Saturday, 30 December 2017

Michele's mag review and so much more!

Michele's Magazine Review

Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine has a few embossing folder + set of stamps this month which could be used for many occasions. There’s 6 ideas inside the magazine but it could be used for so many more projects.

Diecutting Essentials magazine has a brilliant free life gift this month-Woodland friends. This could be used to make Male or female cards for so many occasions, not just Birthdays. This would work well with Sue Wilson Shadow box dies. There’s 3 features using the free Dies so there’s loads of inspiration.

QCME comes with a really pretty set of Wildflower stamps. These would make some lovely Thank You cards or Mother’s Day Cards. This is the last issue ever as this magazine is being discontinued.

Papercraft Inspirations has a decoupage easel card kit free this month which is a great way to try a new style card. This kit looks like it makes some really lovely cards.

Simply Cards & Papercraft has a brilliant set of stamps (one of the sentiment stamps fits the All Occasions Embossing folders ) plus some bonus toppers. There’s 2 features inside the magazine using the free gifts do lots of ideas to try.

Making Cards magazine has a great Alphabet set of stamps (upper & lower case) plus some excellent quality papers. As always there’s a pull out section in the magazine with ideas using the free papers.

I treated myself to a couple more magazine subscriptions and I got some lovely free gifts-early Christmas present to myself!!! It also means I receive the magazine earlier than the shops stock them so I can start the review early for you so you can decide if you’d like to buy any of them.


Craft Gifts & Photos


Michele got some lovely Craft Christmas presents, the selection of Sue Wilson dies were from Phil,
I must say Michele he chose well !
The Promarkers were from Michele's Mum in Law, Michele has set herself a challenge to do more colouring this coming year, so these pens will be a great starting point.
Thank you for sharing Michele.


Karen has shared some gorgeous photos of Oscar with us, two in his cute Santa outfit, that second photo shouts 'mischief' to me, lol, I bet he bought lots of smiles to everyone's faces this Christmas.
The third photo is absolutely amazing, Charlotte and Karen worked together to create a incredibly professional looking gift for Charlotte's partner, I bet he absolutely loved it Karen, Oscar looked like he worked very well as model, I can imagine you and Charlotte had lots of fun taking the photos too.
Karen received some lovely Crafty Christmas gifts, the Knit Pro Symfonie Knitting needles are fantastic, they are supposed to make it a lot easier to knit with particularly if you have arthritis, they are really light and very smooth to knit with.
Two lots of fantastic Sue Wilson dies were also in Karen's Christmas stocking, I look forward to seeing what you create with that lovely background die, and the Alphabet dies are always useful.
Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous photos of Oscar and your lovely gifts.


Janet has sent us some absolutely gorgeous photos of Gracie-Leigh and Lily-Mae in their Reindeer dresses and one of Gracie-Leigh helping with the baking. I can't believe how much they have both grown, they are such beautiful girls Janet. Thank you so much for sharing their photos, its so lovely to be able to watch them grow.
Janet had a go at something new over Christmas, Paper Cutting, this is something that I have always admired, the skill, time and effort that goes into Paper Cut designs is mind blowing but its now been made accessible to those of us that aren't confident with a Scalpel, Sue amazes me as she uses a knife and a ruler rather than a paper trimmer, I couldn't even manage that!
These fantastic 'Paper Cuts' were done by Janet, these Cuts are from a Pad called 'Adventures in Paper Cutting', it is distributed by Katy Sue Designs.
They can be cut using Scissors alone, which most of use every day.  
Your samples are fantastic Janet, thank you so much for sharing this amazing new craft with all of us, you could use them in so many ways including simply framing them on a dark background, I love these and I am very tempted to have a go.

Thank you ladies for another fantastic blog post, particularly you Michele for the fantastic magazine review, its so helpful to have a brief idea of what we can expect in the magazine before we decide to buy it. Your reviews are so helpful.
Thank you to Janet and Karen too for the updated baby photo's and the photos of your gifts etc.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and Hugs



  1. Morning Everyone
    Well what a day we had yesterday. We got up to a white world and snowflakes as big a saucers which continued all morning giving us a really good coating but after lunch the temp changed and we had rain for the rest of the afternoon which washed most of the snow away thank goodness. It looks rather icy this morning so it's careful does it as we go shopping in a little while.

    MICHELE- thank you for the mag review.
    KAREN- gorgeous pictures of OSCAR. They grow so quickly. He would make anyone smile.

