Sunday, 29 July 2018

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all enjoying the slightly cooler weather, it is a huge relief, we had some much needed rain too, you could almost here the plants sigh with relief!!  Mind you this little bit of moisture means the lawn will be twice its current height by Monday, the only think that has grown in this dry spell is the Clovers, we have loads of them, in fact, frustratingly all weeds seem to thrive in a drought, flood, or anything Mother Nature tests us with. Why haven't scientists used their cells etc to grow plants that are as resistant?!

Now let's see your incredible Challenge cards...…….


Cheryl has made a beautiful Birthday card for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge, Cheryl had used such a pretty combination of delicate shades of yellow with intricate dies to create this card, it uses Categories:  Yellow/Rectangle/Scallop
Thank you so much Cheryl for taking part and inspiring us with this beautiful card.



Janet has made Three absolutely stunning challenge cards this week, all completely different.  Janet has also managed the extra Challenge of making one Christmas and one everyday card for the same challenge.
I will add Janet's description below:

"My cards are made as follows:-

1. I used the middle section of TONIC Nordic Christmas Envelope and used categories: Blue/1 layer/Rectangle.

2. I used Crafter's Companion ' Snowdrift' die and for the sentiment a die I bought from The Works made by M&C boutique.

and used  Categories: Blue/1layer/bow

3. I used TONIC Square Flourish Die Set and used  Categories: yellow/blue/butterfly"

Thank you so much Janet for three stunning cards and for writing descriptions for each one, it makes writing the blog post so much faster.  You also makes me want to buy loads of Tonic dies!!! 



Karen has made two cards for this weeks challenge, one pretty butterfly card, Karen's second card is a very special card that Karen made for her son Gary, I feel so honoured that you shared it with us Karen.  I love that cute little monkey in a party hat!
Now onto Karen's description.....

1. Here’s a cc, I’ve gone for  Categories:  Blue/ Butterfly /Bow (or twine)
It’s a variation of a SW inspired card but have used JL’s butterflies instead

2. Here’s another card for challenge As you can see it’s our birthday card to Gary
It’s all been created in Serif His role at the zoo was looking after the primates -I have had rejected baby squirrel monkeys living in my airing cupboard! We were also bought a star after he died Alan has written a poem for the reverse and I will laminate it to put on his grave on Saturday
So my Tic Tac Toe uses Categories:
blue/one layer/rectangle   (Not a straight line but does have 3 of the elements)

Thank you my lovely, not only for making time to make your challenge cards but for sharing such a special card with us.


Just zoom in and look at the amount of work that has gone into making this card, it is exquisitely stitched around the whole applique, in a beautiful delicate yellow thread, Lilian that paper/card you have used is so lovely, is it a linen card?, it has such a lovely textured look.
Lilian has used Categories:  Yellow/Stitching/Rectangle

You never fail to inspire me Lilian, your cards are always something special.



  Maria has used Sue Wilson's Weaving dies to create the background for this fantastic Challenge card, I love the combination of colours that you have used Maria, that luxurious touch of gold adds that 'special' touch.
Maria used Categories; Blue/Stitching/Bow

Thank you so much Maria for such a lovely challenge card, I hope that the slightly cooler weather brings your creativity back my lovely.



Look how bright and summery Lorraine's TicTacToe challenge card is, my goodness you couldn't help smiling when you opened this beautiful card, I reckon it would make your chin glow like buttercups used to when you were a child, did any of you do that? (hold a buttercup under your chin and if you it glowed you liked butter)!
Lorraine just like Victoria has made all of the decorative papers for her card, using the 'Perennial Birthday' stamp set (Stampin'Up!)

Lorraine used Categories:  Yellow/Stitched/Rectangle

Thank you so much Lorraine, you must have been feeling exhausted after your Chemotherapy, so I feel honoured that you pushed yourself to make a card for our challenge. I hope you get to rest up and regain some strength today my lovely.


