Friday, 30 December 2022

Maria's Lovely Christmas Card


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Did you do anything exciting yesterday?  I have definitely picked up this bug from Lucy,  she went into work yesterday and absolutely regretted it as coughing has made her ribs feel really bruised, she couldn't stop coughing all day either, she says that people look at you like you have covid as you are constantly coughing!  It makes you ache like you have never ached before! 

I got up and dressed early on but ended up just laying on the bed reading all morning,  Paul did too, we sat and started our first jigsaw, we got three this year, Paul bought me one as my mum always bought us one and it became a tradition, he wanted the tradition to carry on, so did my sister, Matt also bought us all one that looks virtually impossible,  its all of the Marvel characters, the other two are 'Wasjig' puzzles that don't actually show you the picture you need to create, they are fun though and quite funny!   

Today's card is the lovely card that I received from Our Maria,  I love it, the main colour is of course my favourite colour,  the red and narrow green rows give the look of tartan when they are all combined.  The sentiment and Holly at the bottom corners finish the card perfectly.

Thank you Maria for such a lovely Christmas card XXX 

I will restart the Challenges next Friday,  so enjoy the next week off ! 

Sending my love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    MARIA - a beautiful festive card.

    I cannot believe that it's my last 'swear' word of this year today. I know that the older we get the quicker the years fly by but this one has deinitely had skates on.
    Mr Tesco delivered yesterday so by the end of today I really will be confused -nothing new really lol.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all with LOADS AND LOADS OF EXTRAS FOR ALL DEAR FRIENDS NOT FEELING TOO WELL. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Great card MARIA You can really get some lovely effects with those weaving dies and that sentiment looks like the one everyone was hankering after It is pretty
    I have a blood test and chest CT scan this afternoon at two different hospitals! I hope both you and Lucy recover from this bug soon Mine definitely turned into a bacterial infection
    This morning we’re looking after the boys which I am so looking forward to
    We’re supposed to be going to Birmingham later but OH is going to try and change the hotel to Saturday and Sunday instead of today and Saturday
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Maria, I love your card. The weaving and traditional festive colours make for a beautiful Christmas card 😍
    I had a lazy day yesterday, not that I could do much anyway. I did manage to place a Tesco order for delivery this evening. Still testing positive, and this morning’s line is more prominent than yesterday’s 🙁
    I hope you and Lucy start to feel better soon. There’s so many bugs going around at the moment as well as covid. Take it easy xx
    Janet, I agree, this year has flown by! Hope you can relax after doing the ‘swear’ word xx
    Karen, have fun with the boys. I hope you get on ok this afternoon. Enjoy your weekend away. Are you dancing your way into 2023?
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Glad you like the card Sandra.
    The postal strikes have really made a mess of things tho. At this rate we be seeing cards dropping in way in to the new year. So far I have received Janet's and Sonia's, thank you both .
    Get well soon to anyone who are not feeling to goo good. Hope your appointments goes alright Brenda and Karen.
    Take care and many hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. What a lovely card from Maria. It looks almost tartan like and that sentiment is beautiful.
    And what a fantastic picture Sophie has drawn. Another absolute treasure. I’m sure you shed some tears of joy and pride. I hope you get lots more relaxing time doing your jigsaws. I have a new Wasjig one waiting to be started. They are fun to do aren’t they. I hope the side effects from the antibiotics don’t get any worse my lovely xx
    Sonia, I’m glad you are feeling better each day and get no line’s showing tomorrow xx
    Karen. How annoying you have to move between two hospitals for your appointments. Hope they go well though xx
    Janet, how is Jim doing now? I hope the antibiotics are starting to take effect xx
    Whatever you do today have a good one. Love and hugs. Take care xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Maria I love the card you made for Sandra, it has a Scottish look about it - think it’s the green and red weaving, what a brilliant idea.
    Sandra I hope both you and Lucy will soon start feeling better, I’m sure the new jigsaw will take your mind off this bug - if only for a short while. Take care my lovely. xx
    Sending hugs to everyone, love Brenda xxx