Friday 12 June 2020

Your Next Challenge......

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

I did have to double check the day, as I said yesterday this one is a bit of a muddle! Thank goodness that it is eventually Friday, I know I have said it before but I think that when Paul is on the late shift, (which has now had extra half hour added to it), the day seems so long, this week it has been after 10 some nights that he has been getting in, he then has to eat as he leaves too early to have a cooked lunch and although he takes a pack up with him he is so hungry when he gets in, I do like to wait and eat with him too as I hate the thought of him sat eating on his own, but that is way too late for me as I suffer terribly with heartburn and eating that late would been I would have another thing to keep me awake! So I have been eating a light snack with the girls earlier in the evening and then I will have something small with Paul.  It actually reminds me a bit of our Childhood as we always had 'Supper' before we went to bed, only something light like cereal or toast or cheese and crackers but it was a little treat to look forward to, I think it was mainly because we had our Main meal at 4.30pm on the dot !! As soon as Dad walked through the door from work dinner was on the table.  I could never imagine eating that early now, sometimes we haven't long finished lunch at 3pm. I think it was my Mum being the 'dutiful housewife' having dinner ready as Dad walked in. At weekends lunch was always ready at 12 noon whether it was a light snack on Saturday or full Sunday lunch, then tea was at 4.30 the same as every other day. Sunday tea was always the same too, Sandwich, crisps, Trifle, either Angel or Battenburg cake, sometimes we would have salad and dessert would be Tinned fruit cocktail and evaporated milk (yuk), I look back now and marvel at how my Mum made 1 tin of fruit cocktail serve all of us!
Apart from loving having my family all home at meal times I don't really think i follow any of the ways that my Mum cooked and provided meals, not because I thought they were wrong, I just think there are better ways to do things these days, I also think you learn from the things that you didn't like or enjoy. For instance we have always encouraged our Children to try things before declaring that they didn't like them, we are lucky that ours eat all vegetables from the darkest greens to the peas, corn etc, I think that's because they ate what we ate from weaning onwards. We were 'encouraged' to eat things whether we liked them or not and the trauma of that must have stayed with me as I vowed never to make my children do the same. Don't get me wrong, we don't do like some of the girls friends famililes do where everyone has something different to tea. There are very few things that any of us has a real dislike to, thankfully, the only thing my Children complain about is if we have one particular meal to often, they like variety. 
I would love to hear about the way you do things at meal times and how it varies to how you had it as a child.

Your Next Challenge

Well ladies I think that we have put if off for long enough, I have thought about having this challenge every month since January but changed my mind thinking ''Is it too Soon'', I have noticed that some Tv Craft Channels have started featuring things for this Theme too, so I went for it !!!!

Yes my lovelies, this is our first official Christmas themed Challenge!!

I decided to go for a TicTacToe, that way if anyone hated the idea they could make a non-festive card, hoping it would also work if you have cards that you need to make for birthdays too.

I hope to make both Christmas and other themed cards, I will have to dig out all of my Christmas craft stash and have a look through, I am always reluctant to buy much Christmas craft stash as it only gets used once a year but watch this space as I see something that I can't resist !

I hope that you will all enjoy this challenge, I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!!


I hope that you will all have a lovely weekend, we had really strong winds here yesterday and some heavy showers, the forecast for the weekend looks like it will be a little warmer but there is still likely to be some rain.  So it looks like Craft Room weather!! 

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-brilliant challenge for us next week. So many options on that Tic Tac Toe.

    My childhood meals weren’t anything great-my Mum wasn’t a great cook. She could just about to the basics and could ruin a joint of meat! She used to love to come to ours when we invited my parents as she loved Phils cooking. I quite like Evaporated Milk! Luckily my Dad has always cooked as he used to work nights and is self sufficient which has been great these last few years.

    Thank goodness it’s Friday!!!


  2. Love the tic tac toe idea for a Christmas theme I really need to make a real dent in making some
    We used to eat at regular times, usually 5.30 to 6pm at the very latest especially after both my sister and I became diabetic
    Our treat of the week was Saturday evening We had a Vesta (remember those!) spag Bol or chop suey with crispy noodles Bow my mum stretched this 2 person meal into 4 was incredible
    When my kids were little I still said the same as my mum when they asked “what’s for tea” and I answered “bread and scratch it” or “bread and pull it”
    I hope everyone is feeling a bit better today and that your telephone consultation gives you some answers LYNDA
    I hope your uncle is in the mend too MICHELE
    Take care all

  3. Morning Everyone
    I had to look twice at next week's Challenge.I know the weather had jumped a couple of Seasons but I hadn't thought we had got to the 'C' word yet lol.A good Challenge though.