    It's difficult to believe that Gracie-Leigh will be 2 on Monday and Lily-Mae 4 on Valentine's Day. Where are the years going?
    I've loved trying the 'Adventures in Paper Cutting'. It's something I've never tried before as I always shy away from knives and normally use scissors but it is really impossible to use scissors on these patterns. I've found if the knife is super sharpe it cuts so easy and by following the hint of starting in the middle of the pattern and working out to the edges it's easier. It's also something that I can do sat in my comfy chair with a cutting mat on my knees and not having to stand up. It's worth a try everyone.

    If anyone has the time to pop in the CAFE the doors are open as usual.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.xxxx

    1. Amazing JANET I just know I’d end up ruining a piece by cutting too longer line but the tip about starting in the middle of a cut line would help Did you use a knife or a scalpel?
      I can’t believe where time goes either Oscar was 20 months on Christmas day

    2. Janet, your paper cuts are amazing, my poor old fingers will would never be able to do these. Lovely pics of the girls.

    3. Hi Janet, your paper cutting skills is amazing. I too probably would have nipped off more then needed and made a mess out of it Lol. The girls have gone so big and are very cute,thank you for sharing. Take care going out x

    4. Hi Janet
      No snow for us yesterday just rain. I must say I was sorry the league of friends was shut for the holidays yesterday. We sat in the coffee shop downstairs, but tea or coffee in the cardboard cups. Tea was ok but not as nice as in a cup. It was also cold in there as it was blowing a gal outside. You could feel it coming through the windows. Must say it seemed colder in the hospital generally yesterday. Probably because there were not so many people about.
      Lovely pictures of Gracie-Leigh and Lily-Mae, where does the tine go.
      Great paper cutting I must say. But cutting with a knife, I don't think so. I'd be slicing pieces off I'm afraid. Not to mention my fingers.

    5. Hi Janet,
      Love the pictures of the girls, they are both gorgeous little ladies.
      Your paper cutting is brilliant, I would never be able to keep my hands steady enough to do this. xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen & Janet-great photos of everyone at Christmas.
    Karen-great Dies
    Janet-your paper cutting looks fabulous.

    Hubby isn’t playing golf this morning so we’re off to order a new sofa-we’ll it will be 2 Two seaters, an armchair & a footstool in the Sale.
    After that we need to go to Tesco then I really have to get into my craft room as I still have Christmas stuff all over the table in there!

    Hope you enjoy the magazine review.


    1. Great review MICHELE Thankyou

    2. Thanks for the Magazine reviews Michele. Enjoy playing with your new dies, love the wheelbarrow,and doing some colouring in with the pens. have a nice day x

    3. Hi Michele
      Good luck with buying some new furniture.
      Great magazine reviews, these are much appreciated. I was very surprised to see the All Occasions one still on the shelf in Sainsbury's. Sandra got mine spfor me as I was sure they'd be sold out like they were in WH Smith's,

    4. Thank you for the magazine reviews, they are always very helpful.
      Great Christmas presents.xx

  3. Thank you for showing the photos of Oscar The ones in his Father Christmas suit were made into cards for the family
    He wasn’t as good a “model” this year hence the quirkier poses Charlotte hopes to carry on doing this over the next few years!
    Thank you MICHELE for the mag review and thank you to JANET for showing your amazing skills at paper cutting and your adorable granddaughters
    It is extremely windy here but ai must go food shopping as I’m cooking for MIL tomorrow
    Take care xxx

    1. Beautiful pics of Your Oscar, he looks delightful in his Santa suit.

    2. Wonderful photos of Oscar in his Santa suit Karen, he is such cutie. Hope you ok, take care x

    3. Hi Karen
      Fabulous photos of Oscar in his Christmas outfits. Great idea to make them into Christmas cards.
      Hope your cough is getting better if not perhaps you need something stronger to take,

    4. Lovely photos of Oscar, he looks full of mischief and fun.
      Great presents in your stocking xx

  4. Morning Sandra and all,
    MICHELE, many thanks for your magazine review. I'm sure when I'm in UK next month I'll be buying all that's available. You dies are lovely. Sue has a card with that super cake today. I like Promarkers of all the pens out there. Be interesting to see how you get on with them . Enjoy your shopping today.xx
    KAREN oh what cute photos of Oscar in his little suit. He's adorable. Your dies are lovely. Bet you have fun with them. Hope your cold has cleared up now.xx
    JANET your granddaughters are so pretty and what lovely dresses. Your paper Cutting is great. I don't have a paper cutter and prefer to use a knife and ruler but don't know if my skills or my eyesight are good enough to attempt that. Be careful venturing out
    There were only 3 of us at craft club yesterday what with sickness and other things but it was very cosy and I really enjoyed it.
    Cracking on with valentine cards today but must brush and mope downstairs first.
    Have a lovely Saturday everyone.
    BRENDA hope you're feeling a lot better now.x
    TERRY hope you're doing as your told.x
    PAT hope the hospital went ok yesterday.x
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thank you VAL He is a little cutie The cold is ok just been left with a hacking cough (again!)

