Wednesday 21 December 2022

Karen's Gorgeous Gnomes Card


Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all having a good day,  I also hope that those of you feeling under the weather are starting to feel stronger and better xxx

My day was super busy yesterday!  So today will be a 'take it easy' day!  Lucy and I went into Swindon town centre, my goodness me that place is depressing,  its mostly haunting dark concrete shops that are boarded up or abandoned, there are only a fraction of the shops there used to be, we could only get a space in a multi storey car park, the first space was on the third floor, so we got out and ready and made our way to the lift area, what a waste of time, we called a member of staff over and he just shrugged and said "no its not working " so we set off walking down the exit ramps, they are a huge hill !  We heard someone calling us and it was an attendant,  he wanted to apologise as he hadn't realised I was on a wheelchair,  I told him that 'it was frustrating but okay' I told him that he should check the lifts and leave a HUGE notice as csrs drived in, warming them that the lift wasn't working!  

We managed to get a few last minute gifts while we were out, so it wasn't all bad! 

Today's card collection were made by our Karen,

Karen's Description:

My family of gnomes The 2 on the right are ones I did at the Daisy B workshop and the 2 on the right are kits I bought and decorated at home

Oh Karen those Gnomes are just so gorgeous, I love  every part of them, there is so much detail from those adorable beards too, your boys will love them Karen ❤️ 

That's it for today, I hope you have a productive day,

Love and hugs to all of you 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. Well done on getting your shopping finished. Parts of Oxford look just as sad, seems most places are the same these days. I’m thinking of you my lovely and hoping you aren’t feeling extra rough xx
    Karen your gnomes are great fun. I love them. Are they going to stay out all year or only come out each Christmas? I hope you are feeling better today xx
    Shopping with Pop today and expecting to have to queue at the checkouts with those who buy enough food to last a month or more! Have a good day. Take care xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your gnomes Karen, they’re fantastic 😊
    Our town is the same, a lot of empty shops! Very sad 😔
    Good luck Sue, I always dread the big Christmas food shop. In some ways having covid has been a bit of a blessing in disguise! I’ve managed to get a last minute food delivery for tonight from Tesco, which just leaves Mark to go to M&S to get our ‘treats’ ☺️
    Hope you all have a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Morning everyone
    Love the gnomes by our Karen, real cute family.
    Mk's shopping centre is not too bad but some shops that I really liked have gone over the years. Jewellery shops have we got plenty of and also a bit of Harrods has turned up. Have not been in it.
    After yesterdays outing and other things finished off I am just having a quiet day infront of the tv. Body feel shattered. Wishing you all a nice day as possible and anyone poorly take care and get better soon. Many hugs xxx

  4. Hello everyone, it’s a dry day, shortest day today, thank goodness, I hate these short days.

    Karen , your gnomes are super cute, it reminded me that I have some gnome stamps .

    I must admit our nearest nice shopping town is Truro which still has some nice independent shop, although some of shops are closing joules being the latest.

    Great big hugs to all and thankyou for your lovely cards. I was late posting so you will probably get them for Easter! Lilian

  5. I have to say that I was late posting too. We have only had a few cards so far. I think a lot of people decided not to send them at all this year, because of strikes and stamp costs.

  6. Late again! Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on my gnomes I really enjoyed making them and using different mediums to decorate them
    Lots of big name shops have gone from our town centre - M&S Debenhams Dorothy Perkins Top Shop We don’t have any shoe shops any more
    It’s all charity shops, estate agents and restaurants
    Take care everyone xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Karen your gnomes are so cute - who couldn’t help but love them.
    We have only had a few Christmas cards to date, the post is way behind, as Lillian said you will be lucky if you see my card before Easter! My message to you all is thinking of you and hoping you have a lovely Christmas. xx
    Take care everyone, sending big hug’s to you all, Brenda xxx