Friday, 14 August 2020

Your Next Challenge


Good Morning Ladies,

I can't get my head around the fact that this time last week I was a total mess with worry waiting for Paul to get sorted so that we could get home into our safe 'bubble', especially with Swindon being such a Hot Spot for the Corona Virus. It felt like the week was dragging but evidently not!  It will be so much easier for him this coming week. 
We would have been going on holiday this coming Wednesday, we have rescheduled everything for next year, the holiday company offered the same dates in the same accommodation at the same price as this years holiday, fingers crossed that all will be well by then, so for the first time in many, many years I get to celebrate my my birthday at home!  
Pauls birthday is Sunday, he says he doesn't feel much like celebrating but we will see that he does, even if it's just a little bit, he deserves to be spoilt rotten.

Your Next Challenge

For this weeks Challenge I would like you to make cards or projects featuring Patterned Paper as the main feature. 

I thought that it would be a good challenge to use up some of your Patterned paper stash, I'm sure that if you are anything like me you will have plenty of choice. 
It's a challenge that will work for ANY occasion, so you have a chance to get ahead with those 'Festive Cards' if you want to.

I have shared a few examples to get your inspire you to come up with a few designs of your own.

I hope you enjoy the challenge my lovelies, I can't wait to see your cards and projects.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great challenge & 3 lovely cards to inspire us.
    I’m sure you’re relieved that’s the first week of Paul’s recuperation was ok. I’m sure you’re even more relieved that you didn’t go ahead with your travel plans as France is now on the 14 day quarantine list as from Sunday I think.

    Off into work early to try & get ahead-lots of patients on IV feeds including a 2 day old baby.
    Thank goodness it’s Friday!


    1. Oh dear Michele. Doesn’t sound good that a 2 day old baby is on the IV feeds. I remember when Pete was on them for 3 weeks and that was bad enough in an adult. Take care.

  2. Morning Everyone
    Love the Challenge for next week.

    I hope that Paul is managing and that all is going to plan.
    Again I cannot believe we're at the end of another week and I have to go into 'swearing' mode.At least it's a little cooler this morning and overcast.

    The CAFE is OPEN for all to pop in.
    HUGS are on their way with loads of extras today for Dear Friends not feeling 100%.

  3. A lovely challenge for next week I hope to make Christmas cards with a paper pad I bought from Lidl a long time ago!
    Like MICHELE I expect you are relieved that the first week is over for PAUL When’s his next appointment? The relief of not traveling in these precarious times too He’s got the bonus of being able to claim his holiday from work back
    Being out with the grandchildren was lovely yesterday Seeing Oscar run around in the leaves was hilarious and his little face when we found Gruffalo Tiring But so enjoyable
    OH says it’s cooler but I don’t feel it I won’t be venturing far today Just pottering and a few swear words
    Take care all Hope you managed to get some sleep in the end LILIAN xx

  4. Morning all.
    Nice card to inspire us for next week. Still got this weeks one to do as when it was so hot I couldn't do any crafting, yesterday was busy so hoping to do something later.
    We just got back from a walk and got drenched when big drops started to fall but we continue round. So much fresher today and could sleep a bit better, I hope you all had a better night.
    Well wishes for Paul, hugs and extra ones for anyone who need some. Have a good day everyone xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Great cards to inspire Sandra.
    Oh yes it made me chuckle with my commando strips Sandra and yes I did mean Command. It a way it’s good that you couldn’t go on holiday. As France is now on the 14 days self isolation list. Everyone seems to be rushing to beat the deadline. All countries seem to be having more Covid outbreaks. It just seems to be getting worse & worse. Hopefully Paul can enjoy his birthday Sandra. I suppose I’ll put your card in the post.

  6. Blimey it was dull & fresh. It’s now pouring down with rain. I’m off to visit Doreen in 1/2hr as well.

  7. Hello Sandra and Ladies,

    Lovely cards Sandra to inspire us for next weeks challenge. This will really be a challenge for me as I don’t tend to use pattern papers, but like almost everyone I have quite a few in my stash, better put thinking cap on or look on Pinterest for ideas.

    It’s been difficult with the heat to try and find my mojo to make any cards. I thought today would be a better day to try. I sat down after lunch and of course fell asleep and haven’t moved since. Will head for the card room as soon as I have finished this post ........ hopefully - as long as I don’t get distracted!

    Take care everyone and stay safe, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  8. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week and lovely cards to inspire.
    What a relief for you that this week is over and I hope Paul can enjoy his Birthday.
    So much fresher here today, we had quite a bit of rain yesterday afternoon and a real heavy downpour late last night with some rumbles of thunder in the distance. It was much more comfortable at work too.
    Haven’t done any crafting this week, so as I thought this weeks card will be a last minute one but I shall get it done tomorrow.
    Hope everyone has had a good day. Sending hugs to all xxx

  9. Hello All, sorry to be late, thought I’d done this earlier.

    Good inspiration for next week, which I have done, also did this weeks
    Quite easy for me as I have loads of papers to use, love beautiful papers, especially Stamperia.

    Still no rain here, so watering again today. It’s still heavy and hot, so not much sleep tonight. Hugs to all Lilian