Thursday, 22 December 2022

Monochrome Floral Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping?  I think we are mostly done, we went food shopping yesterday when Paul got home, we will have to pop out Friday morning and get the last of the fridge bits, fresh bread etc.  Paul had extra leave to use up, plus a couple extra days from Airbus, so he has finished now until 3rd January, that's actually like a Christmas gift to me 🎁🥰

Are you all having family come to you or are you going to stay with family at the weekend??  We are at home, just Myself, Paul and the girls, Matt is cooking Christmas dinner for himself and Alex, Alex only gets Christmas day and Boxing day off, so it's important for them to spend it together.  Becca & Adam are hosting Christmas Dinner for a fully booked Restaurant,  after which they are travelling down to Lymington to Adam's Parents for a couple days, they will call in and see us on their way home.  It will seem very quiet after last weekend but we are looking forward to a more relaxed day, we had everyone with us last year on Christmas Day so we have earnt a quiet one. !!! 

Today's card I sat and finished yesterday,  I started along with  a couple of other projects on Monday while waiting for the GP to call, I just couldn't concentrate on one thing!                                               I die cut a piece of the Cottage Rose Dsp using the matching die set, I love that it has monochrome pages included, after die-cutting the Dsp I used the same die to cut some funky foam and the black card that would create the main focus of my card.  I adhered the die cut flowers and stems to the funky foam, this really raised the detailed flowers from the backing,  I simply had to fit the pieces back into their correct aperture on the card front.  I finished the card with a simple sentiment.   I think it looks quite effective. I included a side shot so that you could see the depth.

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    I love your card today. The flowers look stunning and especially mounted on the foam 😍
    Lovely that you have Paul home with you now right through to New Year 😊
    Fortunately Mark did the last of our food shopping last night, as he’s tested positive today! There were a couple of little extra bits I was going to get the boys, but nothing important.
    So we’ll be having a quiet Christmas. Mark’s mum and aunt were meant to be coming, but we’ll have to try and have a ‘second’ Christmas when we’re all clear.
    I hope you’re all keeping well.
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Your card is beautiful Take care Sonia I hope both you and Mark aren’t poorly for too long
    There’s about 11 of us at my daughter’s which we are all contributing towards It will be easier to if the boys want a nap during the day It will be chaos BUT…
    Take care everyone

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely card Sandra. What funk foam have you used ? Nice for you to now have Paul at home until after the new year.
    We are still planning to got to my SIL oldest daughter, her husband is making a beautiful ham and the younger daughter is bringing the turkey. We usually give them a food voucher to help out. Went out this morning for some bits and it was hard to get hold of eggs and prawns. A 6 pack of egg cost us £3.50! at Waitrose, rip off prices.
    So sorry to hear you got the covid Sonia. Get better asap and have a nice weekend together with the boys.
    Karen, hope you are getting there and will have a nice weekend with the grand boys.
    Lilian, well done for losing some weight. As a big person myself I have been told to lose weight if I want a hop op in the future but find it very hard, forget it until the new year then I will join you for the challenge. Hopefully card making will keep us busy to think of food.
    Sue, hope the shopping with Pop went well and you are alright,(no migraines around) take care.
    Sending many warm hugs to you all and hoping to hear from our missing friends again in the new year. Take care all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. What a beautiful card, I love it. The funky foam gives it such depth. I must try and remember to try that xx
    We are at home with Gem, RJ, Gemma and Chris jnr for Christmas Day. Boxing Day is a quiet one then everyone is here on the 27th so that will be the usual mad house.
    Sonia, I hope both you and Mark are feeling better by the big day xx
    Karen, fingers crossed the boys will snuggle up at least for a rest. We still usually put the Stickman or The Gruffulo on after lunch which usually gives all of us, including the adults a rest if not a sleep 😂xx
    I wanted to get the last bits and pieces finished at home today but not getting much done! Thinking of you all. Take care xx