Saturday 2 January 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I have to say that today feels like a Monday to me, not sure if that's because of the really relaxed family day we had yesterday or because we had a Roast Beef dinner, once again I am back into confusion as to which day is what !!  

I should be ok now as I have put a Calendar up, we bought one of the local garden club's charity Calendars, it has lovely scenes from around the village, so hopefully I should be able to keep track of what day is what, I daren't open it before today as my Mum had always warned us that it was 'Bad Luck' to open an calendar before the new year started.  Her other big superstition was taking your decorations down before 12th Night, you should also never burn Christmas greenery (holly, trees etc).                         Are any of you Superstitious or do you follow superstitions that your parents and grandparents followed?!

Now I know that 'Sketch' challenges aren't your favourite kind but there is a reason that I set this as our 1st Challenge of 2021, on Monday it will be 5 years to the day that I set the First Ever Blog Challenge and this very Sketch was our first one, so I thought it would be fun to set it again five years later to see how differently you interpret the sketch, back then most of us (well virtually all of us didn't stamp at all) we were mostly using dies to create cards, now we all use both so that will change how we look at this sketch. I am thinking of using a bold sentiment in that top rectangle, but that may change when I sit down to play.  I can't wait to see what you all create.

Just for fun I am going to post the cards that those of you that were taking part in the challenges back then designed, that will be tomorrows post, it might just inspire you all too. 

I would say that I hope that you all enjoy the weekend, but this past week has been like one long weekend for some of us. Either way I hope that those of you that have worked can enjoy a long weekend, the rest of us can continue to relax, I am hoping to do some crafting today and to start to categorise my stamps.  

Sending love and hugs to all of you, gentle ones on route to Brenda, Lynda and Margaret ,




  1. Good morning all
    Great idea for the challenge I cannot believe I have been visiting your blog for over 5 years! How times and the world have changed
    You’re right I certainly didn’t do any stamping back then It was always printing and die cutting
    I do the same re calendars They cannot go up until the new year starts I have a new one on my craft desk but these days I rely on my phone
    Have a good day Take care xx

  2. Morning ladies,

    Brilliant idea to recycle the sketch from your first blog Sandra, I wonder what inspirational cards we will all make.

    Gorgeous sunshine and white wispy clouds today so time to get the clothes washed and hung out on the line for that fresh outdoors aroma. I do love that smell, can't beat it.

    That dreaded word has reared it's head today and the bathroom needs a spruce up so does the hall and stairs. Although I've put the vacuum around I cannot find the small head for the little K9 to do the stair treads. Where it has disappeared too is anybody's guess. I do not think Pod, Homily and Arriety would need just one part of the vacuum haha

    Right off to an early start then afternoon crafting to start my challenge card.

    Get well wishes to all in pain and discomfort.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Hello, still very cold here, ice still around from yesterday. Washing out , not sure it will dry though think it’s too cold.

    Great to have a challenge again, not ventured in my craft room since before Christmas. Doesn’t seem like 5yrs since we started these, will definitely have to get myself in the mood.

    Have a good day all, Lilian

  4. Happy New Year to you all. What a great idea to revisit the original challenge Sandra. I know I was definitely a non stamper as you were too. Back then we used to spend so much time wasting paper/card trying to get just one decent sentiment stamped didn’t we 😏 Thank goodness for stamping platforms which are used as much if not more on iur cards these days 😊 It will be very interesting to see the cards we made back then. I am a bit superstitious so the Christmas decorations have to be down by 12th night. Haven’t heard the one about not burning holly etc that has been used as decorations though. You already know that each year I say I am going to make a Christmas card each week but it has yet to happen! Maybe just to get the ball rolling I should make up some of the magazine freebie Christmas card kits from Hunkydory and Kanban that I have several of? But I am happy to do whatever you want. I hope you all continue to stay safe and well. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum, Brenda and all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Sandra I can’t believe it’s five years since you started the blog challenge, where has the time gone? I has to take a peep at what everyone was making back then, they all look good.

    My mum would never hang a new calendar before the first of January, I do exactly the same. Not heard the one about burning holly.

    We are totally confused about what day it is, yesterday morning I asked John what day is it today, is it Saturday? he replied “yes it is” then picking up some change said I’ll go over to Tesco and get a newspaper (he only buys one on Saturday) he returned a few minutes later grinning and said they only had Fridays papers outside so i went inside and asked Jackie (one of the cashiers) where are the Saturday papers you have still got Fridays on display!! Think it made her day, he said she laughed out loud.

    Have a good day ladies, Love Brenda xxx

  6. Afternoon everyone.
    Don't ask me what day it is ladies for it's all muddled at the moment Lol did John go for his paper this morning ?

    I love to see what a disaster I made on the first CC you made for us Sandra. Thinking cap is on for this one.
    I'm still with "make a x-mas card a week" yes, I know it didn't work once again but hoping to do better this year.....
    Woke to a lovely sunny day and only +1c so we had a nice walk this morning. Spoke to my mum, she was a bit low and the rain and dark days they got as no snow yet makes the day long. A Carry on film is on Tv and a hot mug of tea is next to me and I'm going to make some crystal art while listening to it. Hoping you all have a nice day, love and hugs for you all xxx

    1. Yes Maria he got his newspaper this morning!!!