone trough the room ..
    OH ex is coming over later and OH has gone to football so going to send you my cards for this weeks cc after my shower and a quick breakfast.Not sure what we are doing, sadly the weather is not what it was meant to be today so a lot of coffee and natter instead.
    Have a good day as possible everyone. Cheryl ,Lynda, Michele, Mrs A and Gina and anyone looking in. Hoping you are well and do pop in when you have a minute. Thinking of you all. Many hugs Maria x

  3. Hi everyone
    I love the quote ☺️
    A great magazine review, love the freebies - all very useful. Some interesting articles too. Thank you for sharing 😊
    Working this weekend, but it’s not too busy at the moment.
    The sun has finally come out and it’s warming up. Think it’s forecast to be a good week.
    Hope you’re all having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello, first day sitting in the garden, cloudy at the moment but it’s been lovely.
    Well what an apt saying for me this week, tried to tidy, but keep finding things that I forgot all about.

    Love that magazine, tried to order it but the order would not go through. Will try again as it’s one of the best I’ve seen for a week while.
    Hope you are all having a lovely day, Lilian

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Only true crafters could make these sayings up 🤣
    Sandra I hope the early start tomorrow isn’t too bad for you. I’m sure Lucy will manage to have a lovely time. She and Sophie are so close aren’t they. Being able to talk to each other every day will help though. Please tell her again that I hope her and Flynn have a great time.
    Those instructions in the magazine really were confusing weren’t they! Some lovely cards to make though xx
    It been quite chilly here this evening, the heating has on for a little while to take the chill off. Hope it warms up again soon. Sleep well everyone. I’m tired after a busy but lovely day with Tim, Roz and the girls. Sending hugs. Take care xx