Thursday 14 January 2021

Dragonfly Challenge card number 3


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope you are all staying safe and well and locked away from the world.
I am currently 100% Bed bound, something has happened to me knee, it has been niggling for a few days but got 100 times worse over Tuesday night into Wednesday, I can't bare to touch my toes to the ground and my knee and lower thigh are massively swollen. So we will see  what today brings, covid cases at our Hospital doubled last week so I really want to avoid going there. 

Onto today's card, I had the most enjoyable afternoon on Monday playing with inks, spritzing them, watercolour washing then, heat embossing, I did a bit of stamping too, the set I used is called 'Awesomely Artistic' (I wish I was) lol, 🤣😂

I was quite pleased with background, so I thought I would adorn it with a majestic Dragonfly, his bottom (detailed) layer I stamped and embossed, the top layer I die cut and added a swish of glitter pen to enhance his beauty. 
I hope you like it my lovelies, 

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-lovely card, the background colours are great. I think you need to phone your GP rather than risk going near a hospital. I’d avoid hospitals if possible-things are getting scary to be honest. It’s worse than the first time we were full due to Covid.
    I was too tired yesterday evening to continue with my challenge card-started it on Monday then got a message with the date of my uncle’s funeral, then my cousins wife was sending old photos so I got upset and didn’t feel like crafting.


  2. I love the card SANDRA The background is lovely and would suit al sorts of toppers
    Please please please ring your GP and fingers crossed it’s “something and nothing”
    I am so engrossed with my crochet at the moment It’s so easy to pick up and put down If the light brightens up here - it’s so so dull I will try and make another cc
    Take care everyone and stay safe xx

    1. Hi Karen. I spoke to my friend Beryl yesterday and was telling her about my crochet hat. She apparently can crochet although not done any for quite awhile. So when we can meet up again she can give me a starter lesson and watch me while I’m doing it.

  3. Morning ladies.
    Love the card Sandra, great background.
    Call your surgery today Sandra, hopefully you can get some help. I have one myself tomorrow morning, had to wait a few days because I wanted a doctor that I like.
    Raining so no walk this morning, if it stops we might do one later. Right now trying to get some oomph to get going for this weeks cc, have started but not sure if using.
    Sending many hugs for you all and hope your day is good, Maria xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies.
    A lovely card today.
    I do hope you ring your surgery Sandra. You should get it sorted out sooner rather than later. Take your own advice.
    It’s rather dull here today and it’s been raining. Other to that not much going on. I’m waiting for Groovi class 8 to arrive and also a class from Hazel. I have a card ready to mount, but can’t raise the enthusiasm at the moment.
    Take care and stay safe,

  5. Hi everyone
    Fabulous card, love your background and the beautiful dragonfly.
    I hope you’re not suffering as much with your knee now, and you managed to get some sleep last night xx
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lovely your dragonfly card Sandra, the background you have created is gorgeous it would be suitable for almost any occasion.

    Hope your day has been less painful than yesterday, have you rung your GP ? Don’t leave it to long and just suffer in silence,

    Take care everyone, Love Brenda xxx