Monday 5 December 2022

A sparkly start to the week!


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all relaxed after the weekend,  how many of you have got your tree and decorations up? We will do ours next weekend so that they are up ready for when my Sisters come over the following weekend.  We have another inspection this week, Paul got an email on Saturday stating that they are coming on Thursday,  oh, they say don't worry if you aren’t home we will let ourselves in and look around !! Which I think is wrong, they shouldn't expect to go poking around our home without us being present.  I usually stress about these things wanting to go into full military 'march-out' mode, but it's our home at the end of the day, so it is what it is!!  (Will I still be this 'chilled' come Thursday)???  Watch this space! 

Janet, where did you get Rabbit, do you have a Traditional Butcher that sells Game?? Proper butchers seem to be few and far between these days.  I thought you were hoping to go back to Marigny after Christmas, I'm sorry you have to wait for Spring,  I guess it makes sense to make sure that Jim is fully recovered before taking on that long drive. I hope your Rabbit pie was delicious,  I don't know whether I would be brave enough to try it?  

Now here are the answers for Saturdays quiz...








The only person that got it 100% correct was Our Maria!  Well done Maria, the rest of you weren't far off.  I have say that I was so flattered to you thought that Sonia's stubbing card was one if mine, I would love to make cards to Our Sonia's standard XXX

Today's card I made on Friday using a border die that I have had for a few years, I have no idea where it's from,  part of me thinks its a 'China die', having said that it cuts beautifully.  I used it to cut some 'Mint Macaron' glitter card, I cut the border twice and placed them back to back, I put a narrow piece of card along the join as the white ribbon I wanted to use was quite thin,  I placed a piece of rhe white ribbon,  then a piece of Mint Macaron ribbon, finishing with a piece of the same glitter card that I cut with my Kool Katz Ribbon die, I stamped the sentiment in matching ink and die cut and layered onto a piece of the glitter card.  to finish the card I tied a double bow in the white ribbon and topped that with a Mint Macaron bow and finished it with a tiny snowflake die cut in the same glitter card. It will certainly sparkle on the mantlepiece!  

I hope that you all have a great day my lovelies, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning From a very wet and dark Sheffield.
    SANDRA- in answer to your question re Rabbit. Jim tries to get to Sheffield Market towards the week-end and buys fish/game etc.
    We cannot get toMarigny after Christmas as Jim has to have a hospital appointment at the end of January for a check up after his stay in the other week. We are now looking towards beginning of March -fingers crossed; when the weather should be better etc etc.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Pretty card SANDRA Uing a border die centre stage is a great idea
    I did not have a clue about the cards I barely recognised my own! Well done MARIA
    I don’t know when we will put out tree up Probably Christmas Eve at this rate!
    I think OH is coming down with a cold etc I hope it doesn’t develop into a chest infection
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love your sparkly card today 😊
    Please don’t go stressing over the inspection on Thursday. As you say it’s your home and they should take it as they find it ☺️
    Well done Maria on guessing all of the cards 😀 Sandra, your cards are stunning and they’re up there with the best of the best 😊
    Hope you’re all having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Gorgeous card Sandra and in a pretty colour . Your cards are always stunning.
    Don't worry about Thursday day, it is your home and definitely they should not go in by themselves. I got the tree 🎄 up😊 Have not put everything up this year but wanted to have something for it feels so cosy indoors when it's so horrible outside and hasn't gone cold ? Only went to Frost this morning and met some friends for a coffee. While OH is watching the football now I am going upstairs to make a card or two, fingers crossed.
    Have a nice day and wrap up warm If going out today. Many hugs to you all 🤗 xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    I love todays card, it is so pretty and definitely a mantelpiece card. Your cards are always that type my lovely xx
    Brenda, it was fantastic to see your challenge cards yesterday. And you use those crazy birds to make such wonderful cards. I hope you can manage to craft just a little each week xx
    Everyone’s cards were all wonderful and make me want to go back and use the older dies more often. Maybe that could be a regular challenge?
    We will be putting the tree up and Chris will put the lights on it (he wont stop until they looks perfect) in the next few days then the grands will decorate it on Saturday. After it is done then we will all move onto the usual Christmas baking
    (which is late this year due to illness of one or another) and house decorating so by the end of the weekend the house will be looking bright and cheerful, thank goodness.
    Wishing you all a good evening. I’m not feeling so bright so bed is calling me. Sending hugs and hoping you take care xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I just love today’s card, it oozes classy style, it will certainly be one to stand out in the crowd and of course it’s one of my favourite colours.
    Well done Maria for getting all of the cards right.
    We haven’t got our Christmas tree out of the loft yet, John did ask should he bring it down? I said leave it until next week. I have since remembered he is having his second cataract operation on Friday so think maybe it he was right to suggest we put it up this week!
    Sandra stay calm and don’t let yourself get worked up about the inspection, after all it’s your home and you live there, they are only making sure you haven’t made any structural changes.
    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx