Sunday, 6 May 2018

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend  do far, we have certainly been blessed with good weather, we ordered some new patio furniture last week, sadly it won't arrive until Wednesday  but it will hopefully be worth the wait and the weather stays until then so that we can use it, we have a beautiful, peaceful back garden that isn't over looked at all, which is a novelty for us as the patio at the bungalow was like a stage, that was raised up and over looked on every aspect. 

Well i'm sure you have heard enough of my waffle, let's get to the exciting part...
Your gorgeous cards...


Wow Lilian, your challenge card this week is stunning, have you stamped those butterflies or are they part of the gorgeous printed paper. I do love to see sentiments stamped onto vellum, it looks so delicate and doesn't take away from  that beautiful background.
Thank you so much fod taking part in this weeks challenge.


We saw Dannii's card at the start of the week, using Birthday Blossoms stamp set, such a pretty card Dannii thank you for the inspiration.


Lynda loved this challenge, so much that she has made 4 cards, well in fact 5 if you include yesterday's 'Something Floral' card.
Here is Lynda's description:
"My CC 
First one 
Northan lights backing paper frame using SW Noble collection  squared squares 
Main topper
Water colour card 
I put squeezed  lemonade & everģrean  bough oxide  on acrylic block spritz with water then put card on top & Walla then stamped flower from stash added sequins & sentiment.

2nd card
Same as first only did blue print oxide & some shaded lilac oxide matted black card navy blue then topper with same flower added some fancy corners.

3rd card
Matted black card on base them NL paper topper  done with CC sparkle pens in blue tones stamped  trees & sentiment from vertical sayings into flag.backed with black card added SW spiral flowers. 

4th card 
Matted black card then NL paper cut large flag matted on black card coloured with CC sparkle pens 
Red tones stamped lady from beautiful you set added embellishment.
Phew got writers cramp. 
Hope you like them

Thanks so much Lynda for your amazing contribution to this weeks challenge. 


Maria, your challenge card is gorgeous, I absolutely love your card, the colours are so pretty, I love that lattice background, it looks like flowers growing up a trellis fence.
Thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge. 


Margaret's card looks like  a beautiful flower border, the paper was an old magazine freebie, although you wouldn't think it.  Such a beautiful card Margaret, thank you so much for taking part.


Janet has created two amazing challenge cards this week, here is Janet's description:

"The first CC is made using this week's challenge (lilac)
I used Crafter's Companion 300gsm card 'Lilac and Blues) for the florals and Tonic glitter card (orange) for the internal. The dies are Tonic 'Square Flourish Set'.

The second is CC 'Lilac' using Sue Wilson 'Noble Collection classic Adorned Octagon die."

I really love the lilac card Janet, that die cut sentiment is stunning.
Thank you so much for taking part.


Val, two real 'wow' cards made with John Lockwood's Gerbera's, I love how you have created that stunning background and embellished the card with the matching Gerbera's and perfectly matched ribbon.  Two stunning cards Val, thank you so very much for taking part.


Karen has created 3 fantastic challenge cards this week, I am so thrilled to see that you have done some stamping this week Karen, you have done it perfectly too.   Your blending on your second card is fantastic, I love that colour combo too!

First cc Using a printed sentiment and alcohol markers Saw Francoise from CE do this.

2nd cc Used Wilted Violet and Cracked Pistachio Inkyliscoius stamp (get me!) and SW dies No Serif in sight!

Next card is for a Salsa friend who always dresses up in fab dresses So all Serif (freebie Graceful Dancer) with a bit of pink glitter.

Thank you so much for three fantastic cards Karen,


Cheryl has made a beautiful challenge card this week, featuring both the colours and the sketch, I love the delicate colour palette, that embossed background is beautiful too.
Thank you so much Cheryl for making the card for this weeks challenge and to Jamie for taking the photo.

Lorraine is a lovely lady over on Dannii's Fb group where I share our challenge, this is her stunning Challenge card, such beautiful, delicate colours, gorgeous embossed vellum and pretty butterflies.
Thank you so much Lorraine for taking part in this weeks challenge.
Kaye has used the brand new papers from the '' Share What you Love" suitd I love the idea of using the tag to recreate the sketch. Such a pretty card Kaye thank you so much for taking part in this week's Challenge.

