Tuesday 24 November 2020

A Groovi Christmas Tree Challenge card


Good Morning Ladies,

Well what did you think of the new Covid prevention Rules?  More Tiers, but which one will you be in I wonder??  I couldn't even guess where we would be, I can't help but think that this is just going to prolong getting on top of this Virus, I fear that there will be another lockdown looming in the New Year, the people that have exacerbated the spread of this hideous virus will no doubt be back to their raves and crowding the streets in our towns and cities, in all honesty it makes you want shut your doors, close your curtains and hibernate for the Winter.  

I was trying to explain to my family over the weekend that if we all want to have the best possible Christmas next year we need to be extra careful this year, cutting back on seeing family and friends if only to ensure that the people that you dearly want to celebrate with are still around and able to celebrate with next year.  Our Christmas day will just be our little 'Bubble' of 4, which is not ideal but with Matt and Becca being vulnerable due to their medication it is the safest option for everyone, their partners are having to make sacrifices too. Becca and her partner were supposed to working this Christmas as their pub opens on Christmas Day, providing an all day Christmas Dinner buffet for people in the town that are on their own, which I think is a lovely idea, however how the latest Tier restrictions will affect that is yet to be seen.  I will just carry on being the nagging Mum that keeps reminding her to take every precaution to stay safe.   I was speaking to my sister yesterday that works on a Critical care ward, they have to do an Audit each week on the numbers of patients on the ward, she explained that the numbers are worrying at best.  

Today's totally flat Christmas card is a Groovi card, made using the 'Christmas Tree' Groovi plate, I kept the design simple and all I did to add to the design was to add for little corner pieces.  I really love this card and think that it would be easy to batch make, adding little dots of glitter around the tree really gives that extra 'sparkle' that all good Christmas card needs!  These Groovi cards look so effective despite being one layer, you can see how much detail has been embossed into the design making any recipient feel lucky to receive one.  ( well I know I feel lucky, particularly as I know how much work has gone into each element) 

I hope that you all have a lovely day, please stay home and more importantly stay safe,

Sending huge virtual hugs, lots of love too,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                        xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card is gorgeous, so much detail. I agree things are going to difficult for anyone in tier 3. My concern is that people will go mad over Christmas if they’re allowed to go visiting family then we’ll a) have another lockdown and b) the NHS will be overwhelmed. I guess it’s down to how selfish people are-potentially spreading the virus to their family or waiting a while longer until things improve.
    Rant over!!


  2. Pretty card SANDRA I certainly appreciate the hard work involved in these types of cards
    I think you’re right MICHELE It so depends on people being sensible and not be selfish for it to work I hate to say it but will be down to young people but they won’t listen and it’ll be that “it won’t happen to me” attitude Let’s all hope the vaccines prove to be safe and get ‘em out there
    I made a flat card yesterday and have two birthday cards I MUST finish today
    The meet up went well with the crafting ladies You should See some of the work my friend is doing She has spent a fortune on Tracy Evans stuff! But she has equally sold a terrific amount of stuff on eBay which has covered a bit
    Take care all xx

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely card Sandra. I love the Groovi Christmas tree. As you say great for batch Christmas cards.
    I didn’t watch the news about what happens after this Lockdown. If we’re going into tiers then I know we were in the lowest one last time. Like Karen I also think it will be the younger generation that cause any problems that we have. Fingers crossed that these vaccines can be authorised and rolled out as soon as possible.
    It’s quite dull here again today and doesn’t seem quite so windy. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi everyone
    Lovely groovi card today. All the detail stands out so well against the green.
    Not sure which tier we’ll be in when lockdown ends. Saying that, I’m working all through Christmas, so hadn’t planned a big family get together anyway. We had my parents, Marks mum and Aunt last year - my two brothers and I take it in turns to have our parents, so I’m hoping if they relax it even more on Christmas, then one of my brothers will have mum and dad round to theirs on the big day. It’s certainly going to be a very different festive period for everyone, and New Year’s Eve will be strange for many if pubs still have the earlier closing. We always stay in New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks on the tv. I wonder if they will still go ahead this year with no crowds?
    I hope you all have a good, stay safe. Hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Beautiful Groovi card Sandra, so much work has gone in to make this gorgeous tree, love it.

    This about the tier was a bit confusing again I thought and why even think about open it up over x-mas and then it will be lockdown again for sure and by then the covid have gone up again even if the vaccine being proven it will take some time before we all have had it. How will they know if it works together with medications we already are on and not kill us off ??
    X-mas here will be a very quiet time, will not go over to the in-laws this year but SIL will be with her daughters and the grandchildren as usual.
    Been to the hygienist this morning so not so fun,hate it as much as the dentist. Hoping to start on cc later today.
    I hope and wish you all keeping safe and have a nice day. If in pain, Take care. Many hugs for you all Maria xxx

  6. Hi, it’s been another grey day here, chilly too.

    Sandra your card is beautiful, lots of work but well worth the effort.

    Well it seems they are loosening the rules for Christmas, not sure if it’s a good idea, but will really look forward to seeing our daughter for Christmas. I’m sure some people will go mad and after Christmas the numbers will go up again.

    Managed to do a little bit of ironing today, not much else. Hugs Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I’m going to TRY and leave a comment and hope it doesn’t disappear into cyberspace.......again !!

    I love your card today Sandra, your Groovi work is beautiful and I love the green it’s mounted onto. xx

    Going to be brave now and press publish 🤞
    Love Brenda xxx