Friday, 15 December 2017

Festive Friday....

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought I'd try something different for today's card, I haven't made a round card for a while so decided that would be a great way to use this new die that a bought a while ago.  It's 'Precious Marieke' 'Spirit of Christmas Snowflake Cirlcle' .  I die cut the card base using a the outer die on a folded piece of Centura Pearl card, slightly hanging the die over when cutting to leave a section of card uncut to use a hinge, I then die cut another complete circle and my Green Holly patterned paper, adhered them all together and started to decorate, I cut two pieces of the decorative die part also in Centura Pearl, layering them up for depth.  I added these to my card front, I used the left over bits of Centura pearl card to die cut some Spellbinders poinsettias and a couple of Pats smaller ones too, I added a little bit of Pebeo Gold Gilding wax to the edges to give them so detail, I layered them up and popped them onto my card, arranging them around one side, I added some foliage that I did cut with using some gold shimmer card, which I thought worked well with the gold tint on the flowers, I coloured some pearls with a gold metallic pen to add the finishing touches to my card, I stamped the sentiment in Versamark and embossed with Gold Embossing Powder, then die cut with a flag die adding Gilding wax to the edges. I quite like the finished card, I hope you do too! XX

Bit of a stressful day ahead of us today, please keep your fingers crossed for us, I don't really fancy moving before Christmas, well it would be virtually impossible in all fairness. I will be glad when it's over to be honest as I haven't been able to relax worrying about it. 

It was so lovely to see Pat and Sue yesterday, we chatted too much to fit any crafting in as they both had to leave earlier than usual, it was so lovely to sit and chat and put the world to rights!  

Have you all finished your Christmas shopping? We need to get a start this weekend, although it will be somewhat of a 'smaller ' Christmas this year, probably get most ordered on line, saves having to brave the busy shops, as we only have weekends now! 

Anyway, I must go, I will let you all know later how we get on. (Probably by email)! 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Sandra just a quick visit to say everything is crossed for you today and wish you good. Luck. Will be thinking of you.
    Will call in later.
    Love Valxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What a beautiful Christmas card Sandra, it’s really lovely & I like the different shape.

    Busy day yesterday & the hospital is really struggling for beds so Pharmacy keep being asked to stay open longer to help out. Only problem is the doctors not getting time (?) to write the discharge prescriptions to allow us to dispense them. Luckily it doesn’t directly affect me but we have been sending staff out to wards to help out.

    Off out tonight with hubbys golf club mates for a meal, think there’s 10 of us in total. A couple of them seem to think it’s a drinking competition so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen as I’ve got a few things to do on Saturday so don’t want to be home really late.

    Sandra-GOOD LUCK. I’ll be thinking of you both & please update us when you can.


  3. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra quick visit to say everything is crossed for you, will be thinking of you. Lovely cards yesterday & today. Lots of
    Sending hugs to all who need them, dentist for me today lost a filling, love Margaret xxx

  4. Morninf ladies,

    Lovely to see you using dies again on a card Sandra. Bit too fussy for me though.

    Good luck today, I hope the outcome will be fair.

    Busy day again today, I popped into B&M last evening on the off chance they had some sturdy three drawer stacks (they did indeed) for all my paperwork. I have been trying to get them in order since I had to sort out Pete's but I gave up as everything seemed so important. Now is time of action and a lot will probably need shredding. Will take some time though as it all needs re-reading.
    Alexia is coming round after school to try on her costume slip before Mum picks her up to go to other Nan's.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Morning Everyone

    SANDRA- Good Luck for today. I'll be thinking of you.

    A beautiful card you have given us today. I just love that shape and like you I haven't made one for ages so thank you for the inspiration.

    I cannot believe we're at Friday again as this week has just flown by. Anyway housework/crafting a birthday card/and yes another Christmas card (not for me) so it's going to be busy.

