Monday 27 July 2020

My first TicTacToe Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend  ourd was a mixed bag but I'm grateful for the time spent with Paul (you gotta find the positives). 
We went food shopping yesterday, it felt more comfortable seeing everyone wearing a mask rather than feeling like you had two heads as everyone looked at you because you were the only one wearing one, the girls have both insisted on wearing from the outset regardless of what others thought, Paul came home on Friday with a pack of two masks that everyone in the office received so they are wondering if they are going to insist on them being worn at work, that would be a nightmare all day, the other thought was that they might be ending the split shifts and having the office full to capacity again, I really hope thats not the case as it more make the whole situation so much more of a risk.  We'll see I guess.

Today's card is my first one for this weeks TicTacToe challenge, I used categories:  Die cut or Punch/Green/Stripes.
I used the Concorde & Ninth Stamp set that I bought a few weeks ago, taking the Stiped one and stamping it multiple times in different shades of Green Distress Oxide inks. I matted this background piece onto a black mat, then onto a white card base. 
I have an old Spellbinders Die set with matching stamps, I used the 'Friend' die to cut two layers, I then adhered them together and pushed the front piece into a Versamark ink pad and them covered with clear embossing powder, I repeated this twice which gives a lovely glossy finish to the die cuts. I then stamped one of the matching stamps to finish the sentiment.
I wanted to keep this card fairly clean and simple so I used my Chinese Rose flower dies to create a simple rolled rose, I coloured the card with matching Distress Oxide before cutting, I rolled three roses and added two leaves in slightly darker shade.
I arranged these in the bottom left hand corner.
I really like how if turned out, it has quite a modern look I think.  I hope that you like it too!

I hope that the weather is kind to you all today,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Beautiful card Sandra, really lovely.

    Yesterday was breezy but dry , the sun came out in the afternoon so I sat outside reading. We have torrential rain here today.
    I’m much more reassured going into shops now everyone is wearing a mask but I’m trying to minimise the amount of time I’m in any shops as it just adds to me having to wear a mask and believe me-8hours plus at work is not nice.

    Good luck with your phone call today Sandra.


  2. Lovely card SANDRA I love the stripey effect from the stamps I have never seen a Chinese rise die or do you mean it came from China!
    I walked up to local shops with OH (didn’t go in) I carried on walking around the block and then waited outside for him It was very reassuring to see people putting masks on to go into the shop One young girl - just out with her mate thought it was “really cool” to be wearing a mask!
    Other than that we didn’t do much I started another Kerry Lord animal- a Jay for Oscar’s alphabet only to realise towards the end I’d already made one So this one’s going to be a cockatoo for my stash now!
    Off to work (bedroom!) now Take care all xxx

  3. Morning ladies,

    Love today's green card Sandra, so refreshing a colour palette.

    Yesterday started off with a terrific thunder storm with heavy rain so hard it washed all the moss on my roof. It reminded of the tropical rain storms we had whilst living in Nigeria. So hot and stuffy then amazing huge raindrop pelting the ground and slicing through delicate leaves. Ten minutes later the sun and heat came back and dried it all up in seconds.

    This was a regular occurrence all day so my garden has well and truly been watered! The heavy rain even knocked out my SKY signal then we had a power cut just after lunch to top if off. I woke at 6.30am this morning with another thunder storm, it is still raining now. It made me wonder if the USA eastern seaboard was rocked by a storm last week? as it usually hits us the following week.

    I had a request from a fellow crafter yesterday for some small Xcut bags so cleared my table to start die cutting them out and found some treasures I had forgotten about. Thing is I can't remember why I got them out for in the first place, obviously to use on something that escapes me at this moment.

    Onwards and upwards, my sister and BIL coming this weekend for her birthday celebrations. I'm hoping that the new hedge trimmer I have ordered from a local Mowers shop will arrive in time for BIL to cut the brambles coming from next door. Jamie is still not steady enough on his feet to tackle it and I wouldn't let him try anyway. He is getting a tad frustrated and impatient now, it's 10 weeks since his accident and he still has quite a way to go.

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Nice card today. I’m not a green person as you know Sandra but it looks nice on your card. Today we have torrential rain but I think it’s stopped now. Still looks very black so I expect we’ll have some more. Rang a friend up yesterday to see how she was getting on. I hadn’t heard from her for a couple of weeks as it was her turn to ring me. So we had a chat and she asked if I’d meet her at Yarnton for a coffee in a week. She’s getting a bit depressed she said so that’s the plan for Wed morning. I’d also spoken to Joan who live in the next village. She said why don’t you come over and have some tea. I had relations down yesterday and I’ve plenty left, so that was a lovely surprise. Her & Danny have just had a brand new bathroom installed. She has a massive bathroom unlike mine which is very small. Very smart it is as well.
    Well I’d better get cracking as Joan’s just rung and asked if I had a card I could put 90 on for Barbara a friend who we used to go away with. So I’d better get cracking.
    Tale dare & stay safe everyone.

  5. Morning ladies.
    Lovely striped green card Sandra, like how you made the friend stand out as well with clear embossing powder.
    Was a horrible night with the rain and wind and it is still raining so no walk. Not sure what I will do after having a cuppa but need to get a card in the post tomorrow so...
    Take care everyone and have a good day as possible whatever you are up to. Hugs, Maria xx

  6. Hi everyone
    Lovely card today, and the roses are so pretty.
    Another wet, miserable day here, but looks to get better by the end of the week.
    I’m off to Tesco in a while 🙄 will be interesting to see how many people are wearing masks. James works in the Co-op in Sandhurst and he said yesterday they had lots of customers not wearing them! He said a customer who was wearing one, asked him why he was letting those in without them, but they’ve been told they’re not allowed to say anything to them. Not that I’d want James to challenge anyone on not wearing a mask - he’s previously received verbal abuse from customers, as I can imagine a lot of shop workers do - but there seem to still be a lot of people who think it doesn’t apply to them and they can do what they want!
    Ooh, my second lot of goodies arrived from Alpaca Pals today 😃
    Hope you’re all having a good day, despite the weather. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I just love everything about today’s card Sandra, the Chinese Roses are beautiful the green tones are just up my street, it’s all gorgeous.

    Not a very nice day here today, we haven’t had the thunder and torrential rain most of you have had, it’s dull and gloomy although the sun came out briefly followed by a light shower. I did get out into the garden for a while, but most of my time outside was spent in the greenhouse, the small tomato’s are ripening really well, we picked a Bowlful last week and there must be a dozen or so ready for picking now. The larger ones are growing well but not ripening yet.

    Take care everyone and stay safe, love Brenda XXX

  8. Hello All, very wet here, which I was glad to see as we had put lawn feed on the grass yesterday. It’s dried up here now.

    Very smart card, Sandra, as a true Cornish person, green is a colour I rarely use, but on your card it looks good.

    Not done much today, full of aches and pains, from gardening yesterday, not that I did much at all. Hope you are all well, Lilian

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies

    Another busy day with the distinct nurse in & physio then a occupational therapist came to see if the bed is suitable for me i said i found it comfortable. I had to show her how I got in it she is ordering me a grab bar to fit on the side of the bed so I can pull up on it. So worn out with it all.
    Hope you all had a good day
    Love Lynda xx