    2. Hi Val, have a nice Saturday. Stay well for your upcoming holiday x

    3. Hi Va
      Hospital was cold yesterday, but will have to wait until a week Tuesday to see if the cancer in his bones has progressed any further. He'll see Prof Prothero for his Prostate Cancer at 9 40 and the Specialist nurse the same day to take bloods and see if he's well enough to have his Radium the week after. Hopefully they'll co-ordinate the first two close to each other.
      Hope you enjoy your holiday and the weather cheers up a bit next month for you.
      Hope Helen is going on ok.

  5. Hi All, still very windy, but at least it’s dry for the moment.

    Michele,good to have your reviews again, might have to get one ot two, haven’t bought any in ages.

    Sandra hope the packing is going well, always try and have a good clear out when we move, but maybe your not such a hoarder as I am.

    Have a lovely day all, have Mr Tesco coming at lunchtime, not much else going on, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, have a nice relaxing day. Is R still busy this weekend or has it calmed down ? Sending you both some hugs x

    2. Hi Lilian
      Hope you managed to have a restful day. Petes the hoarder in our house. I found 4 old belts the other day all frayed and tatty. Don't you dare throw them away I might use them again was the retort when I said I could throw them in the bin.

  6. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    MICHELE thank you for your mag review. I brought the Simply cards & paper craft mag at Tesco Friday the stamps are lovely & fit the embossing folder on the last mag. Great Dies you from Phil & pro markers from MIL.Enjoy your shopping.
    KAREN Oscar is so cute in his Santa outfit Your Die's are lovely xx
    JANET how cute are your Granddaughter's so pretty in their matching dresses
    Wow your paper cutting is brilliant Janet. Hug's xx
    BRENDA I hope your feeling better take care Hug's xx
    VAL I hope you get the valentines cards made how many have you got to make.?
    PAT hope Hospital went ok yesterday sending Hug's xx
    SANDRA hope you have recovered from your two way trip. How's the packing going. Are you sorting what's not needed anymore. That's a good opportunity to de clutter as you go. Has your offer been accepted for your beautiful house.?
    We have wind & rain ☔️ again with some blue sky. Got to pop to £ shop today for freezer bags I cooked some bulk spaghetti sauce yesterday for freezing.
    Then I'm going in craft room for a big sort out.also have two birthday cards to make. Terry was good yesterday he stayed strapped in the chair so rested all day.& said I was right making him rest. He said thank you all for your kind comments.
    Sending everyone some Hug's have a good day & stay safe if you have snow.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda, good Terry listening to you but I guess if strapped to the chair he haven't got many other choices hihi no he better take it easy so not damaging anything else on top. Hugs x

    2. Thanks Maria boy you must miss your CC Handel are you getting withdrawal symptoms like loosing a hand 🤚 isn't it.
      Terry said he's missing you Hug's will give you one in April AP
      Fingers crossed we will make it. Love us xx

    3. I’m glad to hear TERRY is behaving himself and thank you for your lovely comments about Oscar

    4. Hi Lynda
      Great idea strapping Terry to a chair so he rests. Perhaps I should do the sane with Pete. Trouble is I'd have to keep untying him to go to the hospital. Oh well the thought was there. No luck with getting him to go away for a few days, says it's going to rain next week so what's the point. Point being a change of scenery and a rest.

  7. Hi Sandra, hope you ok and the packing is near finished. Any news reg the house ? everything still crossed for you.
    Hope you recovered from the journey, quite a way to go in one day. Lovely Christmas card from your mum and such a good idea to use different strips and ribbons up.
    Brenda, hope you feeling better but still taking it easy. Good news for John, hope the op won't be too long.
    Pat and Pete, hugs for you both.
    Karen, don't like the sound of your cough again. Do go and see the doc. if it continues.
    Keep warm everyone and take care if going out.
    Hope to make a card later but like to move some around and sort out the stamps at the same time. Have not got the new handle yet so will do some stamping instead for a while.
    have a good day , love Maria xxx

    1. Hi Naria
      Thanks for the hugs. Hope you get your GC handle soon. I hope you didn't have to pay for it though. How's the pain clinic going. Or at least when is your first session.

