Monday 27 November 2023

Maria's Beautiful Crystal Art Cards


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Well its wet and cold here, I hope you have a brighter start to the week where you are. 

We had a truly lovely weekend, very relaxed and leisurely, it was lovely to have nothing to do but enjoy each others company!  

The Black Country Living Museum was worth every single penny, we both thoroughly enjoyed it  despite the weather (  it was that really fine misty drizzle), it didn't dampen our spirits though,  we certainly didn't get to see all of it, mind you it's set on 26 acres!  All of the houses were decorated for Christmas in whatever era they were set in, they started in the 1920's, all of the tree decorations were crocheted, little white bells and angels, green holly leaves, newspaper angels made with wooden dolly clothes pegs, it was charming.  We then went to the 40's tin houses, we met the milkman here, tue chap playing the milkman had been a milkman and the true life character he was portraying was his own father!  He had some lovely stories, I asked him if he had a magic wallet and he was only to happy to show us.  Our next stop was a 1961 Mothering Class, we went and sat in the class and the Midwife took us through breathing classes, talked about looking after yourself and your new baby, they had a table showing different nappy folds, they had the old prams too, talked about putting a layette together.  We saw the dispensary where the had National Dried Milk, which is what Mum said I started on,  they had Rosehip Syrup too which you don't see now, cod liver oil too.  

We took much longer to get around as we were stood chatting to the actors who remained in character the while time,  it was so incredibly fascinating and listening to the explanations of what they used and why made things more interesting, we both learnt so much.   I would recommend the Museum to anyone, your day ticket gets converted to a Year Pass as you leave, so you can go back aa many times as you like and we definitely will. 

Today I am sharing 2 of Maria's amazing Crystal Art Christmas cards, I love both of these designs, I am lucky enough to have one of Maria's CA Christmas cards,  I popped mine in a frame and bring it out every Christmas😍.  The recipient will ferl so special that they received a card that had so much work put into it.  Thank you so much for sharing your CA cards with us Maria XXX

I hope that you have a great start to the week, 

Love & hugs to all of you,

Sandra xxx


  1. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards yesterday, they’re all beautiful 😍
    I love your crystal art cards Maria, they’re stunning 😍
    Glad you had a nice weekend Sandra, despite the weather and the craft show not being as advertised. The Living Museum sounds very interesting and I can imagine it was lovely to see it all decorated for Christmas.
    Hope everyone is keeping well, have a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone, raining again, apparently there is snow forecast for next week !
    Maria your cards are really something special. You must have really great eyesight and good dexterity.

    The museum sounds great, I rember those milk tins, we had orange juice and cod liver oil, a tsp of each, the orange was diluted with water, we had to have the cod liver oil , before we were allowed the orange juice. I can still remember the taste of that cod liver oil.

    Have make a pocket for one of Rs shirts, he loves the shirt but needs a pocket to keep his glasses and phone in. Smart shirts don’t have pockets. He bought it himself, I usually check when I’m with him.
    Have a good day all, Lilian

  3. Hi everyone.
    Oh hasn't it gone raw outside and I hate this drizzle rain, you get so wet if going out. However I am glad you had a nice weekend Sandra and the museum you visited yesterday sound so much fun. Love seeing how it was in the older days and to have people there as well who show you make it more real doesn't it :>)
    Thank you for showing my cards today. I have some bugger once to do but in between it is nice to make these smaller once, don't take too long to do as they are not full. Good lighting and some patience is the key. You are using a little pen to place them Lilian so not too difficult. Hopefully you did the shirt pocket for R to keep his glasses. I wouldn't know where to start, just manage to sew a button on :>)
    Having a decorator coming around to quote how much to paint a couple of rooms today. Had an outing to look at new windows for the house this morning. Get a bit dizzy with all the choices out there. Tomorrow our neighbour who can fix creaky floors is fixing the once in "my room" .
    Hope you all have a nice day. Hugs, Maria xx

  4. Your crystal art is beautiful Marie
    Your trip to the miso sounds wonderful I’m determined to get there one day So many memories of things like rosehip syrup etc I remember malt extract to O loved Virol but my mum couldn’t afford it very often
    My uncle lived in a prefab and an aunt lived in like a converted Nissan hut I loved visiting because they were so different
    Went to Craftea today It was miserable getting there but great to have a catchup
    Take care everyone xx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Maria your Crystal Art is beautiful, your patience is amazing to do such detailed art, I also have to say your fingers must be very nimble, my chubby fingers couldn’t cope with this.
    Lovely to hear about your trip to the museum Sandra.
    Had another sleepy day today, tomorrow I have to go to the dentist because a filling came out yesterday so will have to get a wiggle on and be brave!!
    Have a good night everyone.
    Take care and sleep well, love Brenda xxx