Friday 5 June 2020

Your Next Challenge

Good Morning Ladies, 

I am pleased to report that I started to feel a bit brighter yesterday afternoon, I felt the urge to craft which i haven't done for a good week, I sat and moved things around a bit but didn't get anything made, I got the bits together to do a few more pages to my Accordion book. 

Your Next Challenge 

I thought we could do a TicTacToe Challenge this week, I think that they are something we can all use to fit any cards that we need to make.
I liked this one because it had a couple of different categories, we don't always see purple as a colour choice and fun fold gives us lots of options, from stepper cards to aperture cards, twist and pop and anything in between.
I was unsure about 'Paper Piercing' so I am making the executive decision to say you can do 'Paper Piecing'  (like Karen did on her Robin card). If you want to. 
I am really excited to see what you all design x

I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend, Paul is getting up at about 4.30 am on early shifts, I always wake to see him off, so it will be nice to slerp a little later, I can't believe how loud the 'Dawn Chorus ' is here, it starts at around 3.30am  which wakes the cats too, I do love to hear it though and I would love to know which song belongs to which bird!!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-do glad that you’re starting to feel a bit better. Great challenge for us next week-some interesting choices on this Tic Tac Toe.

    It’s much cooler and we’ve just had 2 torrential downpours . I’m so glad it’s Friday as it’s been a long & trying week!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Looks an interesting Challenge this week.Thinking cap will need to be applied.

    We had a really cold day yesterday with rain for most part of the day.
    Well it's got around to that 'swear' word day again and Mr Tesco will be delivering too so a busy day for me.
    Hoping for a bit warmer week-end and a better week next week.

    The CAFE is OPEN - usual hours- so pop in any time.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. I am so pleased to see that you are feeling a bit better But don’t overdo it now missus!
    I think this is a great challenge (a real challenge for me)
    We had tea on my front lawn yesterday It was lovely to chat There was only 3 of us in the end These ladies moved into the street as soon as they were built So it was interesting to hear about who’d lived in our house and other neighbours houses It was interesting to see people walk past and say “hello” One If them thought I knew them all!
    We’re going to do it again in about a fortnight
    The Zoom meet-up went well - just the 4 of us We need to arrange another one for us Maybe when you’re up to par SANDRA we can do something
    As it’s Friday I think we’ll be watching “The shows must go on” I think it’s “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” OH is a huge fan of Ian Dury So we’ll see
    Take care all And yes Brenda I so wanted to have a big hug with Charlotte too

    1. I’m glad your meet up went well on Zoom. Glad you enjoyed chatting with your neighbours. I to like Ian Drury. But I thought the shows must go on shows had finished.

  4. Hi ladies in the cafe today.
    Glad you started to feel better Sandra, sending you a gentle hug.
    Good cc for next week. Struggling with this week one as not happy with my colouring so not sure yet what it will be.
    Didn't have a walk this morning, late nights and aches are catching up with me so not really in the mood for much.
    Watched on facebook an hour with Lou Collins from Craftworld, it was papers from Stamperamia and a bit of mixed media. It got me thinking of Janet who would like them , it's your style I think. I'd like the sweet one 😊
    Wishing you a good day and sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi everyone.
    Lovely card yesterday Karen. Glad to hear you were able to meet up with your family and meet baby Charlie 😊
    Great challenge for next week too.
    Glad you’re starting to feel a little better Sandra, just take it easy.
    Very breezy here today, and chilly with it. I’m back to wearing my jumpers and thick cardi 😂 I always feel the cold.
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I’m so glad to hear your feeling a bit better Sandra. Long may it continue.
    Very windy and we have sunny spells and very infrequent spots of rain.
    I’m not to sure what tomorrow will bring but I’m hoping to start my online classes that Maria Moorhouse has done.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Where has the day gone, I started to comment about 11am. then OH (he was working in the garden) called can you spare a minute. - well my day just got taken over. Can’t explain where the time has gone.
    Sandra I’m am so pleased to hear the meds have started to kick in. I hope and pray that you will soon be feeling in control of this awful infection. Take care my lovely.xx
    Sleep well my lovely friends, stay safe, Love Brenda, xxx