Wednesday 15 December 2021

Card-io Wreath Card 1

Good Morning Ladies, 

Well ladies I think we must all be jabbed by now, my flu jab was fine, it was our favourite nurse on Duty today, Sophie & Lucy call her 'Cynthia', they love her, which I like as it gives me confidence that they would go to her for anything, she is just a real fun lady, I think it was the giggles when Lucy and I went to see her at the same time, Lucy had her ears syringed and I had my smear test, anyone outside would have wondered what we were doing there was so much laughing,  hopefully it would have taken any worry out of smear tests for the girls.  As she was giving me my Flu jab she asked Paul if he had had his yet, he said that he had his covid booster in 4 days so was waiting till after, I think she would have him jabbed too. She looked exhausted though, she said she was doing her shifts at the surgery and then volunteering at the local hospital giving Covid Boosters!  I asked her for her dates as if the girls no she is there it might help their nerves!!

Today's card is another Card-io card, this time I started with a Wreath stencil, the stamped lots of foliage and 'Tattered Poinsettia's over the top then finished with the 'Warm Christmas Wishes' sentiment and a simple bow and some diamante crystals in the centre's of the poinsettia's.   Tomorrow's card is a different version of this one, using SU colours!

Brenda & Lynda sending you both love and gentle hugs.

Love and hugs to the rest of you too of course,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Hi everyone
    A gorgeous card today, I love the wreath. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s card too 😊
    Glad the flu jab went ok. It’s so much easier when you have a friendly nurse. Years ago, I used to dread seeing one of our nurses at the surgery for an injection/taking blood. Her hands used to shake so much and one time after giving blood, my arm was so bruised as it took her so long to find a vein!
    After work today, I’m hoping to finish the rest of my present shopping and get my cards in the post. Then it will be the task of wrapping them all!
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all with extra for those who need them xxxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful card SANDRA. So delicate and classy.

    Pleased all went well with your flu injection.
    I suppose I'm lucky in that needles have never bothered me and I have to say our Nurses are really good.
    I am booked in for yet another blood test between Christmas and New Year. As I was told by a certain 'gentleman'lol 'it will give me something to do that day'. You can imagine my

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours- so pop in for a cuppa and a chat.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all with extras for Dear Friends who are not up to the mark.

  3. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Sandra. Perfectly round and nice colours used.
    I'm alright with needles thankfully for so many times they have to prick me to get any blood. Never had any problems with getting the flu jab.
    My silly sister who refusing having any vaccine have had been forced to have them because she and some friends have booked for a music event in February and she wouldn't be able to go if not having at least two. Why are people in the UK so against having cards to show you have had the vaccines ? I have had an ID card from the age of 18 and no one ever lifted an eyelid, it was just something you had in Sweden.
    Went for a little walk this morning and then popped in quickly to Waitrose, they had shut the cafe' again so having one now before phoning some old friends that we were neighbours with in Watford when I first came over and then tidying up after written all the cards finished. How I can make such a mess doing that I don't know hihi
    Cheryl, Pat, Michele and Lynda, hoping you are alright and soon have time to pop in for a catch up.
    Have a good day and warm hugs are being sent to you all, xxx

  4. Hello All, another gloomy grey day, can’t wait for spring to come again.

    Sandra, lovely card today, so even, will look forward to seeing tomorrow’s card.

    Finished writing my cards today, the list goes less every year, does anyone think they will bring it further restrictions for Christmas, I do hope not.

    Have a good day all, going to have a tidy up in my room now that I have finished the C cards. I don’t know how I make such a mess. Lilian

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Lovely card Sandra, the wreath creates a beautiful frame for the sentiment . It’s all just beautiful. xx

    So pleased the flu jab went well, your nurse sounds lovely, with such a lovely personality she will have all of her patients queuing at her door. It makes such a difference when medical staff put us at our ease.

    Think I need an early night tonight, today has been hard going, slow and stop sort of day, although we did go shopping this morning, but just walking across the supermarket car park was such an effort.

    Take care everyone, see you tomorrow, Hugs Brenda xxx