Saturday, 19 February 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I spent the whole of yesterday thinking about all of you and hoping that you all remained safe and didn't experience too much damage from Eunice !!  We weren't that lucky we lost our Glass House/Summer House that we propagate all of our seeds and young plants in, it was in poor shape as it's been in the garden for many years and had no wood treatment or anything, it must be about30 years old, it lost one panel, then I heard an almighty crash and the whole front of it was flapping in the wind, our back fence is all but down too, its flapping like a bed sheet on a washing line.  The roof of Paul's building at work blew off again, this is the third time, the daft thing is that the building is only about 5 years old, all of the ancient Raf buildings are standing strong!  We had a few trees down, the Thames as burst it's banks too which is no surprise.  We ended the afternoon with a big hail storm.  The main thing is that we all are safe and thats really the only thing that matters.

I have a magazine review for you today and after that I have shared my Crafty shopping!

Creative Stamping Magazine Review 

Issue 105

I really like the Free stamps with this issue, they will work well with s Stampin Up set I have that is similar, the little 'Happy Birthday' Die with a Bonus shelf Die is by Hunkydory .  There are some great ideas in this issue and funnily enough there is a technique page on Shaving Foam projects, I only bought some Shaving Foam a couple weeks ago so hopefully it will inspire me to have a go.  I have been keeping it for when Sue comes over as those techniques are fun to do with a friend.

This first page shows some great inspiration for using the free Shelf die to make some 3D Designs, I really like the Tunnel card.

This feature shares the 'Shaving Foam Technique with you, she shows you how to use a stencil with your Shaving foam technique to achieve a Marbled Background, I have never thought of using stencils for this technique.

Who would of thought of using Kitchen Roll to Tie-Dye and use as a background??!  There are some other used there for bottled inks too.

Here we have some great ideas for using your free stamps to create Home Decor items, I love the Plant Lady notebook, it would be perfect for a gardener, I also love the plant pot!

Sarah Gray encourages you to dig into your Stencil stash to create some Retro Backgrounds to use with the free stamps.

A little feature showing you some fun ideas for the Lightbulb stamps that come in the free stamp set. Some of these would make great man cards.

Finally this designer has created some simple cards using the free stamps, some are just inked and spritzed with water, no line colouring is another technique, the last one explains how to use masking to create a different look.

I hope that you find some inspiration in this review.  Happy Crafting.

My Craft Shopping 

I bought these things from Amazon after watching a Tim Holtz tutorial, I was using a straw to blow my alcohol inks around my paper but Tim explained that they contain Cellulose so you don't want to be inhaling that, so I bought his Ink Blower, I also bought the little lift off ink refill for some different techniques and the tiny needle top bottles were super cheap, I got 10 in a pack , they will be good for adding drops of Blending solution or Rubbing Alcohol, so watch this space, I hope to play this weekend.

These items I bought in Hazel Eaton's shop sale, apart from the Lisa Horton embossing folder, which I have wanted for a while.  The Julie Hickey 'Thinking of you' die was £3 and it's a great size, that Woodware stamp will be good for Art journaling as will those Sizzix sentiments, they were both less than half price.  The Alloy Alcohol inks were not in the sale but after seeing them demonstrated I couldn't wait to play with them.  I also feel really good about supporting a little craft shop.

Now these aren't craft related but I think that they are a genius idea, the are little resealable pouches to put your herbs and spices in, I have loads of jars of herbs spices and spice blends in m pantry, I bought a Lazy Susan thing but there are too many and if you move it too quick they all fall over!! These will all fit in a little basket as they are quite flat even when filled. I have a few crates and boxes to start reorganising, I just need to summon the enthusiasm now!!! 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend my lovely friends,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    I have everything crossed that I can cross that all of you are safe and if you have suffered damage that it is not too bad.
    It was horrendous here the afternoon being the worst.
    We have more damage to the roof -ridge tiles etc-.Thank goodness the roofers covered some on Thursday. The scaffolders came early after lunch and put some scaffolding to the front of the house but had to stop as it was just too dangerous to carry on. They are coming back Monday to complete the job -front and back- and then the plan is to start on the roof Tuesday.
    I have to admit I was a 'wreck' by the end of the day.
    I cannot believe the change this morning. It is so still not a leaf moving and no rain.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE GREAT CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-sorry to hear about your greenhouse. That’s something I always worry about too.

    We don’t seem to have any damage here but it’s still very breezy and we have more warnings for Sunday + Monday.

    I’m off to the village for food shopping then will settle down in front of YouTube.

    Hope everyone is safe after the last 2 storms.


    1. Lovely to hear from you MICHELE Take care xx

    2. Nice to hear from you, hope you’re ok xxx

  3. Some lovely crafty buys SANDRA and thank you for the magazine review Luckily we don’t appear to have any damage Such a shame that you have lost your greenhouse and some fencing Like you say - nobody has been injured
    Take care everyone xx Thinking of you Brenda xx

  4. Hi everyone
    I really hope you are all safe and if you have to go out driving that you take care.
    Hoping the weather gets better for you up North and the wind at least will stop.
    Nice to see you in Michele, hope you are alright and you can do some crafting again. Miss seeing your cards.
    So sorry to hear about your greenhouse Sandra. Be careful when clearing it up and hopefully the cats be ok. Sending you extra hugs today and also to our Brenda. Lynda, hope you are alright and Lilian, try to rest up after your visitors and be careful with your back.
    Love and hugs from a very wet,cold and wind is picking up but nothing like yesterday thankfully. Many hugs to you all xxx

    1. Lovely shopping Sandra and thank you for the magazine review , some nice thing in there to try xx

  5. Hi everyone
    I love the quote 🥰
    A great magazine review, I’ll have to try the shaving foam technique - it’s something I’ve never used before. Love the look of the free stamps too, a great set to add to your collection 😊
    Janet, I was thinking of you yesterday with the bad weather. Fingers crossed they get it repaired for you soon xx
    Sandra, sad to hear about your greenhouse and fence. And the roof of Pauls work building! Just goes to show things aren’t made to last these days….was shocking to see the roof of the o2 flying off as well 😯
    Hope everyone else didn’t suffer too much damage, if any.
    Lilian, hope everything is ok down your way xx
    Oh I love your shopping Sandra, the stamps look fabulous, very versatile. I have alcohol ink alloys on my wish list as I’m not getting on well with the mixatives I have, so I’m excited to see your creations with them 😊
    Thinking of you all and sending hugs xxx