Tuesday 7 July 2020

A Fantastic Man Card By Michele

Good Morning Ladies,

Well yesterday turned out to be 'One of those days'!! I think that I was on edge as I couldn't stop worrying about Matt and his Hearing. I was on edge all day.
While we were waiting to hear from him we had to repair some of the Fleece tunnels that we have protecting our cabbages, sprouts, kale etc, the high winds must have made them rub against the frame and a few tears have appeared, while Paul had the covers off I said that I would do a bit of weeding around the plants, some of the leaves of the kale looked a bit odd, so I got my kneeling cushion and had Paul help me get down to investigate!  Oh my goodness was I in for a shock, not only do we have Greenfly, we have Black fly and White fly bugs, it looks like they curl the leaf over and lay their eggs inside the curl. We have a spray for these bugs that is ok for Edible crops, I didn't really want to use anything to be honest, so I started out with a bucket of soapy water and paper towel, I started literally wiping the bugs and their eggs off of everywhere that i could see, I gave me great pleasure to squeeze the life out of the little pests! I did end up spraying the plants too as the infestation was so bad, although the plants still looked healthy. I swear that only we could have all three colours of pest! In fact there was a brown/red coloured one too.
I thought that the fleece tunnels were to stop 🛑 the bugs! I will let update you on the progress!

matt didn't call until 3pm, his Hearing lasting over 2 and 1/2 hours, (mind you he can talk)! He said that he got all of his points across and the lady seemed to be considerate, she asked him a lot of questions, apparently the letter he provided from the Arthritis Clinic wasn't good enough, Matt went on to say that he had a full conversation with a Lady in HR where they went through the whole letter from the clinic and she actually told him that based on that information her would be Furloughed until end of July.  She didn't mention that the letter wasn't sufficient evidence, they also never contacted him after that to say that they needed further information. One of the problems is that the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the leading Arthritis centres in the country and therefore trying to contact your consultant is a major problem on a normal day let alone during a major pandemic. When he spoke to the Consultant Secretary she just sent him the letter that everyone in his situation had.
So now we have to wait for her decision, he isn't really sure what he wants the outcome to be, apart from not being 'Dismissed' as he is worried how that would look to future employers.  He said that he doesn't really feel that he wants to continue to work for them, knowing what he knows now, but at the same time he needs a job so he may have to go back until he finds something better. Which isn't an easy task right now.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him ladies, he really needs all the support he can get .

Today's amazing Man card is one of Our Michele's, she made this card for her Brother in Law who makes Custom Built Staircases, so this card will be perfect.
Michele used a CD Rom Called 'Fabulous Fella's, 'It's a Man's World.
I haven't seen this CD Rom before but I think it would be a handy one to have in your stash.

Your attention to detail with the wood effect embossing etc is incredible as always Michele,
thank you so much for sharing your card with all of us XXX

That's it for today ladies, I am hoping that I will have a more successful day in the Craft Room today, this Challenge has my head in a spin!

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Fantastic card MICHELE I’m going to take a look for that CD-ROM
    I do hope MATT receives good news I can understand how he feels You just want to say “up yours” and go somewhere else but especially now none of us can afford to do
    Off to work now Fingers crosses the “system” plays nicely today!
    Lovely and sunny here and it looks like the wind has dropped
    Take care all xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I hope you have a more relaxing day today.

    Thank you for showing my card. That craft cd is do useful. You can print out a ready made card, toppers, digital images or background papers and more

    Hubby’s car ended up staying at the dealership as they hadn’t heard back from BMW by 5pm so hopefully it will all get sorted today. He washed & cleaned the inside of my car which was great as it’s s job I hate doing. I spent some time in the greenhouse then by late afternoon the winds had dropped to just breezy so we sat out with s drink-very pleasant.

    Nothing planned for today-maybe a trip to Dobbies Garden Centre which is on the way to the car dealership.


  3. Hi everyone
    Fabulous card Michele. The CD rom looks great for all of those difficult to make masculine cards.
    Sorry to hear about your day yesterday Sandra. What a nightmare having all of those bugs on your Kale, hope you’ve managed to get rid of them. Nothing more frustrating when you take the time to grow your own and then are unable to enjoy it. Fingers crossed.
    I hope Matt hears some positive news soon. Surely under the circumstances they should be a bit more sympathetic. Although, like you say he must be feeling wary about continuing to work there. Hope it all works out.
    Was absolutely stunned to hear Boris Johnson’s comment on care homes!! 😡 Not going to say any more, but he’s lost my vote!
    Not sure what I will do today, but the sun is out at least.
    Have a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely man card on show today. Michele. Just handy to have for the men in your life.
    You did seem to have a lot of bugs on your kale Sandra. It’s a major investment of time and money to grow vegetables. I always thought anything over plants would keep the aphids off of them. Obviously not. Such a shame that the company that Matt works for didn’t tell him they needed more information. Even through the pandemic he should have been able to contact his consultant through his secretary. Sasha who lives in Petes Mums old house told me all admin staff were working at the Churchill. I’d asked her if she was still working when we were clapping for the NHS. She works as admin on the Cancer wards.
    Fingers crossed Matt has a good outcome anyway.
    I read your comment re Boris Johnson Sonia. I had to go and read what he’d said as I hadn’t heard anything. My word what a thing to say about care workers no wonder everyone was livid. I would be too. Not a nice thing to say was it,

  5. Hi All, very warm here, a bit windy, washing drying lovely.

    Love your man card Michele, might see if I can find one

    Sandra, you need to check for ants, they “farm” aphids to collect the sticky residue, they exude. Also lady birds cannot access, your plants inside fleece and their larva feed on aphids, end of lesson.
    Hope Matt gets some good news, for the outcome he needs, sounds as though they have rode rough rod over the employment laws.

    Hope you all have a good afternoon and evening, Lilian.

  6. Hi everyone.
    Good card for a man Michele. Not using my CD-rom at all, they are in a box somewhere. Perhaps when I get a craft room together things will be different.
    Hope things for Matt will be ok, fingers crossed.Hopefully you get rid of these bugs in the end.
    Going to facetime with my parents now so best get over. Have a nice day everyone ,take care. many hugs for you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Great card Michele, I’m sure your brother-in-law was delighted, just perfect for someone with his skills. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope Matt isn’t kept waiting for the decision from HR, Is he in a Union? because the way this has been handled sounds very underhand. Anyway fingers crossed. xx

    I hope you can get rid of your pesky pest invasion, all that effort you have put into nurturing them only to have them eaten by Black, Green and White fly is really annoying.

    I’ve been having trouble loading web page’s today on the iPad, ended up turning it off for a while and Hay presto it’s fine again! Think the gremlins are at loose again!

    Have a lovely evening everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    SANDRA sorry about Matt I hope
    He hears some good news soon
    I love your card brilliant
    I'm going to surch for it tomorrow.
    I'm a bit aching today as
    Walking back from the commode
    I got nearly to my chair my feet started slipping and fell onto my chair i started slipping down onto the Floor then Terry couldn't pick
    Me up. He rang the ambulance they
    They came after hour and a half.
    But I'm OK thanks?
    Thanks for your lovely card SONIA

    Love and Hug's Lynda xxxx