Sunday 3 January 2021

Your Original Challenge cards from 2016

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Welcome back to 2016 !!! One thing that is clear from looking at all of your challenge cards from 5 years ago, they haven't dated at all, you could remake the exact same cards today and nobody would be any the wiser! 


Cheryl's first ever challenge card is certainly as fresh today as it was back in 2016, I love the image used and adding the Hot Pink to the black and white was just genius!  I can't wait to see your 2021 version Cheryl XXX


Janet created a beautiful birthday card for this Sketch challenge, I am not sure if this is one of your Dolly Dimples images or not, it's super cute though, I love the bright fresh Spring colours you have used, just what we need right now.  I wonder how your 2021 card will look?! XXX


Karen made two cards for this first Sketch Challenge, two 'Man cards' too which makes them even more special, most of us struggle making one!  Two brilliant card ideas that would be just as perfect today.  Can you upgrade for 2021 ? (not that you need to upgrade).  Maybe a bit of stamping this time??? XXX


I really love Lilian's first Challenge card, that bird standing amongst the foliage creates a wonderful scene, again it makes you think of Spring and all the delights that brings us, I love the soft tones of this card too.  I can't wait to see what you design this time round too Lilian XXX


I think that Lynda has used a 'Bee Bunny' image from Crafters Companion for her Challenge card, matting and layering onto an Embossed background, embellished with beautiful flowers.  This would have made a lovely Valentine card Lynda.  I was always in awe of your amazing cards Lynda, you inspired us all with your amazing designs, you were always one of the first to try new products and techniques too.  Nothing would make my 2021 brighter that to be sharing your cards once again. XXX


Oh Maria, sure a beautiful design, you have used a SW striplet to give interest to the background, using it like a doily was such a fantastic idea and seeing this again now has really inspired me!  I love the clever use of the plant pot with that flower and also your sentiment. I wonder what your 2021 version will look like. XXX


Sue made a super cute birthday card using a really pretty topper, I love the colours you have used, you wouldn't necessarily think about putting them together but they work and also pull out the colours in the topper.  Those beautiful tiny flowers are the perfect embellishment and popping one on the cat's head was a brilliant idea.  I look forward to your 2021 version, my only wish is that you were making it here with me like you usually do !! Hopefully soon XXX

Well ladies, what did you think, not a stamped image or sentiment in sight, this was obviously before the 'Faux misti' days!  I remember the excitement of posting those out to you and wanting you to get that same buzz from stamping that I got.  I have never looked back! 
I am even more excited to see these challenge cards that usual my lovelies!! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    WOW what a way to bring back memories.
    Yes SANDRA it was a Dolly Dimples CD image and I have to say what a good buy that CD was. In fact I have two CDs of those lovely images and still use them today when I get stuck for a really girly card for a little lady.
    I have tried to remember who I did this one for but just cannot bring it to mind.

    Well what a day we had here yesterday. Mid morning the white stuff decided to visit and how it came down. By tea time nothing was moving. We had a really thick covering once again and so it was batten down the hatches.
    The temp must have risen during the night as this morning most of it has gone and fingers crossed it stays away.

    The CAFE is OPEN and of course as it's Sunday lunch menu is roast Pork with Jam Roly Poly for afters. Place you ordeers if you wish.
    HUGS are ontheir way to you all with many many extras for Dear Friends who need those few.

  2. I love seeing everyone’s cards from 5 years ago and they still work today I ham in the middle of making another card for one of the gentleman I did and maybe I can adapt this one for the challenge
    It does include a little bit of ... using DO pads...!
    We went for a long walk yesterday We’ve decided to do the WGC centennial walk but in chunks Part of it was through a small nature reserve and was very boggy under foot But it was lovely seeing a part of WGC that we didn’t know very much about
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    So lovely to see your original challenge cards.

    It’s white here this morning but it’s more frost than snow.


  4. Morning ladies,

    WOW! I would not have believed my card was 5 years ago!
    My ribbon bit box is now as it was then, not much has been used as I keep forgetting about it.
    A lovely trip down memory lane ladies, your cards are still as beautiful, I wonder how many of the recipients have kept them?

    Rain, rain and more rain kept me from hanging my washing out on the line. The sunshine did not last at all and the sky is a pale grey today with not a drop of frost. Never mind, onto the rack they will go, although I might hang out the towels later one if the wind picks up a bit.

    May the rest of your day become kinder to you especially if you are not so good health wise.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely trip down memory lane Sandra. Lovely cards you all made then and still do.
    Yes please to roast pork Janet . Haven’t had roll poly for years so yes please to that as well. Quite dull here today and it’s been raining. Must take the car for a spin as the batteries been playing up,
    Take care & stay safe.

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies,
    well just look at the cards we made. Don't think they have changed much at all , they are all lovely except one I still cringe when I see them and that's mine Lol
    Rained a bit this morning but still got out for our walk, will try to keep it up every day weather permitting. No good walking if it's pouring.
    Lunch sound very nice so I see you around for that, if it only was true. How much fun we would have. Sadly it hasn't gone down at all but up, what is people thinking having big parties together when we still god covid around,i---ts!

    Have a nice day everyone and help yourself to some hugs by the door, there are some extra ones for Margaret, Lynda and Michele. Take care and stay safe. Maria xx

  7. Hello, all sunny here, but white with frost this morning.

    Great to see all the cards from the first one, mine was a stamped image, still love that little stamp from stamping up.

    Been ironing all morning, takes so much longer sitting down. Not much else going on, hoping you are having a good day. Hugs Lilian.

  8. Hi everyone
    Love seeing your cards from 5 years ago, they’re beautiful.
    Love the sketch challenge for this week too, looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.
    Sorry I didn’t comment yesterday, I popped in first thing then got distracted! Realised late last night I hadn’t commented.
    Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. And what a special day it is seeing all of the original challenge cards. Those of you that have joined in most weeks have made around 260 cards just for this challenge. Sandra that means you have obviously made lots more as you often do several per challenge to inspire us. Here’s to many more years please my lovely. And sitting with you making them will be a massive highlight for me. Let’s hope it’s sooner than we think. Grandson Chris’s school have just announced along with nine other schools in Swindon that they are to stay shut for at least this week. I hope they keep all schools / colleges et. shut except for key workers children. Let’s wait and see.
    Brenda, sending love to you all x
    Sending love and hugs to you everyone xxxxx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies
    Some lovely cards of five years ago. They could all be used today.
    BRENDA SO sorry your bad news
    Really pleased that nobody was hurt and the fire didn't get in door's.

    We didn't have any snow just rain & more rain.
    LILIAN I also do the ironing
    Sitting down as can't stand up by myself. It's a lot slower and harder.
    Wishing you all a good evening
    Evening Love & Hug's Lynda xx xx