Lynda has made two cards for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge, the first features a gorgeous image of a Robin on a branch, such a lovely image that Lynda has framed perfectly with that Scalloped detail background.  
Lynda has used Categories: Blue/Twine/Scallop 
to create an amazing Christmas card, I love how you have let that stunning image be the main focus of the card Lynda, it really needs to stand out and not be swamped with embellishments.

Lynda's second card is a 'Just Because' card, there is no better card to receive than one you weren't expecting, it brings such a smile to your day! Lynda has used John Lockwood's Butterflies for this card, the cool blue tones work so well together.

Lynda used Categories: Butterfly/Blue/Twine

Thank you so much Lynda for taking part in this weeks challenge, your cards are amazing.


Michele has added her usual touch of magic to a CDrom card, that Seahorse is so cute, the colour scheme you have used is lovely too. You would never believe that this card is One Layer!
Michele used Categories:  Blue/Scallops/One Layer

Thank you so much my lovely for taking part.


Val has used a super cure Forever Friends bear topper for the focal element of her Challenge card this week. Embellishing it with some pretty foil die cuts, beautiful butterflies and a gorgeous Bow.
Val used Categories: Blue/Butterfly/Bow
Thank you so much Val for creating such a lovely challenge card, I'm so pleased I got it in time to add this week. 


Victoria has made an amazing Birthday card for this weeks 'Tic Tac Toe Challenge, she has used the 'Beautiful Bouquet' Stamp set to create all of the decorative papers that she has used to make this card.
Victoria used Categories: Blue/Rectangle/Twine 
I think it's amazing to be able to create a beautifully decorated card from nothing more than plain card, using some stamps and ink and matching card stock.  You have really inspired me Victoria, thank you much.

Such a varied selection of cards for this week's TicTacToe Challenge, you are all such amazing card makers, we all use so many different techniques and materials, from stamping to stitching and decoupage to die cutting to achieve the same goal. Even though you make cards for our challenges every single week you still manage to come up with fresh and fabulous card designs.
Thank you all, so very much. XXX

Have a lovely Sunday ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a difference this morning to the weather we have been having. It's raining and it feels very much cooler. It looks
    as though it's been raining all night too.

    OH what a bumper bundle of CCs we have this week so many that the extra boards have had to be brought out to display them.
    Again all so very different and beautiful. They give so much inspiration.

    PAT- have you been able to watch much of ethe 'Tour'. We have managed most days. It lovely to see two British riders on the podium today and both from the British team SKY.

    The CAFE is open and lunch today is roast beef.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Have a good Sunday.xxxx

    1. Lovely cards Janet. I can always tell yours even if your name wasn't on them. You have such a distinctive style.
      Can I put my name down for roast beef please. Haven't had a Sunday lunch for ages. Also could you send a bit of rain over here please. I'm not greedy, just an hour would do!!!
      By the way the EF you were asking about during the week is called Bone and Paw Print and its Crafts-Too.
      Enjoy your day.x

    2. Hi Janet
      Great cards from you this week and as Val said you can always tell which are your cards.
      Yes, we’ve been watching the Tour de France. Who’d have thought that Geraint Thomas would win with Chris Froome coming third.
      We’re only watching the highlights which I’ve recorded. I must say I don’t like the new format of talking to teams after a break, and watching Chris Boardman on his bike 🚲 going over part of the course. I’d rather see more of the cycling. Pete can’t stay awake long enough to watch the full race.

  2. Morning Ladies

    What an absolutely amazing selection of challenge cards today. All so very different but all beautiful.

    My card was indeed from a CD-ROM, Ella’s Design although I’m not sure which one. For each design you print enough to make a Decoupage Card and a one layer version. I have to admit this was one I’d made a while ago as I’m just not feeling the love for making cards right now.
    I didn’t really sort out my craft room yesterday as hubby decided we’d do some gardening instead while it was fine. We just finished when it started raining then thundering so we timed it just right. Housework this morning then maybe I’ll head up to my craft room.


