Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Lynda's been thumping!!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

Lynda has been doing a spot of 'Thumping' not to Captain Underpants of course, although I think she feels like it at times, hahaha! ' Thumping' is a technique, you use Markers to add ink to your stamp,
by tapping the or 'thumping' different coloured markers all over your stamp, you then breathe or 'Huff' onto your ink covered stamp to remoisten the ink and stamp the image, it gives a lovely marbled look.
I have done a YouTube Tutorial a while ago using this same stamp, I will add the link to it below...

My Thumping Tutorial

Lynda both of your cards are awesome, I love the colours you have chosen to give colour to your stamped tree.  Thank you so much for having a go at the technique and for allowing me to share your cards. XXX

Now ladies let me share with you the our Criminal 'adventures' from Monday night/ Tuesday early am.
Matt sold a car that Paul had bought him to get him from 'A to B' while his truck is off the road, it was a little Peugeot 106, it cost all of £150 but it did the job for a few weeks, sadly it failed its MOT so needed to be scrapped.  Matt advertised it and a man came to collect it 6pm on Monday evening, he seemed nice enough, he was buying the car for the engine to put in his late fathers car, he chatted for a good half hour or more and then left, using Trade plates to drive away, he was aware that the car had no MOT or Tax.  Anyway he paid the money Matt had requested and off he went.  We thought no more of it and went about our evening as usual.
Paul was just getting into bed and I was just getting a glass of water when there was a loud knock at the door and the door bell went off, I panicked to be honest as it was about 12.15am, thankfully all of my babies were in bed so I knew it wasn't about them.  Two policewomen were at the door and asked if they could come in, they then asked if we owned a silver peugeot 106, I explained that Matt had sold it at 6pm, they explained that it had been involved in a serious incident at about 11.30pm.  Paul went and woke Matt who showed the Police the portion of the Logbook that the chap had signed, they photographed it and passed on all information that we could give.  After calming down we all got into bed, although my heart was racing as was my mind, I kept thinking that the chap would come back because we gave evidence.. By about 1;45am Paul was asleep as well as all the others.  At about 2 - 2.15am there was another car on the drive and then I heard 'Its the Police" so I rushed (as much as I can) and opened the door again to two different Police Officers who were asking the very same questions, after a few minutes I asked why we were being asked again as we had been through all of this information with their colleagues after midnight. They tried to explain that they were having a super busy shift, I told him that they had called all the information in over their radios, including addresses etc.  The ended up apologising profusely and eventually left. By this time I was wide awake and my mind was in 'full' over thinking mode!  Therefore I got very little sleep.  Milo was restless too, I got up fed the cats and checked that our other Cars were still on the drive way, they were thank goodness!  It turned out that the car was stolen and used in a high speed police chase, driving 80 in a 40mph area, running red lights, going the wrong way around the roundabouts etc, they were on the run from the police, they were eventually stopped and detained.
All a little too much excitement for a Monday night in our sleepy village, Lord only knows what the neighbours thought!!

My day was soon brightened though by the arrival of my lovely friend Margaret, we did lots of chatting and crafting too.  Thank you so much for coming Margaret xxx

Our car did get fixed, so Paul and Sophie are off to Coventry today for her interview and tour of the facilities.  I was thinking of going but I want Sophie to enjoy the whole experience without worrying about wheelchair accessability.

I hope that you all have a fantastic day,

Love and hugs to all



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lynda-two beautiful cards, they’ really lovely.

    Sandra-glad you had a nice time crafting with Margaret. My goodness-what drama about the car. I’m surprised any of you got any sleep after the two visits from the police.

    I was sent home from work on Monday-stomach bug. Symptoms stopped during the night/early hours of Tuesday. Hospital rules are you can’t return to work for 48 hours after the symptoms stop. I was resting on Tuesday (felt washed out) when I hit a message from my M in L saying that we need to go to the hospital as F in L was very poorly. Amazingly hubby had just come home as it was around lunchtime. We dashed off (journey is over an hour)- he had stabilised by the time we got there but he’s still extremely poorly. There’s going to be a team meeting on Thursday to discuss the options available (very limited) so we’ll be going. I just need to phone work to explain I won’t be going in as this is a priority for us to be there.


    1. Oh MICHELE It doesn’t sound good does it Take care and of course he’s your priority
      Big hug coming yours and Phill’s way

    2. Margaret Palmer23 May 2018 at 08:10

      Michele on top of this with FIL you obviously still feeling poorly, hugs on way to you

    3. Oh Michele, so sorry to hear your FIL is so poorly. Thinking of you and Phil and hope you're feeling OK tummy wise now.x

    4. Hi Michele
      So sorry to hear that Phils Dad is so poorly. Thinking of you both. Such a long journey to do when your not feeling to good. I hope your poorly tummy is a bit better today.