    2. Hi ladies. Not missing a hand but close enough Lynda tihi I did pay for my first handle but this time I think it is free Pat. Oh tell Terry I'll miss him too and can't wait until April, you must come !. Well this pain clinic saga continues because I got the start date for 14 Jan and I would miss the first session so they moved me to start in March. I have exercises to do anyway until then but
      not noticing much bettering. Will go for a longish walk tomorrow so will see how it goes. Have a good night all xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Great reviews again this morning Michele. Thanks for taking the time to do this, it's very much appreciated. Great Dies and colouring pencils as well. I tried to get the Christmas ones to go in the shadow boxes but couldn't find any. All we're out of stock. I wonder if they'll have any in the reduced box at Ally Pally. Must try and remember that.
    Janet how gorgeous are Gracie- Leigh and Lily-Mae. Two gorgeous girls. Your paper cuts are fantastic. Must be very fiddly to do though.

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you are feeling rested after your journey on Thursday & packing is going
    Michele thank you for excellent review again. Enjoy your gifts, look forward to seeing what you
    Karen what lovely photos of Oscar, he looks soo cheeeky. Lovely goodies & my Mum found using these type of needles really helped her hands. Hope your cough improves quickly, hugs on
    Janet your grandaughters or is great grandaughters are lovely. I love the one of Gracie-Leigh helping with the baking, I think all my Grandchildren & Greats have or had done exactly the same, it's lovely. Your papercutting is lovely, I remember making something similar when I was a little girl many moons ago, well done. Hope you got your shopping
    Lynda hope you have Terry strapped to chair again& you are managing to craft. Hugs on
    Brenda hope you are feeling better, please take it easy, hugs on
    Maria hope you get your handle soon, enjoy your stamping. Hugs on way xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Thank you MARGARET I think these KnitPro needles are brilliant I have 4 sets now I definitely don’t get as much pain when I’m knitting nowadays

  10. Hi again Sandra and all in the Café today. I'm sorry I didn't get into the Café yesterday and I see my comment went walkabout on Thursday but as usual it is lovely to see what you have all been up to 😊
    Michele, thank you for the magazine reviews. I have had my final subscriptions of Quick cards made easy and also Paper craft inspirations and I agree that the embossing folder and stamps are going to be very useful. I love the dies that hubby got for you. Enjoy using them and the Pro markers X
    Karen, your lovely little Oscar looks so cute but also full of mischief in his Santa suit and his Dad's photo will be treasured. Enjoy playing with your new dies and hopefully pain free knitting with the needles X
    Janet, goodness me how much your two little beauties have grown. Where does the time go? Both girls Lok so pretty but I'm sure they both have a dash of mischief in them as well 😊 I'm amazed at your first attempt at paper cutting, you have made two beautiful pieces. I happily use a scalpel and ruler for cutting card etc but can't imagine my dodgy hands would be able to have the skill needed to paper cut. I'm glad that you enjoyed your first attempt and hope to see more soon, please X
    Sandra, I hope you are recovering from your trek on Thursday. I'm thinking of you my lovely. Don't go pushing yourself too hard with the packing. Once we are back from Devon I am happy to help in anyway I can. Special hugs are on their way xx
    Lynda, please pass on a big but very gentle hug to Terry and tell him to do as you tell him until those ribs are completely healed. Big gentle hugs for you too. I hope you are not quite as sore after the hoovering. Please remember it won't hurt to let the dust lie for a while rather than cause yourself pain dear friend xx
    Maria, I hope you are getting to relax and enjoy some stamping while you wait for your new GC handle X
    Brenda. Its good to hear John is being seen so quickly. Fingers crossed his op goes ahead very soon. Please take it very easy until you are really better. Healing hugs for you are on the way x
    Lilian, I'm glad you have managed to get home safely, if slowly. We are coming down as far as Torquay Monday morning so hope the worst of the traffic will be coming back instead. Gentle hugs are on their way to you X
    Pat, I hope the hospital visits go as well as they can for Pete, and you too X
    Val, goodness me you don't get a break with the shop cards do you. It must be hard to think of Valentine's Day when it is still Christmas! I hope you have managed to make a good start on them X
    Mum, I hope you are getting relax at least a little. Love to you and Pop xxxx
    I hope you are all not suffering due to bad weather, it keeps changing here. It was very windy last night but nothing seems to be damaged luckily. We are off to Devon to stay with one of Chris's brothers on Monday for a few days so hope to go up onto the Moors to recharge my batteries so I hope the weather is kind to us.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras to all in need. Take care xx

    1. Thank you SUE Oscar is definitely cheeky and so so adorable

  11. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a fantastic display, I have commented on my way down.

    Have had a restful day today, just chilled out. Didn’t have energy to do anything anyway.

    Sandra hope the packing is going well. Is it all hands on deck? Do Matt, Sophie and Lucy do their own?

    Time for me to get back to my bed, Love and hugs, Brenda xxx