Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Lucy's Card For Paul

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well, did you all have good weather yesterday, it was sunny and warm but quite windy here.
Paul is on lates this week, so we won't be getting much done in the garden, by the time he has walked Harley and had breakfast, watered greenhouse etc it's almost time for him to get ready for work, we are trying something new this week, he is going to take both his lunch and dinner into work with him, he said that he was having his lunch at about 2pm and having to wait until after 9pm for his dinner which was too long and it isn't great eating that late.  So I am having to be super organised and have meals pre-prepared for him to take with him. 

Today I am sharing the card that Lucy made for Paul for Father's Day, I will explain that Paul's car, lovingly named as the 'Red Racer' is the centre of a lot of 'banter' between Paul and the girls, they take great pleasure in trying to wind Paul up about his car, he always has a witty comeback, they have an amazing relationship!
So it seemed only right that one of them immortalised the Red Racer, so that Paul had a reminder long after it has gone.  Lucy cut the shape of the car by hand using a piece of real red card folder in half, she then got a picture of the same car online and printed it out and hand cut ALL of the windows, wheels and every little bit of detail of the trim on the doors etc, it looks amazing and Paul had a huge smile on his face when he opened the card, she wrote the verse on the inside in the style of a 'Used Car Advert'
it was brilliant.
They certainly don't need Mum to help them make cards anymore, I think I will calling on them for ideas in future!
Lucy and Sophie, Dad was absolutely blown away by your Father's Day card, I was too, you are so incredibly creative XXX

I had a right good clear out yesterday, cleared loads of 'bits' off my desk that I have no idea what I was keeping them for, scraps of card etc, I find it helps me think a bit more clearly when I have a clear desk, rather than a small square of of my A3 craft mat with a mountain of craft stuff either side, I filled a bin bag with all the packaging, paper scraps and lord only knows what, I sorted through a couple of overflowing 'Bit Boxes' and thought seriously as to whether I would actually use the odd bits of card that I had been keeping, in truth I haven't used them in the last year so it is unlikely I will use them in the next year! I was going to clear out some magazine free stamp kits but I do actually use them from time to time, so they got a reprieve, for now anyway.  I am a strong believer in 'if you can't see it you don't use it', I keep looking through old stamps etc, I never realised that I had as many as I do, will I ever use them all.  
I feel a 'use some of your original stash' challenge coming soon!!

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-another stunning card. What a clever idea Lucy had-it’s perfect.

    I also had a clear out of my “bits box” which had grown to a ridiculous size. This was on Sunday during the frequent rain showers!

    My Uncle phoned me last night-he’s still in hospital. He wanted to apologise fir the texts he’d sent& said some of the buttons on his phone were sticking which is why the messages might now have made sense. The texts were perfectly worded just odd, almost paranoid. Anyway I had a brief chat with him & tried to reassure him that it was fine for him to text me & phone once he’s back at home. Such a worry.


    1. Phew! Lovely that you were able to chat to your uncle and that he seems to be on the memd

    2. Hi Michele
      I’m glad to hear you heard from your uncle. I hope he’s home soon.

    3. Hi Michele
      Pleased your uncle got in touch with you so hopefully he can get home soon xxx
      I have trouble with my text if I don't keep looking at what I'm writing predictive text is a nightmare
      Take care xx

  2. Superb That’s all I can say LUCY Your card is amazing and like SOPHIE’s truly personalised
    I hope you’re all well How’s the wasp sting MARIA
    I meant to say yesterday that Mary Berry’s scone recipe is the one I use these days I only came into the possession of a Mary Berry cook book recently and every recipe I try is wonderful
    SUE Charlie is less colicky and is now on formula He is easier to settle and older (obviously) and daughter is able to have a bit of a breather She felt like she was constantly feeding
    We will continue in the pursuit of the Fairy garden but I have been told that they’ve taken it down because of covid
    We have a garage full of stuff to go to a charity shop but ours aren’t open at all yet PAT
    I am getting along ok with the “mile a minute” blanket only to realise I have joined in one of the strips upside down as I was being so so careful as the lady even explains on the video that’s exactly what she did and warned us
    Today we are going to visit my sister in law who we haven’t seen since we’ll before Christmas Thank goodness for sunshine and gardens
    Take care all x

    1. Hi Karen
      I hope you enjoy your visit to your sister in law. I’ve some stuff to take to the charity shop as well. There’s a lady in Witney who takes lovely pictures of the town and puts them I love Witney. Im sure I saw people sitting in the Como Lounge at the top of the town. It’s a bar cum restaurant. I went into the bank in town yesterday. First time in over 14 weeks. I had to put a cheque in as it was getting close to the 3 mths.

