Wednesday 15 May 2024

Another Distress ink/Oxide card


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

An exciting/ nervous day today, Lucy and I are off to try a new Hairdresser for colour & cut  ✂️.  We are both really nervous as its someone completely new, although it has great reviews and it was recommended to us too, so please everyone keep your fingers & toes crossed for us, otherwise I will be panic buying a hat !!  (Or a wig) ! 

We had a bit of a game of spot the pharmacy yesterday,  Soph had notification from her gp app to say her prescription was ready at pharmacy,  luckily our pharmacy is only about 3 miles away,  however when we got there it turns out her Pill isn't available!  The lovely chap checked for alternatives that she could have instead but the two original brand names are discontinued!  We checked a few other pharmacys but they had nothing,  so I called the surgery and Explained situation to the pharmacist and she got the nurse to prescribe her something different, which she did within the hour, so off we went again !!  I will say that our GP have this brilliant feature,  its called 'The Pod'  I went in with Soph on Friday,  they have a Blood Pressure machine that you put your arm in and it automatically does your Blood pressure and pulse, its linked straight to the computer,  then you weigh yourself,  which is also linked to the computer,  you then fill in some lifestyle questions and that's it,  the info goes through to nurse and she prescribes your medication!  It took about 8 minutes and no appointment necessary! 

For today's card I used another one of my Distress Oxide and Distress ink smooshed backgrounds. I decided to use my Bold Sayings stamps, I kind of want all that background detail to be the star of the show.  I stamped the sentiment in Black ink and added clear embossing powder to make that sentiment stand out a bit more.  I sometimes find stamping on Oxide causes the black ink to go dull a bit, adding the clear embossing prevents that. 

A closer look at that lovely smooshed background, those darker dots are the Distrss ink on top of the dried Oxide.  (Both Picked Raspberry) 

I hope that you all have a good day,

Lilian I hope the new antibiotics have started to work and that you are starting to feel better xxx

Janet I hope that you are feeling better too xxx

Loven& hugs to all,

Sandra xxx


  1. These backgrounds you are doing look beautiful- as good as any designer papers
    Good luck today - there are some beautiful wigs on the market these days 🤣 No seriously I hope the visit to this new hairdresser goes well Might prove expensive but it will be worth it
    I need to do some paperwork today and hopefully a bit of crafting
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Hoping you all have a good day and if in pain that it's not too bad today.
    Love this background for this card Sandra, it's a gorgeous colour. Good luck with the new hairdresser, you both will look amazing, everything crossed.
    Went first this morning to feed and water Pippa the cat then came home to do some crafting. Did a bobo with my crystal art last night by putting a magazine on the sticky part,oh I could have cried for it got stuck down real proper right away. Tried my best to remove the paper but have lost the stickyness in some parts, . Hopefully I can use normal glue to stick the drills down. Also doing some card crafting.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Another great card. I love your backgrounds and the bold sentiments work so well together. Your new hair cut and colour looks lovely. Thank goodness for that, you can relax now. Great service from your GP’s and local pharmacy too xx
    Brenda, Lilian and Janet, sending you all gentle hugs xx
    Maria, sad to hear that you had a mishap with your magazine. If you had wanted it to stick it wouldn’t have! The drills are just the same as the peals you use on your cards so use that glue. Can’t see why it would be any different xx
    I’m really struggling at the moment with my joints especially my fingers so not done anything much. Have a good night. Take care. Love Sue xx