Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Dry Embossed Background Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

Goodness me it was cold yesterday,  I don't think I was warm all day,  the sun was shining but the wind kept the temperature down all day.  Hopefully it will be warmer today.

We actually bought an electric blanket in Aldi on Saturday,  its a dual side control one which is perfect as Paul likes to get into a cold bed,  I change bedding on a Sunday anyway so I put it straight on when we got back, then laid on it to see if I could feel it, which I could, only because its a double and our bed is a king, so there is a ridge where if finishes, I am like "the Princess and the Pea" in so far as I can't even bare a wrinkle in my sheet, so I was in a dilemma.  So my solution is...I will put it in the bed when I get out in the morning,  on top of the sheet, I will put it on an hour or so before we go to bed,  then just before we get into bed I will take it out, it worked on Sunday night, infact I said to Paul that it had earned half of its £20 cost on the first night,  it was like a warm hug!!  

Did any of you watch Call the Midwife on Sunday?  Omg it was so sad, I cried like a baby, after that we watched a documentary telling the stories of some of the Survivors of the Holocaust, it doesn't matter how many times you hear their stories it still shocks you to the core that a Human could inflict such evil onto another Human. I feel we owe it to those who want to tell us how they found the strength to survive to listen to their story. I bought a book called "Lily's Promise ", she is the oldest survivor of the Holocaust (I believe) she has written a book about How she survived the Holocaust, I saw an interview with her, she said that she wanted the world to know everything about the Holocaust in the hope that nothing like it ever happened again.  If any of you would like to read it after me,  I will gladly post it to you. xxx

Today's card was inspired buy the latest copy of Die Cutting Essentials magazine.

I dry embossed the background using the leaf dies that were free with the magazine,  

It's hard to show the embossing  but you can see a little of it.  I matted this onto a DL card blank and them started to add the embellishments.  I used one of the Alcohol ink backgrounds that I made with Sue last Thursday,  it was a perfect colour for leaves so I die cut the 'Happy' using a Julie Hickey die, cutting the background of the Happy in white and added foam pads and placed onto the embossed card, I then stamped the 'Birthday Wishes ' which is a Phil Martin stamp, in 'Verdant' Versafine Clair ink and cut it out and adhered it under the 'Happy'. I used the same Alcohol ink piece to die cut a selection of the leaves and atranged them above and below the sentiment. The alcoholic ink piece is actually glossy card so shines when it catches the light. I finished the card with some little glossy stickers.  I think that this would be a great Man Card.

I hope that you all have a lovely day, keep warm and safe my lovely friends.

Love and huge snuggles,



  1. Morning Everyone
    A beautiful card this morning Sandra.

    I have yet to even think about my CC for this week.
    It's a subject that really takes me out of my comfort zone but hopefully something will happen.

    I had a phone call yesterday morning telling me that a Surveyor has been assigned to our claim for the roof damage and that they will be telephoning sometime this week to make arrangements to visit.
    I have to say that I am really on the edge. We continued to have high winds Sunday night with heavy rain.
    I'm hoping that the call will come sooner than later.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours-
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

    1. Fingers crossed they sort it soon Janet

    2. Hoping you be fine and nothing else happens in the meantime, everything crossed for you xx

    3. Janet i hope you don’t have to wait long for the Survivors phone call. Thame care xxx

  2. Lovely card I am going to do a dry embossed page later I need to remind myself what the sandwich is for a stencil I can then write it down in my journal!
    We went dancing last night It is so encouraging that this particular crowd are willing to do LFT’s still
    Off to work now Take care everyone x

  3. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card today. The dry embossed background looks fabulous and your alcohol ink leaves look lovely 😊
    I’ve never watched Call the Midwife, sounds like it was very emotional xx
    I started watching The Teacher last night with Sheridan Smith, which was good. It’s on each night up to Thursday, so at least we don’t have to wait a week for the next episode. I much prefer to be able to watch a series in one go if I can, and quite often download it to watch at my leisure.
    Janet, fingers crossed you hear from the surveyor soon, and they get it sorted quickly.
    Hope work goes ok Karen.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Like the way you have made the backgrounds so hopefully I can make something after sending this off wishing you all a nice day and to Karen and anyone else who are working to take t and stay safe.
    SIL cancelled their visit to see us today for she got an appointment to have a knee replacement on Friday yay, NO, it got cancelled !! So now they are coming but tomorrow instead as I'm out this afternoon ☺️ She really need that op but when ? Just hoping she doesn't have to wait long.
    Sending extra hugs for you and Paul. Also for our Lilian, Brenda and Lynda and anyone else who might need some. Have a nice day everyone, many hugs. Xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and Ladies,

    Great card today. Love the dry embossing and the colour of the Alcohol ink background you used for the leaves. This card would work for any occasion.

    Call the Midwife is one of my favourite programs. Definitely a must for Sunday evenings. I think all of the cast are brilliant in portraying the characters. last Sunday’s episode was brilliant - and I managed not to cry !!

    Feel a bit yucky today so I’m having a snuggle up day in my lovely Teddy blanket (John got for me in Dunelm)

    Hope everyone is feeling OK special hugs for Lynda and Lilian also anyone else who my be feeling under the weather.

    Take care and stay safe and warm. xxx

  6. Hello, damp here again today, the weather forecast says it’s warmer, but I’m still freezing.

    Sandra love your card, haven’t tried that technique for years. Spent to day finishing my jigsaw.

    Heard from the Dr today , have an appointment next Monday, to check my breathing, hope it’s not the same Dr I spoke to a couple of weeks ago, his answer was “he really didn’t know what to do”.

    Hope you are all keeping well, it seems as though this omicron is everywhere. My grandson had it last week, but none of the rest of the family.

    Sleep well , Lilian