  3. Morning everyone.
    No wonder a extra board had to come out Janet, just look at all the amazing cards today. Well done ladies !
    Lorraine- Hi, hope you feeling better. Nice to see you in when you can.
    Pat- sending extra hugs for you and Pete x
    We had rain last night and some this morning but I still feel it a bit muggy. Going over quickly to check on the pets in their hutches so it all ok, the wind was pretty strong in the night otherwise it will be a slow day.
    Wishing you all a good Sunday, many hugs xxx

  4. Before I forget I just want to say thank you all for your kind comments and hugs yesterday They were very gratefully received
    After visiting the zoo first thing - before it got too busy we went to see Oscar who immediately brightens our day hHome for lunch and then we all went back to the zoo and spent the rest of the day with Oscar coming home about 10.30 pm
    Today’s cards are amazing The challenge really helped me decide on Gary’s as I always include a lemur and it needs to be flat so that it can be laminated Aren’t JL’s butterflies great to use LYNDA I know I will be using them time and time again
    I hope LORRAINE is getting back to par
    MARIA I hope your sunburn is healing and big hugs on the way for you, your mum and dad
    I hope PETE is feeling better today
    We have rain Yay! And lots of it It was very windy yesterday It’s calmer today
    Take care all xx

    1. Thank you Karen. Big hugs to you and family xx

  5. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Gosh what a change in the weather it's very dull & with a very strong wind.
    Any way the beautiful Challenge cards have defently brightened up the day they are all gorgeous. Thank you Sandra for for what must take you ages each week putting our cc on the blog every Sunday your a star.✨.
    KAREN I love John Lockwood's butterfly's they cut so easily I am thinking of getting the smaller ones too.
    Well I have ironing to do this morning so pleased for the cooler weather. I hope to get in craft room too as I have to make my SIL birthday card.
    Better get ironing otherwise I will talk myself out of doing it 🤣🤣
    Have a good Sunday & Hug's all round
    Love Lynda xx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    What a fantastic array of cards today. It amazes me how each one is totally different every week.
    Karen a wonderful card for Gary. I’m glad that Oscar joined you and you spent the day at the zoo.
    Thank you ladies for the hugs, there very much appreciated. Pete doesn’t seem to be so bad today, but it’s very worrying this fluctuating of his health. He still feels bad but not so awful if that makes sense.
    I managed to persuade him to start taking his pain killers again as he has a very painful back around where his kidneys are and a painful left shoulder. Hopefully the scans will show what’s causing this. ( hopefully not his cancer spreading again ).
    We’re off to lunch in a bit, not to the Garden Centre at Yarnton but the Red Lion in Yarnton itself. We had lunch there last week. The Garden Centre now has a Carvery and other things. However, you now have to help yourself. But the queues last week were so long. One person was manning the till and doing drinks. So by the time you’d waited to pay your hot food would be cold.

  7. Meant to say we had a few spots of rain yesterday but it was very windy. We had torrential rain through the night and I think it’s just about stopped now. However, it’s still windy. It blew Pete’s Angel Trumoet over yesterday and a pot with a very large begonia in it. Hope this one published as I’d already posted on here and replied to Janet which I was amazed at.

  8. Margaret Palmer29 July 2018 at 14:19

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra a super set of CC again today I love tic tack toe as you never know what is going to turn up. I agree with you that Lilian's is a stunner , well done. Who knows I may be able to join in this week as I am getting stronger each
    Pat sorry Pete is still feeling poorly, hope he & you enjoy your lunch, I don't think you will be sitting by the canal today we have had quite a lot of
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Yes we did enjoy lunch today. Pete said he quite enjoyed his and managed to eat quite a bit. Lovely to see him smiling instead of a look of pain on his face. Jill, Bets daughter FaceTimed us from Bets today. She noticed that Pete’s face was looking thinner. I’m buying different things to try and tempt his appetite to not much avail though.

  9. Sandra thank you for spending your time putting all of our projects onto your blog page. I can't thank you enough for putting mine up after I got it finished. There are so many different cards to look at with so much inspiration for us crafters to use in our own projects. I love reading your blogs every day Sandra and would hate to not have it. Sending love and best wishes to all of the crafters out there. :O) xx

    1. Hi Lorraine
      Lovely to see you in today. Hope your feeling a bit better today.

  10. Hi everyone,
    I commented after Janets comment this morning but it seems to have vanished!
    Wonderful selection today ladies Each one beautiful and inspirational. Special thanks for Karen for sharing her special card with us.x

    PAT sorry Pete's not good at the moment. Hope the pain killers help and you were both able to enjoy your lunch.

