Wednesday 8 July 2020

My Challenge Card

The NEW version


Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all well, we had a bit of an overcast day yesterday, we managed to get a couple of jobs done outside, I washed a few more plants to rid them of their aphids.  We have been searching the garden for weeks for ladybirds but there are none, up until this year there have plenty in the garden, I have no idea why there aren't any about, we have always relied on them for their aphid eating ways, we had loads on the allotment which we used to transfer into the polytunnel. I don't think I have ever seen as many clusters of bugs on one plant before.  I used a bucket with soapy water and a cloth to remove any that I noticed yesterday, so fingers crossed we could still be on track to have our own Home Grown Brussel Sprouts for Christmas Dinner.!

I finally managed to summon the inspiration to recreate one of my old cards for this weeks challenge yesterday afternoon, I kept looking through them but couldn't choose one. 
I finally decided on the one pictured above, looking back I wasn't keen on the bow and that flower so I thought that I would do an 'Updated' version.
I used Pink Frog Super Smooth card and Blue card from LimeTree as they are similar colours to the original, instead of the stamped feature piece (I couldn't find the stamp), I used one of  the 'New York' Collection dies by Sue Wilson, this particular Die is called 'Union Square'.  The other layers were cut with Sue Wilsons Double Pierced Square Dies.
To finish my updated card I created a double bow with SU Dotted Tulle ribbon, topped with a flower made with the same blue card, stamped and embossed with white embossing powder, I shaped the flower in my Heartfelt Creations Mould, to finish the layered flower I popped a pearl in the cerntre.
I hope you like my updated version of the original card.

Lynda I was sorry to read that you have had another fall, I think that you need an Urgent revision of your whole care program, so that both you and Terry can relax and enjoy life a little bit more, it must be so frustrating and stressful for you both, sending you love and hugs xxxxx

Love and huge hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    from a very wet and soggy Sheffield.

    We had rain on and off during the morning but then towards tea-time it started and hadn't stopped by bed-time.It's still raining this morning.

    SANDRA-I really like your CC. The colours are of course one of my favourite (anything blue).

    I have to finish my CC and I'm hoping to get that done today though it's a BIG day for me as my Hairdresser is coming at 12.00. I haven't had my hair cut since 27/02 as we went into lock down the week it was due for it's next cut.
    It seems silly to get excited about having a haircut.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting with brollie box by the door.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all especially Dear Friends in need.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I love both versions of your card. Let’s hope your war on the Aphids is s success.

    Lynda-sorry to read you’d had a fall. When are you next seeing the Specialist? Nigh be time to phone them up.

    Yesterday was a very wet day-it never stopped raining. We collected hubby’s car. Went to pick up up a parcel from Waitrose (John Lewis item) then called in Dobbies for a walk round, bought a couple of items then can’t Home. I actually made a card-not my challenge card but one for my Dads Birthday next week.


  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Like Michele I like both versions of your card. Hope you’ve now cleared the aphid invasion off your veggie plants. Like you I don’t think I’ve seen any ladybirds either this year.
    Wet here today as well. It wasn’t too bad yesterday although it was windy. It started raining here last night, but has stopped at the middle ment. So I popped out to bring the bin back in. Had a chat with one of the ladies I knew who lives in the road going off of mine. I did reading at school with all her grandchildren. My how times fly as her eldest granddaughter has just left our local secondary school. Most classes are back at school but only limited to a couple of days working in bubbles.
    Lynda I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. I do wish you’d talk to your specialist as Michele has suggested. If your not seeing them now perhaps you could ask for a referral back to them.
    Stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    I like both of the cards Sandra, very pretty in blue.
    Loved to see you Janet in your new hair cut. Hope you had a good catch up with her.
    Oh Lynda, so sorry to see you had another fall. Hope you didn't hurt yourself. Please take care ,hugs x
    Sonia- lovely photo of your boys on FB. Do they both still live at home ?
    Margaret- hope you doing alright and looking forward to see all the grandchildren again soon. Big hugs for you and Pop x
    Raining hard so no walk this morning, did some housework instead. Started a cc yesterday but not sure if it be.
    Have a nice day everyone , enjoy some crafting if you get some time. Many hugs are sent for you all xx

  5. Two lovely cards SANDRA and like JANET are in my favourite colour
    Hope you’ve managed to get rid of the aphid problem Yet another reason why I don’t like gardening as much as I love flowers
    LYNDA you really need to talk to somebody even your GP might be able to help
    I finished making a couple of cards for a neighbour yesterday which she didn’t like She loved them 🤣
    I will attempt another cc later as OH is going out and the weather is so miserable
    Like JANET I’m having a haircut on Friday It’ll be interesting to see if my hair will be completely grey once it’s done Do I stay grey? We’ll see
    Have a good afternoon Take care x

  6. Hi everyone.
    Gorgeous cards Sandra, love them both.
    Lynda, so sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you’re ok and not too bruised. Glad you received your card, sorry it was late.
    Maria, thank you. Yes they’re both still living at home 😊
    Another miserable, wet day here today. Not doing much again! Keep looking at a challenge card to do but not decided on one yet 🙄
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    SANDRA i really love your altered card the original was lovely but your new one is sunning.
    Love Lynda xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Only just realised I haven’t left a comment today. OOPS!

    Just love your altered card Sandra. The original is lovely but the altered version is really lovely. Thank you for the inspiration.xx

    Lynda, After your fall yesterday I hope you are feeling OK today, I’m sure Terry was worried, shame you had such a long wait for the paramedics to come. Take care xx

    Think it’s time I called it a day, I’ve been fighting off having a nap today - it hasn’t been easy,
    Sleep well everyone and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx

  9. Hello, wet all day, saves watering.
    Sorry late again, just forget.
    Sandra do hope you are beginning to feel better.
    Love your cards, original and the new one.
    Lynda, do hope your not suffering too much after your fall.

    I’ll say goodnight, hugs to all Lilian