Saturday, 16 December 2017

Mixed up Saturday

Mixed Up Saturday 


Good Morning Ladies,

On Thursday Michele sent me a photo of the latest Papercraft Essentials Magazine, because she knew I would love the free gift they have added this month, so on our way home from our 'appointment' yesterday afternoon I asked Paul to stop off and see if the supermarket was selling the latest edition, he came out with the magazine and the first smile on his face of the day, although as we haven't bought magazines for a while he was a little shocked at the price, "I thought they were about £3.99" was his response, I think he's right, that's what they were when I used to buy them, there weren't as many then either. 

Michele offered to do you all an extra magazine review, knowing how popular this Embossing Folder is, to give you all an early 'heads up' so you can go get one before they sell out. 

After making a few calls etc when we got home and helping Paul organise dinner I went into my craft room and opened the magazine, I couldn't wait to have a play so I thought I would create one of the cards featured in the magazine. 
I embossed a piece of 'Pear Pizzaz' card in the folder and then a piece of Vellum,I then added a strip of 'Powder Pink' card and stamped the sentiment on it in Versamark, I then added WOW Super Fine Silver Embossing Powder and best set it.
I took the embossed Vellum and some 'Pebbles' Chalks that I have had for 10+ years, I brushed over the embossed flowers and foliage with the chalks to highlight them, I love the subtle colour this method gives, why have I left it so long?! Lol !!
I then took a card base that was 61\4 inch square, I then cut a piece of card at 6x6 inch, I then folded the edges of the embossed Vellum over and secured on the back, I lined up the green embossed piece and trimmed it to the wavy line, lined it up with the vellum and stuck it down to the white card piece.  
Finally I took the stamped Pink Wavy border and die cut it with the matching dies that I bought for another of these 'All Occasion' Embossing Folders from Craft Stash a few months ago, although I think it would be quite simple to cut by hand too.
I put some foam pads on the back and lined it up to cover the gap between the green card and vellum.  Three pink pearls were added to embellish the card and that was it done, what do you think??!
I quite like it, it's so nice to see Spring  themed cards for a change.

Michele's BONUS Magazine Review

"Papercraft Essentials issue 154 comes with a fantastic free gift this month-a brand new All Occasions Embossing folder plus stamps for various occasions. There’s two features using the free gift plus lots of other great card inspiration. Christina Griffiths has made a great YouTube video featuring this free gift. I think this we’ll be a sellout issue just because of the free gift."

Thank you so much Michele for writing this Bonus magazine review, I think you are right about this magazine being a sell out, these Embossing Folders are so versatile.


Val has done a bit of craft shopping, she had ordered a Sue Wilson Julia die and some of John Lockwood's new goodies, it made sense while Wendy was in UK so could pop them in her suitcase and save the expensive postage to Spain.  I bet Wendy's suitcase was bulging on her return journey, lol !!
I am so looking forward to seeing what you create with your new goodies, I love that Julia die, it's so pretty.
Thank you for sharing your shopping Val 


Karen picked up these lovely, Tattered Lace dies while they were on Sale on Create and Craft, they are great dies for girls cards, so detailed too. Karen also got some bargain priced treat cups (for adding sweets etc to cards), I just know that you will come up with some genius way of using them in one of your genius designed cards.
Thank you Karen for sharing your shopping with all of us.

That's all for today ladies,

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning all, I always sum to be dashing in and out lately. Just off to the airport but have to pop in to say I love your card Michele. That embossing folder is beautiful and I'm so annoyed I never thought to ask Barrie to bring a few for us over here.
    KAREN love your lady dies. Bet they look beautiful on a
    SANDRA, Hope you are ok after what must have been a traumatic day
    Hugs to all.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Great buys on show from you today. Sandra got the mag for he from Morrisons as they didn't have it in our WH Smith's.

  2. I really need this mag Sandra but alas no, not available here. Yes my suitcase was bulging but worth it, I did have to leave afew bits at mums!!!

    1. Hi Wendy I am happy to send you a copy my lovely, just let me know xx

    2. Hi Wendy
      Sandra got me one this afternoon. Love these embossing folders.

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a beautiful card, such delicate colours.

    I think the free gift plus the inspiration inside the magazine make this a good purchase. If you have any of the other All Occasions Embossing folders them this one will mix + match really well.