    Well I worked for 5 hours tidying my craft room today. Its still not finished but its so much better than it was. I can actually see the top of my desk now lol. Feeling so tired now. Just had a shower and going to watch a bit of tele then I think its an early night.
    I'm off out on a coach trip tomorrow just for the day with my friend Pippa. Were going to two places, Polop and Guadalest. Its an early start so won't be calling in tomorrow.

    Love to all.
    MARIA hope dads op goes well tomorrow.x

    1. Enjoy your trip tomorrow, and yes we enjoyed our lunch today.

    2. Thank you Val. Have a lovely outing, hope it's not too hot for you xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. A fabulous selection of cc's to inspire us all. I just love coming into the blog each day and seeing what you have made Sandra. Thankbyou for all if the time you spend on this wonderful blog my lovely. And of course all of you other ladies have my thanks for sharing your gorgeous cards. I am still struggling to find my mojo but have to get Pops birthday card finished for Tuesday so I will at last have a card for you Sandra. I'm hoping once I get it finished mojo will be firmly back in residence!
    Karen, thank you so much for sharing Gary's card with us. It doesn't look as if it is only one layer, the shading gives great depth, and such a cute birthday Lemur. It must have been so interesting having various primates in your home. Where there ever any mishaps or escapes? I'm so glad you had a good time at the zoo and with Oscar on Gary's birthday. I love the simplicity of your second card, JLs butterflies are beautiful x
    Lilian, WOW, what a fantastic piece of embroidery, and used to make such a special card. I'm sure whoever receives it will treasure it. Your second card is another beauty too x
    Janet, I see two wonderful Christmas cards, I love the dies you have used. The third card is missing from my phone screen but I know it will be another gorgeous one X
    Maria, a beautiful card in a lovely colour combination. Wishing your Dad good luck for his op tomorrow and sending you big hugs X
    Lynda, I just love that robin on your Christmas card and the way you have framed him with those pretty scallops and the butterflies are so pretty funny off of your second card X
    Val, such a cute card, i love it. I hope you get some of the rain we have at the moment. It is really windy here and actually feels a bit chilly after such high temps recently! X
    Cheryl, I love the yellows you have used on this pretty card and what lovely sentiments too x
    Lorraine, a beautiful card. I love the different layers you have used topped by that pretty daisy.
    And to answer Sandras question... yes we did do the "do you like butter" test with buttercups as children, as did our children and now the grandchildren do the same 😊 I hope you are having a good day x
    Mum, I hope you have enjoyed getting Pops card coloured and constructed. Love you xxxx
    Victoria. I love the shades of blue used on your lovely card x
    Michele, what a pretty card with a sweet little seahorse. It's hard to believe that this is only a one layer card CD ROM made as it has great depth X
    We have had lots of rain in the last two days and it is still really windy here. I have long sleeves and pj bottoms on today as I feel quite chilly! I know we need the rain but once again the temperature has changed so quickly hasn't it! I hope you all have had a good day. We have been very lazy but I have to get the ironing done before getting g on with Pops card. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Thank you Sue. Hope you got good news from your doc. when you saw him. hugs xx

  12. Hi All, two days of rain and very high winds, have large pots of hydrangeas and they were blown over, also also gladiolis blown down, thought we were going to keep them up this year.

    What a fabulous array of cards, I didn’t make the second one under my name, whoever made it it’s lovely.

    Sandra hope you haven’t had so many episodes today, mine have been bad today, but I suppose I’m getting used to them. Have to say a big thank you for all the time you spend on doing the blog each day, I’m sure it takes so much of your time.

    Going to pack the dish washer now, then shower and bed, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Beautiful card Lilian. Perhaps the other one is Janet's as she made three. So many wonderful cards every day and yours are always stunning. Have a better day tomorrow and hope the plants are ok. hugs xx