Saturday, 11 December 2021

Mixed Up Saturday including Magazine Review


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

How many of you are putting up your Christmas Decorations this weekend?  We are, Paul is going in the loft today, the girls are so excited, bless them, they decorate their own bedrooms, I think Sophie jas so many lights last year her room could be seen from Mars!   I have ordered a few gifts for family, ready for my sister to take with her next weekend. One of the gifts I ordered contained Alcohol, when the Man came to the door he asked me for ID to prove I was over 21 !!! I asked him if he needed to borrow my glasses, he smiled but I don't think he understood what I was getting at !! 😍😂

Now if that statement above was reality we would all look like Supermodels!! ðŸĪĢ😂ðŸĪŠ

Creative Stamping issue 103 review

My December issue 103 arrived this week, it has some lovely stamps in the Free gift, although I'm not sure that I quite get having a Butterfly mixed with Snowflakes! Is it just me, Butterflies are usually Spring/Summer, I haven't seen one Butterfly in the garden this past few months, but then I guess you don't see Penguins Skiing or eating Icecream but they make fun stamped images ðŸĪĢ😂! There are some lovely techniques and ideas in this issue too.  

This first feature highlights the free paper downloads that come with this Issue (I always forget them).  I really like that Herringbone technique,  it looks so effective,  the paper weaving technique is goid too, actually both great 'Bit Box ' ideas. The last card is pretty too, using stamped flowers, stamp 4 times and bulld up either side of that sentiment banner. 

Some lovely ideas here featuring the Free stamps, using techniques from Emboss Resist with ink smooshing to using a Stamping Platform to create a circular pattern, sone tone on tone Stamping and Masking.  It's  a great mojo boosting idea to revisit some of these techniques. 

This feature is based on using small ink pads to create beautiful, bright and vibrant backgrounds,  I only have a few 'mini stamps' so I don't have the lovely range of colours that she has used but I'm sure we can improvise, the effects are amazing!

All of the Butterflies in collection are used in this article, there are some lovely card ideas that we could use with Butterfly stamps that we already have. 

Stamping over the edge of the card looks so effective there are some great ideas here. I have enlarged the technique she used in case you wanted to have a go.

Butterflies always look lovely on vellum  these cards are no exception,  some lovely inspiration here.

These cards all feature the Snowflake chain stamp, I think adding tiny sparkles into the centres of the snowflakes would look so sweet.

 Lastly we have cards with LOTS of Sparkle, when you think you have added enough glitter...Add more!!!! ðŸĪĢ

There are some lovely ideas in this magazine, I think that maybe it should have been an October issue with so many Christmas ideas, there won't be many people starting their Christmas cards on 2nd week of December!  Some good inspiration though. 


That's all for today my lovelies, I am just organising the photos for tomorrow's Blog,  seems a little sad that it's the last Challenge card blog, end of a Era, I would like to thank you all for supporting the challenge over the last few years, I have thoroughly enjoyed encouraging you all to make cards using different techniques and styles ❤ XXX 

I hope that you all have a fun festive weekend, 

Love and warm hugs 



  1. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA I love today's quote and Iso wish it were

    Thank you for the mag review.
    I still haven't ventured into shops -other than food- so it's a treat to see what's around.

    Another quiet day for me.Jim is going to M&S foodhall so itwill be interesting to see what he buys this week.
    I do give him a list!

    The CAFE is looking festive so pop in for a warm drink.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAYSAFE.xxxx

  2. I love today’s quote and thank you for the magazine review I like the idea of that technique with the bright colours I wonder if I could do something similar In SERIF
    I hope you are not stopping the challenges I only suggested we have a short break over the Christmas period and normal service will resume in the new year
    We probably won’t put up our meagre decorations until next Sunday evening as we are looking after the boys next Saturday
    Take care everyone

  3. Hi all
    Wish that quote was true as well. Craving chocolate and anything crunchy at the moment like a mad woman.
    It's cosy in the cafe' Janet, thanks for looking after it for us! Only wished more people would join us in all the fun we have over the year/s.
    Sorry but haven't been able to make a CC for this week but I hoping that we/I can resume making cards after Christmas. I have a special one to make for SIL but am a bit stumped what to make. Might have a look at our pinterest to get some ideas.
    Thank you Sandra for the magazine review. Not a butterfly in sight for months here either so no it look a bit out but the magazine itself look nice.
    I got two with the post this morning. Craftstash do 20%off if you buy two right now. Anything for saving the pennies.
    Have a nice day everybody and Sonia, hoping work is fine for you today. Take care and warm hugs for you all Xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Oh if only that quote were true 😉😂
    A great magazine review with some lovely articles. Now you all know I love butterflies, but even I’m not sure about them with snowflakes, but I guess it’s something different!
    Oh Sandra, I didn’t realise the challenges were stopping all together, I thought it was just over the Christmas period 😔
    We will be putting up our decorations this evening, will be fun to see how Barney reacts to them - he was a lot smaller last year and not jumping up so much, so we will see…..I’ll let you know if they survive, lol 😂
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Late again, sorry everyone.

    I too wish that saying was true. I hope the challenges will come back in the new year, other wise I will have no excuse to buy new goodies.

    Great magazine review Sandra, must take you ages, very useful for us all to have a peek at yours.

    Back decided it had been good for a few days, so today it has been aching like there’s no tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a good night and manage to get some sleep. Lilian