  3. Hi everyone.
    Fantastic card by Lucy, very clever 😊
    Pleased your heard from your Uncle, Michele.
    Karen, have a nice time with your sister in law.
    Warmer here this morning with less of a breeze. Set to get very hot over the next couple of days. I’m back into work tomorrow, but then off Friday before doing my 7 day stint.
    Have a good day everyone and enjoy the sunshine. Hugs to all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card Lucy made for Paul. They’re both very talented in that department aren’t they. Quite warm he and just a hint of a breeze. But as Sonia said set to get warmer. I’m over Craig’s again for dinner later. Then over Marion’s tomorrow for afternoon tea. I’m still waiting for my lamb curry from a Sunday. Keith usually doesn’t do jobs that he says he’s going to do. Hence the house falling to pieces. But does usually bring food down to me if he says he will.

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lucy has made a fantastic card for Paul’s Father’s Day, definitely another treasure. Your girls are so gifted and there talents are amazing, Sandra I know you’re very proud of them both and rightly so, we are always more than happy to see any of them masterpieces. XX

    MICHELE Great you were able to talk to your Uncle And I’m sure he was more than pleased to hear your voice. Hope he’s not going to be in hospital for too long. XX

    KAREN Hope you have a lovely visit to your sister-in-law, it will be nice to catch up after such an absence.

    Pat shame about the lamb curry maybe next time, ha ha! Enjoy your afternoon tea tomorrow with Marion. XX

    SONIA Hope you have Air-con at work it’s so uncomfortable working in this heat, take care. XX

    MARGARET and LYNDA thinking of you both ((((((hugs)))))) hope you are both coping xx

    Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of your day, love to you all. Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda thank you so much for your lovely comment
      Still struggling with walking and my right arm is really aching love Lynda xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    WOW Sandra Lucy's card for Paul is amazing she is so talented
    Love and HUG'S Lynda xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Fabulous card Lucy for your dad ! You have very talented girls Sandra and we love seeing there art and cards.
    Michele- glad to hear you heard from your Uncle, hope he get better soon.
    Karen- hope you had a nice time meeting up with SIL and how lovely to see Oscar and Charlie. My Son had colic for 6 month and it was hell, only got help first in the UK for it and it was bliss. My wasp sting have left a very sore spot on the back but it be ok. Lucky I wasn't allergic, one way to find out I guess hihi
    Sonia- it will be very warm the next few days so do take care and I hope you got some fans you can use. That's a long stint when you have to do 7 days.
    Lynda- so sorry to hear you in so much pain and struggling to get around.Thinking of you both and sending special hugs.
    Pat- Have a nice time seeing your friend and family. We just talked about when we are going to see SIL and her family again but I don't think it be anything before August or so.
    Not sure when we start going to the shops etc but I am in no rush. The queue's some places are just silly.Missing going to the cafe's tho and people watching.
    Janet- hope you are ok. Sure you must be missing Marigny. Do you have a neighbour over there to look out for the house and garden/veg.plot ? Take care in the hot weather.
    Brenda- you are not alone, falling asleep in the afternoon unless I am busy with something and just sitting and reading the eyes do get very heavy and I'm gone Lol.
    It's been a lovely day and this evening I have cut some bits out for this week CC hopefully but you never know.....
    Sending many hugs to you all and special one for our Lynda and Margaret. Hope you and Pop are doing alright.

  8. Hello, lovely day here very sunny but a breeze to dry the washing.

    Sandra great card again for, Paul, no wonder you are so proud.

    Cleaners came today, they do the whole house in a couple of hours, wish I could do it that quickly.

    Been watching the tennis on and off all afternoon, lovely to have live tennis back, night all .Lilian