Sunday 27 February 2022

Your Colour Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

What a gloriously sunny day we had yesterday, my goodness it helps lift the spirits, which I really needed, a culmination of events really got me down yesterday.   I do think we all have those days, we can only absorb so much sadness,  having a good old cry really does help.  I had a terrible morning,  firstly I couldn't (and still have not found the card I made for our Janet) I had put it somewhere safe and it turns out it was so safe that it's still secure!  I was upset that I had to send a card that I hadn't made specifically for Janet. Anyway as I was tidying up the mess I made turning my craft room upside down looking for said card, I leaned forward to pick up a box and full force cracked my head on the corner 'pointy' part of a wooden shelf, well Ladies that is all it took to open the floodgates,  I pretty much bawled for the rest of the day, my heart was so bad that my fingers were tingly/numb.  (I will add that a very upset daughter was part of my emotional day too, not just Janet's card) lol.
It doesn't seem possible that we only lost Paul's Dad last Saturday too, so much sadness 😢   

We just popped and did some food shopping and then went home to finally sort the devastation in the garden.  

Your Colour Combination Challenge Projects 


Lilian has shared this lovely Blue  & Green ( my favourite) card.  The background Lilian created using a stencil and oxides  painted over. That pretty flower Lilian has decoupaged,  giving the look of incredible dimension. Having that single flower allows that stunning background to share the limelight!!  
Such a lovely card Lilian,  thank you so much for sharing it with us XXX


Janet's Description:

Here are my offerings for this week.
Both pieces were created for my first 'Art Journal' I made a couple of years ago.
The size of the journal is 8x8.

For my first offering
I cannot remember where I bought the embellishments from but the lace etc was from my stash. This is the first page of the journal.
It fits the Challenge and colour is Brown and Cream.

My second offering
is from Clarity of course. and the colour is Green,Peach and Yellow

Janet thank you so much for sharing two beautiful pieces from your Journal. That vintage mixed media page is just incredible,  so much texture and detail.  Then you have the stunningly simple Groovi page, no frills yet equally as beautiful.  
Thanks again my lovely XXX 


Maria's Description: 

My cc colours for this week are Cerise/ Pink and Brown and the other one is
Turquoise/ Lilac.

Maria thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge x I really love the cerise & Brown,  it makes me think about Raspberry & Chocolate mousse.  How effective are those twisted squares on your second card !!? I love this layout, thank you so much for the inspiration my lovely XXX 


Karen's Description:

I did this black and white card over the weekend for a Salsa friend using a La Blanche Die.

Here’s another cc for this week - complimentary colours orange/blue
A pixie powder background a la SANDRA Burnt Orange and Lave Red and a SueW die cut in white and (cobalt) blue The stamp is one MARIA gave me.

Two fabulous cards for this weeks challenge Karen, thank you so much for taking part. I really love that Tango image, you can't beat a classic monochrome card fot style.  Now that 'Happy' die shouts American Varsity style, My Sophie would love it, great for Man cards too, I love your Pixie powder background too so colourful!  Thanks again Karen XXX 


Sonia has shared two beautiful cards for our favourite colour combination challenge. Both are stunning,  you are 100% Queen of Kraft Card !! .The first DL shaped card is perfect with the die cut corners and the beautiful filigree butterflies as finishing touches. It's those extra details that make Sonia's catds special,  little things that you don't notice at first, like the perfect pierced edge down either side of the cream card and the perfectly placed sentiment.   
Look at that incredible embossing on the second card, wow! So detailed ( you must use Gordon's magic spray Sonia 🤣) ! 😉😜!!  Seriously though having such a beautiful embossed background you need nothing more than a simple embellishment. 
Sonia your Kraft Cards are an inspiration to us all.
Thank you so very much XXX 


Ladies thank you so much once again for so much amazing inspiration,  I really appreciate you all sharing your designs and ideas every week, inspiring me and each other ❤

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday,  

I would like to send special hugs to our Brenda & Lynda, I hope you are both relaxing and recuperating,  love 😘 and hugs 🤗 xxx

Love and hugs to you all, 



  1. I really feel for you SANDRA You really have had a horrendous time of it lately
    The cards on display are beautiful and yes SONIA you really are the queen of Kraft Out of all of the butterfly dies on the market that Tim Holtz one has got to be the best
    OH is off to football today So we’re going to Morrisons for brunch! It is good and it’s cheap! It means I won’t have to cook for myself
    Take care everyone Big hugs Especially to BRENDA and LYNDA xxx

  2. Good morning everyone
    All great cards on display in the cafe' today. Beautiful work everyone.
    After the week you had Sandra it's no wonder you cried. Sometimes it is good to have a good cry than bottle everything up. Hope your head is fine.
    Going to Lidl this morning for a look around, well I look at everything while OH just want to go in and out.
    The storms gone and the sun is out but very cold for it's frost on the grass, might have a little walk later.
    Sending hugs to you all, extra big ones for anyone who need some and special ones for our Lynda and Brenda xxx

  3. Morning Everyone
    Love the cards on the board which are full of inspiration. Just what's needed to start my Sunday along with a good cup of coffee.

    OH SANDRA what a day you had but something always has to 'give' after so much sadness and it's usually just a small event which opens the doors. I hope your head is OK this morning and that you can get out into the garden. Your card arrived yesterday so don't panic and I know it will be beautiful. I know it's yours because of the post label and of course I haven't opened it.

    Well we're out to lunch today YEHH. It's the first time for a couple of years so it's going to be strange to say the least. Best part of course as KAREN says NO COOKING today.

    HUGS for you ALL with loads and loads of extra for Dear Friends who are in need.

  4. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards on display today, they are all beautiful 😍
    Oh Sandra, all it takes is one little thing and then everything comes flooding out. You’ve had so much happen over the last week, so don’t worry about letting it all out, there’s only so much you can take. Hope your head is ok now 🥰
    Another lovely day, although still a bit breezy, but it makes such a difference to see the sunshine. We watched Luke play football yesterday afternoon, taking Barney too. He enjoyed an extra walk along the canal before the game started, with lots of new sniffs and dogs to meet 🐶☺️
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs and thinking of you all 🥰 xxx

  5. Hello all, dry but very cold here today.

    Sandra sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, if can manage some time outside I think you will feel better. Just remember it’s good to share, you can’t carry everybody’s troubles on your shoulders. Good to have a good cry. Hope the head is not too sore.

    What a lovely display of cards today, it always amazes me how we all produce such different cards using the same theme.

    Not sure what I’ll be doing today, l would hope to have a look at this weeks challenge, it depends on my back.
    Have a lovely Sunday all, hugs for everyone, especially those that aren’t too good at the moment. Lilian