Val Stoker

Val your challenge card is just so cute, I absolutely love those cute little characters that you have used, that embossed background works perfectly with your jungle theme.  Thank you so much for taking part in this week's Challenge.

Wow Ladies, you have made some absolutely stunning cards for this weeks challenge. I am so grateful to all of you for taking the time in your busy lives to make a card for the challenge.

Lynda has suggested a challenge that uses just an embossing folder and a sentiment, I think it sounds like a great challenge, what do you all think????

Have a lovely Sunday ladies, enjoy the sunshine.

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    WOW-what a fantastic collection of challenge cards today.

    We are both off work next week so fingers crossed I can join in the next challenge-I absolutely love the idea from Lynda. I might be able to manage that. We were due to go to Dublin next weeks for a few days (the trip we cancelled I. March when Phil was ill) -we been humming & hahhing about going or cancelling it. Decided to cancel (again ) as Phils Dad is so poorly, his brother is flying over from Florida on Monday so we should be able to have a couple of days out while he’s at the hospital


    1. Sending a hug xx

    2. The hug is from me - karenlotty xx

    3. I'm also sending a hug Michele.x

    4. I know you were really not sure what to do about Dublin, I am sad that you are missing out, particularly as you had to cancel when Phil was poorly too, plus it was a treat for your birthday. I think I would have ended up making the same decision as you, you would feel forever guilty if (god forbid) Keith took a turn for the worse, particularly with previous mean comments.
      I hope you get to have a lovely week off together, particularly on your birthday.
      Sending huge hugs
      Sandra XXX

    5. Hi Michele
      Sorry Phil's dad has taken a turn for the worst & you have had to cancel your trip again but I don't think you would enjoy it with FIL so unwell Hope you can have a couple of days out while Phil's brother is over. Is he going to stay with you.
      Sending you all big Hug's x

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a fantastically gorgeous array of creative art this morning. So many cards that I had to ask PAUL to put out the extra boards for the

    I love them all and it was lovely to see the split between the tag and colours (even I think).

    Well we had a gorgeous day yesterday but I didn't get my quiet afternoon as we had a visit from Lily-Mae with her Nan Nan (my youngest daughter). She is now 4 (5 in Feb) where oh where has the time gone!! It was lovely to see them both.

    Today I'm not sure again what we're doing if anything.

    The CAFE is OPEN and today's lunch menu is Roast Chicken so place your orders asap.

    Have a good Sunday everyone. HUGS are on their way to you all.xxxx

  3. Morning all.
    Just had to have a look at all the cards this morning and Wow, so many gorgeous cards ! I love them all.
    Will pop in later again to see what you all up to today. Garden here need some more TLC so best go out again before it's get too hot Lol how funny to be able to say that.
    hugs Maria xxx

    1. I agree about the weather I can’t get over how cold and wet it was last weekend

    2. Now Maria don't get overdoing things in the garden listen to your body like I do NOT. Glad you managed a card for this week's challenge it's lovely
      BIG HUG'S on the way.xx

  4. As you can see Blogger is really playing me up So frustrating!
    Lots of gorgeous cards giving me lots of ideas
    I’m definitely going to try VAL’s idea as I have that Gerbera set - I might try masking off the corners before I ink it as I don’t use ribbon very often-if you see what I mean
    I am totally in love with Oxides and they’re really vibrant when you heat emboss them I really enjoyed this challenge and would’ve tried the sketch too I had an idea in my head
    It’s nice to see a mixture of both choices in the challenge
    Great idea from LYNDA I’m up for that
    May be going to a charity football match later
    Other than than I can see ironing staring at me but so’s my crochet....