    5. Hi Michele, what can I say that hasn’t been said already. My thoughts and prayers are with you Phil, MIL and the rest of the family, it goes without saying they also include your FIL.
      Hope your tummy bug has cleared up. That’s the last thing you need right now. Gentle Hugs coming your way xx

  2. Two very pretty cards LYNDA
    I spent yesterday removing very old rubber stamps off their wooden block I’d paid about £2 on 6 stamps at a Wotever Scrappy store
    I just need to umount some and get some repositional glue spray I might try Quickie glue pen first as that supposedly repositional when used dried
    I hope all this that have appointments this week get along ok and LILIAN have you phoned your GP re meds

    1. Hi Karen, I have so many wooden backed stamps. How do you take them off the blocks. Its sounds a good idea, then I can use them in my stamping platform.x

    2. I think I saw a video on UTube or it may have been on Pinterest about removing stamps from wooden blocks. xx

    3. Brena’s Right I saw it on Pinterest first and then watched a couple of videos on YouTube
      Basically you may be able to catch an edge and literally peel the rubber stamp part off leaving the (grey) mounting piece on the block Or heat in microwave for literally 10 to 15 seconds to soften the glue Watch YouTube for how to get rest of glue off etc Some are very thin and may need Umount to make thick enough for a platform and/or repositional glue

    4. Many thanks for that Karen. I'll deco have a go at that.x

  3. Margaret Palmer23 May 2018 at 08:23

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra hope you had a better night no more trouble. Hope Sophie gets on well
    Lynda your thumping technique has worked beautifully, 2 lovely cards, they are such super stamps to use. Hope your pain eases soon hugs on
    Sue arrived home safely last evening, have not talked yet as she was tired, their plane was delayed by nearly 2 hrs, so will catch up later. Hope you slept well
    Lilian sending hugs to
    Must go & get breakfast Petanque this morning, it is windy & overcast hope it warms up.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Enjoy your Pétanque today. I hope it warms up a bit for you. It’s a bit windy and dull here. Although I can just see it’s getting a bit brighter now.

  4. Margaret Palmer23 May 2018 at 08:59

    As Janet has been delayed I have opened cafe for her. Hope all is well Janet. Coffee & teapots on ready & there might be some lemon drizzle cake

    1. Lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious Margaret.
      Glad Sue is home safe and sound. The French Air Traffic Control were on strike yesterday and all flights in and out of UK seem to be delayed.Lynn was picking someone up at Alicante at 9 last night and the didn't arrive until 1am. She's pretty tired this morning.
      Enjoy your petanque, hope it warms up for you.x

  5. Good Morning everyone,
    Such lovely cards Lynda. I've never heard of "thumping" before but it certainly is effective. Hope you're in less pain today.x

    SANDRA what an awful night you had with Police calling twice. Hope that's the end of it. Good luck to Paul and Sophie with the university visit.

    Playing crib later but I have a couple of cards to finish off first.

    Hugs to all not feeling so good today.
    Love Valx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Love the thumping cards you’ve made Lynda.
    What a dramatic late evening/ early morning you had with the police waking you up. Fancy the car being stolen after you’ve sold it. Makes you wonder though doesn’t it. Good job Matt had the paperwork and was in as you’d be thinking all sorts of things when you saw the police 👮‍♀️ on your doorstep.
    Good luck to Sophie on the re arranged university visit.
    Off to the hospital again today. Such a shame that the clinics aren’t on the same day so they can be co ordinated, they usually do when we go to see the cardiologist and the technician who takes the readings and adjusts Petes pacemaker, but for some reason they haven’t this time.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    LYNDA I love the ‘Thumping Cards’ you have made. The colours are just beautiful. Another technique to add to my have ago list. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. xx hope Captain UP is behaving himself!!!

    Oh Sandra what a nightmare Monday night/Tuesday morning was for you all. After all that excitement I hope you all had a good nights sleep last night.
    I have my fingers crossed etc!!! For Sophie today. It’s a shame you didn’t go with her, I do understand your reasons. But if she gets the opportunity to go again, maybe look at accommodation, you should go. After all it’s probably where she will be spending the next 3 - 4 years (depending on the length of her course) Anyway enjoy your day, they will be home before you know it, she is going to have so much to talk about.

    Pleased you had a good time with Margaret. Reading her comments from yesterday evening she certainly enjoyed her time with you.

    SUE Pleased you are home safe and sound albeit very tired. I hope this holiday has been a real tonic. xx

    Have a good day everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

  8. Hello Sandra & ladies
    Thank Sandra for sharing my cards they are so easy to do & really effective.
    Thank you all for your lovely comments I really do appreciate them.
    Not feeling to great today I have a bad tummy ache have a microwave warm bean cushion on it not sure what's brought that on.
    SANDRA what a nightmare you had last night with the police banging on your door. Hope Sophie enjoys walking round the university & her interview goes well. Xx
    SUE glad your home safe & you had a lovely holiday xx
    Terry has just made me a cup of hot tea so going to see if that helps, Try & pop back later. Hug's for everyone
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Your cards are gorgeous LYNDA and deserve their place on the blog
      Hope you’re feeling better xx

  9. Hi all.
    wowser Sandra what a morning you had with the police knocking on your door and not just the once but twice. Think I would have my heart in my throat after. Hopefully you won't hear any more from them.
    Love the cards Lynda, you always amazes me with all the new techniques you trying your hand on and it look so beautiful everything, well done you. Sorry tho to hear you still in so much pain, sending you loads of gentle hugs and wish you soon feel better. Always a pain to be in pain !
    Hope to hear from Sue how her holiday was when she got a minute. Glad she back home alright.
    Michele- you take it easy, hope you feeling better. Sending you all hugs.
    Lilian- many extra hugs for you x
    Brenda- love you memorising and telling us about the "olden" days and your sisters time in Africa etc. I don't mind to hear more.
    Pat- hope Pete is feeling some better. Glad he managed to go out for lunch. Dad getting his results today, waiting to hear from them later/tonight.
    My day is crap, enough said about that. Hope you all had a ok day whatever you been doing. Love to all, Maria xxx