Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I am guessing it's going to be a super busy week for most of you, so with that in mind I thought I would make this week's challenge super simple, that way even if you can't manage the time to make a card you will have one photographed that will work.

The challenge this week is to make a card with an Embossing Folder as the main focus of the card, it can be for any occasion, any size, shape or style, the only thing it MUST feature is an Embossing Folder. 

I chose the 'Winter Wishes' Embossing Folder from Stampin'Up!, I used it to emboss a pics of 'Very Vanilla' card which I then mounted onto gold Mirror card and then again onto 'Very Vanilla'. I added some Good foil edged ribbon, added a die cut, Gold Foil Snowflake to the centre and added a good faceted gem to the centre.
I stamped a mini tag die cut with the sentiment 'Let it Snow' in Versamark and added gold Embossing Powder an heat set, I added it under my knot with a foam pad underneath.
I mounted this onto a 'Very Vanilla' card base and stamped a sentiment inside.

We made a start on the Christmas shopping on Saturday, hopefully it will all be delivered in time.  That reminds me of the Christmas episode of 'The Good Life' when Margo and Jerry's Christmas didn't arrive from 'Fortnum's' !!! Hehe 

Have a lovely week ahead ladies, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Beautiful card Sandra, very classy & elegant.
    What a great challenge for this week-nice and easy!
    Our heating didn’t come on yesterday afternoon so after much fiddling & faffing with the buttons on the boiler we got it working. Not bad considering it was only serviced just over a week ago & they came out to replace a valve on the kitchen radiator on Friday afternoon!! We’re going to see how it behaves today before contacting the heating company. I’m sure they’ll be In touch as we haven’t paid them for the work they did on Friday.


    1. Really hope your radiators are behaving themselves. It's very cold down here so I guess it is the same up at your end. snuggles xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- a BIG BIG THANK YOU for making this week's Challenge a simple one.I'm sure that I can do something new this week and not have to dive into my

    We had a lovely visit with Christina and Robert. Nothing special just our usual sat around the kitchen table with the log burner going and her two Collies nudging our elbows for their share of the goodies.

    The journey both ways wasn't all that good. We had snow/ice and fog but our visits are always good. I saw Christina's latest willow sculpture which is a Christmas tree. It's so beautiful and I've asked for a picture so that I can show it to you all.

    Another busy day on the cards here. Mr Tesco between 09.00 and 10.00 and I've just got two parcels to wrap and then that's finished and I've got to make a start on Gracie-Leigh's 2nd birthday card for Jan 1st and my other SIL on the 7th. I'm having difficulty believing that I'm making birthday cards for 2018!!

    MARGARET- pleased to hear that you have made a box. I hope you have taken a picture so we can see it.

    The CAFE is OPEN - usual hours so pop in anytime for a visit and a cuppa.
    HUGS are wining their way to you all. xxxx

    1. I have not at the moment will do later. Pleased to hear you had a lovely time yesterday, take

    2. Glad your visit to Christina's was good. Be very careful if going out. Looking forward to see the willow sculpture she's made. It is my SIL birthday on the first so I too will have to make a card for that soon. take care xx

    3. Hi Janet
      Wow I hope Christine send you a picture of her Williw Christmas Tree. She really has a talent using willow doesn't she.

  3. Morning Sandra and all
    Thank you Sandra for the beautiful card today and the simplish challenge.
    Oh I used to love The Good Life. Such brilliant acting and characters. Hope all your parcels arrive in time. Did you make an appointment at the doctors? I hope

    We're off out for Christmas lunch today. Lynn and Paul have the day off and I'm just waiting for Barrie to finish in my bathroom so I can have a shower.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Can you believe this time next week is Christmas Day?

    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Hope you enjoy yoyr lunch today. Not to sure if I'm commenting in the wrong place or not as I thought it was Monday today,

    2. Enjoy your lunch out. Hope Barrie is doing alright. Will you be with Lynn and Paul on x-mas day ?
      hugs to you all xx

    3. Hi Val hope you all enjoyed your lunch. How long is Barrie staying will you both go to Lyn & Paul for Christmas Day Dinner xx
      Hug's xxx

    4. Hi ladies, lunch was delicious thanks. Barrie sadly goes home tomorrow, I wish he could stay so I could look after him as I'm so worried about his mental state. I've made him promise to go back to his doctor.
      Lynda I actually live with Lynn and Paul so yes we are having Christmas lunch

  4. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope your parcels arrive in time. Great cc this week, I have a birthday card to make & had planned to use EF I got with Papercraft,
    Another busy day, still have not done cards for Great Grandchildren so that & cc is plan for today, then can put craft stuff away & get big tree up, we are so behind.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      I've two birthday cards to do as well. For the end of Dec and beg Jan.