    1. I hope that’l ok VAL

    2. Of course it is. It seemed such a waste to throw it away. Good idea to mask off the corners.
      Enjoy your day whether itS football,ironing or crochet or all of them.x

  5. Margaret Palmer6 May 2018 at 09:37

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely selection of cards once again, I love the weekly challenge as it makes you think out of your comfort zone & we get to see all the cards, great idea from Lynda as well. Hope you get to relax in your beautiful
    Danni & Lorraine lovely to see you join
    Lynda so pleased you have your date earlier than you thought, is it a de-compression they are doing I cannot remember, if it is I had one done 15 years ago & no trouble since, hugs on
    Maria hope you are not suffering too much after your gardening, please be
    Lilian I hope you are enjoying your break & seeing
    Janet please can I order roast chicken with all the
    Michele you must feel you are not meant to go to Dublin, hope you do manage a few days out, thinking of you all hugs on
    Lovely sunny morning again hope to have a sit out later although I do have to make a condolence card, one of the ladies from embroidery group has sadly passed away, she was such a talented needlewomen & enjoyed making cards, we will miss her.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret so sorry to read one of your embroidery group ladies has passed away. Seems so sad that her talent is now lost. Enjoy your time in the sun.x

    2. Hi Margaret my procedure is a live X-ray to guid the needle to the nerve root where it exits between the vertebra bodies before steroid & local anaesthetic is injected. I will be asleep thank goodness.
      Sorry one of your embroidery ladies has passed away.
      Take care in the sun.
      Thanks for asking Hug's xx

  6. Wow ladies your cards are all amazing so many different variations of the sketch. Lynda - I love love the idea of the embossing folder challenge.. Thank you Sandra for sharing our group cards on your blog its so nice of you. Have a lovely day all xx

    1. Thank you Dannii for liking my idea for next week's challenge.
      Have a lovely day with your family.
      Hug's xx

  7. Hi everyone.
    WOW what a bumper array of cards this week. So lovely to see both challenges were popular. Lynda idea is really a good one.

    As well as every else Lynn does she also looks after quite a few holiday homes which is mainly just keeping an eye on them but some have to be cleaned. People are arriving tonight to a large 3 bedroom apartment and when it needs cleaning I usually go along to help. I enjoy cleaning bathrooms but Lynn's a bit squeamish about other peoples toilets. There are 2 en suites and a general bathroom. Am I getting old? I feel shattered. I had lots of jobs planned for today but I think a siesta is in order.
    Hope everyone's having a good Sunday and also hope the sun is shiny on all of you.
    Love Valx

    1. Val if you have any enagy left could you clean my bathroom please.😂😂🤣🤣 xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What beautiful selection of Challenge cards, they are absolutely stunning. Mine is still sitting in the craft room - not quite finished BUT it will not be wasted as it also fits in with Lynda’s idea.

    VAL i’m so pleased you found those needles useful. Happy sewing XX

    Sorry I didn’t get in yesterday, we were out early in the morning and didn’t return until after 11pm It was a very long day. But it was a lovely family day. Saw Daughter and SIL and two of their boys, our other daughter came with Ciara and Callum. Here husband (the Black Cab driver) was working, making up for the days he wouldn’t be earning in the week! she said he is taking part a charity event. Taking Veterans to Portsmouth for three days. She didn’t know what had been planned for them. Usually they have very full days planned.

    Take care everyone, my next plan is to go out into the garden, but not sure it’s a good idea, we have the garden door open and my eyes have started streaming and I’m sneezing. I wouldn’t mind but I take antihistamine all the time, I have so many allergies.

    Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather, hugs Brenda XXX

  9. Hello Sandra & Ladies
    Wow lovely challenge cards today. Thank you Sandra for suggesting my idea for a challenge. Gorgeous sunshine today again haven't planned enything today. CU is cleaning the car out as there is more grass in the car than on our front lawn. Where he does grass cutting for other people & rubbish dumping. I had a go at him yesterday at the state of it. Also parked in Asda Friday & when we got back in car he backed out he pulled front bumper off so as he parked over the curb he had to screw it back on as well this morning.😱😱😱 is it just my CU that dose thing like him I can't imagine any of your husbands are enything like him.!!!
    Off into my craft room now HUG'S for you all.
    Love Lynda xx

  10. Thank you Sandra for the link to your blog, what a lot of inspiration I certainly have taken a lot of ideas for future projects. :O) x