Wednesday 13 January 2021

Cheryl's Sketch Challenge Card


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

I feel that I have to mention the day in the welcome these days, purely so I know which day I'm on so I don't miss things like announcing next Challenge etc.                                                                                     Anyway welcome my lovelies, how are you all?   Did anyone start any new health plans or diets ? We are intending to eat healthier, after we have eaten the last of the Christmas goodies, we don't have chocolate or sweets, its things like Christmas cake, nuts some mince pies, more nuts and crisps, I finished the twiglets yesterday!  Our food is healthy enough, its just the snacks that need to go. 

Today's Card is Cheryl's sketch challenge card, the 2021 version has a more subtle colour palette than Cheryl's original challenge card from 2016, it is equally amazing though.                                                Cheryl has designed the card around that beautiful robin topper that Cheryl had cut from a Christmas card that she received this year, I always look at the cards I receive and work out the best bits to keep but never get around to actually sitting and doing it. Its such a great idea though, I have seen people use old Christmas cards to make Gift Tags with for next year.                                                                        Cheryl found some card that works beautifully with the colours in the robin topper and worked her magic, now this card would work equally well as a Bithday card or even get well card for someone that loves birds, lets face it who doesn't love seeing robins in their garden throughout the year.           Cheryl thank you so much for taking part in the Challenge and for sharing your card with us and inspiring us to recycle our Christmas cards XXX

We had another damp and deary day here yesterday, I am so looking forward to some Spring sunshine,  do you all remember how warm it was in March and April last year?  I wonder if it will be the same this year, fingers crossed 🤞 🤔 

I hope that you all have a good day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-what a lovely card & such a great idea.

    Sandra- we got a lot of. Chocolate & biscuits this year. Some were gifts but some Phil put in the trolley when we went shopping as he has a very sweet tooth. Most of the year he’s fine but goes mad at Christmas so now we’re trying to eat things up. We eat very healthily for our meals but it’s the snacks & wine that’s our problem.can’t wait for it to start getting lighter in the evenings and we can start going for a walk once I get home from work.


  2. Your card is beautiful CHERYL love the soft colours
    My resolution to eat more healthily went out of the window on about the 2nd of January My diet isn’t bad but it could be a lot lot better!
    Finished creating a monster last night Will start some more crochet tonight I would love to get my sewing machine out but my “office” now occupies my sewing table
    Take care all xx

  3. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A lovely card Cheryl. Thanks for sharing. Don’t you just love robins.
    It’s also dull and dreary here today. Fingers crossed I will be able to go for a walk. I’m not a wet weather walker. I also don’t do to bad food wise. I also eat lots of fruit. However, I had lots of chocolate for Christmas as well so that needs to be eaten.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone
    Beautiful card by our Cheryl. Hope you are doing alright.
    Dreadful weather but took us for a walk as we didn't go yesterday. Think we got rid of all the sweet stuff but I also love my bread so will have to rein it in a lot. Doing a facetime with my parents soon so best get another mug of tea in beforehand.
    Have a good day everyone, warm hugs to all xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Cheryl, great way to recycle Christmas cards. Must go through ours again. We are still receiving Christmas cards we had three more yesterday one had been posted on the 16th of December. maybe they will be the last ones to arrive .

    Miserable day here today, this morning John went and did a supermarket shop, I stayed home and got on with housework and washing, it’s all done so after lunch I can disappear into my craft room and try to carry on where I left off yesterday.

    Look after yourself and your loved ones, sending virtual hugs to everyone.
    Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi everyone
    Gorgeous card Cheryl, love the little robin.
    Sorry I’m late. Another busy day! I am struggling too this week with the days - keep thinking it’s a day ahead than what it actually is, even though I’m working!
    My diet is terrible, doesn’t help that mealtimes in our house are a nightmare. Used to love cooking but I absolutely hate it now. Still got loads of chocs and biscuits from Christmas, and even with a sweet tooth I’m not fussed about having them - the boys will get through it all though 😂 I go through phases of trying to eat healthy, but then just end up going back to eating rubbish.
    Hope you’ve all had a good day. Hugs to all xxx