    Our meals as children were always a cooked meal at tea time when Dad arrived home from work. Mum was a good cook/baker and we were always told 'how do you know you don't like if you haven't tried it'.The girls were brought up on that saying too. I never cooked different meals. It has always been one meal for all right from the girls being weaned they always had the same as I never bought 'baby' food. We didn't have the money. I am pleased to say that my Grandchildren were brought up the same way and it's carried on with their children too.

    Well we have yet another horrible start to the day. It's raining again though the wind has died down somewhat. We had the heating on again yesterday too. I think 'flaming June' has turned the saying over from 'warm and sunny' to 'cold and rain'.
    As it's Friday of course it's 'swear' word day and Mr Tesco is delivering this afternoon. I'd better get a wriggle on as I still have to send off my CCs for this week as yesterday disappeared somewhere and that's one job which still needs doing.

    The CAFE is OPEN with brollie basket by the door.Havea good day.HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  4. Hi, warmer here today, still wet.

    Sandra good challenge for next week, shall really have to put my thinking cap on.

    We always had a cooked dinner, when Dad came home from the base, usually about six, Mum was a very good cook. Only had pudding after Sunday’s lunch, and fruit tart for afternoon tea, no desserts week days. Baking day was Saturday when we had pasties at lunch time.

    I am finding the weeks are flying bye, can’t believe it’s Friday again.

    Still have to make this weeks card,

  5. Afternoon ladies.
    Good challenge for next week. So wish I could get this weeks done but like we all seem to feel it the days have gone in to eachother and here we are again with Friday,eeek.
    At home it was my dad who was the chef and mum made the cakes but dad also was very good at making the cinnamon buns and every time I go to Ikea for one, It reminds me of the lovely smell in the kitchen while he was baking (he still doing it today). Dinner time was always 6pm and I have stuck with that since. Well it can be 6.30/7pm too sometimes when I forget to get it on 😯 No microwaves in does day's so if you were late in , you had to eat the dinner cold or go without. Only remember puddings on the weekend.Chocolate mousse or ice cream I think it was normally.
    Raining now but we got a walk in this morning and then after brunch I watched the live Craftstach on Facebook. Hoping soon to do a class with Lou Collins on line, I won a Simply Lettering competition with her but it has taken ages to get everyone together so not sure when it will be yet.
    Need to finish cc, do change my mind a hundred times so hoping it will be one in the end at least.
    Have a nice Friday everyone. Big hugs for you all, Maria xxx

  6. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week. Have made a few Christmas cards already, even one for this weeks challenge, but looking forward to getting into making some more.
    I won’t get started on meal times in our household - will just say it’s a chore and my least favourite time of the day, lol 😂🤣
    Well looks like we’ve finally got all of the rain they’ve been forecasting, hasn’t stopped since I left work. Very humid here aswell.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies
    Nice choices for next week’s challenge. I’m still thinking about this weeks challenge, I had hoped to get it sorted today but after 3 machine loads of washing and a quick run around with the cleaner. Then I made another batch of strawberry jam, (strawberries from the garden) I was not up to crafting.

    When we were children we always had a dinner about 5.00 school days. Weekends the main meal was at 1.00 and always had a dessert, mostly pastry based, Fruit or apple pie. Leftover pastry was made into jam or syrup tart with fine breadcrumbs sprinkled on top. I remember making a syrup tart once at our daughters house with leftover pastry, the boys went straight to that rather than the main dessert!

    Sorry to be so late, sleep well dear friends, love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. There is a lot of choice to make a wide variety cards not just Christmas ones in this weeks Tic tax toe. I need to make some as I have only got a few made. I’m looking forward to seeing Sophie’s latest drawings. They are always so lifelike. Have a good weekend my lovely.
    We always had tea about 5.30pm when Pop got home from work. And it was always with a dessert, home made fruit pies steamed pudding type. And always delicious. Sunday’s were always a roast at 1pm, if we had beef I had to make the Yorkshire’s. I also made the mint sauce, freshly picked from the garden. Mum had a brilliant little gadget that had several round blades fixed to a handle (imagine a smaller multi bladed pizza cutter) which made it very easy to chop it before adding vinegar and a little sugar. Sunday tea was always bread and butter or sandwiches then tinned fruit and evaporated milk then home made cake. We had to have at least one slice of bread and butter before we could have anything else. Like Sandra I am amazed how Mum managed to stretch the few tinned goods that she used. We have talked about it with Mum and she remembers tins being larger. When I went to the toy museum in London, the same one that Karen had also been to, I noticed that Heinz baked bean tins were probably one and a half times bigger than the size of today tins so it shows how she managed to feed us all using only one tin. Having dessert every day also meant that we had plenty of food as none of us were ever hungry, or overweight!
    Lynda, thank you for the hugs and also from Mum as she looks in most days. We have to arrange a zoom meet up to discuss how she can leave a comment as she can’t work out how to on her new phone yet.
    Mum, speak to you tomorrow. Love you xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with my usual extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Stay safe and take care xx