    Our meal out was nice-not as good as usual. There was only 8 of us so we’d been put on a long table so we couldn’t chat easily. The restaurant was noisy and the service was quite slow. We shared a Taxi Home and got dropped off about 11:45 so not too late, plus I’d only had 3 glasses of wine with lots of water in between so I’m feeling fine (tired though)..

    I’m off to meet my friend at Dobbies for a coffee & a chat this morning then I’d better think about my challenge card!


  4. Me again-forgot to say that I love the Dies that Val & Karen have bought.


  5. Lovely card SANDRA I will try my hardest to see if I can get the magazine for the folder but. I do struggle to find anywhere within reach that sell craft magazines
    I hope yesterday went ok SANDRA
    I love your buys VAL Julia Watts has posted some lovely ideas using the Julia Die and of course I love John’s dies
    I don’t usually buy a lot of TL things as sometimes they’re too lacy for me and I don’t like Steph W BUT these were such a good bargain and as I have a ScanNCut..... they scan in beautifully
    Last night’s Do was ok (not as good as last year) There were some idiots who were itching for a fight which I haven’t witnessed in years It made me so angry and unsettled They were quickly escorted away So didn’t spoil the fun too much
    Have a great day all Take care x

  6. This is the forth comment!!! I have managed to delete the other three with finger trouble today so let's see how this one goes.
    Sandra, a lovely card using what could easily become another "go to" embossing folder and the delicate chalk colours give such a pretty soft effect don't they. I hope you manage to get on well with the shopping. We have got most of ours online this year. Sending you the biggest hugs my lovely xx
    Thanks for the review Michele. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it X
    Val you have bought some pretty dies, I love the Julia one too, it is so pretty. I'm sure you will have a lovely time spoiling your son X
    Karen, I can't wait to see what you create with these dies. All if the tattered lace dies have been really cheap on C and C haven't they X
    I must get on as I'm off to Mum and Pops today but need to get a couple of jobs done first.
    I hope you all have a good day. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

  7. Morning all.
    Lovely card Sandra. Have not bought the mag but I saw it in WHSmith Karen so you should be able to get one from there with any luck.
    Hope yesterday went ok and it wasn't to tough of a day Sandra. Take care and hugs for you and Paul.
    Nice dies Val that you bought. I have the Julia, not used it yet but have a Birthday card to make so it would be a good one to use at last.I comment earlier to wish you have a few nice days with your son, hugs.
    Karen- like the lady dies you got, especially Emma and Perdy :>)
    Lilian and Margaret, thank you so much for your beautiful cards that came this morning. Have a good day both of you.
    Housework done and now kitchen tidy up to do, with all the mess after making the x-mas cards it will take some time.
    Have a nice Saturday, warm hugs to you all Maria xoxx

  8. Val-just seen that you’re the winner on Christina Griffiths blog today.....well done.


  9. Hello All
    Sandra lovely card, chalk colouring is lovely, I used to mine a lot but must admit have not used them for a while. Hope yesterday went ok.

    Love the new dies, I’m not buying any craft at the moment, as I’ve paid a lot for my new sewing machine.

    Feeling very tired today, very short of breath so I’m just sitting and reading, R is playing the organ for a large wedding blessing and christening, guests being bussed in.
    Have a good day all, hope it’s warmer weather soon, hugs Lilian

  10. Hi Sandra
    Lovely card today. Love these embossing folders. I went into our Smiths after I spoke to you about the magazine. But they didn't have it, nor did our local Martins nor the Co-op. I'd been to Sainsbury's but seeing as Town was extra busy couldn't face going there again. So I guess I dibbed out this time around,

  11. Hi Ladies
    Meant to say that we had a lovely evening with friends at the club last night. Pats daughter Karen drove us down there. Keith bought in some chicken for Sandra and offered to pick us up which he did. He then offered to help Pete take our old cooker to the tip as it's sitting in our kitchen diner. At 4.40 we're still waiting for him to arrive and they close at 5.00. He'd gone over to his brothers in Carterton this morning and hasn't returned home. Pete was in so much pain in his shoulder during the night that he came and sat downstairs for a couple of hours and played scrabble.

  12. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry late again, love your card & I managed to get the copy from Morrison's. Hope your shopping went well xxx
    Michele thank you for pointing this magazine out to us. Thank you for your lovely
    Val & Karen you both have some lovely goodies, look forward to seeing what you make with
    Pat thank you for your card which arrived this morning. Hope Pete has a better night
    Sending hugs to all who need them love