    2. Big fluffy hugs for you and Pop. have fun decorate the big tree, stay warm xx

    3. Hi Margaret Have you & Pop got the big tree 🌲 up & decorated by now Is everyone coming to you for Christmas Day dinner.don't over do it xxx Hug's for you & Pop xx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Great card today. Great embossing folder you've used as well. Lovely snowflake. Pete's appointment for today has been cancelled. However, the good news is it's been arranged for Wed as he will already be up the hospital in Dermatology. So that appointment will be at 9.30 and he'll be in Oncology at 10.40. His Radium treatment starts tomorrow.

    1. Sorry Pete is in so much pain, I feel for him. Sat up to 1am last night myself but didn't sleep very well. Think we had a bit too much to eat. Believe it is Monday today Lol many hugs xx

    2. Hi Pat
      Sorry Pete is in a lot of pain feel for him sending him some gentle fluffier Hug's How is your hand & back now Pat are you still going to hospital for treatment. Big Hug's for you my friend. Not sure if I thanked you for your beautiful card I love that stamp set you have used. Is it a Stamping Up set?THANK YOU XXXX

    3. Thanks Lynda
      If I sent you a star card, then yes it was a Stampin Up one. I used Sandra's. My treatment is finished now thank goodness. But I still need to go up for check ups every 3 months so they can keep an eye on it.

  6. Hello All, lovely sunny morning here, yesterday’s fog has gone thank goodness.

    Lovely card again Sandra, and great challenge for this week, even I should manage one.

    Still have wrap , and a couple more cards to make definitely going to start early next year, although the ones I made for challenges really helped.

    Have a good day all, Pat hope Pete’s appointments go well, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Thanks Lilian. Although they've rung again and asked can ge also go in tomorrow at 1.30. So now it's 2 appointments tomorrow and 2 on Wed.
      If you see a glow tomorrow in the sky it will be a radio active Pete.
      Glad the fog has gone in Cornwall now. I can't wait for the warmer weather.

    2. Hope you having a better day and get your cards made up as the day goes. big hugs to you both xx

    3. Hi Lilian Thank you so much for your lovely card it arrived this afternoon.hope you manage to get your cards made.
      Hug's for you both. Xxx

  7. Good CC for this week so will do my best to join in. Spent morning at Ikea and Lidl for some bits for x-mas and then I still go and buy the wrong herring for the Jansson's.
    Hope you get your parcels in time Sandra and have some time for a little bit of decorations up round the house.
    have a good day everyone, love Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria Thank you for your lovely card you sent me xx
      Hope your all done now with shopping we have to get a few bits from Tesco tomorrow then we are done. Big Hug's how are you now Maria have you been to pain clinic yet ? Take care my

    2. Hi Maria
      Not to sure what you mean re the wrong Herrings for the Jannsons?. Are they people or an event in your country.

  8. Lovely idea for the challenge and I love your card
    The last of my deliveries arrived today apart from one but it has been dispatched
    I still have cards to make - the special ones
    I hope your parcels arrive in time
    Out dancing tonight as daughter is teaching

    1. Hi Karen enjoy your dancing tonight. Good luck with making your cards
      Hug's xxx

    2. Hi Karen
      Enjoy your dancing tonight. Hope you manage to get your special cards finished.

  9. Hi Sandra &.ladies
    Sorry everyone my comment yesterday wouldn't publish just kept disappearing
    All of the challenge cards were gorgeous well done everyone.
    Sandra today's challenge looks good I have still got three cards to make.
    Sandra hope all your parcels arrive in time. Have you managed to put the tree 🌲 up & decorated it. Hope your ok my lovely.I better go & do my cards.
    We went to Prymark Terry got some new 👖 jeans & two jumpers & two packs of captain underpants. I got three pairs of cozy pj's.
    Love Lynda xx

  10. Hi Lynda
    Glad you got your shopping done, and CU got some new ones.

  11. Hello Sanda and Ladies,
    Sorry I didn’t send a comment yesterday, I did write one and forgot to press publish. so when I open the iPad this morning it’s looking at me in the little box.

    Ladies I loved all of yesterday’s cards, they were all so inspiring.

    Sandra I love your challenge card, I will try to get one made before the end of the week.

    We have been Christmas shopping today, still got a few more bits to get. Hopefully one more shopping trip will sort that out. 🤞

    Take care everyone, sleep well. Love and hugs, Brenda XXX