Wednesday 18 November 2020

Groovi Christmas Number 2


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well.  Now come on own many of you have thought about putting up your Christmas Decorations???   It seems to be a 'thing' this year to put them up in November, personally I couldn't cope with having them around that long, we usually aim for the 12 days before and 12 days after rule, I am usually ready for them to come down a couple of days after Boxing Day.    I love how clear and spacious the house feels when they have been put away.   I think that the thinking behind people starting Christmas early is to bring some cheer to an otherwise miserable year.  I think it's nicer to have something to look forward to in December, I would love to know your thoughts.......

Now today's card is destined for the Bin but I had nothing else to share today and between the phone ringing 8 times it had taken me all afternoon!  I took part in a Groovi class, the projects were designed by the lovely Hazel Edwards.  I love the design and enjoyed spending the afternoon colouring and I even managed the piercing part despite really struggling to see the points of the needle tool.  The last phone call that I took was a very frustrating call from my brother, who seemed to think that we just used Covid as an excuse not to go over to Colchester this weekend, I of course set him straight! I went back to finish my card when I should have just left it as I was suffering the effects of AF after getting upset on phone.  I used the special tool (that looks like a fountain pen) to add tiny lines of glue to add some fine glitter to, I cleaned the nib, popped it away and promptly picked the glue pot up instead of the glitter pot and dumped the glue over my work! I quickly grabbed some kitchen towel to mop it up but the wetness warped the parchment, I was still determined to photograph it for the blog so that I achieved something for 4 hours work!  So please ignore the warped bits and focus on the design!           I will make another one tomorrow, maybe I will send this card to my brother! 

I hope that your day is filled with peace and quiet and pray that mine is too,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    I’ve been struggling to sign in so I’ll keep this brief.

    Sandra -your card is lovely & don’t throw it away. I can’t believe your brother said you were using Covid as an excuse not to travel. Let’s hope he realised he’s being silly.


  2. Your card is gorgeous SANDRA
    I’m angry for you too and glad you put your brother in his place! It’s upsetting that he couldn’t realise that and it upset your AF
    Busy at work but still enjoying it (so far!)
    Take care all xx

    1. I’m glad your enjoying your new position at work. I hope today was as good as yesterday.

  3. Hi Sandra f ladies
    Your card looks really lovely despite the glue. Much better than my robin card which I’d done the same thing to the day before. I like that Hazel actually gives you all the backing papers all really cut out as well as the card.mines a different colourway to yours.
    I’m really cross as well that your brother thinks your using Covid as an excuse not to go up. Has his head been buried in the sand since March. We’re all in Lockdown and told not to mix. So he shouldn’t be trying to bully you into going up to clear the house. As I’m on my own I could be in a bubble with Karen’s household or Craig’s, but I’m not. Perhaps your brothers like John across the road whose my age but still going into peoples houses tuning pianos. Well if I get it so what he tells me. I make sure he comes nowhere near me. Or like Andrea who lives up the Ave who told me Covid’s just like the flu. I said we’d have to differ on that theory.
    Very dull and a bit breezy today.
    Take care f stay safe everyone.

  4. Hello, wet and windy,

    Sandra your card looks lovely, know how long these things take, so don’t ditch it.

    Am waiting to go to GP, have to have an emergency check up for heart problems, also have have ECG, be glad if they can help with my breathing, really struggling at the moment.

    Hope you all have a good day, Lilian

    1. I hope your tests are helpful Lilian, and your breathing will soon improve.

  5. Hello ladies.
    This is a lovely card Sandra, so glad you didn't bin it.
    Not very fair of your brother to pressure you into coming to Colchester when we no are in lockdown again. Don't worry about this now. You have Paul to think of right now.
    Lilian - please take care and hope visit to the doctors will help you.
    Brenda- how are you lately ? and your sister, is she back home ?
    Take care and stay Safe everyone !
    It's raining now but managed to get out for a little drive and a 3 miles walk.Problem now is I sat down and it's 4pm already. OH have football tonight so hoping to make some crafting while he watching that.
    Many hugs are being sent for you all xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Just lost another comment the last one I was at the point of pressing publish then disappeared sooo anoining.
    SANDRA why is your brother being a idiot about saying you're using covid19 as an excuse for not going
    To your mums house. Also you got your own worry about Paul and your A F so I want you to calm down please.
    SANDRA your card is gorgeous don't put it in the bin really pretty.
    KAREN glad your enjoying your new job
    MARIA glad you got your walk in today
    Take care everbody stay safe.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. So nice to see you in the cafe' Lynda. Oh isn't that so so annoying when that happening. Any news from the doctors ? Big hug for you and Terry, hope he is ok xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I agree with everyone else Sandra, your card is lovely I’m pleased you didn’t bin it.

    Cannot believe your brother thinks you are using COVID as an excuse for not going to clear mums house. Does he live in the real world or is his head buried in the sand? He obviously does not appreciate - a) your health issues and - b) the need for Paul to isolate before his surgery. I truly hope you put him in the picture.

    Maria thank you for asking, I’m fine, I’ve just had two good days hardly any aches and pains so have used the time to do some sorting out, it’s been really satisfying (it doesn’t happen often these days) I talk to my sister every day, she tells me she is ok, her superior tells me different. The truth is she is very tired and frail, I just go along with her, she enjoys hearing stories about the family, it gives her something to talk about. She couldn’t be better cared for, although because of covid we cannot visit, she has nurses and carers around all the time, the other sisters often go to her room for a chat and when she is up to it she goes to the dining room and the community room.

    Have a good evening everyone, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, glad you are better and it will stay that way. I'm also glad your sister is so well looked after, she's been with them for a long time. Take one day at the time, it's all we can do. hugs xx