    The CAFE is OPEN as usual so if you all have the time pop in for a warm drink and a chat.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Have a good day.xxxx

  6. Hello Sandra, GOOD LUCK for today, will be thinking of you, and remember right is on your side. Hugs Lilian

  7. Quick visit as I have a hospital appt and need to get ready
    Good luck today Got everything crossed for you and a big gentle hug xx

    1. Good luck at hospital. Hope you get used to your new glasses soon xxx

    2. Hi Karen
      I hope your hospital appointment well today. How are you coping with your new glasses?.

  8. Hello Sandra
    Just popping in to say I love your gorgeous card today!
    Good Luck with the Christmas shopping and I do hope you will find a lovely place to call home soon. It must be so stressful for you at the moment.
    Take care.
    Lesley S x

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Fabulous card, love seeing you used some dies again and the different shape.
    Everything crossed for you today and hope you get somewhere to live soon that is suitable for your needs.
    Michele- have a nice time tonight.
    Margaret- good luck at dentist. hugs for you and Pop
    Lynda- where do you find a friend like Margaret ? Lol Big Hugs back
    Val- hope you had a nice day with Wendy, say hi when you see her next.
    Don't feel like going out but must get shopping in and some will be for Christmas Eve, always forget something so then we have next week to get it in Lol then it's x-ray this afternoon.
    Pat- glad they were happy with your hand because it does look so much better. Hugs for you and Pete
    Warm hugs to you all and extras for Lilian and anyone else who need some. have a good day, Maria xxx

  10. Good morning all
    Sandra I absolutely love your card it's gorgeous.
    I will use this style of card next year if that's ok I forget making shaped cards.
    Good luck for you both today gentle Hug's xx
    Got Tesco soon then must get craft room sorted out it's in a right old state then I have to find homes for all my freebie goodies. Then once that's All tidy I can start playing with new Dies extra. I have definitely made my mind up to making one or two Christmas finished cards a week. As the last couple of weeks have been stressful getting them finished. Well that's the plan.
    Well better get a move on Tesco is calling.
    Big Hug's for everyone love Lynda xxx

  11. Hi Sandra. Just another quick hi to say I am with you in spirit. I really hope you have found out the judges decision by now and it is in your favour. Loads of love xxxxxxx

  12. Hello Again, very wet here today.

    Sandra, love your card, like some others have said I will be trying to get my C cards made through the year, I’ve realised it’s having to get so many done in a short time that puts me off making them.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, hugs Lilian

  13. Hi Sandra
    Great card today and as Cheryl said, lovely to see some Dies being used.
    I've kept my fingers and legs crossed today as I said when I messaged you. It was a bit awkward walking up stairs though and cooking dinner. We're off out tonight to the Windrush Club and we'll have a buffet.

  14. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Beautiful circular card today, I love the Poinsettias they are gorgeous.

    Fingers crossed for you today, I hope everything works out and you don’t find the day to exhausting. Thinking of you and sending love and prayers xx

    Sorry I didn’t get in yesterday, LOVE your cards. Yesterday was a duvet day, I think I just overdid everything the day before. But today everything is back to normal, I have posted the last of the Christmas cards, just have a few to do for neighbours and family which will all be hand-delivered.

    Thinking of you Sandra and Paul XX
    Hugs to everyone who is feeling poorly or under the weather.

    Sending love and hugs to all, take care, love Brenda XXX

  15. Meant to say earlier that I love your card SANDRA It is nice to see you Die Cutting hee hee!
    Not looked at emails yet I hope today went OK

  16. Hi everyone, love your card Sandra , so nice to see an unusual shaped card and I so like your die cutting.
    Had a lovely time at Craft Club today. Everyone chatting about Christmas and exchanging cards. I love getting cards but when they're hand made they feel extra special.
    So excited about my son arriving in the morning. The beds changed, the fridge is full and there's a few bottles of wine in the cupboard. I think he'll sleep a lot but I'm just looking forward to spoiling him.
    Just heard the microwave ding so dinners ready.
    Sandra so hope everything went well today. Xxx
    Love Valxxx

    1. Have some wonderful time with your son Val, a few days away will do him good.
      sending you both hugs. xxx